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Peace festivities

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18-05-2003, 18:41
Your are warmly invited to the festivities to celebrate the return of peace to Gothicum and to raise funds for the replantation of parts of our forest at the Coil of Lacuna in Gothicum

There will be a banquet of roast boar and deer as well as many exotic fruits. There will be a tour in the study areas of ou mages as well as an open arena contest for non-missile weapons, the victor of this contest will have the honour of battling High Chancellor Zaek Invictus

Zaek reviewed the message
"Good, send this to all friendly leaders. I want this to be big, we need to lift our people's morale.
18-05-2003, 18:43
I'll send my PM, he could use some R&R after the incident in Haraki.
18-05-2003, 18:52
"Hang those lights up, are those all the lights? ... Yes? ...We need more, remember there'll be a lot of non-Gothicae here they aren't used to only 3 hours of sunlight. ... Get some more lampoons. Get Blue ones, i want a magical atmosphere ... Romance should be in the air ..."

Zaek was busy arranging the decorations on the Coil of Lacuna. The 200 foot spire was lit like a Christmas tree. The calendar predicted a full moon cyclus for the period of the festivities.

He rubbed his eyes and ran his hands over his head, these were gonna be long days.
18-05-2003, 18:56
Queen Siren recieved the message and called over her sisters... "Hey look at this! Rothana here is your chance to go see what his country would be like, I think I will stay here, but you are more then welcome to take him up on this.. improving 'diplomatic relations' "
Rothana blushed and playfully hit her sister on the shoulder...

Chancellor of Gothicum,
Lady Rothana Siren would be happy to attend the event, she will be bringing Lady Richenda as well as 4 personal guards. As a gift we will be sending several species of hardy trees that should do well in your enviroment...
Regina Eternam
Queen Silver Siren
18-05-2003, 18:59
Foreign Affairs Minister Lindensborne, United Socialist States of Hrstrovokia

Hrstrovokia would be keen on establishing diplomatic relations with Gothicum. Perhaps, I, Myself, might attend?
18-05-2003, 19:01
OOC: Everyone is welcome, as long as they roleplay through the party.
18-05-2003, 19:05
The PM of Haraki will be arriving with his one remaing bodyguard in several days (NS time). Please allow for our armed bodyguard to come with our PM, for he's still not really trusting people. The PM's wife would come, but she is in critical condition in a Haraki hospital.

Jaime Walf is the bodyguard.
18-05-2003, 19:09
We have no problems with small security operations. The area will be under constant clairvoyance to ensure safety.

Our warmest thoughts are with the PM's wife, may her recovery be as fast as the fall of the Gothicum Night
18-05-2003, 19:11
The Federation would like to send an ambassor to your peace celebration. We are happy to see another nation seeking the path of peace!
18-05-2003, 19:19
"Here is another invitation for another party my Lord" The small green dragon hissed," The last didnt go so well it seemed, the boy James is still a little shaken"

"Send him again, he needs to learn to control his fear and accept his limitations" Lord Blackhart twitched his long tail in amusement, "Perhaps he will learn something interesting while there.."
18-05-2003, 20:06
If it is okay, the PM would like to bring along his two adopted children, Prince and Princess Alek and Jane Haraki. They bear the name of our country because they are the last of the line of kings. When the last king and his entire council unanimously voted they should be led by an elected PM instead of a son-to-son king, the king was assassinated by an anti-democracy terrorist. The PM adopted the king's two children and they have become like his own children. They are, respectively, 21 and 19 and both seeking wives/husbands.

May he bring them?
18-05-2003, 20:17
Sure, nothing like a festival to get courted. And as Gothicum is almost perpetual night and there will be a full moon for a week, the romance level should skyrocket, well that's what the decorator said.
18-05-2003, 20:19
Sounds good. The PM, his bodyguard and the prince and princess are on their way to your nation now.
18-05-2003, 20:20
They will be wholeheartedly welcomed.
The Damned People
18-05-2003, 20:22
Gothicum, did you use ZBrush for your website's first picture? (The volcano).

Leader Of The Free Land Of The Damned People
18-05-2003, 20:23
We have send a representative for the Vortex Corporation. He describes himself as "a real party animal" so he'll blend in just fine.
18-05-2003, 20:24
The PM's plane lands, and Jaime steps down. Having verified that there is no danger, he beckons, and the PM steps out onto the staircase down to the ground. Following him come the prince and princess. Following them comes each of their bodyguards. Only the prince seems overly worried about c\security, for he has two heavily armed bodyguards with him. The PM looks back and shakes his head.

One of the prince's two bodyguards steps back into the plane, and the other one slings his MP10 into the plane as well. Then the six people descend the ramp.
18-05-2003, 20:32
The NRI republic wishes to know if this will be a toga party, as it concerns the trditional formal dress of our country men(and they feel good to :D )
18-05-2003, 21:01
TTDP: No, just Photoshop, splashed some brown and green on the ganvas and smadged a bit

NRI: come in toga if you want, but gothicum is almost always covered in darkness so it aint exactly toga temperatures (5-15┬░C)


A tall darkskinned woman in a black catsuit walks toward the party, a clipboard in her hand.

The Haraki party i presume?
*she checks a box on the clipboard*
Pleased to meet you, I am Daeva, your personal liaison during the festivities, if you need anything at all, please ask. I will show your to your lodgings once we get to the Coil. Would you like to get there by limousine or more traditional means?

Daeva points to a group of saddled nightwolves with their caretakers and instructors.
18-05-2003, 21:04
The PM and Jaime both grinned, men of action themselves. Princss Jane was also an action-lover, although dreadfully shy. The three of them looked very interested in the wolves. However, Alek looked disturbed. "No deal." he said, "Too dangerous. I'll take the limo." although he did look interested in Daeva.

The other three important ones said in unison, "The wolves." and Jane's bodyguard of course, followed her, as she walked over to the most vicious-looking of the wolves, which snarled and bared its teeth at her.

She smiled, and stroked its muzzle. It suddenly calmed down, and allowed her to pet it. As soon as her bodyguard apporached, though, it snarled at him.

The PM remarked, rether bemusedly, to Daeva, "She has a way with animals."
18-05-2003, 21:17
"It seems so."
"Captain Guar!!! See to it that they safely reach the coil, I'll take the limousine"
"Yes, ma'am"

The guards attached the reigns to the muzzle and strapped the three fast in their saddles.

The limo drove away with screeching tires

Guard 1:"20 goth says we still get there faster then the limo"
Guard 2:(to the PM)"Wanna go real fast? just say Gh'anu to accelerate and Ab'haal to stop"
Guard 2:(to Guard1): "You're on'
18-05-2003, 21:24
The four on the wolves grinned, and said, in unison, "Gh'anu, Gh'anu, Gh'anu!" They all loved action, and especially danger.

Inside the limousine, Alek remarked "So, enjoy your job?"
18-05-2003, 21:24
"So what are you going to wear?" Richenda asked.

Rothana finished braiding her long red hair and sighed "I have no idea really, im not sure if i want to go understated or a little more opulent.."

"Rothana you are always understated, break out of your shell a little, show off what you got under those dark suits and high necked blouses"

Rothana blushed and replied "Why give away my secrets?"

"No not give them away dear sister just put them in a pretty little package.. here now this is just the thing.." Richenda held up a blood red dress with a low neckline..
"Not in a million years.." Rothana laughed "How about this? She held up a dark blue linen suit.
"No, no, no now this is a comprimise" Richenda held up a long gown of black velvet with a low neckline and low backline, "its simple, elegant and classy, it will also show off your hair beautifully, now youre not going to wear it in a braid now are you?"

"Enough about me what about you?"

"Well i thought i'd go as your opposite" she then brought out a white gown of the same pattern and material...

"Perfect" a voice said at the doorframe..
Queen Siren walked in the room and admired the dresses, "Now I want to go.." she smiled "Maybe i'll pop in for a little while later lets get your hair ready" she then called for Seline her personal maid to help her sisters finish getting ready for the party...
18-05-2003, 21:31
Emperor Maelstrom Vortex of The Empire of Draconic States and his Sons were never ones to miss parties. Not only that, they were also known for their extravagant entrances. At a time when the shadows were high, the sun was low on the horizon.. the entire party area seemed to grow dark as shadows ebbed out from around the objects there, seeming to congeal into masses in the center of the party area.

"Good evening fellow World Leaders. How goes this fine gathering in the name of Peace?" Came the inquiry from the Beast, a thing composed entirely of shadow in the shape of a dragon with brilliant crimson red eyes.. the infamous ruler smiled brightly, showing off equally crimson teeth. His sons stood stoically at his side, sharing like resemblence to their father but not quite as expressive.. almost sullen and subdued against the background of his boisterousness.

Maelstrom listened carefully to the responses of other leaders as he made his way towards the buffet. He was hungry. He hoped they had a lot of nice, red meats.
18-05-2003, 21:34
We would like to comment that our delegate also likes his beef. Please don't eat all of it.
18-05-2003, 21:35
Daeva:"Yes, a lot. I get to travel a lot, meet interesting people, help organise events, it's a lovely job. And you, how is it like to be royalty."

Guard Captain: (to PM): You know the difference between a Nightwolf and a car? A Nightwolf feels pain. You know what that means? That a Nightwolf isn't likely to run against a tree.

The Captain whistled and pointed left, towards the woods
"Remember people, keep low and let the wolves do the maneuvring"
The Guard Captain howled and in formation the wolves darted between the trees.
"Trust me, it's a shortcut"
18-05-2003, 21:36
We would like to comment that our delegate also likes his beef. Please don't eat all of it.

"The request of the Vortex Corporation has been noted, some cattle bits will be left for their delegate."
18-05-2003, 21:42
Zaek busy with inspecting the servants turned around.

"Goodday noble leader"
Zaek bowed
"Please, feel free to eat, we have much more, the cooks made enough food to feed an army for a month. Only difference is that this food tastes better of course"
Zaek smiled
"May your stay be a pleasant one"
18-05-2003, 21:44
As they zipped along on the wolves, the PM decided to have a little fun. "So, Jane, planning on meeting any guys this week?"

Jane looked indignant. "Fa-THER! You're acting like I'm twelve years old again!"

"I know, I'm just kidding. But are you?"

She sighed, "Maybe. It depends what they're like." Then, to avoid further embarrassments, she shouted "Gh'anu!"
18-05-2003, 21:56
May my invatation be invited?
18-05-2003, 21:57
***Telegram to Truth Covered Lies***

Of course, come when you see fit.
18-05-2003, 22:00
Rothana was dressed her long hair let loose from its customary braid the only jewelry she wore was the ring her Chosen had given her. Richenda was beside her, hair up in intricate loops and swirls...
"So how are we getting there?" Richenda asked..
Rothana smiled and gave a piercing whistle... Iaeson, Healed from his wound flew overhead briefly for a moment before landing in front of them...

'This is how, I thought it would be a great way to get him back to his Master" Rothana stroked the bird's shiny black plumage.
Richenda looked terrified for a moment, "You do know how to drive one of these dont you?"
Rothana just laughed and put on her black hooded velvet cape.."don't worry sis he has never dropped me...'
Richenda sighed and got a leg up from a nearby guard to sit in the saddle, Rothana strapped her in tightly and mounted behind her .. Taking the reins she commanded "Home Ieason."
They were launched into the air...
Siren heard her Richenda's startled cry and muttered "She never did like heights.."
18-05-2003, 22:08
Zaek heard a familiar high pitched cry and looked up.
"No, this can't be"
Another screech echoed through the valley
The black bird landed in front of Zaek
"Iaeson..." Zaek hugged the huge bird and extended his hand to help the ladies dismount.
18-05-2003, 22:26
Richenda was a little shaky once she dismounted' "That was interesting, dont know if i could do it again but it was interesting," She then made a small curtsy to Zaek, "The trees are being sent by private transport..good thing too I dont think they would have survived the flight."

Rothana dismounted, and slipped off the cape and made a deep curtsy, taking the Chancellors hand and kissed it briefly "We are proud to represent SilverCities at your gathering.." she then smiled.
18-05-2003, 22:36
Vortex nodded to the arriving Silver Cities ambassadors. "Good evening Ladies." He bit into a leg of turkey and tore off a hunk of white meat, then swallowed.... which oddly didn't give the near mass-less entity any more of a figure than what he already had. No neck swelling as the turkey went down. Nope, just gulp.. gone.
18-05-2003, 22:37
*Zaek lifted Rothana's head*
"Why so formal?"
*He gently kissed her*
"Now that wasn't so bad was it. You look gorgeous in that black dress. If it wasn't for the skintone i'd say you were a Gothica"
18-05-2003, 22:47
Richenda made her way to the lavish buffet where the shadow dragon was taking its meal, " Hello," she was terrified but didnt let it show "It looks like a good spread... " She then picked out a few fruits for her plate..

Rothana was entranced by the beauty of her surroundings, "This is amazing," she looked up at Zaek "You never told me it was so beautiful.. Her creamy white skin seemed to glow in the ambiance of the lighting, "A Gothica eh?" she then whispered "I'm working on that" she then kissed him again briefly.. "Now would you like to give me the Grand Tour?"
18-05-2003, 23:13
The Nightwolves sprinted through the last piece of the forest and entered a clearing, the huge spire towering in the distance.

There you have it, sir. The Coil of Lacuna...
Zaek looked at the spire and then to Rothana.
"You do know those are 1523 steps to climb to the top"
18-05-2003, 23:21
"So many?" She thought for a moment, "Would we have to climb them all?" She then smiled " No it can wait, you have guests to attend to I wouldn't want to take you from your duties as host.. but I would like to try sometime.."
18-05-2003, 23:21
Alek stepped out of the limo to see the PM and his party waiting, smiling and waving. He looked exasperated that they had beaten him there.

At the party, he noticed a good bunch of people talking. He walked over to Richenda, who looked terrified to him. He stopped and introduced himself. "You okay? You don't look too well." he told her. "Need some help?"
18-05-2003, 23:24
Richenda smiled at the kind gentleman " Well it has been a interesting night so far, and it has hardly begun" she held out her hand, "Hi, my name is Richenda Siren from SilverCities, and you are?"
18-05-2003, 23:26
He took her hand gently, then bent over and kissed it. "I am Prince Alek Haraki, from Haraki. You look slightly lost. Would you mind if I accompanied you?"
18-05-2003, 23:29
Daeva stepped out of the limo, suprised to see so many guests already. She talked to the maitre who was in charge of lodging.
"All guests have been assigned they're rooms, and we still have plenty left."
"Good, I'll show the Haraki party their chambers"

Zaek beckoned Daeva, walked over to the couple. Many of the servants eyes followed her as the woman in her leather catsuit crossed the field.
"Yes, my liege?"
"Daeva, when you have shown the Haraki party their quarters, can you fill in for a short while, I wanna take Rothana to the top of the coil"
"Sure my liege"

Daeva walked over to Alek
"Let me show you your rooms"
18-05-2003, 23:31
Richenda considered for a moment, her thoughts whizzed through her mind bringing back the words of the love letter sent to her earlier, but would it be so bad to talk to someone? That wouldnt cause any harm could it? She decided to be honest, " You are more then welcome to accompany me if you wish, I would love to hear about your Country,but my heart is with another, I hope you understand.." She then waited hoping that she didnt read him wrongly..
18-05-2003, 23:31
(In a parallel universe 12 nukes explode somewhere...)
18-05-2003, 23:33
(In a parallel universe 12 nukes explode somewhere...)

That, my friends, is spam.


Alek turned to Richenda. "I completely understand." he said. "I am to be taken now and shown my rooms. Would you like to accompany me so we may continue this conversation? I will understand completely if you do not wish to."

He turned to Daeva. "I will just be one moment."
18-05-2003, 23:35
"I would be honored too," Richenda followed the party...
18-05-2003, 23:38
Alek nodded, "Thank you. Daeva, we are ready now. Please, by all means, show us to my rooms." As the two were led off, Krihk, Alek's bodyguard, looked uneasily around. "I don't like the smell of this..." he murmured, but followed them.

Alek commented, "It is wonderful to be accompanied by such a lovely lady on a night such as this."
18-05-2003, 23:38
Daeva, not used to being turned away by men, raised an eyebrow.
"What does she have that I don't. Only Zaek stays so cold around me"
She put down the clipboard and leaned back against a tree, overlooking the party.
When Alek was done talking to Richenda, she led the up the stairs of the spire to the second floor.

"Here is your room, it has a nice view over the forest at the backside of the spire"
"So, ready to go to the top. We don't really have to do those stairs, we can take Iaeson"
The two mounted the bird and flew up the spire.
18-05-2003, 23:43
Relieved, Rothana enjoyed the flight, "Richenda has done it again it seems.." she smiled "I hope she doesnt get herself in trouble, So please Tell me the history of this place.. "
18-05-2003, 23:45
Alek looked out at the awe-inspiring view. "It's lovely. Thank you," he told Daeva. Then he turned back to Richenda. "Why don't you take a look? The view is nothing short of magnificent."
18-05-2003, 23:48
Eagerly Richenda took a place at the window "It is truly amazing "she whispered, She forgot for a moment where she was and just let her mind wander for a few moments...
18-05-2003, 23:50
You can see all Gothicum from here, in the mountain ridges lie our borders. This used to be a volcano crater. It extinguished though, leaving behind fertile soil when we came here. Searching solitude and breaking our bonds. It was rugged to live here first, we also weren't used to having so little sunlight. But the place had its charisma and we stayed. We made our way to this spire of volcani rock. We carved homes in it, and on the top we put a crystal, to shine as a beacon of hope. Our people grew in numbers, and soon the spie became to small, so we tunneled out a maze of corridors in the clay ground and made homes there.
18-05-2003, 23:50
Alek looked at the look of peace on her face. Her face was so calm, so delicate, so- No, he would not allow himself to go there. She had told him she had pledged he heart to another. He would not interfere with that. He sighed. Affairs of the heart were so complicated.

He took a deep breath and looked at her face. Just looking at the look of peace on it was enough to make him feeal calm, and at ease.
18-05-2003, 23:54
"Off course sir, I'll have a servant sent up with your luggage, sir" Daeva replied with a slight tone of jealousy in her voice. Her emerald eyed gaze piercing. She turned around quickly and marched out the door.
18-05-2003, 23:57
Alek turned as she left. "There is no need for that. Do not trouble yourself. I will get them myself. He walked over and whispered to her, "Do not hate me because I enjoy making friends. She has pledged her love to another." He winked at Daeva and crossed back to the window.
18-05-2003, 23:59
Rothana sighed, "that is just incredible... Gives me all the more reason to admire what you have done here.... " She then turned to Zaek, " it is nice to be able to see your eyes.." she smiled
19-05-2003, 00:00
Very well sir, i will be outside at the banquet if you need me.
"Well i didn't do all of it, most was done by our forefathers. But I made a pledge that everyone who needed it, could find a safe haven under the Gothici veil of darkness."

Zaek looked down the spire

"See the people? how they all look like ants? From up here you can't see the difference between elves, orcs, cat-people, cat-mutants ot Gothicae. They are all equal, and that is how i see them every day"

Zaek talked passionately, this was his dream, his life's work, and he was proud of it.
19-05-2003, 00:02
Very well sir, i will be outside at the banquet if you need me.

Alek nods, "Thank you, Daeva. Your help is much appreciated."
19-05-2003, 00:02
(ooc: umm, i'm assuming that since Haraki is here, that this is open to non midieval countries. if i'm wrong in this, hit me with an ignore canon and i'll shut up.)

King Pyrite read the invitation twice, trying to make sure that he had actually been invited. Pyrite was a bit surprised that such a faraway and different country would have so much as heard of him. oh well he thought. I do need to find a way to open some international relations

He hit the intercom button, patching him in with his secretary. "get the helicopter ready. i will be disembarking for the country of..." he glanced at the Invitation. "Gothicum. I want two bodyguards, and I'll be bringing along 300 gold pieces (roughly exchanges into 2100 US dollars.) for any spending I need to do along the way."

a good few hours of helicopter ride, and refueling, later, A small, somewhat outmoded and obviously used helicopter, it's sides expertly maked with the flag of Motriala, lands in an open field near the palace (or wherever the party is being held.) A ramp, dislodging with an audible squeek, clangs onto the grassy space below. King Pyrite, his red hair somewhat mottled by the moonlight, steps out proudly, followed by two bodiguards with no obvious weapons besides small handaxes strapped to their sides. Pyrite himself carries a large ceremonial sword, strapped onto his back, as well as a longbow, dissassembled into two pieces and strapped crosswise with the sword. once he has landed, he realizes that his arrival likely predates the arrival of the letter he had sent advertising his arrival. (woo, that sentence was fun.) after a time, he simply shouts "I, Pyrite, king of the great kingdom Motriala, have arrived!"
19-05-2003, 00:05
Richenda came to her senses.. and catching that look from Daeva.. she knew she had to leave, and making hasty goodbyes followed her back to the banquet hall.. Richenda tried to catch up to the stalking Gothica..
19-05-2003, 00:07
After watching his two companions leave, Alek drooped. "Oh, why do I ALWAYS have such bad luck with women?" he groaned, dropping onto his bed. "It sometimes makes me depressed."

Then he remembered, "Wait, I'm the prince of Haraki ... That should count for something." He got up and walked back down to the party. On the way, he groaned a lot.
19-05-2003, 00:13
OOC: Every roleplayer is welcome, just keep it friendly and the banquet is in the open fields surrounding the spire called Lacuna's Coil. Rooms are inside the spire, and for those who wish, underground too.

Daeva came down the steps when she heard the call. She approached the man.
"Goodday to you, lord"
She curtsied
"May i welcome you to the banquet, please follow me."
(to the maitre)"Maitre, i need one double bedroom suite and one single bedroom suite"

The maitre tossed a set of keys which Daeva caught in her right hand
"Rooms 304 and 305, Third floor"
"Gentlemen, if you'd please follow me?"
19-05-2003, 00:16
Drooping, with his hands in his pockets and a depressed look on his face, Alek passed by Daeva as she went past escorting the three, barely noticing her. He slumped his way down to the party, about to try desperately to cheer himself up.
19-05-2003, 00:18
Daeva smiled as she passed the young prince, but he didnt notice her.
Slightly offended she said to herself.
Fine, be that way then
19-05-2003, 00:21
Suddenly Alek noticed what had just happened. "Wha- Was that Daeva we just passed?" he asked Krihk, who nodded.

"Did she just give me an 'I hate your guts' look?"

Krihk considered for half a second. "Pretty close to it."

Alek slammed his hand against his head. "This is what I mean I always have bad luck with women!" He sprinted off up the stairs again, after her.
19-05-2003, 00:23
Feeling like she wasnt going to be able to get her attention at the moment Richenda really wished Siren would show up....

Queen Silver Siren walked into the field where she saw Richenda looking a bit stressed... "I finally got here, I decided to hitch a ride with the transport plane, what is wrong Richenda? I know the bird thing probably had you rattled..." Queen Siren left her Crown at home feeling like she needed a break for a bit, her silver hair was braided down her back in a thick cable, she was dressed in emerald green, making her violet eyes stand out all the more...

"I am so glad you're here Silver... I need the moral support i think.." Richenda heaved a sigh of relief... "I think there is someone you should meet.." she took her sisters hand and headed for the crowd..
19-05-2003, 00:25
Alek stopped at the top of the stairs, completely bewildered as to where Daeva had gone. He sat down, rested his back against a wall, put his head up against it, closed his eyes and quietly began to sob.

Damn, I hate it when this kind of thing happens! I meet two women I'm attracted to! As if that's not enough, one of them is already in love with someone else and the other hates my guts! I just want to scream...
19-05-2003, 00:30
Daeva: "King Pyrite it is?"
*she wrote the name on the clipboard*
"Rooms 304 and 305 Luxury suits facing the western pass. A servant will be up with your luggage"

She left the room and continued downstairs. She saw Alek sitting there and crouched besides him

"Are you allright sir, do you need medical attention?"
19-05-2003, 00:32
Alek righted his head and saw Daeva crouched beside him. "No ... I'm fine ... I think..." His eyes were half-closed, and he wished he could tell her how he felt, but that was impossible ... for now. He smiled, "So, how's your day been?"

Inwardly, he thought, MY day's been sh*t.
19-05-2003, 00:36
"Well it's gonna be pretty busy if all leaders are gonna sit on the ground in the hallways before they're even drunk. Come let me help you off this dirty floor."
She stood up and extended her hand.
He's kinda cute, but a pitty, he's at least 10 years younger then me
19-05-2003, 00:38
Richenda saw that Alek and Daeva were talking.. "Oh good, its been sorted out.."she then quit dragging Siren with her. "I'm sorry sis, i thought that your diplomats skills might be needed, but its been taken care of it looks like..."

Siren just smiled and rubbed at her wrist, Richenda had her in a pretty mean grip, she then noticed the tall spire in the background and wondered where Rothana was..
19-05-2003, 00:38
Pyrite thanks Daeva and follows her to his room. Pyrites bodyguards, slightly overprotective of their eccentric but benevolent king, stand to either side of him, each with a knowledge of precisely where thier light pistols and handaxes are. seeing their grim faces, Pyrite quickly urges them to "lighten up, its a godsdamned party."

when they reach their rooms, the bodyguards try to convince Pyrite that they should remain with him. he, however, insists that they leave him alone, and either go sightsee or go to their own room, and that he will call for them when he needs them. Before Daeva can go, he asks her where and when the party will begin, and if she could "possibly introduce me to the..." prime minister? king? magistrate? "...leader of gothicum"
(edit: crap. it's hard to keep up to date with this. ok, he asks daeva this before he goes to the rooms.
19-05-2003, 00:40
It's High Chancellor Zaek, sir, and for to moment he's...improving relations between Gothicum and Silvercities.
19-05-2003, 00:42
He took the hand gratefully, surprised at how easily he was pulled off the floor. "Hey, you're really strong!" he remarked in awe, sounding sincere. Then, suddenly, he started to collapse, with pain in his back.

Krihk sprinted forward and caught him, moments before he would have hit the floor. Then Krihk turned to Daeva. "This sometimes happens. There was an accident when he was being born. It permanently damaged his spine. Thus, sometimes he has sudden pain there. We're sorry you had to see that."

Alek's eyes opened for long enough that he made on comment, in a weak voice "Oh god that hurt..." and they closed again. Krihk laid him gently on the floor, pulling a first aid kit from his pack and applying some of the medical supplies in it to Alek. He woke up.

He sat up, drinking a bottle of water Krihk outstretched. "I'm sorry you had to see that," he said to Daeva, "It only happens on rare occasions."

He noticed that Richenda had come cand gone, and his face fell. He started acting depressed again. They're all getting the wrong impression of me! he thought.
19-05-2003, 00:43
"oh, well, i'll have to have someone point him out to me at the party." pyrite says. "thanks anyway." He retires to his rooms, where the aforementioned argument between him and his bodyguards takes place.
19-05-2003, 00:46
Oh the poor boy

"Is there anything i could do to help, I could get an Acolyte, or some painkillers."
She caressed his face with the bac of her hand, almost motherly
Is this the boy I was mad at, I almost feel ashamed
19-05-2003, 00:48
Alek grunts, "No, I'm okay. Really. He quickly downs another bottle of water, and mutters, "Damn why did this have to happen? It completely runied my night!"
19-05-2003, 00:51
"Do you know where Rothana went Richenda?"Queen Siren asked.

"She went to 'sightsee' with Zaek.." Richenda gave her sister a wicked grin.

Siren's mouth dropped a bit, "Our Rothana? "

"Yep, i didn't know she had it in her.. im proud of her." Richenda couldnt help but laugh at the look on Siren's face...
19-05-2003, 00:52
Alek stood. "I think I'll rejoin the party," he said.

OOC: Oh no, I have to go now! I might be back later, but it's more likely that I won't be...

19-05-2003, 00:52
Daeva:"I want to be sure, I'll see to your well being personally and stay with you for the remainder of the evening. Just consider me your date" she smiled.

Meanwhile on top of the spire
Zaek:I guess we have to tear down the crystal now
Rothana: Why?
Zaek:I'm gonna put you in its place, you shine a lot brighter...
19-05-2003, 00:56
there was a rustle in the crowd as a gorgeous young woman in a short crimson dress stopped at the top of the staircase accompanied by an elegant and handsome man in an all black silk suit. the man gave a card to the doorman and they were announced:

"the lady alhana catherine and her brother lord marcus."

the woman's golden eyes twinkled in fascination as she glanced around the room. her brother's face was rather stoic, he has attended too many balls in the last few months to his liking. the lady alhana catherine noticed marcus' expression and placed a hand around the young man. marcus relaxed a little.
19-05-2003, 01:01
Siren heard Alhana Catherine's name be called and as gracefully as she could went over to them "I'm glad to see you both" she kissed both Alhana's cheeks before turning, blushing to Marcus. She curtsyed for him and then smiled "I'm very glad you came Marcus."

* * *

"I can just imagine what Richenda is thinking maybe we should head back..." Rothana whispered
19-05-2003, 01:02
"We should return to the ground" Zaek whispered in Rothana's ear.
19-05-2003, 01:07
The two mounted on Iaeson, who almost floated down, so gently. After landing and dismounting, they walked across the field to the new guests.
"Pleased to meet you, I am Zaek Invictus, High-Chancellor of Gothicum. Tak'he Anum Mak'her Uhal. May the moonlight enchant your souls."
19-05-2003, 01:16
Seeing her sister appear at last, Siren stood at her side and whispered "I'd like to talk to you for a moment if you dont mind.."

Rothana could just imagine the talking to she was going to get, but she squeezed Zaek's hand gently and followed Siren a short distance away..

"So tell me.. how's the sights?"

Rothana blushed, " They are amazing," her eyes blazed with feeling "If you are going to start on me.."

"No not at all.. who am I to question your decisions? I think you might want to tell him about the Bonding before you go any farther tho... he has the right to know.."

"I know you are right, its the responsible thing and I will tell him... later" Rothana left to stand once again at Zaek's side
19-05-2003, 01:30
19-05-2003, 01:34
lady alhana watched queen siren walk away as she whispered to marcus.

"were you disappointed that you did not get a kiss too, brother?"

marcus was still blushing when they greeted the host.

"finally, we meet face to face high chancellor. i've been eyeing you in the last few balls. unfortunately, you always seem to be surrounded by women, and in the very last... one woman in particular." the lady said in her usual charming fashion.

"oh and i'd like you to meet my brother, marcus."

marcus shook the chancellor's hand and noted his firm grasp.
19-05-2003, 01:51
A swirl in the crowd opends to reveal a towering Reaver, his hair done into intricate braids. A true warrior poet, he stands 6foot 4inches tall and wears his shining golden hair in two wrist-thick braids. Eyes if indigo rest above a strong nose, and a thickly bearded face. His beard, split by a set of perfectly straight teeth, is worn gathered into a third braid, hanging halfway down his chest.

Splendid in shining silver chainmail, he wears a flowing burgundy cloak which falls from his shoulders to brush his calves. Riding at his hip is a beautiful blade, the hilt chased in silver and ebony, and capped with a blood-red ruby.

This is Dayne, The Evenstar, known in Pantera as the Sword and Shade of the Evening. Second son of Lord Reaver Valanus Vayne, and heir to the provinces of Toke, Frappan, and the RedWyne Arbor. He is fresh from battle in Elara, and his eyes carry a somewhat distant expression.

Striding alongside the Evenstar is his sworn sword, Caval the WarHound. Encased in silver platemail. Atop his head is a helm, fashioned into the likeness of a snarling dogshead, it's slavering jaws gripping the Hounds face. Slung across the massive warriors back is a great two handed broadsword, the hilt intricately detailed in silver wire and emeralds.

The Evenstar motions for the Hound to halt, and his eyes scan the crowd slowly. "Look about you, Hound. Looks to be easy pickings, eh?"

The Hound snorts, but Dayne has already forgotten him. His thoughts rest on a lady, and a flower with purple petals.
19-05-2003, 02:06
Richenda made her way to the lavish buffet where the shadow dragon was taking its meal, " Hello," she was terrified but didnt let it show "It looks like a good spread... " She then picked out a few fruits for her plate..

The Emperor was somewhat stunned. There was actually someone who had gotten brave enough to speak with him. He smiled softly and made his way towards Richenda, who had left earlier to do other things. But now, he wanted her attention, "You are rather brave. What is your name? Few come up and speak to me at all at these events. I found such, rather startling and at the same time encouragint." He sniffed her faintly, taking in her scent. Definitely, definitely, behaved like a sentient beast.
19-05-2003, 02:10
Alek thanked Daeva, but told her that "Please, there is no need for that. I should be fine."

Alek found his way back down to the party, and spied Richenda again. He moved towards her quickly and quietly through the crowds. "Ah, Richenda." he said, "I saw you on the stairs a few minutes ago. Were you looking for me? I noticed you seemed to leave once you noticed Daeva there. I promise to you, she was doing no more than help me with a back injury I have had for my entire life. What were you wanting?"

He waited, with a hopeful look on his face, for her response.
19-05-2003, 02:30
Pyrite, finding the room with little to occupy him, leaves, calling to his two bodyguards, telling them to keep him in sight, but "For the love of the gods, be subtle about it!"

after this, he heads down to the banquet, discovering that it had already begun. (he had thought it would still be some time) he quickly grabbs a plate and loads it up with venison, and a bit of beef. his gaze roams accross all those present, trying to descide who to talk to first. After a time, he waves a passing servant girl over, and asks her if she could point him to High Chancellor Zaek.
19-05-2003, 02:44
Alek breathed a sigh. "You're ignoring me ... I can understand that. But please, just tell me ... What did you want? Please? If there's anything I can do for you ... Don't hesitate." He fell silent again.
19-05-2003, 03:01
19-05-2003, 03:13
OOC: I wish Silver would reply, Dayne would be a very angry Reaver...


The Evenstar makes his way through the crowds, eyes casting back and forth fruitlessly. He heaves a sigh of discontent and looks to the Warhound.

"Hound. Find Zaek, tell him I would speak with him at his earliest convenience. And prepare for the swordplay. I shall have no need of you this day. Drag the Waters, eh? And make a show of it. I didn't come here to watch you slaughter these men. Be a sport." The Evenstar gives his swornsword a firm salute, tossing his brads back over his shoulder.

The Warhound snorts what could be taken for an answer before striding off through the swirling crowds. His head can be seen, clearly towering over the other guests as he moves away.
19-05-2003, 03:35
*bump ... again ...*
19-05-2003, 03:50
Richenda saw the Reaver Prince enter the grounds and her heart leapt to her throat, She turned to Alek and said " I just wanted to introduce you to my sister... i can make those introductions in a moment, excuse me.." She then made her way to Prince Dayne.."I hoped you would come," she then blushed fiercely, "The letter you sent me, It was beautiful.. I'm glad you made it through that conflict in one piece.."she then smiled at him.

OOC: sorry it took me so long to get back here all.. smiles

Queen Siren seeing the forlorn Alek decided to talk to him.. "Hello, I know I probably should have waited I know my sister wished to introduce us, my name is Silver, and who might you be?"
19-05-2003, 03:52
Alek saw who Richenda was greeting and what she was saying to him. He closed his eyes, murmured "Oh, sh*t..." and calmly dropped to a crouch. He slapped his forehead. The Reaver Prince, eh? Hmmm ... And she obviously loved him a great deal. Alek felt hopeless and lost.
19-05-2003, 03:55
"Hey, you alright?" Pyrite asked Alek, from his position to the right of him. most of the venison on his plate was gone, and the beef had long ago gone to meat its maker. "You look kind of sick. You need anything?"
19-05-2003, 03:56
Alek stood up, quickly swallowing down what he had been about to utter. "No, I think I'm fine," he told Pyrite, "It's ... well ... Take a guess..."
19-05-2003, 03:59
Not sure what to make of the man obvously in distress, Queen Siren looked an made eye contact with Rothana, she then made a subtle gesture for her to come help her...
"Please is there anything we could do for you?"
19-05-2003, 04:05
"Um ... no, I'm ..." Seeing what country she was from, he swallowed, "I don't think so ... uh ... ma'am." He cleared his throat, and quickly tried to change the subject, quite obvioulsy, "Oh look, they have ... um ... chicken liver!"

He reached for a dish.

Someone said, quite loudly, right bside him, "That's the mashed potatoes."

Alek looked bewildered, "It ... oh, it is." He drooped again. "Ah man, why did I even come to this party? All it's done is depress me..."
19-05-2003, 04:09
"Do i look old enough to be a ma'am?" Silver asked Rothana
"No you are only 21 after all.. I think he is a bit flustered"Rothana replied after seeing him grab the potatoes...
19-05-2003, 04:11
As Richenda approaches, Dayne's looks past her to Alek, and his lingering stare. The Evenstar's eyes narrow, but as his love nears, his frown melts into an expression of awe.

For a moment, his eyes just caress her, taking her in from head to toe. He opens his mouth as if to speak, but drops himself into a bow first, pressing a gauntlet clad fist to his heart and bowing his head.

"I must confess, my sun and stars, I had longed to see you, though now I wish I had waited a few moments more..." He smiles and straightens from his bow, tossing his braids over his shoulder and continuing,"For such beaty as yours only seems to grow with each passing moment."

"Through death and fire, glory and shame, I thought only of you, fair Richenda. Would that I am never forced to part with you again..." The Reaver, usually so cool and gallant, seems flushed. His indigo-colored eyes blaze with something beastial as he gazes on Richenda, standing amid the passing crowds of the festivities, though he is not even aware of thier presence.
19-05-2003, 04:11
Alek started scooping a scoop of potatoes onto his plate and attacking them with a butter knife. Krihk picked up a fork and naded it to hm, and he, holding the tines, started eating with the handle. Krihk starting snickering and shaking his head.

Alek just looked confused and embarassed. "Er .. sorry about that misunderstand, uh, ma- I mean, Lady Silver. Eu, thanks for the mashed lier - I mean chicken potatoes - I mean ... Oh wait, you didn't even give me this ... never mind."
19-05-2003, 04:18
OOC: silver, when do you plan to have the weddings? :wink:

the lady alhana catherine left marcus in serious conversation with zaek. she scanned the room and decides that she should get herself a drink. on her way there, she noticed a man sitting down, eating and who seemed to be in some sort of pain -physically or otherwise. she wondered if anything interesting will happen.
19-05-2003, 04:20
Richenda was nearly speechless with the setiments Dayne expressed to her, her heart pounded as she sought to take one of his gauntleted hands,
" I feared that you would be hurt, that I might never look into your eyes again, that you would take my heart from me and leave me hollow, but then I thought of you battling fiercely and I couldnt help but smile, almost feeling sorry for those who would oppose you.." she then looked into his eyes and seeing the passion there and longing to express her own she wondered what it would feel like to be taken in his arms...
19-05-2003, 04:20
OOC: silver, when do you plan to have the weddings? :wink:

the lady alhana catherine left marcus in serious conversation with zaek. she scanned the room and decides that she should get herself a drink. on her way there, she noticed a man sitting down, eating and who seemed to be in some sort of pain -physically or otherwise. she wondered if anything interesting will happen.

Was the man by chance eating mashed potatoes with the handle of a fork?

Watching Richenda's actions, Alek couldn't help but feel horrible. The fact that he realized what he had been doing not an hour earlier, when she felt this strongly about someone, made him feel sick with himself.
19-05-2003, 04:24
OOC: I'm signing off for today. Parents :cry: ! Must go, be back tomorrow, wish I could stick around.
19-05-2003, 04:24
Seeing Alhana join the group who was watching the confused young man Queen Siren remarked "It looks like he gets rather nervous easily doesn't it? It kind of reminds me of someone.." she then smiled thinking of Marcus..

OOC: good question things seem to be heating up a bit eh?
19-05-2003, 04:28
Pyrite decided, since he had finished eating for now, to go introduce himself to the High Chancellor. he got up, handing his empty plate to a servant, and sought him out, wishing to speak.
19-05-2003, 04:31
The Evenstar smiles, turning his blazing eyes from Richenda and taking her small hand in his large, steel clad fist. He drew her gently along behind him.

"Come, my stars. We have much to speak on. We shall have a bottle of Gothicum's finest wine, and speak of things to come..." His gaze locks back on Richenda once more, looking at her meaningfully and pulling her gently along behind him.

"It honors me to tell you, and it seems fitting during this joyous day, as he was quite impressed with you. My SwornSword, Eryk Stormreave was killed by Elaran rebels during the Battle of Dosh'la. It is said he had a mountain of dead enemies surrounding him, and more who had crawled off to die. A true Reaver, and now he is striding the Halls of Valhalla." His tone is one of pride, and his free hand rides upon the hilt of his ornate blade, eyes scanning the crowd as he walks toward a small pavilion.
19-05-2003, 04:41
alhana catherine smiled at queen siren.

"oh i hope you don't think my brother is THAT clumsy! although i must say, marcus is quite taken with you." she lowered her voice, "does that man realize he's using the fork backwards?" she giggled.\

OOC: i think you'll see a delightful change in marcus soon. lol. if gothicum ever returns...
19-05-2003, 04:47
Richenda just smiled as she was being led off by her Reaver... "I am happy he died so well and in such a noble cause,"

Queen Siren laughed "No perhaps not quite that clumsy, but endearing all the same. To tell you the truth," she lowered her voice to a whisper "Im rather taken with him too.."

OOC: Gothicum will be back later he had to get some sleep..smiles
19-05-2003, 04:57
Dayne moves into a small marble pavilion, moving to a intricately carved bench and waiting for Richenda to seat herself before doing so himself. He nods to a servant, saying,"A bottle of Gothicum's finest wine, friend. A vintage worthy of a toast to my sun and stars, if there is such a drink."

The servant rushes off, reappearing quickly with a fine bottle of wine, a few glasses, and a small folding tray. He bows and makes to leave, but the Evenstar stops him, saying,"Speak with me again, friend. I shall reward you for your fine service."

Dayne takes up the bottle, tugging out the cork and pouring two glasses, offering one to Richenda and taking one himself. He raises his own and smiles, pausing a moment before saying,"I would make a toast, my stars, though your beauty has quite tied my tongue. Perhaps you would care to?"

On the far side of the festivities, the Warhound searches for Zaek, and entry into the Swordplay.
19-05-2003, 05:02
Richenda smiled and said, "To life, to Fate, and to the Mercy of the Gods, and most of all to you my Prince who wakened a long dormant part of my soul, to Love," She then raised her own cup, looking deeply into Dayne's eyes.
19-05-2003, 05:23
James Wylde upon hearing that he was to be sent again to another party he nearly balked. 'Not again' he thought ' i'm not entering any contests this time'
Wyldefyre could feel the boy's reluctance, "Do not worry young one, you do not have to fight if you dont wish, just go as you were asked"
James, dressed in his best riding leathers stretched his arms before mounting the large red dragon, he wanted to be sure his wound was well healed. once seated, the dragon leapt into the sky,heading with all speed to Gothicum
19-05-2003, 05:37
OOC: heading to bed all, I will be back in the morning... smiles
19-05-2003, 05:42
OOC: Oh my god... I had about the best post Ive written all day and the FUCKING FORUMS erased it when i submitted... GRRRRR I'll be back with one quick though... EDITED: Scratch that, I'll wait for Silver tomorrow :)
19-05-2003, 05:52
The Emperor, Maelstrom, quietly tapped a shadowy claw on Richenda's shoulder to remind her she had forgotten he was there (and probably missed his last post to her in this thread). "M'lady, Mayhaps you didn't hear me. I was commenting on your bravery. Or, perhaps I am a fool who cannot take a hint. Will you straighten me out please?"
19-05-2003, 05:56
The Evenstar raises his eyes from Richendra to the beast behind her, instinctinvely his hand goes for his blade, but he catches himself quickly and shakes his head. "My Pardons, Noble creature. I have no idea where my manners are. Come, leave the Fair Richenda be and let us come and speak."

"I am Dayne, The Evenstar. Reaver Prince of Pantera. I've never met a.. Dragon is it?" The Evenstar tugs his gauntlet back onto his fist and offers it to the Emporer, Maelstrom.
19-05-2003, 06:18
"I am Dayne, The Evenstar. Reaver Prince of Pantera. I've never met a.. Dragon is it?" The Evenstar tugs his gauntlet back onto his fist and offers it to the Emporer, Maelstrom.

"To be honest, I've lost track of exactly what I am." He smiles at the man offering his hand. He moves to shake it and grasps it firmly at first, then loosens his will.. and the man finds the hand passes through the gauntlet. "Gah, I hate it when that happens. Now you see the odd dilemma of my existence. All the same, Pleased to meet you. Maelstrom Vortex, Emperor of the Empire of Draconic States."
19-05-2003, 07:23
bumpa a roony
19-05-2003, 08:12
The Evenstar recoils, looking disturbed. "Aye, friend. What a strange beast you are. I shall take my leave of you now, before any other strange heresy is brought before my eyes."

The Evenstar turns and makes his way off in search of Zaek.
19-05-2003, 13:09
Watching the Reaver Prince make his way away from Richenda, Alek excused himself from the crowd watching him eat mashed potatoes with the handle of a fork. He made his way over to her, and bowed. His only words were "I'm sorry," before he was gone again. He threw the mashed potato plate down on the table and walked up to his room, for the first time in some time feeling almost okay wit himself. Then he realized what had just happened.

He reached his room, opened the door, and without even closing it, walked in and collapsed on the bed sobbing. Klihk diplomatically closed the door and leaned on it from the inside. "It would never have done any good, you know," he commented.

Alek looked up, "I know. That's the problem."
19-05-2003, 14:04
"Well, what can I say, with such inspiration as Lady Rothana it is hard not to be poetic. So young Marcus, how are you this evening, everything allright, you seem tense, let's go have a drink."

Zaek moved towards the bar.
Daeva was busy co├Ârdinating the festivities, making sure the banquet table was constantly piled with food. Her mind was astray though and she was searching for Alek, when she bumped into a waiter, spilling wine all over her leather catsuit.
19-05-2003, 14:07
Klihk turned to Alek, "Look, you may as well go down and do something fun. Go get drunk, or find a different girl, or something. While I'm not a psychiatrist, I do know that you shouldn't let yourself be depressed and spaced out right after your back injury acted up. You do realize you were just eating mashed potatoes with the handle of a fork?"

Alek looked shocked, "I was? No wonder I was attracting such a large crowd..."

Klihk opened the door and forcefully shoved Alek through it. "Go on."

Alek sighed, "Oh fine. But I'm not even any good with women!"

Klihk sighed. "The women you really want will see through whatever you say and want you for yourself."

Alek sighed. "I never knew you were a philosopher, Klihk."

"I'm not. Let's go."
19-05-2003, 14:22
"Oh great, now i have to go change clothes, ugh, your welcome"

Muttering curses Daeva went to her room, she slipped out of the black leather outfit and put on some black denim jeans and a whithe blouse, which was in great contrast with her black bra...

"She headed downstairs.
19-05-2003, 14:29
Richenda watched the goings on with a smile, that poor Alek he was having a hard time of things, and the shadow dragon-man, it was kind of him to say she was brave, especially when he saw her is such a state of nervousness, she then just sat back, and enjoyed the night air... hoping her Reaver would return soon...

Rothana caught a glimpse of Zaek talking to Marcus and decided to keep Queen Siren occupied for a bit while they had a chance to talk.... she struck up a conversation with Siren and Alhana about the odd young man and the potatoes...
19-05-2003, 14:35
Alek came trudging back down to the party, and decided to just sit ... and drink. He turned to the bartender. "Give me your strongest alcohol." he said and slapped a 50-Haraki Dollar bill on the table. "I don't care what it is or how much it costs. Also, a glass of wine to Daeva, if you see her. With my compliments. A glass of your best wine. Use the rest to cover my drinks for the rest of the night."
19-05-2003, 14:46
The bartender slid back the bill.
"Drinks are on the Gothici government, they got everything covered" and he winked. He got out a bottle of dark purple liquid and poured a glass
"Lets see how you can take it, it's called Wolvesblood"

Daeva came down the stairs, she saw Alek at the bar and walked towards him, taking the stool next to him.
"So trying some Wolvesblood eh, bartender, gimme one too."
The bartender poured another glass and gave it to Daeva
"Now this is how you drink Wolvesblood"
She knocked three times on the wood of the bar, several gothici servants partons and the bartender answered with three knocks also, after which Daeva took the glass and drank all the Wolvesblood at once.
19-05-2003, 14:47
Alek didn't bother knocking, he just downed it in one gulp. HIs eys widened, and he gasped out "Whoooh, that stuff is GOOD! Gimme another glass!"
19-05-2003, 14:53
The bartender filled both glasses.
"This time remember to knock, it's an old Gothici tradition, we'll do it together"
Daeva knocked and waited for the response of the patrons before emptying the glass

Man, if I drink like this much longer Im going to pass out soon
19-05-2003, 14:56
"Okay, I'll knock..." Alek knocks three times, then downs the second glass. "Yowch that stuff burns, but god, it's good. I think I'll stop there. Don't want to get hammered, y'know."

He turned to Daeva. "Nice outfit."
19-05-2003, 14:57
"Now he's drinking" Rothana pointed out, " I dont know if that is the best idea for him, but i think that Gothica will take good care of him"

Queen Siren after looking over the buffet decided on a small salad of some unusual greens... "I would think so, they seem like a very hospitible people" she said offhand.. "Where did Richenda run off to?"

"Do you really need to ask?" Rothana smiled..

"Thats right.. Prince Dayne arrived" Siren sighed "You two are so lucky, can't wait til the weddings, that will be great fun.. I'm beginning to wonder about my own tho... ah well if Marcus is my Chosen things will fall into place sooner or later" she then added under her breath"I hope.."
19-05-2003, 15:00
Daeva glances at herself
'well i had to change, some waiter dumped wine all over my catsuit. I'm glad you like it, you're not dressed too shabby either."

God, Daeva what are you doing, this boy is at least 10 years younger. But he's so charming, so cute
19-05-2003, 15:03
"Gee, thanks. I was forced to dress in these d*mned uncomfortable clothes for the occasion. Luckily, I've got more comfortable ones to change into for the rest of the week. Speacking of which, I should probably get my luggage up to my room sometime ... So, you drink that stuff every day? It's pretty potent for that."
19-05-2003, 15:06
"No, only at parties, and you know you can wear those comfy clothes tonight if you want. I'll help you with the bags, i won't take no for an answer on that offer."
19-05-2003, 15:12
Get some more lampoons.

OOC: You might want to check a dictionary on this one.
19-05-2003, 15:27
"No, only at parties, and you know you can wear those comfy clothes tonight if you want. I'll help you with the bags, i won't take no for an answer on that offer."

Alek grinned, "I was hoping you might say that. Luckily, I pack fairly light. Two backpacks and a suitcase." he grinned. "My sister doesn't... Not in the least. I don't think you want to know how much she brough for this trip."
19-05-2003, 15:30
OOC: back

marcus followed zaek to the bar.

"i AM tensed. i don't know what's come over me. it's, it's her... chancellor, i'm not usually like this you see. but once i saw her, i seem to be living a dream... and, and, the only time i wake up is when i see her... then i do something ridiculous that i feel like i have to run away... then this longing for her engulfs me..." he laughed sadly, "so much for my smooth ways."


alhana catherine listened to siren and rothana talk all the while thinking up a plan.

"siren and marcus are just too hopeless. i have to get these two together or they'll keep running away from each other."
19-05-2003, 15:36
Daeva:"I'll tell you what, I'll carry your luggage, you carry your sister's. But first, one for the long walk upstairs. Bartender, two shots of Wolvesblood, please"

"Well, you're just insecure...we'll just have to find a solution"
Zaek beckoned a nearby barmaid. The girl had black hair and a darkgrey skintone, a fullblood Gothica with clearblue eyes
"Tell me, what do you find attractive about this girl?"
19-05-2003, 15:39
"Uh ... You think one person can carry my sister's luggage? It took her, her bodyguard, my father, his bodyguard and two of your servants to carry it all to her room! She brought along fourteen suitcases, three duffelbags, and eight backpacks. She's a little shy, too, so she had to get her bodyguard to ask your servants if they could help. Good thing Jaime's tough..."

He laughs. "Since your proposition would involve me breaking my back, it seems lucky for me that she already took it to her room!" He knocks on the table thrice, then downs the last shot of wolvesblood. "Tell you what, I'll take a backpack and the suitcase, you get the other backpack. Deal?"
19-05-2003, 15:41
19-05-2003, 15:43
"Right, I think they're still in the limo, so..." He gets up and stretches. His spine makes a sound like knuckles cracking. "Damn. That sound always makes me uneasy..." he comments. "Uh, where did the limo get to?"
19-05-2003, 15:45
marcus studied the girl closely.

"beautiful eyes... and her nice raven hair." he continued whispering, "but her skin frightens me.. it's gray."
19-05-2003, 15:45

After the short war with Gothicum, my troops have occupied outposts at the pass entrances into Gothicum. People are allowed to pass but will have to pay a toll of 250 Gadan every person, 200 gadan for children.


Mirajan Zivlov, Minister of Finance
19-05-2003, 15:45
Siren tuned to Alhana, "so enough about men for a bit.. how are things for you? I'm terribly curious about how other women rule their nations.."

Rothana glanced around the room and her gaze lingered on her Beloved and she smiled, he looked so handsome. She hoped he could help Marcus with Siren, they would be perfect for each other.. if they could just.. get it together!
19-05-2003, 15:46
"The limo's are round the back of the spire, in a cavern that serves as garage. We can take the servant's steps up from there"

Daeva casually walked towards the spire, leaving alek behind a few meters, she turned around

"Well, are you comming or not."

Gosh, i hope he doesnt try anything in his room, or don't I???
19-05-2003, 15:48
Alek walked after Daeva, laughing. "Yeah, I'm coming. So, do you enjoy working here? Greeting all the people, meeting a lot of people, learning things about them? Come on, what do you enjoy or hate about your job?"

He laughed. "If you don't want me to know, just say so. But otherwise..."

He smiled at her. "You're really pretty, you know that, right?" he told her.
19-05-2003, 15:52
"oh, but who could tire of talking about men?" she laughed her rich throaty laugh, "i am actually head of state, i have cabinet members - leader's and representative of their states. the title "alhana catherine" is given to a female who would govern the nation. i have power, but we are certainly not a dictatorship."

she gestures to the queen's hair.

"what happens when there is no maiden with such hair is born in a genaration? who would then rule your land?"
19-05-2003, 15:56
OOC: Waldonzia, this time I'm not RP'in through your arrogance, you know you were losing and the peace talks didn't enclose a toll or a siege.
IC: Daeva

Flattered with the compliment Daeva smiles
Of course i love working here, Zaek is a good boss, i enjoy learning foreign customs, i meet lots of interesting people. Only thing is I'm only on the road, so i haven't had any time to settle down and find someone to share my life wth.
Daeva sighs deeple

IC: Zaek
"Well don't tell it to me, tell it to HER. But be creative"
19-05-2003, 15:57
Alek smiled softly "That's okay. You're so pretty, you have such a great personality ... I'm sure guys are lined up around the block for you! And I'm sure you'll meet someone ... sooner or later."

"So, where's that limo?"
19-05-2003, 15:58
"It has never happened fortunately... but in such a case the queenship would be passed to the first born daughter of the former Queen... Her line would continue... Usually there Isn't so many daughters born to the Queen like my mother had, she had 4 of us, I have one older sister that entered the Priestesshood, and my younger twin sisters... There will be no problem in continuing the line i think.." Siren laughed...
19-05-2003, 15:58
OOC: My troops recently build outposts on the No Man's Land around the passes. Not in your territory, but in the pass entrances. Dare not ignore us again otherwise we will...erm...gimme some more time :P
19-05-2003, 16:04
OC:Waldonzia, i am really REALLY getting tired of this IC and OC.
You can't build nothing, if it's not on our territory you need permission of our neighbour, which i sincerely doubt they will give. Plus, you're leader is in the spire studying magic and if you don't stop immediately he'll 'have an accident' or Zaek will stop teaching him.

IC: Daeva
"That's the one." She asked the key from the valet. Well lots of foreign men had interest in me, but usually only physical attraction and pure curiousity, on account of my light grey skinetone((if you don't get it by now, thats a Gothici feature)) but none really touched my heart.
19-05-2003, 16:06
OOC: I don't know what to do, and anyway the pass entrances are one big minefield by now.
19-05-2003, 16:06
alhana catherine smiled mischeivously.

"oh, i don't think you will have to rely on your sisters, do you?"

the lady saw the queen blush and thought.

"why, these two are so alike! they need some pushing."


marcus looked at zaek strangely. he was going to say that he wouldn't want to comment on her skin, fearing a woman's rage, but seeing the look in zaek's eyes, he knew the chancellor meant business. he walked slowly towards the woman, smiling all the while. he knew that was one of his prized assets.

"hello... you look like a raven drowning in the blue pits of your eyes."

as soon as he said the words. he knew he was in for trouble...
19-05-2003, 16:07
Taking the key and opening the trunk, Alek replied, "Well, I'm sure SOMEONE will. I mean, there's a lot of people in the world. Think how many men there must be out there who would want you for something else?"

He courteously hands her the smaller of the two backpacks, heaves the other onto his back and picks up the suitcase.

"Someone will come along. Trust me on that."
19-05-2003, 16:25

"No no no no no, like this!"
Zaek took the girls hand, kissed it walked around her back and softly spoke
"If the night would be as blackas your raven hair and I stumbled and fell into the oceans of your eyes and drown, I would die a happy man"

The girl gasped and moved her hand to her chest, clearly touched by the words.


Daeva took the backpack

"Are you sure that won't strain your back?"
19-05-2003, 16:27
marcus grimaced.

"women... they really like that drivel?"
19-05-2003, 16:29
Zaek:"Its not about the words, well maybe a little, it's the attention and how you pose yourself. They notice you like them. Women are tricky creatures, they want you to work for your prey"
19-05-2003, 16:30
Alek smiled at Daeva's concern. "No, I should be fine. It doesn't react to heavy weights ... usually. Besides, I told you I pack light!"

He hefts the suitcase and the backpack with ease. "Now, to my rooms to drop off this load?"
19-05-2003, 16:32
"Off we go"

Daeva walked first up the stairs. Knowing that Alek was behind her ,probably admiring her behind, she just put that little extra teasing flair in her walk.
19-05-2003, 16:34
Alek smiled. She really was very pretty, the kind of woman he could quite easily fall for. He kept walking, at her pace. "So, do you think you'll ever find someone who you can settle down with?"
19-05-2003, 16:34
As Rothana watched she saw Zaek speak to a young Gothica and her eyes smoldered for a moment.."He better be just teaching Marcus," then she was shocked that she felt such a hot stab of Jelousy... she trusted him...
Queen Siren Felt her cheeks flush with Alhana's last statement "Yes i'd love to have children of my own," her eyes went misty for a moment "but there is no certainty that I would bear the next queen... my sisters have the chance of that as much as i do.. which is why im glad they have chosen so well.."
19-05-2003, 16:37
marcus ran his fingers through his hair.

"okay, let's give it another shot."


alhana catherine watched in amusement at an apparent move her brother tried on a gothica.

"goodluck brother... maybe i'll make things easier for you and have a chat with your beloved." she thought.
19-05-2003, 16:38
Daeva "We Gothicae may know magic, but we can't foresee the future."
They reached Alek's room.
"For who know what tomorrow, or even tonight may bring"
19-05-2003, 16:40
Zaek coached
"Remember its about posure, and confidence, it doesn't mater as much as what you say as long as you believe it, because if you believe it, she'll believe it"
Zaek stepped away from the Gothica.
19-05-2003, 16:41
"You have a point," Alex agreed, putting down his bags on the floor. As Daeva did the same, he took her hand gently, bent over and kissed it. "Thank you," he said. Then he straightened up and seemed himself again. "So what do you think of the other guests here?" he asked cheerfully.
19-05-2003, 16:47
Queen Siren picked at her salad, her mind was whirling with questions and contradictions about her feelings, she knew that Marcus' sister would be the perfect one to ask, but she didnt want to come off sounding like a ninny...

Rothana took a deep breath and calmed herself.. she focused on something besides the two men.. "Siren, I know i should probably be the last person to give you advice in such a matter... but trust in your instincts... they are rarely wrong in affairs of the heart.."
19-05-2003, 16:47
Daeva's heart accelerated as he kissed her hand

No, I can't, he's just a boy... but i think... i think i love him...but is this possible, him and me...what would Zaek say, what would the boy's father say...but I...I love him

"Well, the sisters from Silvercities are just gorgeous, i wish i had their looks. Alhana Catherine seems nice, but her brother seems kind of shy.
As for the delegates of Hakari, let's say one of them arrouses my interrest."
19-05-2003, 16:50
"As for my thoughts, let us just say that the delegate from Gothicum who met me at the plane I consider very interesting and hope to get to know better. You really are lovely, Daeva." Alek replied.

"Now, what shall we do? Shall we return to the party?"

Inwardly he was thinking Well, it looks like I may have salvaged my night after all ... I think she's stolen my heart...
19-05-2003, 16:50
marcus drew in a deep breathe and exhaled.

"forgive me m'lady. i hope my friend has begged you to let me speak once more... your beauty left me unguarded." then he gave a lopsided grin.

"oops, now i probably remind her of a lost puppy." he thought anxiously.


alhana catherine smiled sweetly.

"my dear, you blush... such is the weapon of women. but you know, you cannot keep yourself so hidden, so shy."
19-05-2003, 16:56
"I know you are right, I should be a bit more bold perhaps..but am afraid of seeming the fool..Does this sound familiar Rothana?" Siren smiled, " I should take my sisters' example and go for what I desire..."

Rothana smiled as she remembered saying those exact words to her sisters during the Spring festival... "Take a chance, show him you wish for his company, look how well it turned out for me.." Rothana then giggled.
19-05-2003, 16:56
Daeva giggled
Oh my, i just sounded like a little schoolgirl, didn't I
Relieved that Alek's suggestion postponed her dillemma Daeva agreed:
"We should, otherwise people may get wrong ideas"

Zaek read the change in attitude in Marcus eyes
"That's better, but some more advice. Stop thinking. Let your instincts take over. This is a mating ritual, only more civilised. Shut off your brain and at on instinct. It doesn't matter what you do, it is how you do it. Not thinking makes you appear confident."
19-05-2003, 16:58
"I know exacly what you mean, Daeva. We wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong impression of the two of us. After you."

He rushes forward to hold the door for her.
19-05-2003, 17:06
"there is so much between shyness and outrageousness... you have to pick which one suits you best." alhana catherine looked at siren carefully, "why do you hesitate so? your mind seems to be filled with questions."


"stop thinking, right." muttered marcus. "shall we join the ladies now? i think you've suffered long enough being away from you lady." his laughter relaxed him and he felt some of his confidence return to him.

"stop thinking."
19-05-2003, 17:07
"Oh you are quite the gentleman aren't you"
Daeva enjoyed the attention she was getting

Finally a man who doesnt only notice my body...but he isn't a man, he's a boy... if you were a couple of years older you could be his mother
19-05-2003, 17:10
"Hey, no problem. Anything to make you happy!" Alek smiled as he followed her out, closing the door and locking it behind them. "So, shall we?" he asked, gesturing down towards the party. Damn! he thought, How could she ever like someone like me? Almost everyone I know hates me!
19-05-2003, 17:11
Zaek looked over to Rothana
"Yeah, probably, before the light of my life starts to get the wrong impressions."
Zaek bowed, took the maiden's hand kissed it, said
"Thank you for your time, you were wonderful" and winked at her.

The girl not knowing to be honoured by Zaek's words or to be angry because the two left her, continued the work
19-05-2003, 17:24
Siren sighed, I know so little of your customs, tho they seem fairly similar to ours but perhaps i should tell you and get your advice on the matter... Our Royal line was chosen by the Goddess Irulan to lead our people.. she set her mark on her favored by this" she brought the cable of her hair around her shoulder, " but the women of the royal line to ensure Sucession and Faithfulness of their Chosen consorts were given another blessing..or curse depending on the situation at the time" she smiled " It is called Bonding, On the taking of our maidenhead we soul-bond with our consorts, we feel what they feel, we know what they know their pain is our pain, and our thoughts and feelings are shared with them, mind to mind... for the rest of our lives... Unfortunately this also means that when our consorts pass on from natural causes or warfare, we are left with half a soul, and as that a person cannot last long as such, we die soon after... not many men like the thought of their wives knowing everything about them in such a manner..." Siren stopped and thought for a moment "Or like the thought of experiencing childbirth first hand.." She then laughed..

Rothana added "We are taught from a young age to respect the privacy of certain aspects of our Chosen's mind tho, it would be rude to impose on private thoughts, but it can be a joyful experience or one of pain depending on the man we Choose...we have reason to be a bit ...selective..."
19-05-2003, 17:27
Zaek took Marcus by the shoulder

"Are you ready? Remember, you are the tiger, Siren is your prey, follow your instinct."

Meanwhile Daeva and Alek arrived down at the party and the orchestra had just set up for a Tango

"Can you dance?" Daeva asked Alek
19-05-2003, 17:28
Alek and Daeva walked out into the party into the accusing stares of several people. Alek looked sheepish, and quickly tried to explain, "No, it's not what you think! She was just helping me with my luggage!"
19-05-2003, 17:31
Daeva put her finger on his lips.
"Let them think, idle gossip fades. Now I'll ask you again, do you tango?"
19-05-2003, 17:34
Rothana smiled as she heard the music begin to play.. she hoped that Marcus overcame his shyness and asked Siren to dance...

Richenda heard the faint strains of music and wondered if that was her heart singing or the band playing, she then smiled to herself...
19-05-2003, 17:38
"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do tango. I was actually rated as the best tango dancer in all of Haraki under the age of 30. Would you care to dance?"
19-05-2003, 17:41
Daeva ran to a nearby table and plucked a black rosef from the vase. She ran back to Alek, put the flower between her teeth and they began do dance.

Zaek and Marcus joined the group of women

'Evening ladies, you can't imagine how divine it is for me to enjoy the company of all four of you at the same time'

Zaek gave a nudge to Marcus with his elbow, moved to Rothana and put his arm around her.
19-05-2003, 17:44
Alek smiled as he danced with Daeva. She looked even prettier with the rosef between her teeth. Alek wondered, was she tempting him? As the first song ended, Alek backed away for a moment, then suddenly flicked his right hand, and a red rose appeared in it. He smiled, and held it out to Daeva. "For you, lovely Daeva." he said gently.
19-05-2003, 17:48
Daeva took the rose, snapped a small piece off the stem and put the rose in her hair
She took the rose out of her mouth
"Thank you"
She kissed him shortly on the lips

What am i doing, what have i done, i couldn't help it, could it be i have fallen for this boy
19-05-2003, 17:50
Alek gently kissed her back, then smiled warmly. I do believe she's actually fallen for me, which is a good thing, because otherwise I would have had a broken heart... Alek thought. He smiled again, in an extremely loving way, and they began to dance again. As they did so, he leaned forward, softly whispering in her ear, "I think I've fallen in love with you..."
19-05-2003, 17:51
Rothana leaned into Zaek's embrace.."We were just having a little 'girl talk', comparing notes, conspiring, you know how it is.." she then smiled

Siren smiled when she saw Marcus, she tried to say something but she was having a hard time getting her thoughts to form coherent sentences...
19-05-2003, 17:53
Hearing those words out of Alek's mouth, those precious words, Daeva startled. Thoughts were racing through her head. She could only gasp for breath.
19-05-2003, 17:58
OOC: Nice roleplaying

IC: Due to the, erm... economic chaos in our nation, news of this event did not reach us on time. Our Prime Secretary and the people of Ariddia send their warmest regards, and wish you all the best in your hopes for lasting peace.
19-05-2003, 18:01
Alek looked deep into Daeva's eyes, trying to find some sign of her response. He asked her gently, "Are you all right?" because she was gasping for breath. All he could do was wait for a response.
19-05-2003, 18:02
*a handwritten letter is sent back*

We are very sorry to hear about your misfortune

Please accept our deepest compassionate feelings, after our economy recovers from the war we will make arrangements to send aid so your country may prosper

Kindest regards

Zaek Invictus
High Chancellor

OOC: Thank you
19-05-2003, 18:04
"i'm a tiger, yeah... tiger."

marcus was so focused on his thoughts that he gave out a small growl. his face wore a mask of alarm for a second as he saw the surprised look in siren's face and how his sister seemed to be supressing a laugh. his face then became blank, and he looked into siren'd eyes and smiled.

"hello. would you care to dance or would you rather we sit for awhile?"
19-05-2003, 18:05
Daeva shook her head
"I..I'm fine thank you, though i think i require to sit down"

Many men have sad those words to me before, why do they hit me like that now? Maybe...maybe because he really means them.
19-05-2003, 18:06
the red dragon landed in a grassy clearing not far from where it seemed the party was being held, James dismounted and muttered ' I'm here to have a good time' He then headed for the lights and music, hoping he wouldn't make a bad impression for arriving so late, he heard in his mind "you will be fine" he looked back and Wyldefyre winked a whirling green eye at him..
19-05-2003, 18:08
Holding her hand gently so as to support her, Alek accompanies Daeva back to one of the tables, where they take their seats. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked compassionately.

Oh man, he thought, What compelled me to say that so soon? Maybe because this is the first time I ever thnk I've felt love ... I wonder what she will say...
19-05-2003, 18:08
Zaek smiled when Marcus growled

Atta boy, go get er

He discretely gave a thumbs up with the hand that was resting on Rothana's shoulder and winked.
19-05-2003, 18:08
"I'd love to dance" Siren managed to whisper, and she took Marcus' hand..

Rothana just beamed 'there may be hope for them after all' she thought
19-05-2003, 18:11
Daeva sat down

"I'm fine, really" She took his hand on the table and looked in his eyes.
19-05-2003, 18:12
Alek sat, holding her hand, looking deep into her eyes. "You have beautiful eyes," he told her. "You are blessed with the beauty of ten."
19-05-2003, 18:14
James made his way to the buffet... trying to scope out the feel of the party before jumping in. He noticed the happy couples both on the dance floor and off, he also became facinated by the women working, they were so.. unusual.. He ran his fingers through his wind tousled brown hair, trying not to stare...
19-05-2003, 18:18
when the pair walked away to the dance floor, alhana catherine released the suppressed laughter building up inside her.

"what in the world was that growl for? ...i hope zaek didn't tell him to do animal impressions to gather up his courage."

she looked at the two couples dancing. zaek and rothana lost in their own world, while marcus and siren looked nervous enough to both faint,

"and yet here i am alone... that can't be. time for another drink."


marcus couldn't keep his eyes off her. his angel in his arms. he gave his lopsided grin which he quickly smoothed to his charming diplomatic smile.

"finally, we get to be together. i'm sorry for leaving your tournament in such haste. if you remember ivan luca, one of our ambassadors - well, he fell sick, and i had to see to him. he's like a father to me."
19-05-2003, 18:22
Daeva looked at him, her mouth opened she wanted to say "I love you too", but despair got the better of her

This'll never work, he's too young, you'll be on the road to much. Everyone will oppose this.

A tear swelled up in her eye. She grabbed her hankerchief
"I'm sorry"
And she ran off
19-05-2003, 18:24
Alex looked crestfallen, then leapt up and sprinted after her. "Damn!" he was muttering as he ran. "Damn, damn, damn!"

Klihk sprinted after them both, but far enough behind so as to be discreet and diplomatic.

Alek came sprinting after her, as fast as he could run, and after spending an hour on the track every day at the Haraki PM's house, he was pretty fast.
19-05-2003, 18:25
"It's quite alright, i understand.." Siren began to feel a strange fluttering in the pit of her stomach, her mind relived the moment when they first met.. the night of the ball, the way he kissed her, "I'm glad we are together here as well... I missed talking with you.." she then blushed and lowered her eyes briefly... "No that is not quite right at all.. I just missed you," Siren smiled
19-05-2003, 18:29
Daeva stopped at the edge of the forest and sat down under willow, crying

"Oh cruel fate, why do you tempt me with things I can't get"

She used the hankerchief to wipe off her tears.
19-05-2003, 18:29
marcus felt like he was floating.

"i've missed you two..." he whispered, "tell me, what has my sister been saying? no doubt embarassing us both? she means well, and no lie would have escaped her lips. so -" he hesitated," if she did in fact say anything regarding me, it's true."

"why can't i just say it outright?" he thought in frustration. "c'mon tiger..."
19-05-2003, 18:31
Alek came sprinting towards Daeva, then he slowed down when he saw she had stopped running. He slowed to a slow walk and kept approaching her. Klihk stopped a ways behind, so he could still see if anything happened, but so that he could not hear what was said.

"Daeva," Alek said softly, so as not to startle her.
19-05-2003, 18:32
OOC: *groan* sorry, grr, i have to go offline. i won't be back for at least 6 hours...
19-05-2003, 18:33
Daeva looked up, snickering, trying to pull herself together.

"Go away Alek, it won't work. It's not possible, what's between us, isnt ment to be there"
19-05-2003, 18:34
Siren was confused for a moment, she knew anything the Alhana had so say was nothing compared to the secret of Bonding she has shared with his sister, 'perhaps when she said that he was fond of me' she thought, then she smiled "Your sister was very helpful to me, she said nothing that might have been damaging I assure you..." She could see him struggling with something,so she waited to see what would happen next...
19-05-2003, 18:36
Alek shook his head. "Daeva, no. I don't care what's between us. All that matters to me is that I love you, and somehow I will find a way to make that work. Besides, I'm a prince, there's not many people can have the guts to stand up to me and say 'You shouldn't do that.' My father won't mind. He's a nice guy. He won't care. My sister might get a bit jealous of you, but that would be it. All of Haraki would rejoice."

He sat down beside her. "And I would rejoice most of all. Please, tell me what is in the way."
19-05-2003, 18:43
James quit picking over the food he really didnt want and decided to stroll the grounds, he could feel the mood permiating the night and he wondered if he should have come at all, after all what does a 16 yr old boy have to offer any of these fine ladies... then that voice came again from inside his mind
"Go talk to someone, overcome your fears,I am with you"
He smiled when he heard the Dragon's advice...
19-05-2003, 18:44
"But can't you see, you're too young for me, I have passed 30 years of age, by the time you are 30 I'll be a middle-aged woman."
19-05-2003, 18:45
"So what? I'm in love with you! Age doesn't matter. At least not to me it doesn't. Although that reason I can understand, I ... I ..." He sighs, and stops talking.
19-05-2003, 18:49
"You understand? I may accept the fact, you may accept the fact, but the world isn't ready for this. How would your people feel if their young prince fell in love with an older woman. It...*she sighed deeply* It isn't ment to be"
19-05-2003, 18:50
"If I love you, and if you love me, then it's meant to be!" Besides, if my people did care (Which they won't) I would either find some way to make them not care or we could live somewhere else. I love you, and I'm not going to let anything stand in the way."
19-05-2003, 18:54
"It isnt only your people, it's my people too, i mean Zaek, if I were to quit my job and live with you, what would he do without me. We depend on eachother for work, I know him, he knows me..."
19-05-2003, 18:56
Alek bit his lip. "THAT could be a problem. Although remember he may be getting married quite soon so he may understand how you feel. Otherwise, we could live somewhere where you could continue your work."
19-05-2003, 18:59
"I don't work in one place, I'm always flying, on the road visiting countries, enhancing relationships... My life wasn't ment to be shared, I wasn't ment to fall in love, especially not with a nation leader who I was supposed to assist during the banquet. My life... was ment for solitude"
19-05-2003, 19:01
"If you fall in love, your life is not meant for solitude. Besides, I'm not a national leader. I'm just the adopted son of the Prime Minister. The title of Prince no longer means anything in Haraki. Besides, if that is so important, we could live here, in Gothicum. Wherever you travel we could travel together. I don't have to live anywhere in particular."
19-05-2003, 19:05
*She took his hand...and smiled*
"It will be a hard life, I work long hours, I'm cranky when I'm tired. Will you still love me in 15 years?"
19-05-2003, 19:07
Alek smiled warmly at her. "Definitely."
19-05-2003, 19:08
She closed her eyes and kissed him, delighted about his devotion but still unsure about the future.
19-05-2003, 19:09
He leaned forward,, kissing her back. Finally he seemed to have overcome the difficulties.

In the background, Krihk smiled and leaned against a tree, with his back to the two.
19-05-2003, 19:11
Meanwhile Zaek kissed Rothana on the cheek

"Now, what were you girls really talking about?"
19-05-2003, 19:17
Rothana sighed she knew she would have to explain things to him sooner or later, she took Zaek's hand and led him to a semi private spot so they could talk.. she then took a deep breath and explained what Bonding was, she then waited to see what his reaction would be....

"I know it is a lot to take in, and if you need some time to think on things i would understand, but i thought you should know,"
19-05-2003, 19:22
Without hesitating a moment Zaek took her hand
"Why would I need time, things won't change. Even now ,without bonding, if you are hurt I am hurt, if you are happy I am happy and if you would die I wouldn't want to remain on this earth a second longer"
19-05-2003, 19:33
With tears in her eyes Rothana threw her arms around him and lay her head on his chest, " I love you so much, the Goddess has truly blessed me when she brought you to me," She then lifted her lips to his for a long lingering kiss...
19-05-2003, 19:34
Zaek embraced Rothana, kissing her passionately.
"Till the end of time our souls will be united"
19-05-2003, 19:49
19-05-2003, 19:55
Daeva broke off the kiss
"You taste sweet my love..."
She wiped her tears away, her eyeliner smudged a bit
"We must get back to the banquet...i have duties...."
19-05-2003, 19:57
"Of course, my dear." Alek smiled. This seemed to have worked itself out. However, now they had the rest of the world to deal with... He sprang to his feet, holding down his hand to help her up. "You helped me up earlier tonight, it's only fair that I return the favour." he grinned.

He reached forward, wiping tears off her face. "Don't worry. It's going to be okay. We'll make them understand."
19-05-2003, 19:59
Siren saw that Rothana had led Zaek off and was talking to him, then on the next pass, she saw that they were embracing most passionately, she was elated that things were going to work out for her... that gave her hope for her own budding relationship with Marcus...
19-05-2003, 20:00
*she grabbed his hand and pulled herself up. Embracing him with one arm she leaned against him as they made thier way to the party*
19-05-2003, 20:03
Alek gladly supported her, as they made their way back down to the party. "I love you," he told her softly.
19-05-2003, 20:15
I g2g for a bit, hopefully be back later.
19-05-2003, 20:15
Arriving at the banquet
Daeva stopped Alek
"Don't you move an inch, i don't wanna lose you"

She stepped on a platform
We are glad to see so many of you have come. As you all know we are here tonight to rebuild our precious forest, that suffered some damage during the war with waldonzia. To rebuild this forest we need help, we need YOUR help. Therefor the government of Gothicum has decided to auction off some prized treasures. The auction will be a silent one. Meaning you will all get a piece of paper, you write your name on it. After we have shown an item please note down your bid afterwards deliver the bids to me. The highest bid buys the item."

OOC:I'll set this off tomorrow, other things require my attention now, telegram me your bids.
19-05-2003, 21:13
According to her instructions, Alek didn't move a muscle, he just watched her, and waited on her every word.
19-05-2003, 21:31
19-05-2003, 21:32
The Evenstar, standing in the swirling crowds watchs Richenda, hiw eyes following her through every move. His heart pounded, and his head swam, but he was a Reaver, a Warrior-Poet of Pantera, and he would not fail.

Slowly, he made his way through the festivities towards Richenda. As he came nearer, he lowers himself into a bow, smiling lightly. "My Sun and Stars. With such joyous moments all about us, I pray for a moment of your time? Perhaps we could be somewhere alone..." Hiw eyes stray to the ground shyly, but he gathers himself and raises his gaze to meet that of his Lady.
19-05-2003, 21:35
Alek smiled watching the Evenstar. He was pretty sure what he wanted...
19-05-2003, 21:36
The Evenstar, standing in the swirling crowds watchs Richenda, hiw eyes following her through every move. His heart pounded, and his head swam, but he was a Reaver, a Warrior-Poet of Pantera, and he would not fail.

Slowly, he made his way through the festivities towards Richenda. As he came nearer, he lowers himself into a bow, smiling lightly. "My Sun and Stars. With such joyous moments all about us, I pray for a moment of your time? Perhaps we could be somewhere alone..." Hiw eyes stray to the ground shyly, but he gathers himself and raises his gaze to meet that of his Lady.
19-05-2003, 21:37
Richenda was thrilled to see her Reaver Prince appear at her side, she responded "I would follow you to the ends of the earth" She then took his hand.
19-05-2003, 21:50
19-05-2003, 21:50
As they stride off, arm in arm through the shadows, a smile creeps across the face of the Evenstar. He slowly comes to a stop and turns to face Richenda.

"My Sun and Stars... Never before have I felt so alive. The rush of battle and the call of warhorns was my passion, since I was old enough to take up my blade..." He swallows slowly and brushes his flowing burgundy cloak back over his shoulder and tugs off one of his gauntlets. "All I thought of was the death of my enemies, and my own survival. Now, those thoughts war with passion in my soul."

He takes a deep breath, expelling it slowly and continuing,"The flower I gave you, Sunshade... Legend tells that the first Lord Reaver bestowed upon his love a bloom of Sunshade, the first time his eyes touched upon her beauty. Song and Story hold that the even the Gods could not ignore the burning flames of thier love, and Odin himself descended from Valhalla to bless thier marriage, and the stalk of Sunshade from which the Lord Reaver had picked his bloom."

Reaching forward, he caresses a lock of Richendra's deep red hair with his bare hand,"The bloom which I gave you is said to have come from that plant. Our love is blessed by the Gods, Richenda..."

Reaching into his cloak, he produces a small, wierwood box, pale in the light of dusk. Opening the box, the Evenstar reveals a ring. A steel band, intricately worked with swirls and gliphs of ebony holds a small setting of stones on top. The center stone, a milky crimson is lined with cream swirls. Set around the crimson, are a few smaller, blue diamonds, crafted into the likeness of crasing waves, smashing into thier milky red counterpart.

As Dayne tilts the box, light catches the large crimson stone, turning it the color of fresh blood. The creamy swirls inside the stone tint, and become almost clear. The night is almost aglow with light reflected from a thousand tiny facets, all intricately carved into the great ruby.

"An Ice Ruby, My Sun and Stars. Found in the high passes of Toke, it is a rare and holy stone. I only wish the beauty of the stones could compare to your own." In a flash, Dayne's blade is out, and reversed, the hilt held towards Richenda in one hand, the glittering ring in the other,"Come, Lady Richenda. Take one or the other. The ring, and become my love and muse forever. The blade, so that you may end the torment I would endure without you beside me through this life."

Blade and ring are both held toward her, and the Evenstars eyes swim madly in the faint light.