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26-05-2003, 14:11
Charon removes his helmet and takes a drink from the water. "So....."
26-05-2003, 14:15
Charon sighs. "Today's the big day. Jaime vs. Zaek. Oh, crappit, i forgot to pay Alek and Jaime last night..."
26-05-2003, 14:17
"don't worry... you can pay them today"
26-05-2003, 14:19
"Yah." Charon downs the last of the water and moves over to the bar. "You want something?" He asks Elizabeth.
26-05-2003, 14:21
"no thank you ill be fine"
26-05-2003, 14:22
Rikanth stirs in his seat, that he seems to have fallen asleep in overnight. He walks out to the bar where Charon is and says, "Jaime won, therefore, somebody owes me 165 credits (50 US dollars)"
26-05-2003, 14:24
"Okay." Charon replies. Turning to the barman he asks "One glass of wolvesblood, please." The barman gives him one. Charon stared into the glass, and then, without warning, violenly banged the glass three times on a table and downs it. "Thank you." he tells the barman.
26-05-2003, 14:25
"oh, hello rikanth. i haven't seen you in a while"
26-05-2003, 14:25
Rikanth pulls out his cell phone and calls somebody. "Yes, Rifrim? stand down the sarmy and call off the draft, the situation has been defused."
26-05-2003, 14:26
Rikanth yawns and says "why do you always have to wear that cloak? and please, i beg you to stop bombing empty land in our region."
26-05-2003, 14:28
"ok, ill stop wearing the cloak"
26-05-2003, 14:29
Charon chuckles at the comment, then turns to Rikanth. "About your wager, im not paying, because i already owe Alek and Jaime that amount."
26-05-2003, 14:32
"hmm, oh well, i'll deal with that later. i actually really don't care if i collect on my wager."
26-05-2003, 14:33
Charon chuckles again.
26-05-2003, 14:42
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IC:"I will be back in a little while. I have some... errands to run*
26-05-2003, 14:45
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IC: "Okay, bye."
26-05-2003, 14:48
Charon turns to Rikanth. "So, excited about today?"
26-05-2003, 14:59
"Aye, though I'm still a little groggy. sleeping in a stadium chair isn't very comfortable." he whips out the piece of paper and recites,
"Hayai Karahai Lorethilei,
Hayai Karahai Lerenilas
Arak Kanaio Lerithai
Relero Karaki Yamathai
Herekei Karakai Lorethei
Vel nos Heanor Lerethen Kai"
26-05-2003, 15:10
Ryan walks into the stadium glances at Elizibeth :? and buys a drink. He then sits in the stands to enjoy the drink.
26-05-2003, 15:58
Zaek walks into the arena, his hair tied back tightly in a pony tail, the top two buttons of his satin shirt loose. The sand crunches under his footsteps as he slowly walks in front of the royal tribune, where his love, Rothana, is seated. He unsheates his rapier and points it up, to Rothana.

Rothana stands up ans walks towards the edge of the balcony, taking from her pocket her white hankerchief. With a double knot she ties it around the blade of the rapier and watches it slide down to the handle, blowing a kiss.

Zaek walks to the center of the arena and lifts his arms as the crowd roars. He takes his starting position, lifting his blade to salute Jaime.

"Zaek Invictus, single rapier"

Zaek lowered his weapon, his arm straight and the blade of the rapier pointing 3 feet in front of his foot, and stood still.
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 16:03
OOC: Given the nature of the acolyte's ministrations etc & what Gothicum noted earlier on the subject, I'm going to assume I'm just fine & back to watch the final match, if that's ok. :)
26-05-2003, 16:04
OOC: Acilytes are wise healers, you didn't suffer anything major, so I'm ok with that
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 16:09
Nathicana rejoins the group, nodding ruefully to those whom she wagered against.

"Well, boys ... it would seem I've some settling up to do." She looks to Charon in particular, handing him a small bag. "To cover your expenses. The outcome was most definitely not what I'd had in mind." Tilting her head in gratefuly acknowledgement, "I thank you for your faith, though it turned out to be misguided."
26-05-2003, 16:12
Rikanth makes his way to the stadium and sits in his chair, awaiting the upcoming match

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Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 16:19
After paying her debts, she makes herself comfortable, quietly sipping a glass of water.

Soon afterwards, she's joined by two men, one of whom sits next to her, the other, standing nearby, nonchalantly observing the crowd.

She nods curtly to the short gentleman with thinning hair who has sat down, and they put their heads together, talking quietly & going over notes on the pda he's brought out to her.
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 16:57
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26-05-2003, 17:02
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Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 17:06
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26-05-2003, 17:30
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Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 17:47
OOC: True, but sometimes, it is rather fun to try. *smiles* Jaime/Haraki had best get back on soon - would like to watch the final match!
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 20:17
Nathicana looks up from her close conversation briefly to scan the field. Where is that boy? she wondered idly.

OOC: *grins*
26-05-2003, 21:15
OOC: School is where!

IC: Jaime starts wandering into the arena, wearing a new shirt to make up for the one he ruined fighting Nathicana. He wanders down to the arena, pausing for a moment once inside to look at Nathicana. "Oh, boy." he murmurs, "I think I'm outclassed in this one..."

He wanders about thirty feet from Zaek, and announces "Twin katanas."
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 21:23
Noticing his arrival, she fixes him with a steady look, and nods once as if to say good luck and fight well.
26-05-2003, 21:24
He acknowledges, with a slight nod back. Everyone else thinks he is nodding to Zaek.
26-05-2003, 21:32
Zaek smiles, brings his sword to his face again and mutters

Ghost of Freedom, I call you
My sword is by my side
I seek a life of honour
Free from all false pride

I will crack the whip
With a bold, mighty hail
Cover me in death
If should ever fail
Glory, Majesty, Unity

Upon finishing the prayer he rushes toward Jaime, abruptly stopping 10 feet away from him.
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 21:34
OOC: That rings a bell ... :)

Shushes Janus and watches the match intently. When he once more tries to interrupt, she merely holds up one finger, sharply in front of his face, and continues to watch. He shoots her a dangerous glare that he quickly puts down before turning to observe the fight himself.
26-05-2003, 21:39
Jaime backs up a bit, as Zaek rushes forward, grinning. "Come on, fight me." he says.

I think I'm outclassed by this guy ... He's been swordfighting all his life ...
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 21:42
He's trying to goad him into the first attack ... again. Zaek's seen this in our match. she pondered.
26-05-2003, 21:43
Zaek lifts his both arms and lowers them as his right foot goes forward, his left follows and he turns around as he extends both arms forming straight line slanting down, a slash aiming at Jaime's knees.

OOC: Manowar anyone?
26-05-2003, 21:45
Jaime dives out of the way, slashing in at Zaek with a katana.

He's seen me fight twice ... He knows my fighting style ... I have to change it somehow ...
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 21:47
Watches Zaek's technique, impressed. Boy better be quick with this one. Then again, would serve him right after that last match. she half chuckles to herself.

OOC: Manowar indeed - have the tape. (Realize this dates me somewhat ... *chuckles*
26-05-2003, 21:48
Zaeks back bulges, his body moving as a serpent to avoid the blow.

"C'mon, you can do better then that, get your mind off your woman and on the match"

Zaek steps back, lowering his blade.

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26-05-2003, 21:49
Jaime steps back, "And what do you mean by that?" he growls. He steps backwards, preparing himself for whatever attack Zaek might bring.

He's right ... I'm not thinking of the match ...
26-05-2003, 21:51
He aint fighting fully, i have to draw him out

Out of his style, Zaek rages into an attack of ordinary slashing attacks, aiming left, right, center, left, right, center..
26-05-2003, 21:53
Jaime blocks most opf the attacks and dodges the rest. Then he dives forward, under Zaek's blade, in a daring and reckless move, bringing himself a few inches from Zek's waist. He brings up a katana to slash Zaek's shoulder as he passes, and lowers his leg hoping to trip him.

He's trying to goad me ... I won't let myself get angry ...
26-05-2003, 21:56
Zaek throws his body aside, avoiding the katana slash, however, putting all his weight on one leg, tumbling and rolling as he trips. He flicks back up again.

"Oh so you DO fight back, i was starting to think i was fighting a training dummy..."
26-05-2003, 21:59
Jaime is about to get angry, but he stops himself. He says, in a bladed tone, "Oh, you did, did you?"

Hmm, he's good ... I seriously think I'm outclassed ... he thinks.
26-05-2003, 22:01
Stands straight and puts his hands in his side

"So are you going to fight or not, I know people didn't pay to see this fight, but that doesnt mean you should hold back"
26-05-2003, 22:19
OOC: ARGH!! The lag got to me...


Jaime looks at him. "Yes, I know."

Without warning, he throws a katana at Zaek. As Zaek reacts to that, Jaime comes sprinting in, slashing at Zaek.
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 22:21
Her eyes sparkle with excitement watching the match, enjoying the swordplay and taunts. I think Zaek's going to teach our boy a lesson.

She smiles darkly, leaning forward in her seat, hands on her knees, unblinking.
26-05-2003, 22:23
Zaek ducks under the katana, but is left wide open for the slash, a possibly lethal one if Zaek hadn't had the instinct to step forward, disrupting the time and catching the handle of the blade on his shoulder instead of the blade. The force of the blowing pushing him down on one knee.
26-05-2003, 22:24
Jaime spins around, slashing down at Zaek with his katana.
26-05-2003, 22:30
Zaek takes the blade of his rapier in his other hand and holds it over his head, blocking the strike.

It stays as a standoff of strength for a second.

He's much stronger then me, I can't hold it much longer

Zaek shifts his torso to the left and lowers his right hand diverting the strike to his right and swings a punch at Jaime's face.
26-05-2003, 22:32
Jaime reels back, avoiding the blow, and reaches down. He flips back, landing crouched, retrieving his katana, and comes in running, trying to lock Zaek's blade with one of his own.
26-05-2003, 22:36
Zaek's eyes squint as Jaime comes rushing. At the final moment, Jaime only being a few feet away, Zaek ducks under Jaime's left arm and raises his right knee to Jaime's gut.

Zaek stops and turns around
"It is time to finish this 'Gothicum vincit Omnia'"
26-05-2003, 22:37
Jaime takes the hit to his gut, using the momentum to help him leap into the air. He starts to come down, both his katanas aimed at Zaek as he falls.
26-05-2003, 22:43
Zaek ponder about just raising his rapier up, but that would kill Jaime and he decides to roll away. The hesitation delayed his reflexes and one of the katana's graze Zaek's swordarm shoulder. He howls in pain.

Rothana gasps in the tribunes as she sees the blood dripping from Zaek's shoulder

"Seems I have to use my good arm" Zaek casually notes as he flicks the rapier to his right hand

He brings his gloved hand to the woound and then to his mouth, tasting the blood

"Good, just what I needed"
26-05-2003, 22:44
Jaime lands, crouched, spinning, bringing his leg around to try and trip Zaek. At the same time, he swings with another katana if Zaek tries to leap over the leg, and throws his last katana in case Zaek tries to dive backwards to avoid.
26-05-2003, 22:48
Zaek, expecting a desperation move, jumped, but not as Jaime thought. Instead Zaek jumped, rotating his body in the air and jumping over Jaime.

The thrown katana drove itself in the arena wall with a thump.

Zaek took back a few steps, taking the pace out of the fight.
26-05-2003, 22:49
Jaime spins, rising up again, slowly backing away from Zaek to retrieve his katana. "You're good." he says.
26-05-2003, 22:51
"You don't know half of it"

Zaek rushed at Jaime, but it seemed as if he wasn't alone. As Zaek uttered a loud warcry and advanced it seemed as if an ethereal image of a man wielding a sword followed Zaek's movements as a shadow, but with a slight delay.
26-05-2003, 22:53
Jaime dove aside to avoid Zaek's lunge, and murmured "Well, if we're allowed to use semi-magic..."

He held out his hand and the katana whizzed from the wall into his hand.
26-05-2003, 22:56
"No magic, my friend, the Ghost of Freedom, he stands beside me in every battle. My guardian angel, my protector. You made a mistake when you drew blood."

Zaek launched a hurricane of slashes at Jaime, the ghost now acting as a mirror image. If Zaek attacked left, the Ghost attacked right, If Zaek attacked right, the ghost attacked left.
26-05-2003, 22:58
Jaime backed off, avoiding and parrying the blades. "Well, that's not fighting fair..." he murmurs. Suddenly he launches into a flying kick from a standing start, straight towwards Zaek. However, halfway through, he twisted himself around, katanas first, slicing in towards Zaek.
26-05-2003, 23:02
Zaek ducked under the flying attack and slashed upward at the chest as Jaime passed.

The Ghost remained upright as Jaime passed thru him as thin air. The Ghost's face being expressionless as he turned his head to see Jaime's landing
26-05-2003, 23:03
Jaime twisted out of the way of most of the rapier, but still took a shallow cut to the side of his stomach. As he came past Zaek, he kicked down at his head, though. He landed, rolled, and came up facing Zaek again.
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 23:03
Now this is getting interesting... She rose to her feet as the ghost appeared, eyes widening.
26-05-2003, 23:05
Zaek took the kick to the head and rolled over, being on hands and knees. He shook his head and slowly got up, the ghost standing widely between him and Jaime.
26-05-2003, 23:06
Jaime stood, facing Zaek. "Let's end this," he said, closing slowly.
26-05-2003, 23:09
The Ghost ran towards Jaime, and ... ran thru him and disappeared, taking a lot of Jaime's energy.

Zaek turned around

"Ok, lets finish this dance"

Zaek shifted his weight to his rear leg, holding the rapier above his head pointed towards Jaime. With his free hand he beckoned Jaime.
26-05-2003, 23:10
Jaime nodded, somewhat drained, and then suddenly threw both his katanas at Zaek. He dove forward, punching with one fist and slamming his foot towards Zaek's face.
26-05-2003, 23:13
Zaek splitted to avoid the katana's and blocker the kick with his free arm. He swung his legs at the knee of Jaime's support leg.
26-05-2003, 23:15
Jaime launched himself off the ground just as Zaek's leg would have connected with it. He placed both hands on Zaek's shoulders and used that support to flip himself over. He landed running, retriving his katanas as he did. He spun, turning to face Zaek.

"Come on. You can do better than this. You could be beating me right now."
26-05-2003, 23:17
"Yes, but I'd actually have to hurt you, but if that is what you wish"

Zaek sniffed Rothana's hankerchief, still arounf the blade of his rapier and reversed his grip, the blade of his rapier pointing towards his elbow.
26-05-2003, 23:19
Jaime grinned, and started spinning his katanas. Then he stopped, and his smile vanished. He looked concerned, than found himself again.

"Come on. Just finish this."
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 23:21
Impudent pup ... she shook her head in disgust, watching the exchange.
26-05-2003, 23:22
"If this is what you wish"

Zaek spun round towards Jaime, and while rotating he switched his blade to his other hand, out of Jaime's line of sight

Faking the attack with the empty hand at Jaime's right side, Zaek followed through with the real attack towards Jaime's left shoulder.
26-05-2003, 23:24
As Zaek spun, Jaime sliced out with a katana, then leapt into the air as he feinted the attack. A large ways into the air, he pushed himself off the wall with his feet, sending himself flying over Zaek's head. He landed rolling, spinning to face Zaek.

He asks Zaek, "Hmm, didn't I injure that hand before?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 23:25
Ahhhh ... this should end it ... seeing the determination and steadiness in Zaek's face, and noting Jaime had been shaken ... he couldn't possibly see the true strike until too late.
26-05-2003, 23:25
Jaime, standing in the middle of the arena, suddenly dropped his katanas. His eyes rolled up into his head, and he collapsed onto his knees, then fell backwards.
26-05-2003, 23:27
Zaek laughed

"You didn't think a mere scratch prevents me how to use this arm now did you"

Zaek spun around again, initiating an attack, instead of slashing though, he launched himself at Jaime, tackling the man and placed his rapier at Jaime's throat and his knees on Jaime's arms

"Now are you gonna yield, I don't think Nathanica would be grateful if you made me kill you."

OOC: Finish it, i really need my 3.5 hours of sleep
26-05-2003, 23:34
Jaime's eyes roll back intomhis head. His eyes begin to clear up, and the first image is of Zaek sitting on him. "What - The hell just - happened?" he murmurs, and his eyes roll up again.
26-05-2003, 23:35
Rikanth looks puzzled.
26-05-2003, 23:36
Zaek raises his blade it pointing straight down at Jaime's throat

"Do you yield?"
26-05-2003, 23:38
Jaime doesn't seem to hear him. He rasps out, his eyes still rolled up, "No! You can't do that! Ungh..."

His eyes roll back in, and he looks up at Zaek, "How ... the hell did you ... get there? Sure ... I yield..."
26-05-2003, 23:41
Zaek slaps Jaime's face a couple of times
Seeing something is definately wrong he shouts out loud


He removes himself from on top of Jaime as Acolytes rush towards the man.

As Jaime recovers himself Zaek offers his hand to get Jaime up

"Man, what was that, you seriously scared me for a moment"
Dread Lady Nathicana
26-05-2003, 23:44
Nathicana walks quickly onto the field, wondering herself what just happened, thinking that maybe the hit came so quickly she didn't see it.

"Loss of blood ... disoriented ... "she muttered.

Kneeling next to Jaime she patted one of his cheeks. "You in there, boy? Going to be all right?" She looked him over for any wounds, nodding to Zaek in respect.

"Very well fought, my lord High Chancellor." Her eyes shone still with the excitement of watching the match.

OOC: sorry for lag - had to reboot. Again. And probably not for the last time, more's the pity.
26-05-2003, 23:44
Jaime reaches to take Zaek's hand, then he starts to stand up, rubbing his head. However, as soon as he is up, his head spins, and he starts to fell forward, mumbling, "Why am I so dizzy?" Luckily, Zaek stops him. He blinks rapidlby, then murmurs "I ... don't know ... what just ... happened ..."
26-05-2003, 23:46
"Well, we both need to go to the Acolytes for a checkup anyway, we both took quite some hits"

Zaek smiles and waves to Rothana as both men go into separate rooms

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26-05-2003, 23:47
OOC:'s been a week and the competition just ended...does this mean the party will end soon?
26-05-2003, 23:47
Rikanth recites the prayer off of the paper again, before standing up and looking around.
26-05-2003, 23:47
OOC:'s been a week and the competition just ended...does this mean the party will end soon?

It's been a week IRL, I don't think it's been a week NS time :wink: . I HOPE they're not over.
26-05-2003, 23:48
OOC: Nope I'll think of stuff during work, Really last post now.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 00:02
"Come on, Jaime ... lets get you patched up." she said softly, trying to help him to his feet. "I'm going to need you at your best, remember." She decided not to discuss the trial further until he was feeling much more himself.
27-05-2003, 00:04
He was led off by Nathicana, holding his head. "What ... just happened?" he asked. "Last thing I remember ... I was landing from my leap over Zaek ... And the he's asking me if I yield... What the hell ... happened?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 00:07
"I think the fight caught up with you. That ... entity passing through you seemed to give you a turn, though you shrugged it off. Adrenaline." she reasoned. She studied him out of the corner of her eye as they went to the acoyltes. "They'll have you fixed up in no time." she assured him.
27-05-2003, 00:08
"That's ... maybe it ..." he murmured. "But ... It didn't feel like ... the ghost did... I don't know ..." He suddenly felt dizzy, and started to collapse forwards again.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 00:11
"Ho now, easy does it ... " she grunted, catching him before he fell. "There - lets just get you laid down here ... that's it ..." she helped him down onto the bed, allowing the acolytes to do their work.

She reasoned he hadn't been fully recovered from his incidents earlier. Two fights in a row and all ... had to be it. She was still unsure what to think about the whole precog issue - it couldn't be doing good things to him.
27-05-2003, 00:13
"Ungh ... Thanks, Nathicana ..." he told her. When the acolytes left to get some supplies (Or something), he said "That makes three times I've lost..."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 00:19
She shrugged it off. "We all loose sometimes. Look at myself earlier." There is always someone out there somewhere who can knock you off your feet, one way or another. And usually when you've decided there isn't anyone who can."

She watched the acolytes finish their ministrations. "Bit better now, boy?"
27-05-2003, 00:20
He sat up. The acloytes left. "Yeah, somewhat. Let's see ... There was that time in basic training, when I lost to my insructor, for the first and only time, the time against Zaek ... And the time when I lost my heart to you."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 00:25
She stopped cold, eyes going a bit wide, and didn't speak for a moment. "You don't mean that, boy." she whispered. "You don't know me."
27-05-2003, 00:44
"I know you well enough to say that. I do mean it." he said.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 00:59
He could see fear in her eyes for the first time since he'd known her.

"Of all the things ... " she murmured. "But I can't ... it's not ... complications ... clouded judgement ..." she seemed to be talking to herself, still looking at him oddly.

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27-05-2003, 01:03
He looked at her, concerned. "What?" he asked. "Are you okay? You look scared..."

Stupid thing to say! he told himself, too late. Why did I say that?
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 01:08
Her eyes flashed angrily, gaining some composure over herself.

"Scared? After facing you down in the field, finding myself exiled and facing a possible unpleasant end, having my country ripped from my fingers and ... " she paused, clearly not wishing to finish that thought. "And you have the audacity to think me scared, by a simple statement?" As angry as her reaction was, the subtle shaking of her hands gave her the lie.
27-05-2003, 01:13
Charon places his hand on her shoulder. "Calm. I am sure that is not what he meant."

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Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 01:13
OOC: Followed us to the acolytes? *grin*
27-05-2003, 01:14
OOC: yah.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 01:15
OOC: Well that ... complicates things. *impish grin*
27-05-2003, 01:17
Rikanth walks into the room, grabs Charon by the suit, and bodily drags him out of the room.

OOC: yes, Rikanth is quite strong, and using both arms and his legs, i think he could drag all 300 some odd pounds of charon's metal plated body away.
27-05-2003, 01:18
OOC: Dinner, I'll be back in a bit (Hopefully)
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 01:19
OOC: *giggle/snort/chuckle* Hey, never said you had to ... *grins* Complicated -can- make for interesting ...


Nathicana whipped her head around, having been oblivious to the others' presence, looking horrified for some reason, her mouth open slightly as if to say something, but no words coming forth.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 01:26
Looking back to Jaime with some measure of alarm, she brushed herself off (uneccessarily), and briskly got to her feet.

"I think perhaps we should talk ... later. There are some things I think you need to know." Giving a curt nod of her head, she walked quickly out of the room, heading for the bar she hoped was still open.

Passing Rikanth and Charon in the hall, she nodded. "Gentlemen, I'm going for a drink. Care to join me?" and continued on without pausing to hear their responses.
27-05-2003, 01:26
OOC: grrrrr....thats directed to Rikanth...

IC: Charon nods, "Why not?", and follows her.
27-05-2003, 01:33
Rikanth, panting and sweating, gasps out "alright..i need a drink." and follows her.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 01:36
Reaching the bar, she nods to the gentleman behind it.

"Wolvesblood. Now." He blinks, having seen her partake in nothing but water and a single shot of whiskey the entire time he's seen her there.

Without looking around at anyone, she follows the local tradtion of knocking three times on the bar, and tosses it back in one shot.

Turning her glass upsidedown she slams it (not too hard) back down on the bar and keeps her eyes forward, looking at nothing in particular.

Then her eyes seem to loose a bit of their focus, and she looks slightly green ... "GODS but that is nasty stuff!" she chokes out, wheezing slightly.
27-05-2003, 01:39
Rikanth chuckles and says "Well, you get used to it." as he orders a glass of his own, bangs it on the bar three times and downs it.
27-05-2003, 01:40
Charon chuckles. "Really? I like it....." He looks at the waiter. "Just water right now, thanks."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 01:41
She shudders. "You're certain?" she asks dubiously. "Of all the ..." shaking her head to try and clear it, she asks for another. Giving it a hesitant look, she repeats the process, much to the same results - the difference being, she definitely seems unfocused now.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 01:49
Muttering lowly, to no one in particular, "What is that boy thinking? And now, of all times for ... " she shakes her head, blinking slowly. "Gah ... nasty stuff." and shudders again.

"Trial coming up ... and that plea bargain!" here she looked indignant in the extreme. "That flithly, slimy ... "

"Water, please ... no, just bring a whole pitcher if you don't mind." she said to the bartender, pouring herself a tall glass, and drinking it down slowly but steadily.
27-05-2003, 02:07
Jaime slowly got up from the bed and walked over to the door. "Damn it," he muttered. "Of all the-"

He sighed, and shook his head. "I've never lost control of myself before in my life ... Always had a clear notion of what I was oging to do. In three days, that's been turned upside down."

He slammed his palm against his forehead, cursing himself for being so stupid. "What's done is done, I suppose..." he murmurs. "I may as well face the future..." He walks out the door.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 02:15
Sipping her water with a bit more clarity, she sat pondering some of the choices before her.

"Once again, appologies on the semi-finals outcome." she said to the gentlemen there. "Unforseen."
27-05-2003, 02:16
Jaime, having heard Nathicana was going to the bar, started for there. But then he realized that she might not be too happy to see him, given her reaction.

He walked back to the party area, and sat down on a bench, outof sight of the bar.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 02:19
"What to do ... " she thought out loud. "Perhaps a walk? Beautiful place ... enjoy the extended evenings here ... so peaceful ... dark appropriate." she got unsteadily to her feet, making her exuses to those around her, and took one wobbling step, paused, straightented herself, and walked off, carefully.
27-05-2003, 02:20
Jaime, sitting on the bench, realized he was just putting on a tough face for himself, and that he had been doing that for far too long.

Finally, for the first time in years, with no-one around, he allowed himself to put his head in his hands and cry.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 02:25
Seeing Janus, shadowed closely by Marik, she made a decision.

"Find Jaime. Tell him I wish to speak with him. I'll be over there," she gestured towards one of the trees at the edge, away from the party. "Things we need to discuss."

He nodded, a somewhat amused look threatening to to take over his face. "Of course, My Lady." Making a perfunctory bow, he walked off, Marik gliding quietly behind him at a distance.

After searching and asking, he finally spotted the man. Approaching him, he cleared his throat, and waited to be acknowledged.
27-05-2003, 02:26
Jaime heard the clearing of the throat, and, hidig his tears behind a gruff face, turned. Seeing it was Janus, he barked, "What do you want?"

He suddenly realized he hadn't retrieved his katanas from the arena, and closed his eyes and concentrated. They appeared in his hands, and he sheathed them.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 02:30
Assuming a slightly arrogant air, he responded, "The Dread Lady requests an audience with you, sir. She has instructed me that she will await you there." he gestured, pointing out the location. "I suggest you don't keep her waiting." Here, he paled, but only for a moment. "She is not known for her patience."

Clearly expecting her wishes to be carried out, as they always were in the Dominion, he made a curt bow, and excused himself. Marik, simply shot Jaime an oddly sympathetic look before trailing after Janus, never saying a word.
27-05-2003, 02:32
Jaime furrowed his eyebrows, confused at Marik's actions, and made his way slowly over to where Nathicana was sitting. He uncosciously approached stealthily, and stood five feet to her side.

"Nathicana," he said.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 02:35
"Good." she said simply, nodding, then sliding down the trunk of the tree she'd been leaning against, she sat down, harder than she'd intended, on the ground.

Grimmacing slightly, she patted the ground beside her, clearly asking him to join her.

"There are things ... " she began slowly, "Things we need to discuss, I think."
27-05-2003, 02:36
He sat down beside her. "And what are those?" he asked.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 02:38
She said nothing for a moment, looking out at the evening sky, her face expressionless.

"How much do you know about me ... about my country, and my rule?" she asked, still looking out at the sky.
27-05-2003, 02:40
"I know that while you may appear on the outside to be tough, inside you're just a normal person, with a heart of gold. Your country has been taken over by Dragonisia, and they wish you to appear before international court for a crime you didn't commit. Now you're a political refugee."

He looks at the sky. "Why?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 02:46
She shook her head. "You see what you want to."

Closing her eyes wearily, she tipped her head back against the tree, then continued.

"A heart of gold, you say? Know this. Every move I make is calculated for gain. For every supposed 'good deed', I have done it to gain something in return. I have had to hold onto my power with an iron fist through most of my reign as dictator - yes, boy, that is how I'm referred to. I have not come by the title Dread Lady by mere accident or tradition." here she paused, seeming to think back.

"I have done terrible things. Horrible things, all in the name of my rule. All to keep the position I've had to fight so hard for. A heart of gold? Most of the Dominion, I dare say, would tell you I have no heart."

"You've seen how Janus looks at me ... he hates me. Fears me. And after what I put him through, I suppose I wouldn't blame him."
27-05-2003, 02:49
"But everyone in the Dominion does not meet you on a person-to-person basis. They meet you on a leader-to-people basis, and thus do not see what I see. Say what you will, every ruler has to make those decisions. Every ruler is, at some point, known as a cold-hearted dictator."

He turns his head, to look up at the evening sky. "I have seen you as a person. I have not seen you as a ruler. I have seen that you have a heart. People without hearts would not be scared, or cry when they see what has happened to their nation. No matter what your country says, I have seen the truth."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 02:53
Chuckling softly, she shook her head.

"And would you say the same were you to know of the political dissidents I've ordered executed, simply for daring to speak out against me? Of the tortures I've ordered and overseen, all in the name of maintaining my hold on the Dominion? Of the agreements and deals that I've had to make to stay at the top?"
27-05-2003, 02:58
"Yes. As I said, every ruler must make those decisions, whether they want to or not. There have been times when Chris has overseen tortures like that. There have been times when I have been the torturer. There have been times when I have been the executioner. I, and Chris, sometimes alone, sometimes together, have made deals you wuldn't believe. We have made deals with terrorists, some of which I am not proud of. We have double-crossed."

"Every person must do some things like that. Every person is faced with decisions like that. It's whether we are proud of them or not that shapes us."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 03:03
She turned finally to look at him, weighing and measuring him with her eyes.

"And realizing that I will continue to do what I must ... regardless of who may be hurt by it ... you still feel the same?" she asked quietly.
27-05-2003, 03:04
"I have done what I must many times. During the last week, before I came here, I executed two men ina back alley. They were assassins who tried to kill Chris. I know what you mean. How you feel. Yes." He told her, finally turning to look at her.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 03:07
"Then swear to me now, that whatever happens in the next while ... the trial ... what have you ... that you will support me in my decision. No matter your personal feelings on it."

She looked at him, unblinking, waiting for his answer.
27-05-2003, 03:09
"How could I do otherwise?" he asks. "Although, if you demand the death penalty for yourself, I may be forced to step in..."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 03:10
She didn't let him finish the sentence, stopping him with a kiss that began lightly, but soon became fierce.
27-05-2003, 03:12
He answered with another kiss, inwardly thinking Why woudl she bring that up? Then he realized Do I even care why? No, I don't...
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 03:15
She pushed back the voice of reason in her head, insisting she tell him the rest. I don't want to. she thought selfishly. Someone who didn't care ... someone who saw past the Dread Lady ... Damn.

Pulling back for a moment, she whispered "I'm not sure I can win."
27-05-2003, 03:15
He looked deep into her eyes, "Why not?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 03:20
"I've been in touch with Vortex ... they have so many damning documents, testimony ... having had access for the past few days, they've been able to conjure up all manner of supposed 'proof' against me. Yes, we'll be in neutral territory, but we will be under Dragonisian law. They're a sly, damnably clever lot ... I doubt the jury will believe them to be forgeries. Given my record on 'atrocities', shall we say ... when all that is brought to light, I fear some of my current supporters may well withdraw."

She looked away again, not wanting to meet his gaze. "I have been offered a plea bargain agreement."
27-05-2003, 03:22
His eyes narrowed, "What kind of plea bargain?"

"Dragonisia may have a clever bunch, but we can see if they're clever enough to dupe the HIA. I wonder if their forgeries can fool the intel boys down there."

Looking over at her, he added, "I doubt they can, and I'm betting that the HIA boys could come up with some kind of proof."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 03:28
"Never mind what kind." she said, though he could see the anger in her eyes. "Know I intend to keep my options open. Whatever the cost."

She still did not meet his gaze. "I will have the Dominion back within my control, and see the Dragonisian forces gone." she said firmly.

"They have my fingerprints on documents. They have a member of my Ministry, that while I can possibly discredit, can still do immense harm to my case. I'm still not entirely sure just how deep his treachery goes." she sighed tiredly.

"The Emperor's own people have been in contact with me, sharing their doubts of his sanity ... their concerns over the recent changes in him ... but none of them will come forward. They fear reprisals."

"Even your forces have now become useless ... " she turned to look at him steadily. "I have compromised your integrity. Any help from Haraki will be seen as biased and personal. I think you know what I'm saying, boy. It's not as though we've been ... discreet."
27-05-2003, 03:34
"Then let us hope no-one who has seen us will testify against us. From what I've seen, they wouldn't.Most of them like one or the other of us. If they found your fingerprints on one document, they could quite easily forge it onto other documents. A weasel of a man, Ambrose, is testifying against you, saying you did it. A weasel like that would do anythign to earn a less potnet sentence. The emperor is possibly insane ... I think we can poke holes in their case."

He turns to her, "And if they invade Haraki because you're there, they've got another thing coming. The entire WMNK, NATO and all our allies, including Menelmacar, woudl crush them. No matter what, you're safe there."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 03:38
She reached over and gave his hand a firm squeeze. "No one is going to war over me. Understood? No one. I already had to surrender the country to keep that from happening ... could not allow it. Will not allow it."

Letting those thought sit, she was quiet for a while, looking back out at the sky. "Then ... we understand one another, yes?" she said softly.
27-05-2003, 03:42
"Yes," he nodded. "And I was not saying Haraki would go to war. I was saying if Dragonisia attacked us because you were there..." He trails off.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 03:47
She chuckled at that. "What - first you would make me do what I have never done before, letting anyone get this close ... and next, you would be my knight in shining armor, whisking away the damsel in distress from the wicked dragon?"

Laughing softly some more, she tried to stifle her mirth, but still fighting the influence of the strong alcohol. "What next? Make an honest woman of me?" GODS, woman, what did you say that for? She blushed, deeply, eyes wide and horrified at what she'd just said, but still chuckling slightly.
27-05-2003, 03:49
He chuckles, "Hey, I never said that. I'm just saying, I don't think you'd be wanting to stay anywhere Dragonisia can easily invade, and especially not a Dragonisian prison cell."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 03:53
"I ... I don't think that will be a problem, Jaime." she said simply, her laughter fading. "Don't worry yourself about it. Besides ... you promised me."

"You know, the prospect of war may be moot. Or have you kept up on current events?" she looked over at him, watching for a reaction to her change of subject. "I hope Chris will allow me to have you a least a while longer."
27-05-2003, 03:53
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I will see you all sometime.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 03:54
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27-05-2003, 03:58
Rikanth yawns, stretches, and looks around for somebody to talk to.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 04:03
OOC: *waves happily* Oh, chats can be so much easier sometimes. *chuckles*
27-05-2003, 13:14
OOC: heh, oops, forgot to make a good night post, but, i'm back in school for the remainder of this week. argh. but then i'm freeee!

Rikanth wanders off to his room, lies down on his bed, and falls asleep. (just taking a nap during the day)
27-05-2003, 13:15
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27-05-2003, 13:50
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27-05-2003, 13:55
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27-05-2003, 14:00
After being patched up by the Acolytes, Zaek went back to the royal tribune, watching the aftershow with Gothici magicians and jugglers, but most importantly, to Rothana.

He untied the blooded hankerchief from his rapier.
"With my heart you now also have my blood, your gift helped me win the fight."
27-05-2003, 14:17
Rothana looked at Zaek, "Once again i am in awe of you... If my token has brought you victory so much the better but i believe it was your skill that won the day..." with that she leaned in close to him and kissed him soundly...

Richenda was impresssed with the Gothici Lord He fought hard and well, but wondered what happened to Jamie that caused him to fall like that?

Queen Siren was emotionally exausted.. it had been a big day of ups and down for her... after making a brief congratulations to Zaek she sought her rooms for a nap.....
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 15:47
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27-05-2003, 15:57
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Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 16:18
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27-05-2003, 16:20
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Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 16:22
OOC: Bah ... doubt it's that bad. *grin* One little project is re-designing my flag - want something nice with the falcon. Bold graphic.

Other stuff is just tweaking with some scans of my artwork - cleaning them up a bit and formatting for later web page bitz.
27-05-2003, 16:34
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Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 16:44
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27-05-2003, 16:44
These are the ones getting the best response on NWVault.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 16:48
OOC: I like. *nods & smiles* I like very much. What's NWVault, btw?
27-05-2003, 16:48
its a community site for the RPG NeverWinter Nights
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 16:57
You know, I should know that ... *chuckles* Have the game here too. Computer is a bit substandard however - can't manage to play with the sound on or it chokes.
27-05-2003, 17:12
OOC: I prefer Pencils, or to paint Watercolors tho i have pretty decent experience in oils, i plan on getting a Celtic tribal triangle with my Son's name and my best friend who passed on initals worked into it ...
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 17:35
Sounds sweet. :) I've always favored the celtic designs. Those are damnably hard to work out, though I've been practicing creating some myself.
27-05-2003, 19:26
OK, getting back on topic

The aftershow had just about finished as Zaek rose up and adressed the crowd.

"Ye gentle crowd, you did not come without a reason. Yesterday lucky ones under you bought expensice items. Which we didn't sell without a reason. The time has come to show you what we wish to preserve...and what we have to rebuild of our forest. You will be able to gaze upon the innate fauna and flora of Gothicum, but that will be after lunch, of course. Lets go back to the surface."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 19:29
Excellent. I only hope I will be able to follow through with what I had promised. she mused.

Rising, and motioning to Jaime to join her, she went with the rest of the crowd.
27-05-2003, 19:37
A squire rushes towards the Evenstar, leaning close and speaking a few frenzied words.

Dayne cracks his knuckles, growling a curse and flowing to his feet quickly.

He motions to the squire"Find Emporer Zaek. Tell him to prepare for the worst, as war is once again on the horizon..."

The Reaver Prince strides off into the crowds, cursing and snarling to himself. He searches for Richenda, afraid of her response when he tells her he must once again leave her side for blood and death...
27-05-2003, 19:40
The squire reaches Zaek at the Royal Tribune telling him that Pantera's Prince wants to see him

Zaek leans over and kisses Rothana whispering

"When this is all over, I'll make sure to recover all our stolen moments"

After which he makes his way to the Prince, who is clearly searching for someone
27-05-2003, 19:46
The Reaver Prince raises his eyes, seeing Zaek and nodding,"Aye my friend. Once more the time has come to Drag the Waters of War. I hate to leave ytour splendid party in such a manner, but my Lord Father requires me in Pantera... Prepare yourself, Zaek. This war could spill across the earth, even here in far Gothicum. The World is taking sides, for better or worse...

It has begun."

Dayne shakes his head, muttering in anger as he watches the Emporer, occasionally scanning the crowd for Richenda.
27-05-2003, 19:50
"The ridges of the Nighttime hills have always kept the Gothicae safe. Though if this is worldwide, I might need to prepare my forces. Tell me more about this threat."
27-05-2003, 19:58
As his eyes scan the crowds for his love, Dayne nods and tells Zaek,"Aye, Drum Gods has been set upon by many nations. Though open hostilities have not yet begun, many many nations have mobilized. As I've been here, I do not personally know details, but I know that my Lord Father has not declared his intent, as yet, nor has he commited any forces to foreign lands.

Many nations, fair and foul alike are taking part in this, on both sides, it seems. That is about all I know, Myself...HOUND!" The Evenstar snarls.

The WarHound, dogshead helm in hand grunts and moves to his Prince,"Aye, I heard Dayne. We leavin' now?" The Hounds eyes are alight with the promise of battle and glory.

"No, Hound. First I must speak to someone..."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 20:00
From a distance, she visually caught part of the exchange, pausing to wonder what had happened. Whatever it is, let it pass. she fervently hoped. To have misfortune or ills come so closely on the heels of his victory in the field, and in the midst of his celebration for peace seemed a poor payment to such a gracious host.
27-05-2003, 20:07
"Aye, i will rally militia on the border then, many veterans live there, farm there, but I doubt Drum Gods will attack us, we have no quarrel with them"

He laid his hand on Dayne's shoulder

"Should at any time, you, your father, your hound or anyone dear to you need refuge, be sure you will find it in Gothicum, my friend."
27-05-2003, 20:33
The Evenstar looks at Zaek, arching an eyebrow. He chuckles and says,"My friend, the only place the Reavers seek refuge is in the Halls of Valhalla."
27-05-2003, 20:38
"Yes, but not all dear to you are Reavers now, are they."

Zaek looked for Richenda, but couldn't find her so directed his eyes to Rothana.
27-05-2003, 21:12
Jaime rose, following Nathicana. "What is it?" he asked her.

OOC: Back for a few hours.
27-05-2003, 22:45
Rikanth wakes up and goes back to the party. He finds Jaime, walks over to him and asks him "How exactly did you summon that katana to your hand in the battle earlier?"
27-05-2003, 22:47
Rikanth wakes up and goes back to the party. He finds Jaime, walks over to him and asks him "How exactly did you summon that katana to your hand in the battle earlier?"

Jaime looks down. "Erm ... I don't know how I do it. I think the katanas have some kind of link with me ... so, when I want them, they come, no matter where they or I am. Unless they're contained or other nasty stuff like that. Unless someone is specifically trying to keep the katanas away from me."
27-05-2003, 22:53
Rikanth looks somewhat sad. "ergh, i was hoping it was something I could learn how to do. ah well."
27-05-2003, 22:55
Rikanth looks somewhat sad. "ergh, i was hoping it was something I could learn how to do. ah well."

"Yeah, most people think that. I don't know, I think that's what it is. I really have no clue. Try establishing a bond with your sword and then try it."
27-05-2003, 23:00
Rikanth moves over to Nathicana and asks "Is the trial today?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 23:36
OOC: *yawns & stretches* Mmmm ... good nap. *grin*

IC: She nodded to Rikanth. "It should be ... interesting." she said, though her eyes showed a bit of strain.
27-05-2003, 23:38
Rikanth asks "Am I allowed to attend as an observer?"
27-05-2003, 23:40
Jaime walks over, "The trial's today? Don't worry, I'll be there beside you. No matter what happens."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 23:44
She smiled gratefully at them both. "I believe that so long as you pass SithRose security, it shoudln't be a problem. I myself plan on taking a little ... something. For looks, of course - others are being allowed more. We shall see."
27-05-2003, 23:48
"Already had my weapons confirmed." Jaime says, "Katanas and a handgun with stun-bullets are allowed. Besides, they know I'm coming."
27-05-2003, 23:48
Rikanth asks "hmm..exactly what are we able to bring?"
27-05-2003, 23:50
Rikanth asks "hmm..exactly what are we able to bring?"

Anythign that's either non-lethal or non-long range, I believe." Jaime tells him. "Or, if you're like Erik... You just bring yourself."
27-05-2003, 23:50
OOC:gotta go for awhile, be back in about 2 hours. hope i don't miss the trial.
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 23:52
Reaching over she gave Jaime's hand a firm squeeze. He could could feel her trembling slightly.

"I have absolute faith that I will indeed be well protected." she said. "In fact, can't think of anyone I'd rather have watch my back." Smiling at him, she tried to look confident. "All will be well. One way or another, it will be well."
27-05-2003, 23:54
Holding her hand, he tried to calm her down. "Hey, it's going to be all right. No matter what, I'll be there. As long as I'm alive, they'll never touch you."
Dread Lady Nathicana
27-05-2003, 23:56
She gave him an odd look, though quickly masked, then nodded. "I know." she said simply. "All the same - remember your promise."
27-05-2003, 23:57
She gave him an odd look, though quickly masked, then nodded. "I know." she said simply. "All the same - remember your promise."

"Yes. Unless it's the death penalty." he said. "But I'm not sure why you made me say that."
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 00:01
She squeezed his hand again. "Don't worry about it." she said. "I just ... I just want you safe."
28-05-2003, 00:02
She squeezed his hand again. "Don't worry about it." she said. "I just ... I just want you safe."

His eyes narrowed. "That makes me think it's something I might object rather violently to..."
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 00:07
Looking at him sharply, "And if it is? You gave me your word, boy. I'll hold you to it. Regardless."
28-05-2003, 00:07
OOC: I must go, hopefully back in a few hours.
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 00:08
OOC: Ciao! Hope to see you then.
28-05-2003, 00:54
*stumbles into room, bottle in hand* what the hell?
28-05-2003, 01:41
OOC:Back, trial started yet?
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 01:43
OOC: *laughs* Apparently the one least looking forward to it (myself) is the only one set to go on it. ;) Go fig!
28-05-2003, 01:46
*takes a seat*
hello Ms Dread, are you that person in the leather cat suit with the whip? or was that SIlverCities?
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 01:48
She thanked them all, then said "If you'll excuse me, I have some preparations to make." Smiling confidently, she made her way around, thanking those who had shown support, and reaffirming ties with those she had made diplomatic contact with.

She found the sisters of SilverCities, giving them all warm hugs and thanking them - complimenting Richenda again for a very well-fought match.

To Zaek, she courtsied formally, and thanked him for all of his efforts on her behalf, the sanctuary he had provided, and a most hospitable stay in his lovely country.

Taking her leave, she went to her room, packing all of her things, and going over her notes and contacts one last time. She asked for Janus to join her, and went over strategies and compared notes as Marik hovered protectively in the background.

OOC: *giggles* Yup - that'd be me, I think, if you're referring to icons I've posted. Sorry - saw your post after mine was up.
28-05-2003, 01:49
OOC: :) haha! silly dragonisian peoples. Since the player playing gobbledygornmk can't be on tonight, and wishes to attend the trial, i'll post charon's actions
28-05-2003, 01:50
*laughs* I thought I remembered you! although Rothana did have that crop and she whipped that person and showed her cleavage I'm confused.
*drinks more wine*
28-05-2003, 01:56
Rikanth whips out his cell phone and calls somebody. "Ready my helicopter, and get it over here at once," says Rikanth into the phone before hanging up.
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 01:58
Having taken care of everything she possibly could to prepare ... she rejoined the group downstairs.

"So ... anything new, earthshattering, and exciting happen whilst I was away?"
28-05-2003, 02:01
yes, I am now out of wine. Damn.
*throws bottle against wall and sits with a look of immense boredom on his face* something exciting yet pleasant needs to happen.
28-05-2003, 02:04
Rikanth Recites the prayer given to him by Jaime to lessen the pain ,except this time not from the sheet of paper, but by heart.
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 02:05
She grins slyly. "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of being properly introduced." Offering a hand she continues, "Nathicana D'Aquisto, of the Dominion."
28-05-2003, 02:34
She grins slyly. "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of being properly introduced." Offering a hand she continues, "Nathicana D'Aquisto, of the Dominion."
are you talking to me?
28-05-2003, 02:35
OOC: certainly not tlaking to me, Nathicana was the first person i met at this party.
28-05-2003, 02:37

IC: I am Barrett, King of Jesters *kisses your hand*
28-05-2003, 02:37
OOC: Nathi's hand
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 02:45
She smiles warmly, nodding in recognition. "Yet another King. And charming, at that."
28-05-2003, 02:48
"Why thank you."
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 02:50
"Have you been enjoying the festivities? And you, Rikanth - how are you recovering?"
28-05-2003, 02:52
"Well, I just arrived; I have been waiting for my close friend Queen Ashleigh of Wiccats to arrive but she has not. I have mostly been drinking and wishing she was here to put me in a good mood."
28-05-2003, 02:55
"Hey, stick around. Maybe ask Rikanth how to get yourself in a good mood. Nathicana, when will the trial be starting?"
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 03:04
OOC: You know, if they don't get with it I'm going to be forced to proclaim myself innocent by default and rp off the entire incident. *chuckles* Whole storyline was a result of boredom and insomnia. ;)

IC: "I'm awaiting final notification. Damn, I hate being kept waiting." she muttered darkly.

"Try some of that Wolvesblood, since you're out of wine. It has quite the ah ... kick." she explained, indicating the local tradition of banging the class down on the table 3 times before tossing it back.
28-05-2003, 03:06
He laid a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry. It'll come, and it'll turn out okay. Trust me."

Inwardly, he was thinking, Why did she make me promise that? What could she be planning that I would object to that much?
28-05-2003, 03:07
I'm afraid I can only drink my wine, human wine could kill me.
*looks around for an chance to cause chaos*
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 03:09
She nodded to Jaime, though clearly turning things over in her mind.

"Well, while I wait, I may as well enjoy myself." She signaled to the bartender, oddly enough, simply ordering her standard water. "Cursed stuff still has my head ringing." she muttered to Jaime with a wry grin.
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 03:10
She chuckled at Barret's remark. "I'm not entirely convinced you could refer to all these drinks as typically 'human'."
28-05-2003, 03:15
"That would be two t's. What the heck."
The jester pours himself a glass of this inhuman drink and has a sip
"hmm, not bad!"
28-05-2003, 03:15
He nods at Nathicana, and sits down at the bar. He sighs, and orders water. The bartender is surpirsed (First non-alcoholic drink he's ordered for the entire party), but he explains, "I need to calm myself."

As he sits there, people can see that the hand holding the glass is shaking, although he's doing his best to stop it.
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 03:16
"Something you want to discuss?" she asked Jaime quietly, noting his change in ordering, and the slight shake.
28-05-2003, 03:18
He half-nodded, half-shook his head. His hand was still shaking, now enough that he had to keep his hand pressed firmly on the table or it spilled the water. He murmured, "I ... don't know."
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 03:22
"Out with it. You'll not do yourself, me, or anyone else any good like this." she said firmly. "Look at yourself - you're a mess. I doubt you could even begin to disarm me the way you did that first night. How do you expect to serve as a decent guard?"

She hoped this approach would work with him, knowing there had been a few large 'shakes' for him of late. She sympathized, truly, but knew he needed to be strong and get his wits back about him.
28-05-2003, 03:26
He took a deep breath and nodded, "You're right." He took a gulp of the water, his hand shaking considerably less. He set down the glass, closed his eyes and repeated his prayer by heart, also with several extra lines on the end. This seemed to do the trick. He turned to Nathicana, "Thank you."
Dread Lady Nathicana
28-05-2003, 03:30
She nodded, but still looked at him expectantly, waiting for an explanation.
28-05-2003, 03:31
Rikanth walks over to the bar and sits down. He says "i've got my helicopter to come and pick me up whnever the trial is going to start. i'll be taking Charon along too."
28-05-2003, 03:31
Looking at the two having their little talk in the corner, the Jester ponders
"Once again I sit bored and uncontent, I probably should just pour this wine out and leave now"
28-05-2003, 03:32
He looks at her, without saying a word. His eyes say it. Why do you make my promise that? What are you going to do that I would fight to prevent? Are you planning on pleading guilty when you are innocent? What is it?
28-05-2003, 03:34
Rikanth says to the St. Mardis delegate (didn't catch the name) "just have a few glasses of wolvesblood, make sure to bang it on a table or somesuch three times before you down it though. That stuff is STRONG."
28-05-2003, 03:35
The Jester downs the rest of his wine.
"Another chunk of shit in the pile"
He gathers up his cloak and walks out into the rain