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The Free Republic Debates Signing Klatch Constitution (open to FKC nations)

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31-03-2005, 23:47
The Republican Council met a bit later in the day than was normal. The various Ministers had been out of session for nearly two weeks as they prepared their budgets for submission to the Council and tending to the duties specific to their Ministries.

The First Republican banged the gavel, calling the Council to order.

"I'm sure that all of you are passingly familiar with the FKC Constitution by now. It is probably time that we debated taking the step of signing into law our common interests with our neighbors. If we do sign, it will not not require a majority vote here but a referendum next February. If we intend to sign, we should decide as early as possible so that we can present our case to the people in a timely fashion."

He resumed his seat and looked over the Ministers, he seemed to sense who was going to speak first, as the Minister of Foreign Trade stood.

Madrid Arden, Minister of Foreign Trade stood and cleared her throat. "I do not believe that we have legal standing to sign, not without changes to the Constitution of the Free Republic in at least three key places.

First the peamble clearly states that 'No document, treaty or agreement may supercede the Constitution of the Free Republic' there are several places in the FKC Constitution that will supercede the Republican Constitution, at least in theory.

That passage alone would seem to indicate that the Supreme Judiciary may well rule that signing the Constitution of the FKC violates the supremacy of Republican law and Constitutional Doctrine."

Minister of Judicial Affairs, Ivar Istvaad nodded " Yes that is a most troublesome passage, but of course the State Powers Act allows the Republican Council to decide what treaties and agreements are legal, in the broader sense. One could also argue that signing the Constitution of the FKC would be essentially adding a new layer of laws, without debating the merits and legality of each first."

Minister of Foreign Affairs , Sir Alec Connover leans forward " In the past, when the Supreme Judiciary has felt that treaties do in fact violate Republican law, they have not hesitated to declare them invalid."

The First Republic nodded " I see that we are discussing the legal technicalities, but what do you ladies and gentlemen feel about the Constitution?"

The aged Minister of Technology, Sir Valdemar Ishring, tapped his cane lightly " I would find it troublesome. Even though in the past we have joined international multi-lateral organizations, we have always shunned taking leadership roles and even voting roles. It would seem that we would be required to elect 'Keys' to the Klatchian Parliament. The Elections Act would have to be altered as well to allow for this, and I do not think that the People would want the Free Republic to be in a position of acting to set our neighbors policy.

The People react, quite rightly, with disgust when the Republican Council has in the past taken pro-active roles in the affairs of other nations. I am not so much concerned about the our FKC neighbors meddling in our affairs, as with our obligation under the FKC Constitution to take an active role in their affairs."

Minister of Defence, William Issem shrugged "I can't ever imagine convincing any Supreme Republican Commander to allow the Retaliatory Guard to take part in the JDF, especially after the UNaPS debacle. We must consider that."

The First Republican nodded "Those are good points. We have to decide, are we ready to join a body whose laws, in some narrow cases may conradict ours, a body in which we may be forced to actually dictate policies of other nations, and a body that we would be required to support militarily?"

Sir Alec Connover leaned back in his chair "I'm not entirely comfortable with it. I mean we'd be signing a document, that has established a democratic, elected body BUT whose representatives , 2/3rds so, come from monarchies and other non-democratic nations."

Zero Tadic, Minister of National Security suddenly had a lightbulb "We certainly can't join if our military forces might be used to support imperialist nations! I mean, Alcona and Hubris, North Germania and Midlonia all seem to have aggressive expansionist policies and have no problem taking on new provinces and colonies. If we voted on a mandate to support any war that involved our allies taking territory and the people living on it, we'd be guilty of treason by the Anti-Imperialist Act."

There were several solemn nods of agrement and some mumbling from the Council members.

The First Republican nodded "That is a sticky wicket. Imagine, if we had helped inavde Neo-Tyr, but then told the other FKC states that after the invasion the People Neo-Tyr MUST be allowed to their right of self determination. Dyelli Beybi and Vrak already seem to be squabbling over spoils, I can't imagine us demanding that there be no spoils."

There were more nods and murmurs as the debate continued.

OOC: FKC Nations- Republican Council meetings are open, meaning that the public and foreign observers are alowed in the gallery, and they are normally televised to some degree as well , like C-Span.

There will be plenty of time between debates (plenty of recesses) in which FKC diplomats and Ambassadors to meet the Ministers behind the scenes and do some politic-ing!
01-04-2005, 00:00
It had been a very busy six months or so for the Inter-Klatchian Affairs Minister. Although his office was essentially part of the Vrakian government, he had an unofficial role of explaining policy and monitoring the affairs of other Klatchian states - which often had him mistaken for a mouthpiece for the central government. He was also tasked with trying to instill a spirit of cooperation among the states – no easy task considering the latest events.

He was scheduled to meet with Tanah Burung first but then Ilek-Vaad decided to open up their republican council to concerned parties. He sighed. While Vrak enjoyed good relations with Ilek-Vaad, there was the danger that the latter would perhaps try to gain extra powers or influence within the Federation. His countryman were always concerned about bringing in powerful nations whose ideology conflicted with their own. Then again, it was hard to tell exactly what the FKC ideology was.

Still, he took comfort in the fact that the Vaadians had proved to be a practical people and loyal to their friends. He gave a nod to his retinue of constitutional lawyers. Most of them came from Alconia and were, in fact, quite good. They will have to be since it could be a long road.
01-04-2005, 00:29
OOC: oh, good. Later on I was going to post the Republican Council's request to the FKC for constitutional scholars to answer questions. That'll be after the initial debate.
01-04-2005, 01:21
OOC: I'm hoping that A&H sees this thread since he's quite well-versed in the constitution.
Tanah Burung
01-04-2005, 02:17
From the gallery, Dede Lear looked on intently. The new Burungi ambassador to Ilek-Vaad had expected a fairly easy job, where his buggest task would be to find tactful ways to turn down excesses of Vaadian generosity. Otherwise, he had thought, clear sailing, easy good relations, plenty of nice dinners, and the chance to rhetorically needle mutual foes.

But this proposal to sign the FKC constitution had surprised him. All the more so, as he knew there were some political parties in Tanah Burung all too keen to sign that constitution themselves. Well, that would depend how the elections went. So far, it didn't look like the Vaadian leadership was falling over itself to surrender the the Free Republic's closely-guarded sovereignty.
01-04-2005, 03:37
The esteemed Minister of Economics, Thomas Wright, weighed in "I think we need to debate what practical change signing the Klatch Constitution will make in our government's interactions with our neighbors? Trade with Vrak and North Germania and Dyelli Beybi is booming, we already allow FKC warships to use our ports, with a couple of minor exceptions, and we generally have good ties.

Will signing the Constitution improve these ties? Will it imprve the position of the Free Republic? That I think is our central question."

The First Republican looked a bit chagrined at a member of the opposition changing the direction of the debate "Well, once we first ascertain what the general consensus is and what the legal implications are then we can debate how to proceed."

The Minister of Economics shrugged "I think we could do well to decide first if this change would be a good one, or a bad one?"

A couple of Ministers nodded in agreement. The First Republican could see this debate was going in several different directions, as he pondered that the Minister of Judicial Affairs spoke up again.

"I think that it's a premature debate as best. We need to study the legal morass that could be created by signing the Constitution. I think that it would be imprudent to jump into a debate before we even have determined the possible consequences?"

Sir Alec grinned implishly "Isn't that what this debate is? I don't recall the First Republican saying that we would vote yea or nay today? It seemed that when he opened session, he alluded to making that decision later in the year? I agree let's determine the implications in this session, we all feel one way or the other about it, so let's state where we stand, not argue about when or in what order the legal and substantive implications are. Are you for or againt the Klatch?"

There was some chuckling as Minister Istvaad was pinned like a butterfly by Sir Alec.He responded quickly.

"I'm for supporting our friends in the Klatch, I'm not for joining the federation."

Sir Alec smiled "I'm sorry I had to drag that out of you, I know how painful straight answers are for you."

There was open laughter in the gallery.The First Republican banged the gavel "We're getting off track, both of you. I wanted this to be an informal discussion, but if you can't control yourselves I will invoke rules."

He pointed at Sir Alec with his gavel menacingly "Now who has something substantive and relevant to the possible signing of the Klatchian Constitution?"

Minister Arden looked up again " I say no, I don't feel we should at this time, we should wait a year more to debate even the substance of what the consequences would be, there are still too many questions."

The Minister of Education, Lars Danielson, who normally had nothing to say unless educational funding was at stake, suprised everyone and spoke. " I disagree. I think this debate should take place and I think that we should move quickly on it. I fail to see how closer relations with our neighbors could be anything but beneficial. Sure there will be issues that will be difficult, but I personally feel that it would be good to debate the general feeling today, the pros and cons with regards to military and economy perhaps next week and then the legal issues a week later.

I would like to see a vote next month, and I would to like see us say yes to the Klatchian Constitution and then put it before the People for next year, they will have the ultimate say, we're just decideing if it should go to referendum."

Sir Valdemar nodded "Minister Danielson make a valid point. It is a big enough issue that we few would do a disservice if we did not place it before the Peolple. Let's see what the bumps are, decide how they can be smoothed out and let the People make the final decision."

There was some grumbling and some nods of agreement, both Sir Valdemar and Minister Danielson were well respected , it was hard to dismiss their opinions.

The First Republican nodded to them "Well said. I think that maybe that is a sound and rational way to move forward."

William Issem frowned " I still think it shouldn't even go beyond this debate. I certainly cannot see the Retaliatory Guard accepting JDF command, even in a temporary fashion, or fighting for say, the Midlonians or the Alconians. We need to remain fully sovereign and independant. Didn't the Honoured Statesman once say ' The truly independant man can decide to NOT support wrong actions, but a man that is tied too closely to another, will feel compelled to support wrong actions for fear of losing his ties. The wrong actions of good friends are still always wrong.'

I am a staunch supporter of our sales of weapons and support of the Glorious Kingdom, but I will not be so staunch as to refrain from reproaching them should they take action that is contrary to our beliefs and principles. I would like to see the Free Republic remain free to do so."

William 'One-hundred man' quoting the Honoured Themirin Ilek-Vaad and stating a strong , independant stance drew hearty applause from the gallery, and from a couple of Ministers.
01-04-2005, 17:16
Sir Alec nodded and waited for the applause to die down. " I think that if we look at the Constitution and the political realities in the Klatch that we will see that signing would not preclude us from voicing our opinion against the actiosn of another Klatchain state? We aren't bound to automatically support the actions of other Klatchian states just because we are part of the Federation."

The First Republican nodded " I think that in a nutshell joining the Federation would only require us to elect 'Keys' to the parliament, allow Federation taxation and submit to the Privy Council for cases of common defence. I don't think that those ties would be too strong to preclude our criticising our neighbors when they commit a no-no."

William Issem made his main point once again " The Retaliatory Guard would not be likely to submit to any outside commander. Since we have no power to even suggest that the Supreme Republican Commander do so, it would require another constitutional change in the War Powers Act."

Minister Danielson sighed "That is a good point, one of the main reasons of the Federation is to provide for joint defence. If we did sign, it would be at the discretion of the Supreme Republican Commander to provide troops and material to the JDF, he would be making all decisions on who the JDF could recruit................the Republican Constitution strictly forbids us from interfering, we only constitutionally have powers of budget over the Retaliatory Guard."

There were nods of agreement. The peculiarities of the Vaadian seperation of military and civil control were often the largest sticking piint in any debate on multi-lateral treaties.

Minister Tadic yawned "Perhaps we should see what the Supreme Republican Commanders opinion is?"

The First Republican shrugged "Then what if I or my sucessor appoints another Supreme Republican Commander? We'd need to guage the opinion of every candidate. Everyone in Retaliatory Guard Command if you will."

The debate seemed to be getting stickier and stickier, so the First REpublican banged the gavel "Let's take a recess, we'll reconvene in the morning, let's try and all have another look at the Klatch Constitution and see what other issues we can uncover."

The Ministers all seemed to agree and started filtering out, or pausing to chat with each other and with members of the gallery.
Austar Union
02-04-2005, 02:02
After all of which they had worked for, I am quite surprised at the Federated Klatch if they were to accept the Free Republic of Ilek-Vaad into their ranks. Over this, they are divided and are unsure of exactly what to do, as a corporate organisation. And I think it a sad day if the pro-Vaadians to win the eventual arguement to come. Nations of the Klatchian Coast, ought to have recognised that the current, and probably all-time governing regime lead nations only to their demise, and as such will lead both themselves, and their closest friends to that fate. I would imagine, that after some time of their membership amongst other Klatchian nations, that the Federation will eventually split over such issues relating to both Vaadian aggression, and any issue which is related. I can only hope that they have the wisdom to see through fake smiles, and cheap gifts, and have the vision which enables to make them the right desisions.

---------- A Respected Political Commentator
Alcona and Hubris
03-04-2005, 23:37
There were a few unoffical Alconian diplomats in the audience. Some minor Baronette and his wife who were in Ilek-Vaad on regular occasions due to the FKC holdings in Haven. On paper he was a junior managing director of one the large construction companies building JDF harbor facilities. In reality it was mostly just following his wife around, who had previously been a member of the Alconian Marines special forces.

None of this was hidden from the Vaadians. Their presence was more of a monitoring situation to keep the Alconians informed. After all the Vaadians had been getting gradually more involved in internal Klatchian affairs over the past few years. And although some attempts at better diplomatic relations had been made recently, Ilek-Vaad and the United Duchies appeared to still have chilly relations. Likely only strengthened by Deylli Beybi who distested the Alconians.
04-04-2005, 19:41
After the Council Chamber was cleared the galler began to clear out too, the first out were always reporters and photographers to post their stories and pictures as quickly as possible. The rest were made up of a mix of University students there for class projects, various party assistants and secretaries and people who for some reason or another, just liked sitting in on debates.

Most of the Ministers met their assistants and chiefs of staff outside the chambers in the broad collonaded halls of the Byzantine temple that houses the Republican Council.

The First Republican was met by his Chief of Staff Layne Al Azarad who handed him his Blackberry and pointed out anything that needed his immediate attention, nothing did. The First Republican sighed "Well, I didn't expect that most of the opposition would come from my own party, especially William."

Layne shrugged " That was the risk when you brought it up without warning."

The First Republican nodded "Had I consulted them first, the party may have moved to shelve it. With the general tendancy towards xenophobia since the Knootian fiascos, the IMC debacle and the Yasmarean lunacy, I doubt the party would have been silent about the denate."

They continued talking as they headed towards the First Republican's office "Still sir, you did get some unexpected support from Minister Danielson , I wonder how the R.O.P. whip will handle that?"

The First Republican chuckled "I'm wondering how our whip will handle that." he paused and nodded at Minister Ishring heading down the hall towards them.

"Well Layne, go get me and Sir Valdemar some coffee."

Layne nodded "Yes sir."
Alcona and Hubris
05-04-2005, 18:03
The baronette and his wife walked down the stairs and talked quietly.
"Personally I don't know why they are debating this..." She said.
"Hmm..." her husband inquired.
"I think the question becomes why would Ilek-Vaad wish to join the Federation. They are arguing major points, but not the real issue."

"Which is?"

"What does Ilek-Vaad desire in joining the Federation. And can they gain it from joining the Federation. They can't look at the Federation and think of it as another alliance. It is one nation, however decentralized, created to meet certain goals of the States..."

"I hadn't realized you were that thoughtful on these matters..."

"I had lunch last week with Mr. Black..."

05-04-2005, 19:52
Sir Valdemar sat in the comfortable leather chair in the foyer of the First Republican's office and accepted the Coffee from the First Republican's Chief of Staff "Than you Mr. Al Azarad."

He sipped at the coffee as the First Republican sat down at his desk.

"Well Sir Valdemar , to what do I owe this visit?" The First Republican asked, smiling.

Sir Valdemar chuckled " Come now Theleb, you don't need to butter me up, I'm already voting with you. I just want you to think about this debate, and what it means for the party. Remember the UN debates? That opened the door for the R.O.P. to supplant us."

The First Republican nodded "But this is different."

Sir Valdemar nodded "It is, but so is the Free Republic. I've chatted with William the Younger. He doesen't like your idea, or the FKC. Plus he's a young man, he probably thinks you're challenging him."

The First Republican laughed "Challenging him? I nominated him for Minister of Defence, I'm his biggest supporter."

Sir Valdemar shrugged " You won't change his mind on this subject, he believes signing the constitution would be bad for the Retaliatory Guard. Commander Ring has several times times called FKC and JDF forces 'comical' and 'outclassed', if Commander Ring asks William to go the mat , you KNOW he will."

The First Republican rubbed his chin

Sir Valdemar continued " Many in the party agree with him. Sir Alec for instance, we all know that he still has some loyalty to the R.O.P., don't give him a reason to join them. The JDF is going to continually draw fire, especially with it's Alconian leadership and it's brutal subjugation of Neo-Tyr."

The First Republican sighed "We have an uphill battle then. I'll meet with William and Sir Alec tomorrow and see what we can come up with ."

Sir Valdemar stood to leave " That would be a fine idea. Good evening Theleb."

The First Republican stood as he left "Good evening Sir Valdemar." he then sat and thought.


Meanwhile the Minister of Defence, William 'One-Hundredman' Issem was meeting with a rather shadowy fellow, 'Colonel Aldred' of the Air Guard, in reality the Shadow General of the Guardians of the Black Flag of the Republic, or the Shadows of the Republic.

"William, I have spoken with Commander Ring, he would never agree to allow any member of the Retaliatory Guard to be subordinate to any Klatchian or JDF commander. The JDF and good deal of the Klatchian forces are a liability. If the Constitution of the Federation forces the Retaliatory Guard to supply men, equipment and accept the commands of the JDF, then we have serious issues." Colonel Aldred said in a low tone.

William nodded "Exactly the same points I made. We're on the same page Colonel. I don't think there is any reason to sign the constitution or to submit to the Federation and expose our mebn and women to possible service in the JDF to further imperialist goals or maintain colonies."

Colonel Aldred grinned " You sound just like Commander Ring. He said that you were a fine Field Marshal."

Wiliam shrugged "Right now I'd much rather be a good Minister of Defence. The First Republican didn't challenge me today, but if he does we all know I can't win a debate against him."

Colonel Aldred nods "But Sir Alec might. You're both on the same page, and I'm sure many other mebers of the P.R.P. are. If you two build a bloc with party support, then I'm sure the First Republican could be convinced to shelve this debate altogether."

William nodded back "Sir Alec is going to meet with Sir Valdemar tonight." he paused and watched the crowds filtering down from the balcony and noticed the 'foreigners' immediately. "Who are they?"

Colonel Aldred looked over at the Alconian Baronette and his wife "Minor Nobility from the United Duchies of Alcona and Hubris. Not here in an 'official' capacity, since we have no normalized rlations with them, In the area to construct JDF facilities in Haven, personal business of course, but I'm sure they are very interested in Vaadian politics."

William grimaced at the word 'nobility' "Good. Let them see democracy, the Peoples will, in action."
06-04-2005, 14:42
OOC: Background info on some of the people mentioned in this thread:
Alcona and Hubris
07-04-2005, 15:46
The Python Club
Amanda Blackwell sat at a corner table sipping her morning tea over the reminants of her breakfast. Her startling blue eyes peered out the eastern facing window down onto the square below. She was actually lit up with joy at this moment.

"Well, if it isn't the honorable Key from Torrhall." A somewhat freindly voice said from the rest of the dining room. She turned and looked over at the source.

"Ah, yes...good morning Baron Highscope. What brings a Rector to the Python at this time of day?"

"The Cheif Minister is doing some deal making to shore up his postion in the Grand Chamber again."

She nodded, "He wants that bloody marriage bill considered again."

"Well keeping secrets from you is quite hard these days...I suspect he attempted to bribe you with some plump cherry..."

Amanda indicated that the Baron should join her. "I think I can tell one of the more senior members of the Association the truth...he did. And I accepted it."

"So your going to vote for that bill...I'm a bit surprised that a young turk of the GDP would actually support that bill."

"Nope, I am going on a fact finding mission to the Federation Territories in Haven..."

"Ah, so your out of the way...and out of the vote..."

"Correct...but I also squeezed out of him an offical request to meet with the government of Ilek-Vaad."

"Miss Blackwell, I would swear that you are trying out for the postion of Outer Minister at this moment."

She laughed, "If only you knew Baron...if only you knew."
07-04-2005, 16:46
Sir Valdemar had gone from the House of the Republic to the Vaad's Gate Inn where he was meeting Sir Alec for dinner. When he arrived Sir Alec was tasing a wine.

"Yes, that is quite good, I'll have a bottle of that, in a brown paper bag if you please. " He stated to the waiter as he smirked, he noticed Sir Valdemar approaching and stood to greet him "Ah, your excellency, how are you this evening."

Sir Valdemar nodded and sat "Fine, fine. I just had a chat with the First Republican." he paused and turned to the waiter " Glenlivet , neat please."

Sir Alec sat "Really? How did that go, I'll bet he's a bit pished at his younger Ministers?"

Sir Valdemar shrugged "No. He understands your point. Remember, he simply wants a debate on joining the federation. He is disappointed that you and William have decided to attempt to derail the debate, he wants an open discussion on this matter before it's closed. You may be painting him into a corner if you aggressively end the debate in the next day or two. It will show the R.O.P. and the V.L.P. that maybe we aren't as united as we once appeared?"

Sir Alec looked thoughtful "Well, I think it's the wrong time for this debate, he could've at least put it to the party first, so see what support he'd have."

Sir Valdemar looked over the menu "Support, for a debate? We should all support debate, even if we don't support it's possible outcomes. Theleb just wants to feel this proposal out, he's not set in granite to join the federation come hell or high water."

Sir Alec replied " Well, I don't know that we should even be talking about it yet, our constitutional lawyers haven't even had a chance to look over the legal difficulties."

Sir Valdemar peered over the menu "Well, you can bring that up tomorow at eight a.m. when you and William join the First Republican for breakfast."

Sir Alec looked taken aback " Eight a.m. ? I was planning on sleeping in tomorrow."

Sir Valdemar continues surveying the menu "It's mandatory Alec, I'm not saying that as your friend I'm saying that as P.R.P. whip. You'll be there or I shall be cross."

"Well, since you put it that way, I guess I can be there." Sir Alec said through a grin as their drinks arrived.


The First Republican followed Sir Valdemar from his office, determined to make it an early night, when his Chief of Staff approached him.

"Earlier today sir, we received word that an Alconian delegation will be touring the FKC's holdings in Haven , and wishes to meet with you."

The First Republican nodded "Fine Layne, that should present no problem. Make the arrangements and make sure that Velite General Ihsan knows and has time to prepare security."

Layne nodded "I've already contacted his office sir and I will make the rest of the arrangements in the moring. Have a good evening sir."

"You as well, see you in the moring." The First Republican headed home to relax for once.

OOC: history of the Fre Republic, with the Constitution added.
Alcona and Hubris
11-04-2005, 18:39
Amanda Blackwell sat in the back of the rover as it bumped over what was described as a jeep trail down from the new radar installation. The Benjian marine driver turned to her. "Sorry mam' they just cut this trail through the woods here and we haven't had time to build it into a passable road yet.

The rover went splashing across a small creek and then up to a more maintained gravel road.

"Hmm, well it looks like your doing well in building the outer defenses of the JDF base. My question is do you have any listening stations pointed at Ilek right now...."

"Huh mam, we can usually hear them without too much trouble. They tend to be a bit...noisy sometimes."

"Quite...well I am running late, I need to get back to my flying boat soon to make Lassic in the morning..."

"What type..."

"Ah two engines out on wings with them sort of going back and forming a tail..."

"A Sea Duck, I assume a C varient with a passenger-cargo compartment."

"Oh, that is what their called, I thought it was just the pilot's pet name for it."

"Nope...we will be at the landing dock in about ten mam...we just have to get through the western air defenses and past those two Vrakian emplaced naval guns..."

11-04-2005, 20:03
The First Republican sat in the increasingly nice weather on the patio behind his town house. His butler was serving breakfast , there were two extra places set. Just past 8 a.m. William Issem and Sir Alec Connover arrived and were shown back to the patio.

"Ah, good morning gentlemen. Please have a seat and something to eat." The First Republican stated as he started into his eggs benedict.

The pair sat after each giving a 'good morning'. The First Republican paused between bites "We all know why we're here?"

William nodded and Sir Alec quipped "Well sir, you live here..........."

The First Republican nodded used to Alec's wit "Indeed I do. I just wanted to make sure that we were all on the same page for the debate."

William spoke first "I don't think we are, I think joining the Federation is a poor idea..............."

The First Republican held up a hand, interrupting William "I think we are. I think that you and Alec misunderstand. I want to have a debate about joining the Federation. I appreciate your positions, but I want the debate to stay open. I don't care that you have differing opinions about the Federation, what I do care is that you appear to be quashing the whole debate. I wanted the debate to be an open constructive one.

We won't be voting on this anytime soon and we'd all be jumping the gun if we started drawing lines in the sand. Do you see what I'm saying?"

Sir Alec nodded as he tucked into the eggs benedict "Yes, you want us to lay off so that you can have more time to convince everyone to sign on."

The First Republican smiled "Not even close Alec. I jus want a debate at this point. I've stayed out of giving my opinion about the Federation precisely because I don't want to persuade anyone yet, I want to see what we all think and fel is the best way to move ahead."

William nodded "That does make sense.I suppose I don't see anything wrong with airing our opinions, but I just wanted to make it clear where exactly I stood on this, on behalf of myself and the Retaliatory Guard."

The First Republican smiled and nodded "That's good William, I just don't want us tearing each others throats out. This is a work in progress, there's no need for extreme words either way. I simply want the Republican Council, and the People, to start thinking about and learning about our Klatchian Neighbors . Whether we join the Federation or not."

Sir Alec nodded "There's no harm in that I suppose. I think we should have some private discussion before we get too involved one way or the other , and take a party line on any of this."

The First Republican nodded "Yes, and that will be much easier when we start to see what the oppositions line is."

They all nodded and continued on with breakfast.
12-04-2005, 15:39
Being Thursday morning at nine thirty a.m. the Republican Council was hearing the brief on Foreign Affairs by Sir Alec. He was just nearing the important bits and the Ministers started paying attention.

"The representatives of the Supreme Republican Commander are still meeting with the Chancellor of Edolia to resolve the Yasmarean crisis. I'll leave the details of that to Minister Issem is his brief tomorrow.

I have also completed the list of candidates for new Ambassador to the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak, and I must say that only one name was worthy of mention. I recommend that Sir Issac Tancred be named as Ambassador to Vrak. I would also recommend that in light of the debate on joining the Federation that we appoint a Special Envoy to observe the Federation Parliament in action.

I am also happy to report that the Embassy in Schultaria Prime will be completed shortly and I will have a list of candidates to be Ambassador to Schultaria Prime drawn up by this time next week."

He then took his seat and the First Republican spoke. " I think we can all agree on the new Ambassador to the Glorious Kingdom? Sir Isaac has impeccable credentials and experience."

There was a general murmur of agreement and no one seemed to object.

"Right then , Sir Isaac , new Ambassador to Vrak, anything else before we move on?" the First Republican asked.

The Minister of Foreign Trade chimed in " Well, yes. We still have not decided on whether to allow the Glorious Kingdom to purchase sensitive military technologies. I understand that they are very interested in the Jaguar-Arsenal Cruisers, and possibly other Avery Frost and Costa-Tula products for the reorganization of their navy."

The First Republican looked to the Minister of Defence "Mr. Issem, can we expect an intelligence report on the Glorious Kingdom so that we can decide if we should allow such sales to take place."

William nodded "Of course sir, It is already in my brief. I have also asked the Shadow General to give a report tomorrow on the Federation. I would also request that the gallery be cleared and chambers sealed for the Shadow General."

The First Republican nodded "That is a good idea, tomorrow is already closed, so no TV, so clearing the gallery for the morning should pose no problem."

From the gallery there were some jeers from the reporters, hearing that they would be cleared out tomorrow morning , but nothing serious.
Alcona and Hubris
12-04-2005, 16:12
In the morning above Grand Lassic

The two engine sea duck turned on final approach as ordered by the tower. "Air control this is United Duchies Naval Z88 making final approach. We have good visual and are decending at five oh point three feet per minute."

The wine of the landing gear filled the small passenger/crew compartment over the hum of the rotors. Amanda Blackwell looked out the window at ground below.

How wonderful, I'm the first offical Alconian to ever land here. A nation ruled by a Parliamentary Government that doesn't like Parliamentary Governments...or even constitutional monarchies for that matter. But I need to ask the question, my own future depends on it. I just hope they are at least civilized about things.

The sea duck hit the tarmac with no bounce. The pilots at least knew what they were doing. The plane slowed and then turned off the runway taxing as directed by the ground controllers.
12-04-2005, 16:49
The Alconians find that entering Ilek-Vaad is no simple hop across the straits, by law all international flights may only land at Lassic International Airport in Lassic, at the center of the nation.

The sea duck enters Ilek-Vaad airspace over the coast, ground control responds as a wing of Orion Stealth Fighters almost instantaneously moved in to escort the sea duck.

"United Duchies Naval Z88. You are cleared for landing at Lassic SouthWest International Airport. The headings are being transmitted now."

Great Lassic is still nearly a 7 hour flight from the coast. Flying over the country one sees mangrove jungles on the black volcanic sands of the coast, turning into jungles, mountains and then eveually thick green forests. The sea duck passses over nearly a thousand miles of Ilek-Vaad and only one or two towns or cities are visible from the air and very few roads or rail lines.

As night falls the horizon is lit up as the sea duck approaches Great Lassic. The city covers 158 square miles and is home to nearly 220 million people. The green open city center encompasses a 68 mile plateau and is bounded by a byzantine wall , out side the wall is the 'Ring'. The 'Ring' is the area zoned for skyscrapers and other large buildings. Several thousand skyscrapers, many well over 100 stories ring the city for miles, like a crown. The sea duck is finally directed to land at the cities SW corner at one of it's four international airports. The Boeing lands directly, with no waiting.

The sea duck is taxied to a large terminal and Amanda Blackwell disembarks down a ramp lined with hundreds of Velite Guards in their white and silver dress uniforms. The carry halbreds and wear beautifully inscribed silver breast plates and tall crested Athenian style helmets with long white crests. She is greeted by a dark haired, dark skinned young man in his twenties.

"Lady Blackwell, I am Layne Al Azarad, Chief of Staff to the First Republican. On behalf of the First Republican, I welcome you to Lassic and the Free Republic."

He then escorts Lady Blackwell to a waiting Jaguar XJ12 Sovereign limosine. As is usual, Sir Lloyd Hamilton Chairman of Jaguar-Daimler has donated a limosine for the use of foreign dignataries. This limosine is black and chrome, with the crest of Alcona and Hubris emblazoned on the hood, along with flags above the head lamps. The spacious interior with two back seats facing each other with a wet bar in between is upholstered with suede in the colours of the Alconian flag and emblazoned again with the flag of Alcona and Hubris on the headrests.
Alcona and Hubris
12-04-2005, 19:04
The Alconians find that entering Ilek-Vaad is no simple hop across the straits, by law all international flights may only land at Lassic International Airport in Lassic, at the center of the nation.

The sea duck enters Ilek-Vaad airspace over the coast, ground control responds as a wing of Orion Stealth Fighters almost instantaneously moved in to escort the sea duck.

OOC: Er I assumed most of that security but your pilots are going to be annoyed...the sea duck gives up speed for range which means they got to crawl along with an unarmed aircraft.

Amanda Blackwell nodded quietly and looked about. "Thank you...You realize that I am offically an unoffical visitor?" She decided to tackle the misnomer of an address later.

Or do you think a retired commander is that dangerous? Amanda was dressed in a gray tropical wool buisness jacket, matching linen pants and a white cotton blouce. She looked at the Verick guard helmets and smiled. Quite a bit odd looking on men

She paused mid stride and looked at the State Seal on the hood. Oh my god...what the hell have they done? popped into her head. Nor was the interior of bright blue, red and gold all that attractive.

As she sat down in the limo her eyes lit on the wet bar and then about the cabin space. "Well this is nice..." She said in the universal tone of someone who wants to be polite when faced with hospitable garishness.

Well I wonder if Ilek Vaad is trying to get me out of office for some reason? Or is this just their idea of what is appropriate to someone from a monarchy? Why do I suddenly want a competant staff member of the outer ministry holding a paper bag for me to either throw up in or hyperventlate?...maybe both

The Honorable Miss Blackwell was also wondering how she was going to explain getting called 'Lady' Blackwell to the Baroness of Blackwell. Who was not known for her easy going nature.
12-04-2005, 19:54
Mr. Al Azarad smiled, he seemed to almost be enjoying her bewilderment.

"We realize that you are an unofficial visitor and not here in any official capacity, but it seemed that it would be best to accord you the courtesies that we extend to all foreign diplomats, dignitaries and heads of state. This is the first visit by any dignitary from the Federation Parliament, official or unofficial."

Like most Vaadians he was unaware of what exactly to call anyone with any title. The only titles that he was familiar with were those of the C.I.D. he had decided on 'Lady' to be as polite as possible, to him 'Miss' would sound undignified.

" I have been informed by the First Republican that you can meet him this afternoon, or wait until tomorrow if that suits you better, I understand you have had a very long flight. I also took the liberty of securing a mansion on the grounds of the House of the Republic for you to use during your stay, unless you've made other arrangements."

He seemed to be absolutely thrilled by Amanda's bewilderment. She wasn't sure if it was the legendary Vaadian disdain for foreigners or perhaps he was thinking that her bewilderment was at the sheer garishness of the greeting.

The limosine got underway, it was an hours drive to the House of the Republic , Mr. Al Azarad opened the wet bar "Would you care for a drink? It will take us nearly an hour to get to the House of the Republic. If you don't care for alcohol there is soda, juice or water?"

He pauses a moment "Oh yes, and Sir Loyd would like your government to keep this limosine, if you please. He did mention that he thought that a slate grey interior with the crests on the headrests would perhaps be more pleasing to the eye, bur he honoured tradition and made the interior the colours of your flag for now."

He doesen't explain that Sir Loyd owns Jaguar-Daimler and is Ilek-Vaad's richest and most influential man, it's easier to meet with the First Republican, than it is to get an audience with Sir Loyd
12-04-2005, 20:10
The First Republican had just returned from lunch when the aid to Mr. Al Azarad approached him.

"Sir, we've just been told that Chairwoman Yusuf of the V.L.P. has scheduled an all-party meeting this afternoon, the V.L.P. Ministers will not be in attendance. Minister Issem, has also bowed out, citing a last minute conference with the Shadow General on tomorrow's briefing."

The First Republican looked perturbed "Well, that's three out? We still have a quorum, a quorum favourable to the Klatch, I could vote signing the constitution through right now I think." he stated to the aid as he entered the Council Chamber and took his seat.

Sir Alec was already there "The V.L.P. are daring you to act Sir." He said with a wink to the First Republican.

The First Republican grinned "Well then, let's show them how we do it." the First Republican stood "Ladies and gentlemen, we are regrettably short of a few Ministers that have official duty elsewhere. By Council Rules we still have Quorum and can decide on any action of State.

We were scheduled to continue debate on the Klatchian Constitution, but with opposition not in Council, I would prefer to hold off until they are present to give an account for themselves."

Sir Valdemar cleared his throat "I second that."

The First Republican raised his eyebrows "Anyone? Going once? " there were no signs of dissension " Going, gone. The debate will tabled and resumed tomorrow afternoon. In it's place we should move now to appoint ambassadors and judicial Lictors that were scheduled for monday."

There was some chuckling in the gallery, the reporters and pundits in attendence now saw that instead of pursuing a one-sided demogagory diatribe on the merits of signing the Constitution, he was going to use oppositions absence to push through P.R.P. nominations for federal jobs, with no debate.

They began going through the lists of nominees, with suprising swiftness the jobs were filled by all P.R.P. and R.O.P. loyalists. The session ended shortly.

The V.L.P. would not be pleased..............
Alcona and Hubris
12-04-2005, 20:36
Amanda looked at him with an eyebrow raised up. "Ah, you realize that I am not a Federal Key. I happen to be the honorable Key representing Torrhaven to his Grace's government, I would like a, scotch neat please." She paused to let that sink in and let Al Azarad get her drink.

"I know it is confusing as we are the only state that uses the same unicamiral legislature system with similar titles to the Federal Government. But then, that is what happens when all the other convention delegates were so drunk they don't even make most of the meetings. In the end I think Ozymandias Llewellyn wrote the whole constitution by himself and got all the other delegates to sign off on it." She sipped her scotch and smiled. "Which explains the similarity in titles."

"As for needing rest, well I slept a good deal on the bunk on the I've done my years of sleeping in uncomfortable cots in noisy conditions. I used to envy the fly boys when I was in the Navy but not anymore." She seemed a bit less ill at ease. As though Al Azarad's very happiness were challenging her to be comfortable.

"Well his Grace's government will be...pleased. Although just a plain gray suade interior would be appropriate in the future. Putting my head against the arms of the Royal Family doesn't seem dignified to me. Oh, and in future please refer to me as your honor or Miss or even Commander...'Lady Blackwell' is the five year old daughter of Baroness of Blackwell."

Amanda turned her attention to outside the car. "I noticed you tend to concentrate your development as we do back home...." Her eyebrows came together for a moment in thought, "Ah who is Sir Loyd? I thought your Foreign Minister was a Sir Alex Connover?"

And how in the hell is a Republic supposed to have so many damn knights running about? Passed through her mind.
12-04-2005, 21:00
Mr. Al Azarad pours Miss Blackwell a Glenlivet Vintage 1972, and passes it over to her, having water himself. Mr. Al Azarad looks polite about the explanation as her actual governmental position, she gets the distinct impression that he's not quite buying it, but he doesen't comment. He looks a bit confused as she asks about Sir Loyd.

"Well, yes Sir Alec Connover is the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Sir Loyd Hamilton is the Chairman and President of Jaguar-Daimler Motors LTD and Grand Master of the Coventry Institute for Democracy."

He pauses and looks out the window "Yes, development is strictly regulated, nearly two-thirds of the Free Republic is untouched virgin forest and rain forest. We take greast pride in the natural beauty of our land and it would be criminal to desecrate it."

The limosine passes silently and without a bump into the inner city, through one of the gatehouse keeps in the byzantine walls. They eventually come to a large open brick paved square, filled with people and vendor stalls that make way for the limosine after a honk or two. Dominating the square is a massive four-story bronze statue of a wild eyed celtic man in chain mail, pointing to the east with his broadsword and clutching a flagpole in the other hand, they pass near the statues podium where a large bronze plaque reads ' "Men of Lassic, stand with me and be not afraid' - Prince Namaan Ilek-Vaad 'THE Vaad' '.

From there they pass through a set of gates into what appears to be a college campus, dominated by neo-classical buildings set about in quadrangles grouped around an old byzantine cathedral. It looks identical to the Haigha Sophia in Istanbul, but is larger, with five large domes and a collonaded front walk. The limosine pulls near the front, people milling about pause to look.

"Well, here we are, the House of the Republic. Session should be just ending so we can go into the gallery, or wait in the First Republican's chambers if you like. If you have any other questions, I would be more than happy to answer them."

Unlike most govermental capitals there seem to be an enourmous number of 'people' just milling about, other than two Velite Guards in their regular long-coats and stahl-helms there did not appear to be any security, or crowd control. People meandered back and forth between the square and the House of the Republic at will and unhindered.
Alcona and Hubris
12-04-2005, 22:38
Amanda nodded when she learned who had given the car. "Quite, I am sure that the Outer Ministry will be pleased to send his Grace's thanks to the approprate individual for this vehicle."

Blackwell said nothing just made a mental note to look up more about the history of this place. She stepped out and looked up at the House of the Republic and then the square. "Well this seems oftly familiar. If those two guards were female I'd swear that this was the sister city of Torrhall. Well besides the fact that our Temple is still a temple." She wondered how the Vaddians would take their Velite guard being compared to a semi-military religious order, likely not well so she skipped over who the guards would be.

Amanda appraised the people milling about the square. If I didn't know better I would say it was the afternoon tea break at Torrhall University.

As she stood there, looking about, she quietly said outloud, "Of course I will laugh myself silly if all of these people about are actually military cadets." It was more an oblique question of who all the people were. It seemed a bit strange that so many had apparently nothing better to do than walk about the square.

On the matter of where to wait for the First Republican Amanda seemed more concerned with not making more waves, "Well, that depends on what they are debating. Anything to do with the Klatch and I better stay out of the gallery. Otherwise we could take a peak at your House in action." Amanda seemed less and less ill at ease as the short jaunt had gone on.
12-04-2005, 23:53
"Military Cadets? No, just Ministerial employees, reporters, tourists, curious citizens, people on a day out, university students. Though a fair number of them are Velite Guard." He pauses and smiles to Miss Blackwell "We are practically ALL members of the Velite Guard."

He pauses and checks his BlackBerry and frowns "Well, according to this they've let out for the day already. Debate must have run short, it was scheduled to about the Federation's Constitution. So I suggest we head to the First Republican's chambers, I'm sure that's where he'll be. If you will follow me please."

He leads Miss Blackwell up the stairs into the building and through the large well appointed corridors, thronged with people heading down through from the galleries, still no apparent security in sight. They then come to the chambers of the First Republican , Mr. Al Azarad goes straight in through the outer offices nodding to the secretary and various aides and pauses to knock at a pair of large wonderfully finished oaken door. A voice on the other side states "Enter."

The First Republican stands as they enter and Mr. Al Azarad introduces Miss Blackwell.

"First Republican, this is Amanda Blackwell honorable Key representing Torrhaven to his Grace's government." He turns to Miss Blackwell "The Right Honourable Theleb Kanaan, First Repubican of the Free Republic of Ilek-Vaad."

The First Republican steps from behind his desk and offers his hand "Very pleased to meet you your honour. I hope that your trip was comfortable and that everything has been to your liking so far?"

OOC: incidentally the First Republican has his image linked on RB's thread.
Alcona and Hubris
13-04-2005, 14:56
Amanda stepped forward, took the First Republican's hand and shook it as she gave a head bow at the same time. Well I remembered how to do that

Amanda let go of his hand and made a small glance at the chair behind her as both hands went behind her back in a somewhat traditional
"Well my trip has been most educational, although the Navy only assigned me a duck. But I must say that Sir Loyd's generousity was quite unexpected."

She continued to stand, "Also I must say I'm surprised by the similarities between the United Duchies and Ilek-Vaad."

OOC: Well the picture I thought of when I described Ms. Blackwell turned out to be Amanda Peet (
13-04-2005, 17:37
The Inter-Klatchian Affairs Minister yawned after the closing of the session. He was worried to hear of the opposition that arose in some quarters during the debate, but figured that was due to the nature of a democratic society.

He heaved his bulk along and send a messager after the Vaadian Foreign Affairs Minister to inquire if it would be possible to meet with him, time permitting of course.
13-04-2005, 21:36
Amanda stepped forward, took the First Republican's hand and shook it as she gave a head bow at the same time. Well I remembered how to do that

Amanda let go of his hand and made a small glance at the chair behind her as both hands went behind her back in a somewhat traditional
"Well my trip has been most educational, although the Navy only assigned me a duck. But I must say that Sir Loyd's generousity was quite unexpected."

She continued to stand, "Also I must say I'm surprised by the similarities between the United Duchies and Ilek-Vaad."

The First Republican smiled and motioned for her to sit as he himself sat.

"Sir Loyd is notoriously generous, he practically bankrolls the whole of the CID. Would you care for something to drink? Mr. Al Azarad will take care of it."

He pauses and relaxes in his chair. "I must confess, I'd be ignorant of any similarities that our nations may have in common , I have only ever been aware of differences. On the matter of Tanah-Burung for instance.

Still it is always the case that as nations improve relations more common ground is eventually exposed and all too often we find that we are more the same than we are different.

Now, what brings you to the Free Republic, unofficially?"

The First Republican's gray eyes seem to run counter to his calm pleasant exterior, Miss Blackwell has a bit of a feeling like perhaps a rabbit has when being considered by a wolf.


Sir Alec received the messenger from the Minister Inter-Klatchian Affairs. He quickly dispatched his assistant to to greet the Minister and let him now that anytime was fine. The Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs had no problem finding the walrus.

"Good evening Minister, I am Alan Cherkess, Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs." He introduced himself bowing to the walrus "Sir Alec would be most pleased to receive you at your convienance."
Alcona and Hubris
13-04-2005, 23:50
Amanda raised an eyebrow at the mention of Tanah-Burung as she sat down. "Strange you should mention Tanah-Burung, there was some rumors running about Thunderbay just as I left but nothing I personally clued in on." Well except for the fact that it appears a member of Crawfords of Neubayern was a Regent of the last royal state in Tanah-Burung, but I doubt you republicans would even figure out what that means.

She shifted in the chair slightly, adjusting her jacket as she placed her knees together. "And I would agree with you Minister, it just makes a few of the similaries striking."

Amanda Blackwell paused in thought for a moment. "First Minister, I appologize if I am a bit blunt about this, but you are known for sending ambassadors out into the world who are sometimes quite blunt, and I really don't want to waste either of our time circling the issue."

She really wasn't showing anything at the moment, the woman did have a decent poker face it appeared.
"I asked for this meeting to directly ask why the Republic is debating joining the Klatchian Federation? As a member state, this has caused quite a bit of speculation in the United Duchies. Since I was heading out to Haven anyway, I thought I would see if I might inquire for an answer and end the speculation."
14-04-2005, 01:59
The First Republican looked suprised, pleasantly.

"Miss Blackwell, are you sure you aren't a member of Vrak's Diplomatic Corps?" He smiled and continued "I appreciate you being blunt. I had cancelled dinner expecting you to dance around it for some time. It is a good question and perfectly valid.

I have decided to schedule this debate mainly to raise public awareness about our Klatchian neighbors. Currently the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak is the only Klatchian nation to have a positive image. Most other Klatchain nations are seen by most Vaadian citizens as barbaric, imperious and backward, Vrak is still seen that way, but to a much lesser extent. It is important that our people learn that the Federation States are joined by law and work within the framework of at least a marginally democratic framework on the national level.

I do not think that this debate will lead directly to the Free Republic joining the Federation, that may take years, but it is imperative that the ground work be layed. One day I hope that Federation States will have evolved to a place where the Free Republic is comfortable in joining them in a Regional government. That will never happen unless we lay the issues out before the People.

It is also politically convienant to have that debate now. The opposition will, and have, act to stop this debate in whatever outrageous, underhanded manner they can, simply out of hatred of all foreigners. It will strengthen my parties position as well as draw a distinguishing line between 'foreigners' and 'Klatchians'. When we begin debate of the actual Constitution of the Federation, most Vaadians will be suprised by it's parliamentary structure, it's balance of power and it's practical design. This will give me what I want most, a favourable image of the Klatch in the minds of the People."

He pauses for a moment.

"It is important that the People understand that it is better that we work with our neighbors , and they can only do that if it is brought up in public debate."
Alcona and Hubris
14-04-2005, 02:31
Amanda Blackwell had a wry smile on her face. "Quite, you'll find that is one thing most Alconians like about our northern ally" She put heavy influence on the last word.

"Although we tend to operate a little more obliquly than most nations do so perhaps we of the United Duchies do tend to get an international image of doing the diplomatic tango. Which seems quite at odds when we delt with the Peace Treaty with Glorious Humanity in less than fourty-eight hours, but then most people never even noticed that little bit of buisness we performed."

Amanda paused again and looked the First Minister squarly in the eye. "Well if this debate is nothing more than to introduce the Klatchian Federation to your people, I can safely say that you have completely caught the Opposition in Thunderbay off guard." Of course if the Vaadian's had any idea who she was, they would know she was a member of the Opposition at the moment.

"However, as a Klatchian may I make a suggestion? One that might take your public discussion away from technical discussions about the Republican Guards under control of the Joint Defense Force to something more practical to your stated goal?"

Amanda gave off the air of someone who really couldn't care less about this now, but seemed obligated to actually give some helpful advice anyway.
14-04-2005, 17:07
The First Republican smiles.

"I find that by catching people off guard that I get the most genuine and honest reaction. I do wonder why the opposition would be so interested in our debate in the first place? It seems to me that the party in power would have a greater interest?"

He shrugs indifferently.

"As for your suggestion to move away from debating the status of the Retaliatory Guard and the Joint Defence Forces, you are correct. It is certainly not the most pressing issue. I have already spoken with my Minister of Defence and told him what I told you, that portion of the debate will go nowhere, and won't be mentioned again.

I have decided to lay out a schedule of debates within the debate. A different day or two for each section of the Federation Constitution. To let us take each section seperately and see where it conflicts with Vaadian law and where it is similiar. Doing this in phases will also keep public interest up. Every few days they will read in the paper about a debate on a very specific topic and section of the constitution, as not to overwhelm anyone and introduce it by degrees.

The first day of debate, was intended to catch the Ministers off guard. I now can judge their initial visceral reactions and adjust my debate accordingly, an annoying step, but one that gives me the ability to gauge how I can best proceed.

I would of course also like to hear your advice."

Mr. Kanaan seemed to be the type of person whose mind was always well ahead of where he actually seemed to be. The devious glint in his grey eyes showed that he probably had some plan of even greater detail behind the relatively simple one he had just laid out. Machiavelli would no doubt be envious of Mr. Kanaan's political mind.
Alcona and Hubris
14-04-2005, 18:36
Key Blackwell nodded as the First Republican described his plan. "Well the problem you have with that plan is that the Federation pre-dates its own first Constitution. But the reason the Federation exists is stated in the pre-amble. Everything else was, as my civic's classes taught, derived to meeting that goal. And that goal is really the only true thing that any of the Klatchian States share with each other."

She paused, "After all how else could the Deyllians and Alconians be in a political union? We never trusted the Tzars and we do not trust the Checka. Besides the Royal Families ties to the Confederation of the Lords of War, and now New Shiron, Vrak is the only other Klatchian State we have any substantial political ties to.*"

The First Republican would be learning in the near future how far ahead Key Blackwell's mind was working. However her present concern was more keeping the debate in Ilek-Vaad from turning into an anti-klatchian bash, for her own reasons of course. The fact that she really didn't have to do much on this front was making her life much easier.
14-04-2005, 21:07
The First Republican nods "Yes I understand that, but most Vaadians don't. Most Vaadians see the Federation as merely a treaty organization rather than an actual federal government, which in action it does mostly resemble. We have noticed the proclivity for Federation nations to do what they want often in defiance of what the rest of the Federation wants.

I think that may be biggest obstacle. If the Free Republic were to sign the Constitution the Judiciaries Lictor's would be watching the conduct of other states like hawk. The Vaadian Constitution states that if a multi-lateral treaty or agreement is not adhered to by the letter by ALL participant states that it ceases to be a legally binding organization. This is what happened with the UnAPS and the IMC.

There would be no doubt that if we signed, we would expect the Federation Constitution to be adhered to by all, equally."

He pauses for a second "I am sure that you can appreciate why that might lead to problems?"
14-04-2005, 21:43
The Inter-Klatchian Affairs Minister yawned after the closing of the session. He was worried to hear of the opposition that arose in some quarters during the debate, but figured that was due to the nature of a democratic society.

He heaved his bulk along and send a messager after the Vaadian Foreign Affairs Minister to inquire if it would be possible to meet with him, time permitting of course.

[puffing] - I haven't been able to find the Vaadian Foreign affairs Minister. I must have lost track of him during the debate.
-Idiot. Our schedule is quite busy and we need to talk to someone.
-But the Alconians are already discussing matters with their First Republican...
-So? I am the Inter-Klatchian Affairs Minister and I shall not be denied.

He angrily waddled over to the nearest Vaadain, any Vaadian. Inside, he was considering lodging a protest over this treatment but then thought that perhaps only his immediate entourage were incompetant.

-Hrmph! Send a message back to the Diplomatic Corps. I understand that Ilek-Vaad has an ambassador in the capital. Make an arrangement with him for a meeting, preferably with our External Affairs dept. Still, I don't know how much can be accomplished in discussing such matters with a mere ambassador. I'm here for a reason, and I far outrank any ambassador.
Alcona and Hubris
14-04-2005, 21:52
Amanda shook her head, "I think your off the mark a bit. The Federal Government is fairly weak, more akin to the orginization of the Holy Roman Empire than say the United States under their 1792 Constiution. But I am sure your opposition will bring up what Ilek-Vaad thinks are violations of the Klatchian Constitution."

Amanda's pleasent conversation hid what she was really thinking. Ah, what a nice little loaded question you dropped on the table there Sir...

" I am really not a Klatchian Constitutional expert...."

I am not stepping on that landmine of a question, or asking the obvious question of why you are supporting the bureaucratocracy that regularly violates it. Including illegal invasions of Rouge Jiggady.

"but you should likely discuss some of your questions with one."

No, I think that I should cut this meeting short so that we don't get around to a supposed Alconian violation. Likely you'll spew that Deyllian crap about us illegally removing General O'...what'shisface from the Counsulship.

"I am sure you've already discussed inviting one here with the Vrakian Ambassador..."

See, I know you people don't like monarchies unless they have Walruses running them. And you want to be able to say that you told off an Alconian noblewomen...

"but if their less than forthcomming on the matter..."

...which I am not. But telling a half truth to the press about some foreigner is likely not going to be a black mark around here...

"may I suggest you ask for the assistance of Ozymandias Llewellyn the Speaker of the Klatchian Parliament..."

So I am going to give you something new to chew on you jaguar lovers...

"He might be able to supply a former staffer or Key who would be more than excellent in discussing the Klatchian Constitution."

Now time to escape before you say something else to trap me into a debate I personally do not want to have.

Amanda looked down at her watch. "And I must say that I don't want to cut this discussion short..."

You know that I do after that loaded question...bastard

"....but if I and my Navy duck take off in an hour and a half I should be able to make a major policy debate in Thunderbay I thought I was going to miss. It would be remiss of me not to particpate on behalf of my constituents who elected me if I can." Amanda looked up at him with a smile that disquised whatever she was really thinking.

Not a very powerful lever to get myself out of here but at least it is something.

Amanda Blackwell stood and then gave a short head bow. "I must thank you sir for this meeting. It was most informative for both myself and the United Duchies."
14-04-2005, 22:02
The First Republican almost looked wounded.

"I'm sorry that you have to leave so soon. I was hoping that perhaps you could stay until at least tomorrow evening so that you be in the gallery to see at least some of the debate.

I do understand that the Minister Inter-Klatchian Affairs is around and I do hope to meet with him, but I had hoped your stay would be longer.

I hope you have a pleasant return journey, if you life I can put a Marathon Transport at your disposal, it's super sonic speed will get you home so that you can not only make your debate, but be well rested for it."

He managed to say 'please stay' and 'goodbye' all at once, he stood and offered Miss Blackwell his hand.

OOC: look at that , I literally pepper the conversation with landmines.......and nothing! ;)

OOC: Vrak-I think you missed this earlier


Sir Alec received the messenger from the Minister Inter-Klatchian Affairs. He quickly dispatched his assistant to to greet the Minister and let him now that anytime was fine. The Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs had no problem finding the walrus.

"Good evening Minister, I am Alan Cherkess, Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs." He introduced himself bowing to the walrus "Sir Alec would be most pleased to receive you at your convienance."
Alcona and Hubris
14-04-2005, 22:30
Amanda shook his hand. "I am afraid I am responsible for the crew of the duck as much as the crew of the duck is for me. And an officer can't just abandon her crew so she can have the privilage of sleeping in her own bed."

That should be a nice way of saying no, and hell they might even appreciate it

"I will relay the details of the gracious gift of Sir Loyd to the Outer Ministry when I get back to Thunderbay."

She paused in thought for a moment, "The Minister of Inner Klatchian Affairs hmm? Quite intresting...I've never met the walvrak himself, I thought he was a walvrak. Oh well...I am sure I will cross paths with him later on. If you would forward my regards and tell him I hope to meet him sometime at one of Prince Paul's parties in the future."

Amanda turned and walked towards the door. Well that should make for intresting time in Ilek-Vaad's intellegence divisions. Who is Prince Paul and how do I know him?

OOC: Miss Blackwell has been touched by the hand of fate...well I can't let her be that easily manipulated by a foregin head of state for her future to be intact.
14-04-2005, 22:38
OOC: Yes, but we're talking about the head of state that manipulated the Menelmacari ;)


The First Republican nodded " Ah, I see. If you wish to visit the Free Republic again please do not hesitate to call mt office or the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Al Azarad will see you safely back to the airport, it was a pleasure meeting and talking with you."

His comments seemed genuine now, her leaving seemed to switch off his 'attack' mechanisms.

Mr. Al Azarad motioned to Miss Blackwell " Right this way Excellency."
14-04-2005, 22:46
OOC: Vrak-I think you missed this earlier


Sir Alec received the messenger from the Minister Inter-Klatchian Affairs. He quickly dispatched his assistant to to greet the Minister and let him now that anytime was fine. The Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs had no problem finding the walrus.

"Good evening Minister, I am Alan Cherkess, Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs." He introduced himself bowing to the walrus "Sir Alec would be most pleased to receive you at your convienance."

OOC: Urgh! I did. Pretend that the fat blubbery walrus isn't annoyed. Whiskey tends to soothe them. Still, he would most likely be aware that the Alconians are meeting the First Republican (if their aides are any good) but not what was discussed.


The Minister turned at the arrival of the Vaadian and bowed. Then he rumbled.

"Ah, yes. Pleased to meet you Mr. Cherkess. Quite a lively debate in there. If Sir Alec is ready, then I would like to meet him now."

He heaved his bulk to face the assistant squarely. His entourage, consisting of half dozen courtiers and aides of varying importance were neatly dressed in business suits. Two of them carried fairly large briefcases while the rest had slimmer business type bags. A lone King's Own, looking unremarkable in his suit quickly appraised the Vaadian. Finding no threat, his eyes continued their relentless scanning.
Alcona and Hubris
14-04-2005, 23:02
OOC: Yes, but we're talking about the head of state that manipulated the Menelmacari ;)

OOC: General Alconian IC response to that comment:
Anyone who is foolish enough to worship their elven queen as some kind of God could be manipulated by a toothless bugger with his **** hanging out of his pants.

Well that just shows you the diffrence between worshipers of the elven queen and Miss Blackwell.

IC: "Hopefully there will be a more offical working relationship between our respective nations then" was her reply out the door.

She followed Al Al Azarad back out of the offices before she spoke again in a crisp authoratative tone, her eyes cold "I would prefer not having an angry walvrak jumping up and down on my spine. So drop the 'your Excellency' please Mister Al Azarad."

Al Azarad likely could pull that commanding officer trick also when he needed to.

Her tone changed to one far more pleasent. "I need to pick up some meals for me and the crew before we depart. Any place on the way back that does good carry-out?"
14-04-2005, 23:04
Mr. Cherkess nodded "Of course sir, right this way." He led the Minister and his entourage out of the House of the Republic and to the Foreign Ministry building (the closest Ministry building, not even 10 yards away.).

He paused at the secretaries desk and she nodded "You can go right in."

Mr. Cherkess led the Minister in through the ante chamber and then the conference room to the Ministers office, where he opened the door for the Minister. At first Sir Alec was nowhere to be seen.

Mr. Cherkess looked around "Sir Alec?"

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stood up from behind his desk and bowed "Ah! Minister of Inter-Klatchian Affairs I presume. So pleased to meet you, I am Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs."

He paused and gave a moderately alarmed glance down at his desk "Alan, let's have the fire extinguisher, there's a good lad." He smiles to the Minister " How about we take this in the conference room until my wayward cigar has been dealt with, would you care for a scotch?"

He smiled and led the Minister into the conference room as Mr. Cherkess closed the office door with a "Really sir, you know there's no smoking." retireiving the fire extinguisher and dealing with the issue as Sir Alec led the Minister to the very comfortable and well appointed conference room , complete with a bar.


Mr. Al Azarad looked slightly alramed at Miss Blackwell's comanding tone and the implication of Vrakian violence on the grounds of the House of the Republic.

"My apologies Miss Blackwell, it seems whatever title I choose is the wrong one. I do not think it likely that any violence will occur on these grounds."

He looks at her gravely, in almost a menacing fashion "The Shadows have eyes you know."

He then continued to the limosine and opened the door for her "Carry out? Maxim's Steakhouse does fine carryout, a bit pricey, but since you are a visitor I can cover it. Perhaps Indian or Chinese carry out is more to your liking? There is Ming-Ling or Tandoori House, we can phone from the limosine."

He then paused to watch a large walrus and entourage heading to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"I take it THAT is a walvrak, Miss Blackwell?"

OOC: no need to get cheeky :)
Alcona and Hubris
14-04-2005, 23:32
OOC: no need to get cheeky :)

OOC: If joke...ha ha ha...If not...well I didn't mean to be.

IC: Amanda raised an eyebrow at the Shadow comment, but gave no other indication of what she felt about it. Her mind did reply however, Quite right, and they have ears too most likely

"I would suggest reading up on titles Mr. Al Azarad, especially if your government is going to spend so much time debating about a region riddled with Monarchies and former Monarchies. A good reference would be Burke's International Peerage or just Hereditary Titles dot com."

Yeah, I really beleive the aide of the First Republican is that poorly trained in matters of appropriate titles to call me your Excellency of all things. Once I could dismiss, twice and your toying with me kid. Trying to be like your boss and get me riled huh?

At the limo she turned and gave a short bow towards the Vrakian Minister. "Yes that is a Walvrak and his Huvrak aides and security detail. Of course their all Vrakians, just some are more Vrakian than others."

Amanda sat down in the limo but was still half way out the door. "And I think we will try the Steakhouse if you don't mind. I can pick up the tab, my expense account is quite flush at the moment."

She picked up her feet and closed the limo door behind her.
15-04-2005, 00:53
Mr. Al Azarad nodded and smiled insipidly.

"Yes ma'am, I will recommend that we all brush up on titles of royalty and their official uses and gender specifics. It's just that it's been over a thousand years since we were last ruled by nobility.

He moves quickly out of the way of the menacingly closing door. "The driver knows where Maxim's is, have a pleasant return flight, Miss Blackwell."

Mr. Alazrad turns and bows to the walrus as well. There was a reason that Vaadians like Vrakians, even though they were monarchist, it's just that no one ever asks why.

OOC: you seem to have a thing about dangling ***** tonight? j/k ;)
Alcona and Hubris
15-04-2005, 00:59
Mr. Al Azarad nodded and smiled insipidly.

OOC: you seem to have a thing about dangling ***** tonight? j/k ;)

OOC:? I used the phrase once...
edit: forgot about the pole joke...
well I am just going to close this sub-plot off until later unless there is some hoop Amanda needs to jump through here.

IC:Amanda smiled a wry smile. Tyrant? Hmmm you really have no understanding of the word, just apply it don't you.
15-04-2005, 14:28
OOC: we always seem to chase away the Alconians..............
18-04-2005, 21:40
Friday morning came and the Velite Guard took the unusual step of sealing the House of the Republic in preparation for a brief by the Shadow General. The Ministers Arrived , the V.L.P. Ministers looking none too happy, and entered the empty chambers.

The First Republican stood and banged his gavel "This meeting is now convened. The Minister of Defence will now make his report."

The First Republican sat and Minister of Defence, William Issem stood.

"The focus of today's report will be the Federated Klatchian States. With the continuing debate on signing into the Federation it is important to assess these states from a military perspective.

Retaliatory Guard Command has expressed their conviction that the FKC is no immediate threat and that the Retaliatory Guard can currently counter any threats posed by any Klatchian States. We currently enjoy the support of the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak, The Teutonic Military Order of North Germania and have improved relations with The United Socialist Republics of Dyelli Beybi.

We have the miltary capability to strike anywhere in the Klatch at will and have the comfort of knowing that most Klatchian States are not concerned about the Free Republic and do not view us as an imminent military threat. There is no reason to expect that at any time hostilities will commence with any Klatchian States.

For greater detail on seperate Klatchian States, I have aked Shadow General Aurelius to brief the Council."

The Minister sat as the Shadow General advanced to the podium from the gallery.

"Esteemed Ministers. The long Shadow of the Republic has recently set a list of target states within the Klatch to be monitored. I will give that list , along with brief synopsis of each state and reasons as to why they have been chosen.

First, is the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak. Vrak has recently become close with our Republic , evenb to the point of receiving military sales. However there are several dangers posed by our Vrakian friends. First they are an absolute monarchy . While they are bluntly honest about it and do not attempt to hide behind false democratic fronts like some other nations it should still be viewed as an area of concern. There is also mounting evidence that the foreign policy of the Glorious Kingdom may be becoming unstable and that the King of Vrak is placing increasing pressure on the Federation and possibly straining the Federation’s governing apparatus.

Second is The Greater Kingdom of Midlonia . Despite having had no dealings with Midlonia and our friendly overall stance with the Klatch, Midlonia seems bent on opposing the Free Republic at every turn, for no logical reason. Their lack of restraint coupled with the lack of clear policy, they are dangerous and may possibly need to be neutralized in the future.

Third is the The United Provinces of Tanah Burung . Tanah Burung is no threat. The Democratic Dutch Republic’s presence in Tanah Burung is a grave threat. I believe it was a mistake to make peace with the DDR and remove the Military Mandate. I believe that the Retaliatory Guard should have been used to remove the DDR’s illegal presence in Tanah Burung. The DDR has , yet again, gone back on documents agreed upon and signed to end the conflict, the DDR is making no good faith effort to end the crisis as they agreed to do.

Fourth is The United Duchies of Alcona and Hubris. Another absolute monarchy. They are especially dangerous, politically speaking. Their belief that the ‘mock parliament’ constitutes a viable and representative democracy along with the hegemony of parliamentary power and hegemony in the Klatch at large are dangerous to the development of democracy. The very fact that The United Duchies is mainly responsible for the Federation Constitution should be cause for concern. The United Duchies complicit support of the DDR’s invasion of Tanah Burung is also cause for alarm.The United Duchies is a state that may need to be neutralized in the future.

These are the imminent and apparent threats that at this junction seem the most urgent and apparent. The overall acceptance in the Klatch of colonialism, imperialism, despotism and repression make vigilance against these nations imperative.”

He pauses and awaits

The Minister of National Defence spoke first “It seems that we certainly have much to be guarded about in general, there are several ‘parliamentary’ governments in the Klatch, what is the state of these ‘democracies’.”

The Shadow General shook his head “In each case these parliaments are subservient to constitutional monarchies. The dictators of these nations have the final say over matters of government, negating the free choice of the people by allowing discretionary power in the hands of a single dictator and or his advisors.”

There were general murmurs of disapproval. The First Republican then spoke “ How likely are Federation States to abide by decisions of the Federation parliament?”

The Shadow General shook his head again “They are not likely. In every case we have studied Federation States have gone directly against Federation decisions, or failed to act on Federation decisions. The Federation seems to have no power to enforce it’s decisions.”

The First Republican nodded. The Minister of Education was next “In regards to the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak, would you recommend that we allow sales of sensitive military technologies?”
The Shadow General shook his head “No, I would do not believe that would be prudent under current circumstances.”

The Minister nodded and then the Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke “I notice you did not mention North Germania, what is your information on them?”

The Shadow General shrugged “ They, like Vrak, are a dictatorship, they make no attempt to hide it and do not become alarmed at criticism of their system. I’m sure that the Minister of Foreign Trade has shared how she chastised both Vrak and North Germania’s officials on the lack of democracy, and neither saw the statement of our opinion as a threat. North Germania has in fact whole heartedly supported our efforts to form the Foreign Guard. North Germania is not an area of concern.”

The First Republican nodded “General is there any general advice you would give this council?”

The Shadow General nodded “ End the Yasmarean conflict as soon as possible, shift forces to prepare to act against Midlonia, Knootoss or Alcona and Hubris. These nations should feel the military might of the Retaliatory Guard the minute they challenge the Free Republic, for whatever reason. Their irrational dictatorships and international meddling are reprehensible and any time they can be made to suffer, this Council should make it it’s duty to do so.

I cannot stress enough the threats these nations pose to the Free Republic.”

The First Republican nodded “Very good General. We thank you for your time and your candid opinions.”

The Shadow Minister left, leaving the Council to discuss the issues that were raised until they let out for lunch.

OOC: This happens the moring after Ms. Blackwel's visit and after the Minister for Inter-Klatchian Affairs appointment...............just keeping things moving for my own purposes.

P.S. no outsider will have knowledge of this meeting's contents.
18-04-2005, 22:34
Mr. Cherkess nodded "Of course sir, right this way." He led the Minister and his entourage out of the House of the Republic and to the Foreign Ministry building (the closest Ministry building, not even 10 yards away.).

He paused at the secretaries desk and she nodded "You can go right in."

Mr. Cherkess led the Minister in through the ante chamber and then the conference room to the Ministers office, where he opened the door for the Minister. At first Sir Alec was nowhere to be seen.

Mr. Cherkess looked around "Sir Alec?"

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stood up from behind his desk and bowed "Ah! Minister of Inter-Klatchian Affairs I presume. So pleased to meet you, I am Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs."

He paused and gave a moderately alarmed glance down at his desk "Alan, let's have the fire extinguisher, there's a good lad." He smiles to the Minister " How about we take this in the conference room until my wayward cigar has been dealt with, would you care for a scotch?"

He smiled and led the Minister into the conference room as Mr. Cherkess closed the office door with a "Really sir, you know there's no smoking." retireiving the fire extinguisher and dealing with the issue as Sir Alec led the Minister to the very comfortable and well appointed conference room , complete with a bar.

"A scotch would be nice, thank you," replied the Minister. He looked about the room, noticing the bar. Aiiieeesh, I had better not get drunk thought the walrus.

After taking in the room, he turned his gaze to Sir Alec and then began.

"I'm sure we can dispense with the usual pleasantaries and flowery phrases. Our two nations have been friends for a while so all that bother is not needed.

A dismissive wave of the flipper, as if symbolically suggesting clearing the air.

"So, I would like to know where you stand in regards to the FKC. On the whole, we, that is Vrak, like you and would prefer to continue and even improve relations with you. But, I heard quite a bit of dissention with the last debate."

He stretched his flippers forward languidly, as if trying to make himself comfortable.
18-04-2005, 22:44
Sir Alec pours drinks and looks a tad disappointed as he hands them out "No flowery language? But I'm so good at it." he grins.

He sipped at his scotch and had a seat.

" Well, I personally like the FKC, but I think it would be a mistake for the Free Republic to join at this point. It's nothing personal against any nation it's just that I think that the FKC does not best represent the ideals of democracy that that are the foundation of the Free Republic.

I mean, I don't care how you govern your nation, it's just that at the same time I want to see the Free Republic move to make closer ties with other more democratic nations. No offence intended. I'm sure that whatever the final outcome is that the friendship between our nations will remain, as in the end, it has nothing to do with the FKC."

He paused for another sip. "I also think it's important that we are clear up that no matter what takes place here in the next weeks, that it will be at least until next February that the Republican Council will have the ability to sign on to the FKC. It needs to be put to a referendum. I also think that the Judiciary Lictors will be chomping at the bit to try the conflicting FKC constitutional issues, our own constitution as it's written makes for some legal issues that I don't think anyone is totally prepared for.

I, and the other Ministers I'm sure, are also very interested in what the rest of the Klatch feels about us joining? I mean, no one's even asked if we're at all welcome to join, have we?"
18-04-2005, 23:03
“Trying to get the opinions of all 20 plus states in the Klatch can be difficult. Besides, there is no real opposition to your interest in the Klatch. Oh, sure, the Midlonians are kicking up a fuss but I believe that has to do with the history between your two nations.”

A pause as he takes a sip.

“But I’m interested in this idea of pursuing ties with others of your own kind, as it were. By that logic, Vrak should cultivate closer ties with the likes of Automagfreek, Melkor Unchained, and even Menelmacar. Certainly you can agree that strengthening ties based only on the form of government is, well, naïve. Still, I can understand the concerns of a democracy in not wanting to associate with a form of government that they find…distasteful. After all, if the people ever found out, I suppose the leaders of a democracy would quickly find themselves removed from office in the next election.”

He spreads his flippers out.

“Vrakians are a practical people. We look beyond the system of government for furthering ties with other nations. Trade, respecting another’s boundries and sovereignty, and generally peaceful relations with all are what we respect. I would challenge any democracy to compare their diplomatic and political record with the FKC as a whole and Vrak in particular. And if one were to compare the FKC nation to another, then a fairer comparison would be comparing an entire region to the Klatch. Consider the behaviour of the region of Haven as a whole. I realize that you may still have strong ties to them but I’m merely using this as an example. Or, how about that democratic country called Knootoss?”

A small smile crept across the Minister’s face. He took care not to smile too widely since a smiling walrus with two rather large tusks tended to make some folks uncomfortable.

“I think you will find that states within the FKC are quite tolerate of how other states govern themselves and are willing to look past systems of government in order to help eachother.”
19-04-2005, 01:49
Sir Alec nods "You are correct, I do agree. No matter what happens with the FKC or the debate in the Republican Council, we will still be most assuredly supporting our friends in the Glorious Kingdom. Your nations past record to which you are referring is of course the reason that despite your unfortunate governmental systems is the reason we wish to remain close."

Sir Alec smiles "There is no reason that friends cannot disagree on some points, and remain friends. I am certain that you see shortcomings in our culture and our political system, and we have no issue with you making that known. I have no problem accepting constructive criticism from respected friends. I recall how our Special Envoy Miss Arden, now the Minister for Foreign Trade, resported how your Foreign Minister accepted her critique of the situation in Neo-Tyr without malice or anger. That was very impressive to us. We can stand to disagree so long as we are dealt with honestly and up front about such differences.

IF even half the nations of the FKC were as honest and up front as your nation....." He pauses and shrugs "I would daresay there would be no issue, but you are aware they are not. Pro-Knootian states exist in the FKC , nations in the FKC have threatened us militarily, these give us pause. We trust the Glorious Kingdom, we do not trust the FKC.

The Free Republic has a long, long history of not supporting wrong actions. If we joined the FKC and then an FKC State embarked on an imperialist war, we would under no circumstances support their actions. We left the UnAPS when the Scarlet Empire and The Imperium began planning to carve up and colonize Allanean territories. We left the IMC when the Democratic Dutch Republic illegally invaded Tanah Burung. We withdrew support of Tanah Burung when their collective presidency put it's people at risk through inaction and political paralyses. Not only do we need to consider the possibility of these things happening in regards to the FKC, but FKC states should also consider it."
21-04-2005, 15:12
With the Shadow General gone, the First Republican tabled the first motion.

"First motion up for vote today is allowing the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak to purchase sensitive military technologies. Minister Issem, what do you recommend on this issue?"

Minister Issem stood " Despite the Shadow General's warning on the Glorious Kingdom , I feel that strengthening the navy of the Glorious Kingdom will be of great benefit to the Free Republic. We have many areas of mutual concern in regards to maritime travel and territory. Strengthing the Vrakian Navy would help improve security along mutually used waterways and give the Free Republic an additional level of depth to naval capabilities and reach.

I would not recommend that Vrak be allowed to purchase Revenge Battleships, or Tollan Carriers, but should be allowed to purchase Jaguar Arsenal-Cruisers, Trident and Wolf-Hound submarines and enter into developmental contracts with Vaadian defence contractors."

The First Republican nodded "Very good, does anyone else have anything to add to that?"

Minister of Foreign Trade, Madrid Arden nodded " I support Minister Issem's tsance. Improved trade in all areas with the Glorious Kingdom would be only beneficial."

The First Republican nodded "Shall we vote then?"

There was a quick vote nine for yes, two for no, the V.L.P. voting aginst, as usual.

The First Republican moved on "The second motion is to pick an observer to send the FKC Parliament, Minister Connover, you have drawn up a list?"

Sir Alec nodded and stood "Yes sir. I have also suggested that we appoint the observer as a Special Envoy to the Republican Council as well, just incase anything comes up, our observer can weigh in politically and officially on the Council's behalf. I would propose that we pick one of the following candidates:

The Nachxa, we all know his credentials and he has served as Special Envoy more times that most of us can count. He extremely able , competent and gets results well in excess of what is expected.

Tacha Itihitacl, grand-daughter of the Nachxa, she has served as his assistant an chief of staff for nearly ten years now and he has been pushing for her to be given a more active role by the Council. I am certain that with her training and experience she would serve admirably.

Dr. Sirdar Ali-Shah, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, she is imminently qualified.

and lastly Sir Ilem Arden, semi-retired, but with his experience and princely titles he may just be the man to go and throw his weight around with the likes of the Alconins , Midlonians and other undesireables."

The First Republican nodded " I think someone lower key that Sir Ilem would be warranted, The Nachxa should probably be sent."

Minister Arden smiled "I would send The Nachxa as well, my father has been trying to retire for quite some time now."

Minister Tadic nodded "Yes, by all means, let him enjoy his old age, I would like to see Dr. Ali-Shah go, I think we can all agree she is imminently qualified."

Minister Danielsson shakes his head "This is a big job, we need to send the heaviest hitter, it should be The Nachxa."

A quick vote was taken and it was nine to two, in favour of appointing The Nachxa as Special Envoy to the Republican Council and Observer to the FKC Parliament.

The Council then broke for lunch.
21-04-2005, 17:52
Sir Alec pulled out his Blackberry as he left the Council Chambers for lunch, he highlighted The Nachxa's office number and made the call.

"Hello, Jonathon. This is Sir Alec. The Republican Council has voted to send The Nachxa to Port Olympus to be the observer to the FKC Parliament."


In Costa-Tula The Nachxa sat quietly on his balcony, overlooking the city below and the Temple to the God-Emperor Centeotl, he sipped at his pulque and admired the cool winds gently wafting in from the straits. His assistant, Jonathon Tocatl came out and sat next to him.

Jonathon bowed his head reverently "Colli Nachxa, the Republican Council have asked that you go to Port Olympus and act as Special Envoy and observer to the FKC's Parliament."

The Nachxa nodded "Well, we knew that was coming. I had hoped they would pick Tacha, she has wanted duties of more importance for some time. Tell her she is coming with us, I think I will do just what they ask, sit back and observe. I'll let Tacha handle anything else."

Jonathon nodded and poured himself some pulque from the pitcher "Do you think the FKC could possibly be another IMC situation?"

The Nachxa smiled inscrutably "There are liars and fools the world over, Jonathon, we may encounter them anywhere."

Jonathon nodded "I'll make the travel arrangements tonight and get everything ready."

The Nachxa simply nodded.
21-04-2005, 19:16
The Inter-Klatchian Affairs minister frowned slightly before replying.

“All these things that you have mentioned certainly could happen within the FKC. I realize that there are pro-Knootian and perhaps even anti-Vaadian sentiment within the Klatch. That is the consequence of having a loosely bound confederation rather than a highly centralized form of government. I’m not sure exactly how to address those problems, save for perhaps an overhaul of the entire Klatchian government. And I don’t think that will be forthcoming anytime soon”

He leaned a bit closer.

“Our King, the current FKC president, is a great believer in sovereignty. This is why he is loathe to intervene in internal matters even within states. As you probably already know, the Klatch acts as one when an external threat is clear, but hardly united when each state decides to embark on its own…adventure. In these circumstances, states are free to give support or not. The King was pleased with the support given in the invasion of Neo Tyr, but even then it was a fine balancing act. I daresay the King could generate that level of support if he wanted to invade Neo Tyr for no reason at all.

Let us suppose that Ilek-Vaad was already a part of the FKC during that episode. You would be free not to support the FKC at all, thereby not supporting “wrong actions” as it were. Now, I cannot say that there would not be some disapproval from some quarters but it would a risk you would need to take. So really, each state has the option of supporting wrong actions or not. This is why the FKC president, whomever it will be since, well, our King is getting old, has to be a persuasive politician. This is also why the Klatch hasn’t gone on a rampage. In fact, most wars that the Klatch has engaged in have been defensive. There are still lingering effects from the Dozle war.

I can appreciate your nation wanting to support the “right” side of a conflict. We admire your efforts at peace and also your willingness to back your convictions with force. I refer here to the incident with Menelmacar purchasing land within Haven. To us, that elevated yourselves in our eyes, not just because we have had our own history with the elven nation. The truth is, there sometimes is no “right” side in a war. And justice can’t always be found in this present day.”

He shook his head to one side.

“What would it take to establish trust with the entire FKC, given the nature of our political system? A simple vote wanting you in?”
21-04-2005, 19:47
Sir Alec smiled "Yes , the whole Menelmacari incident, was.............interesting. We were originally the mouthpiece for a three state block in Haven in that action, but as soon as push came to shove, we found ourselves alone."

He sips at his scotch.

"That's the tricky bit, establishing trust in the FKC.............the Republican Council will be easy to convince, there are only two persons really opposed, and we can get along without them, so long as no constitutional changes are needed. FKC States simply keeping their word, supporting Vaadian positions and working with the Council will undoubtedly foster trust as far as we politicians are concerned. The big sticking point is the People. This would have to go to a referendum and right now only 16% would support it.

I think that is the main reason for this debate, to give the People a better look at the FKC hopefully in a positive light. I think that it's too hard to say until the debate really gets underway next week. Certainly having high profile Klatchians around making nice is always a good start, all the better if they are in the public and aren't acting particularly barbaric or communist or like nobility."

Sir Alec grins "The People don't necessarily care who or what you are, so long as you're honest about it and not too insistant about it. Maybe entering some racing teams from the FKC into the Coventry Fortnight? That would be extremely popular, Vaadians always trust people who understand auto-racing and put out a good team.

The whole really needs to be looked at again after the debates get underway next week. Then we can gauge waht the FKC's weak and strong points are in the eyes of the People. "

Sir Alec pauses and looks thoughtful "That and doing anything in general to hinder Knootoss and embarass their prime minister, the People love that."
21-04-2005, 21:35
The Vrakian quietly thought to himself. Did the Vaadians really know that once a state joined the Klatch that sometimes their policies ought to be subordinate to the Klatch's best interests? It is a loose confederation but still, the FKC is a confederation nonetheless. He wasn't sure if Sir Alec understood the concept of attainment as found in the constituion. Finally, the walrus was unsure about making Knootoss uncomfortable. True, the Knootians were a trading partner through KIST but their foreign policies as of late have much to be desired. And, well, their close relationship with Menelmacar did have the diplomatic corps conduct a review - which did result in the cancellation of the CAESAR computer contact. Besides, it was felt that Vrak could go it alone in that area. But to purposely frustrate them was another step that he wasn't sure if his state was willing to take. He still wasn't sure what support Knootoss gave, if any, during the OMP debacle led by those moronic Scandavian States. Further investigation into that matter was neeed, he thought.

The Minister signed. He was, at heart, a walrus that strove to unify the entirety of the Klatch. Somehow, it seemed to be a very big ocean to swim.

"Well, Sir Alec, I shall see what I can do regarding the auto racing event. I'll shall be in attendance and will also be available at the disposal of your government for any further questions. Are there any more questions you have?"
21-04-2005, 22:13
Sir Alec smiled and bowed to the Walrus.

"No, no more questions for tonight. I would ask that if possible you make available someone who can answer constitutional questions the Council may have over the next week or two? That would certainly help.

I think you'll enjoy the Coventry Fortnight, it starts as a weeklong roadrace from Lassic to Coventry and is topped off with the Coventry Gran Prix Formula One race. Sir Daniel Hill of Team Jaguar has won four years running. Last year there were only two foreign competitors, anyone that joins the race can usually gain quite a bit of popularity.

The other matters are secondary to the race of course."

Sir Alec winked as he said that.

"I hope you'll be around to watch more of the debates as well? I'll have to treat you to dinner some evening down at the Old Cock & Bull Public House."
26-04-2005, 23:13
After lunch the Republican Council reconvened, more or less open again. The First Republican took to the podium and gave a perfuncyory bang of his gavel.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this will be short and sweet. Starting next week we will debate in detail the Contitution of the Federation of Klatchain States. We will break up the debate into sections both for clarity and to allow us to continue with other matters urgent to the People.

The Debate will not interfere with the business of the People and will not hinder our ability to act and react as this body needs."

He paused and looked over his blackberry "The debate schedule wil be as follows- Monday afternoon and tuesday morning debate on Article I - Legislature, Thursday Article II-The Executive, the following Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning Article III -The Privy Council and on the following Thursday Article IV- The Judicature , the third Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning Article V-The States.

We will then take a week off from the Federation debate and then debate it's final destination before the People. That gives us all the weekend to review the material and finalize your arguments and positions."

He moved to have a seat when Sir Alec stood "May I add something?"

The First Republican looked leery and nodded "Very well Minister Connover."

"I just wanted to add that the Vrakian Minister for Inter-Klatchain Affairs will be making available someone, or somones that can answer questions we may have about the Constitution of the Federation." Sir Alec sat, indicating he was done.

The First Republican nodded "Very good, very good indeed. Now let's all have a relaxing weekend. Council adjourned, see everyone Monday."

With that the Council headed out for the weekend.


Meanwhile in Costa-Tula The Nachxa looked over brochures for various comfortable mansions in Port Olympus, due to his excessive personal wealth, he could afford just about anything.

"What about the neighborhoods Jonathon? I don't want to live near any socialites or wealthy elite, Maybe something rundown I can rennovate, in a working class neighborhood." The Nachxa said as he shook his head.

Mr. Tocatl nodded "I'll call the Realtors again sir."

The Nachxa nodded "Well, let's have something by Monday then, I'm not going to parliament until I have some place just right to relax."

Mr. Tocatl headed off to make some more calls.
Alcona and Hubris
27-04-2005, 17:27
The Nachxa's present Relator was a young woman with blond hair named Angie Hagwaithe who had become known for helping the forign elite in their Port Olympus property investments, being that she didn't all but call them barbarians to their face. And she actually returned their phone calls.

Angie of course was having a decided problem with Nachxa's new odd request. A large mansion or similar house in a working class neighborhood. This was Port Olympus not Detroit. The city had all been but limited in growing area for centuries by the Vrakians. So in general workers lived on the outside rim of the orginal city (where errent shells against the city's fixed defenses were more likely to fall) in large housing blocks.

The captial period had opened up new areas for development for both middle class and lower class housing. But the city was controlled by the Privy Council, who had all been ruled by the Alconians. Alconian city planning tended towards dense developments with farmland surrounding them and connected by good roads and mass transit. It made sense to a nation made up of achipelagos, and sense in some ways to a district of less than 400 square miles.

But the Nachex wanted big in working class. Well she had something. But it wasn't in a bad neighboorhood. It was in the worst imaginable. She shrugged. "I will write a warning...but the customer knows what he wants..."

To: The Nachex
From: Angie Hagwaithe
Subject: Your request for housing.

I am afraid there is little on the market for what you described earlier and in an area of the type you have just recently requested. However, there is one property located on Temple Benji Square that might meet your earlier stated requirements and present desire for a lowerclass neighborhood.

I warn you that the area around Temple Benji is a high crime rate area. However the building in question is a mixed use structure with a ground floor store, secure parking which is always a plus in this city, and over 5,000 square feet of living space. I have included a photo of the structure. No lineside is presently available, and it is up for auction at only 60,000 Kr minimum. I feel that we can pre-purchase it for 75,000 Kr.

I am told that the mechanicals should be in working order but that the interiors have suffered greatly due to vanadlism and other events.
27-04-2005, 19:52
Mr. Tocatl received and read over the information from Miss Hagwaithe, he in turn took it to The Nachxa who was pesently going over his portfolio.

"How about this Colli? It is apparently in the worst neighborhood in Port Olympus, security may be an issue? We can have it for seventy five thousand kronor" Jonathon mused.

The Nachxa smiled at the picture "Yes, yes, that looks fine. I don't think that Imhitec will have any issues with security, still let him know where it is so that he can plan accordingly. Go ahead and buy it and hire contractors to gut it and restore the facade. Have my designer draw up plans as soon as we get the floor plan. Seventy five thousand kronor? That's only fifty six thousand drachma...........well under what I had budgeted."

Jonathon nodded "As you wish Colli Nachxa."

Jonathon then headed off to confer with The Nachxa's security and to give Miss Hagwaithe the go ahead and The Nachxa's debit card number to make the purchase with cash. He then set about retaining a general contractor in Port Olympus, with a sizeable retainer fee.
Alcona and Hubris
28-04-2005, 17:32
The debit card was charged 95,000 krondors, also covering Miss Hagwaithe's flat fee. Considering the prices being dealt with earlier, paying your Agent a flat fee had seemed a prudent move. Of course she was going to earn that fee in the next few days and weeks.

Jonathon quickly learned how polite or impolite people could be in Port Olympus at saying "NO". The list of bonded contractors that Miss Hagwaithe had provided was quickly depleted until the last name on the list, an addition she had added at the last moment. Quincy Mining, how or why they were contractors was shrouded in semi mystery.

The company's superviser in Port Olympus, named Huffmann, had a gruff, Alconian sounding voice that did not politely tell Jonathon to take a hike when the address of number five Temple Benji Square was mentioned He just paused for a moment on his end of the line.
"That is the edge of the Shades…one of the gateways actually to that den of lawlessness and crime. I am going to have charge you a 50% war zone fee and hire security until your security personnel get here, of course you'll be charged their fee in addition…No, I know some people who are reliable….Yes, I realize you have your own security forces, they can take over as soon as they arrive…I think taking possession immediately would be the safest action in this situation….I will send out a few guards immediately and a survey team tomorrow morning."

The prices he quoted were high, but not extreme either for the security or the per workman/per hour price. An escrow account for initial labor and materials was arranged and Huffmann said he would get back to Jonathon tomorrow about what his crew found.

Huffmann did not call the next day.

Of course the fax line was busy, twelve notifications of lawsuits brought up against The Nachxa of Ilek-Vaad. By the end Abigail had gotten seven thrown out as nuisance suits.
"Well here is the situation, " She advised late that evening, "we have five lawsuits with merit at the moment. Utical is claiming that the Patrician made a verbal agreement to sell them the property for 65 thousand. But I think that isn't going to go much of anywhere…although they have deep pockets and are your neighbor. The second suit is by the Ladies Improvement Society, they want the building torn down because it is a den of immorality and crime. The Catholic Synod is suing because they don't want the graveyard bulldozed down by a known atheist state. The other two lawsuits are one, buy the City Department of Works to use eminent domain to seize the property for construction of a water tower. I have no clue what they are up to…and the last one is by the Temple Benji Guild for 345 million krondor in back maintenance fees and interest. Basically they are implying that owner of the property inherently is responsible for paying the back fees, which seem to date back to 907 by the paperwork listed here."

She paused, "And you've eaten up the standard fifty hours of free legal advice by my office in less that a day. A new record. Also we have a problem with the tax office, they appear to think the property is twelve story office building worth twenty four million krondor. Strangely the description matches the nearby Utical Office building. I'll got threaten them nicely and get a real valuation on the property."

In some ways no one owned the Shades. Tax collection and property records had all but become useless by the middle of the eighteenth century. The distant Vrakian Overlords really didn't care, the owners found it too expensive to actually collect rents, and stopped paying taxes on the property, so in effect the city owned the whole blasted area. But the city leaders never really felt the desire to do anything with it, mainly because they all used it for various sundry activities they didn't want the Vrakians knowing about. Too much money was being made elsewhere in the city for the Vrakians to care, so the Shades were in effect left as a commonly owned anarchy. One in which the phrase, "Everything that is mine is mine, everything that I can rip from your dead fingers is mine." But as the commercial portions of the city were built higher and higher, only the power of the Guilds allowed the Shades to continue.

The Night of the Knives and the effective breaking of the Guilds by the Privy Council (using the new JDF) had demonstrated who ruled the city. Now as property prices increased, the Shades were being slowly claimed by actual owners, a new land rush in the heart of the city. The Nachxa had just joined that same movement. And various elements of the city wanted him out, their piece of the foreign prince's pocket, or both.
28-04-2005, 17:59
Jonathon Tocatl listened to all the problems one at a time and didn't particularly seem concerned by any of them , The Nachxa answered some of the lawsuit questions directly while Jonathin set about hiring the most expensive, ill-tempered, corrupt and sucessful Alconian lawyer in Port Olympus.

The Nachxa replied quite politely to each issue in turn "Please inform the Ladies Improvement Society that the building will be cleared and will no longer be a den of iniquity, that it will be my primary residence. It will only be torn down if it proves structurally unsound. nform them that their lwsuit will only eat their valuable resources, especially since my occupation of premises will resolve their issue.

Inform the Catholic Synod that I was unaware of any cementary on the property and if there is, it will not be touched. I am sure that you can inform them that my realtor made no mention of a cementary.

I have no comment on the Cities plans for a water tower.

I would like to see the Temple Benji Guild's papers and see where in those contracts from 907 that state that fees will be paid by all future owners in perpetuity.

I will be leaving Costa-Tula in the morning and will arrive a few hours later in Port Plympus. I have already begun retaining a lawyer , thank you for your help Miss Hagwaithe. Please bill me for any time over your contracted legal services."

With that, he hangs up. He then sits and reads the paper.


Meanwhile the real muscle of The Nachxa is set in motion. Jonathon Tocatl after retaining a lawyer and apprising them of the situation contacts the LNS news and local papers all over the Free Republic, he feeds them the leads and facts in about the lawsuits. In the Southern Tolteca Republic the news of the 'obstructionist' lawsuits are front page and denounce the 'inhospitable' manner of Klatchians in general. Reporters from the Free Republic's hundreds of independant news organizations begin flooding Port Olympus in hours to uncover 'corruption' and feed the sensational story.

In particular Command General Itzcoatl ( A fellow Tlatloni of The Nachxa) of the 9th Red Jaguar Command is quoted by the LNS World News -

"Dogs and sons of dogs make their home in Port Olympus. To deny my Icniuhtli
Nachxa a place to live is beyond insult, should I not be restrained by the Supreme Republican Commander I should surely go there myself and answer each insult personally. His presence in their cess pool of a city can only improve things. It only shows their lack of culture and manners that they receive The Nachxa in such a disgraceful way."

Pundits and commentors across the nation begin weighing in on the shabby treatment of one of their national heros. Oddly, neither The Nachxa or his staff have anything to say publicly except that they have retained legal counsel to look into the matter.


In Lassic, enjoying his Saturday off Sir Alec watches the news and pales considerably "Oh good lord."

As he speaks that his phone rings and it is of course, the Office of the First Republican. He hurriedly gets dressed and heads to the First Republican's home for a chat.

OOC: Insulting The Nachxa is what caused the major problems with Knootoss ;)
Alcona and Hubris
28-04-2005, 21:02
OOC: Realize that the deziens of Port Olympus are Miss Hagwaithe. And the fact is he opened a can of worms, should have just let little old Utical buy it and flatten it to build a parking ramp.

Jonathon Tocatl's first attempt at obtaining the services of the most ill-mannered, corrupt lawyer in the city floundered when he found out she was Treasurer of the Ladies Improvement Society. Her sister did take the case, placing Carnaf and Carnaf in an interesting position.

The younger Carnaf, Jill, who was considered bright, polite (she asked how to address her new client properly) and ruthless in the courtroom. She informed him that the Ladies Improvement Society was decidedly a group to worry about. Between the rich women who had lost their husbands (but kept his fortune) and the list of former young women who had been in the 'profession' but had managed to get out and up in society (usually as those second wives who then outlived their husbands but got their companies) and a sprinkling of active do gooders, they had very deep pockets. A truce might be made with a face to face meeting after his arrival.

Carnaf thought Utical was after something besides the property but wasn't sure what.

The reporters first view of the corruption of Port Olympus was that they needed to buy 'security' cards from the Olympic Security Association. The cost of 60 krondor for five weeks likely caused a few to denounce…well…corruption. Those that refused really didn't see much crime anyway. Although one reporter was pointedly told by a man in a blue uniform that it was his duty to mug her, but demanded only a twenty because 'anymore would mean filling out paperwork'.

At the City Courthouse across the street from the Patrician's Palace things were normally busy with the day to day routine. Most of the cases here were civil not criminal anymore, the criminal court moving uptown in the past two hundred years. The old prison had become a wel-known hotel in the past few centuries. The international reporters likely complained about the city having a sales tax but no income tax. Regressive Taxation against the poor might be one good headline. The cost of hotel rooms within the city was prohibitively expensive. Port Olympus was likely the most corrupt city on the face of the planet. But not even the vaunted independent reporters of Ilek-Vaad were going to find anything instantaneously.

Street interviews around the courthouse typically garnered three responses:
"Who? the what? Sorry I've never heard of him…her…whoever."

A blank look as though one did not ask someone like them something in public.

"Oh, the bigwig from er…Ilek-Vaad who got 59,000 square feet for seventy five thousand. Deal of the century…worth millions."

But the big news story out of Port Olympus was a wire story that occurred during that day:

Fire Fight at the Palace of The Nachxa

A firefight began in the early morning hours today at 5 Temple Benji Square when QMC security personnel and several members of their engineering squad began securing the property for the Vaadian Billionaire known as The Nachxa. Who began the process of purchasing the property from the government the day before. At approximately 6:00 am three eight-member squads of QMC personnel with support of two LAVs surrounded the building and demanded the immediate vacancy of "Any and All Squatters". Two teams then moved to enter the building through the main gate facing the Temple. Upon reaching the courtyard one team came under heavy fire from an upstairs window. Lieutenant Jhon Nars of the first team gave us this view inside the first few minutes.

"We had just secured the carriage way that goes from the front of the house to the courtyard when an M-60 machine gun opened fire on us from a second floor window. We then encountered hostile elements in the covered parking area with submachine guns. We returned fire at that time. Team two then proceeded to attempt a flanking maneuver to break up their groups and force them to retreat from the structure."

Commander Huffmann:
"Team two encountered problems trying to cross from the area they had just secured, to the rear portion of the structure. The team ran into resistance on the second floor of the structure. Team one responding by throwing flash bangs through a window, but were off by a floor. This resulted in the discovery and destruction of a methaphatamine lab in one room of the structure. The buildings fire suppression system was still operating, but was not designed to handle a chemical fire. As such the fire was spread to an underground laundry area and the city sewer line before the proper fire fighting equipment could be summoned."

The City Watch Fire brigade answered the call as well as support personnel from QMC. Firefighter Rex Abrams:
"When we got to the scene, Quincy was arriving at the same time. Primarily because people are getting out of the way for those IFV's and not our fire trucks. Anyway, we arrived at the scene with a chemical fire of unknown origin on the first floor of this structure in some sort of kitchen type area. QMC deployed their foam system using water from the fountain while we at first began hooking up to a decoy hydrant. When the bugger turned on the bollard it was sitting on top of we realized we needed to find another water source. I think by that time QMC had moved an IFV into the courtyard to protect their cherry picker and hose man. We finally deployed assisting QMC in fogging over an area that might have been used for chemical storage. Evaluation says that the fire did not spread beyond those two rooms and the city drain. "

Damage estimates to the building are unknown at this time. However, significant damage had already occurred due to the Security Association's raid on the building eighteen months earlier, which left five officers and fifteen civilians dead. Although no deaths have been reported, sources indicate one individual was taken into custody. However QMC officials are refusing to provide any details on the captured squatter, they say they will inform their employer on the matter when he arrives and let him deal with the matter.

Press Release Office of the Privy Council
The Special Envoy from Ilek-Vaad has purchased property within the city of Port Olympus. As such he has become subject to several disagreements over that property and must work out those disagreements, either outside or through the courts of this City and her laws. I ask that all parties attempt mediation before continuing on with these lawsuits but I can only do so in a moral capacity.

I hope that the citizens of the Republic of Ilek-Vaad will realize that his choice of property, and its location, is the apparent cause of the lawsuits against The Nachxa in the City Courts. If this is some underhanded attempt by parties yet unknown to defraud, or demean the Special Envoy, they will suffer swift justice.

Landgravine Hubris
Outer Consul of the Federation

"I don't know who released all of this to the press but they were fools. I mean I could have quietly forced a quick resolution to all of this. Oh well, the best the boys could come up with…damn." The Landgravine mused as she signed off on press release.
28-04-2005, 21:47
Sir Alec sat on the terrace behind the First Republican's house, the First Republican stood a few feet away with his falcon perched on his gauntlet.

"Well, well, The Nachxa is making quite a start in Port Olympus, isn't he Alec." He mused as he fed the falcon another bit of meat.

Sir Alec shrugged "Well, we did want to send our best and highest profile man, I mean we only send him when we have good intentions, the Alconians should be quite honoured. I also think that this will give them the best taste of how Vaadians react to a lack of law and order and murky shady property dealings. I think The Nachxa will teach them a lesson perhaps."

The First Republican smiled as he let the falcon go "I think that Imhitec will give them the first lesson."

Sir Alec shrugged "Heavy weapons in Port Olympus seems par for the course, if squatters are using heavy machine guns then they can't object to Imhitec and his lads."

The First Republican watched the falcon soar out of sight "Still, what do we do?"

Sir Alec smiled "It's Staurday, we relax. This is between The Nachxa and his neighbors, it has nothing to do with our government. Let the local laws and courts work things out and if there has been a grievious miscarriage of justice, then we complain. But for now, it's not our area."

They both looked up as the falcon returned, with a bottle of Bud Light.................


In Costa-Tula The Nachxa accelerated his schedule , deciding to leave directly, his two personal Mrathon-B Transports awaited them, at Costa-Tula's Naval Guard Airport , he had decided to take the bulk of his staff as there seemed to be several problems that needed to be dealt with.

Jonathon was already on the phone with the Klatchian Marshals Office to secure the proper identification for The Nachxa's security staff .

The Nachxa climbed aboard and relaxed calmly in the comfort of the jet, his grand-daughter Tacha sitting next to him and Jonathon across from him.

Jonathon scowled "We should wait, you'll have to use a hotel, the house will take time to secure, and I'm sure there will be additional law suits because of the fire damage."

The Nachxa opened the book he was reading and smilied inscrutably "No matter Jonathon, no matter."

Tacha smiled " I think Imhitec would at least like you to wait a dayor two while he cleaned things up, he gets so self-conscious when you peer over his shoulder."

The Nachxa shrugged " I'll stay well away from the house until he's cleared it, he knows that he has a free hand. I trust his judgement." he paused a second "Jonathon, call our lawyer , Miss Carnaff and tell her to meet us straightaway, I would like to meet with the Ladies Improvement Society as soon as possible, they will be the easiet to diffuse."

Tacha laughed "I wonder what ladies they are trying to improve?"

They had a general laugh at that and then Jonathon called Miss Carnaf. He also placed a call to QMC to have them hold off on further assaults or actions until they arrived.


The second Martahon was dutifully loaded with The Nachxa's Jaguar XJ12 Sovereign limosine, it looked ordinary enough, all black and chrome, but was armoured and bullet proofed in every respect. Along with it was Colonel Imhitec and his ten 'lads'.

None of them stood under six and a half feet tall, all former Red Jaguar Commandos and all Tolteca, scowling and and angry countenances are etched on their reddish brown faces as they secure their weaponry and ammunition. Each one of them securing their own FN-HAR rifle and several thousand rounds of the .30-06 armour piercing ammunition and 30mm grenades.

They also loaded their body armour and the 'Sonic Scream' grenade launcher replacement for the FN-HAR's, used for crowd control, it is a disabling sonic device that is non-lethal.

Imhitec grunted to his men "Misreable foreign dogs. If they defy The Nachxa, we will kill them, mark my words."

One of his lads spat "Inhospitable curs! To think, their diplomats receive a welcome and escort from the Velite Guard and our diplomats are received with lawsuits!"

They took their seats and within minutes, the super-sonic transport was on it's way.

OOC: I almost spelled Olympus as Plympus............Port Plympus?
Alcona and Hubris
29-04-2005, 00:03
OOC: Damn it man...although I rp the captial it isn't in A+H it is over there on the border of D.B. and Vrak...The Alconians wouldn't give a flying whoop of who you send to Port Olympus. Think D.C. here...D.C. isn't Maryland or Virginia...and definitley not Hawaii (and Alconians would not let one of their cities get that out of control...they are too damn anal retentive)

IC: The International Aiport at Port Olympus had a seperate diplomatic terminal near a shipping canal. Sleek and modern with windows looking out onto the water comfortable chairs, and a bar, it came across more as club than a terminal.

Presently the terminal had three souls waiting for the Envoy and his staff. Lieutenant Marshal Kreiger stood quietly waiting by a counter in an expensive suit with a cane held in his hands behind his back. In his mid twenties with an already visiable recceding hairline, and glasses he seemed more akin to working at a computer terminal somewhere than standing here.

The second individual was a tall wirry brunette in a dark buisness suit and was talking on her cell phone. She was trying not to stare in admoration of the third person waiting.

Well person in the larger Klatchian sense, anyway. It looked like a giant fox standing about four feet tall wearing a costume that looked like it had been made in early 19th century England. The creature carried a top hat in his gloved paws with a walking cane.

The Marshal stepped forward as the group approached. "Ah...Sir...Welcome to Port Olympus...sorry for the circumstances that force your early arrival, but we hope they will only prove to be minor inconiences."

"I do beleive you have not met the honorable Miss Carnaf who is presently your attorney here in Port Olympus...."

"Grand to meet you Sir, I hope we can get these pesky matters delt with. Although having you in town for the closing will make life a great deal easier."
She also presented her hand to the dignitaries.

"And I have the honor of introducing you to Ozy Lleweian, Speaker of the Klatchian Parliament...." He pointed to the gray fox who gave a short headbow.

"A pleasure Sir, it is a damnable shame what the Vrakians let this town sink to. More con artists per square mile than even New York. I hope you accept the apology of the Klatchian Parliament for a few of its less desirable citizens. And my personal offer of hospitality until your own new home can be made habitable."

The Marshall blinked at that last comment.
The phone at the other end of the line for QMC went "Huh?" the sounds of hammers banging and a truck backing up made conversation difficult. A moment later Huffman was on. "Sorry for not contacting you earlier, my new assistant dropped my cell down a sewer drain when that meth lab went up....want me to stop what? Yes sir, I will stop any and all actions and assults at this time. Yes we will just mop up and secure waiting for you....I will send my assistant to the airport to get you back here. This isn't an easy place to find if your new to the city....Good by sir."

Huffman hung up the phone. "Really I get sick of rear eschelon MF's...but then I haven't been keeping him informed. Now where is the call button on this thing?...and I didn't tell you to stop. Get that bulkhead finished....and Talyor stop playing with the damn cherry picker and get that plastic sheet over that whole...Now."
29-04-2005, 14:42
OOC: The WHOLE Klatch is A&H, after all you practically hand-picked the Consul of the Privy Council.........illegally some might say.............anyhow the Vaadians see yous guys as puppet masters, or at the very least attempted puppet masters.

The Nachxa a very handsome gentleman in his late fifties or early sixties and is as always dressed in a dark blue suit with a suitably matching tie and shirt. He looks to be in better than average shape , he has shoulder length white hair that stands our against his bronze skin and he wears dark, well completely opaque, wraparound sunglasses, he has a cane, but carries it much more than using it. Both Tacha and Jonathon Tocatl have dark skin, eyes and hair, typically Tolteca and both bear what could at the very least be described as a 'family' resemblance to The Nachxa. Jonathon appears to be in his late fifties and Tacha perhaps only in her early twenties, both are dressed smartly in dark business suits.

He waits for the Marshal to finish his greetings and then returns them in the order of importance, offering his hand and a smile to each

" Ah, Ozymandias Llewellyn. I fear that your name may be a bit bruised, every Alconian we have contact with drops your name as often as possible, a distinct pleasure to meet you.

Miss Carnaf, very pleased to meet you in person, and thank you for your greeting Marshal, I am certain that any unfortunate circumstances are merely minor and can be quickly resolved.

This is my Chief of Staff Tacha Itihitacl and my assistant Jonathon Tocatl."

He motions to each and they step forward and shake hands as well.

The Nachxa nods to Ozymandias " I thank you for your offer , but I believe that Mr. Tocatl has already arranged for our lodgings, though I do appreciate your offer I would not want to intrude on your privacy, and your apologies are unnecesary, for such minor misunderstandings as they are bound to happen and I have taken no offence at them."

Both Tacha and Tocatl look a bit disapproving when Mr. Llewellyn slights the Vrakians, but The Nachxa not only seems calm and concilliatory, but he simply oozes calm , it is palpable about him, like a thick perfume, his calm friendly demeanor runs contrary to typical Vaadian behaviour towards foreigners.

The Nachxa motions back towards the runway " I do think that my team of 'advisors' do require some direction to get to my new home to take care of security and seeing to the ongoing construction and I am eager to get to resolving these lawsuits as quickly possible. I hope there are no objections?"

Back at the jets Imhitec and his men are off loading the limosine and their own 'Vindicator' an armoured car used by the Velite Guard, it is of course simply black with no markings and looks like a larger version of a Ford Crown Victoria.
29-04-2005, 20:36
Sir Alec smiled and bowed to the Walrus.

"No, no more questions for tonight. I would ask that if possible you make available someone who can answer constitutional questions the Council may have over the next week or two? That would certainly help.

I think you'll enjoy the Coventry Fortnight, it starts as a weeklong roadrace from Lassic to Coventry and is topped off with the Coventry Gran Prix Formula One race. Sir Daniel Hill of Team Jaguar has won four years running. Last year there were only two foreign competitors, anyone that joins the race can usually gain quite a bit of popularity.

The other matters are secondary to the race of course."

Sir Alec winked as he said that.

"I hope you'll be around to watch more of the debates as well? I'll have to treat you to dinner some evening down at the Old Cock & Bull Public House."

The Minister heaved his bulk and politely thanked Sir Alec for his time. After all, both were very busy personages in their respective governments. He also said that yes, he would like t visit the public house and he will get back to him about the racing event.

He left without much ceremony back to his lodgings. There, he composed a brief report and sent a copy to the VIS - heavily encrypted of course. He then reflected on the whole affair and, after catching up on the goingons in Port Olympus, he began to plot his stategy.
29-04-2005, 21:28
As the Vrakian Minister for Inter-Klatch Affairs caught up on the goings on in Port Olympus his office was contacted by the Chief of Staff for the First Republican, who requested, that if possible, they meet Saturday evening at the residence of the First Republican to discuss both the constitutional debate and the 'complications' in Port Olympus.

There were of couurse directions to the residence and an offer to pick up the Minister and his entourage if it was necessary.


Meanwhile, V.L.P. party headquarters, Costa-Tula

Aliyah Yusuf smiled as her face was shown across the nation denouncing the treatment of The Nachxa , she turned to her strategist, the imminent Mr. Yakob.

"Well, now, I think I can see us challenging the P.R.P. sooner than five years. They are about to make the same mistake with the FKC as our government did with Knootoss. We were eaten alive for not commenting on Knootoss' actions and now they're taking the same stance."

Mr. Yakob smiled "It is the correct stance, in regards to foreign relations, they don't want to be seen as attempting to circumvent the laws of Port Olympus."

Ms. Yusuf nodded "Yes, but the Klatch only has about a 16% approval rating with the people, if we can tie the P.R.P. as close to our less popular neighbors as possible ............"

Mr. Yakob chuckles "Precisely. I think the media needs to revisit the meeting Sir Alec had with the Minister of Inter-Klatchian Affairs, and of course the Visit of a Miss Blackwell, Key of Torrhaven to the First Republican, how bad it will look that their diplomats are welcomed while ours are sued. "

Ms. Yusuf stood and looked out the window over the sparkling blue bay "I sense a shift in the balance of power." She turned to her secretary "Get me Scipio Nemaraan on the phone, maybe we can get R.O.P. backing, if we have them, we have a Quorum and can at least get a day of debate out of this whole Port Olympus situation and help derail the Klatch debate and the Progressives!"

Mr. Yakob smiled " Now you're getting it, you'll be First Republican yet!"
Alcona and Hubris
30-04-2005, 10:54
" Ah, Ozymandias Llewellyn. I fear that your name may be a bit bruised, every Alconian we have contact with drops your name as often as possible, a distinct pleasure to meet you."

"I am a soft fuzzy thing so my name is a stuffed toy that just flops over and lays there when dropped." Was the fox creature's reply. Which was true, his paw-hands were quite soft and fuzzy.

The Nachxa nods to Ozymandias " I thank you for your offer , but I believe that Mr. Tocatl has already arranged for our lodgings, though I do appreciate your offer I would not want to intrude on your privacy, and your apologies are unnecesary, for such minor misunderstandings as they are bound to happen and I have taken no offence at them."

"An offer of hospitality is best when unneeded. And critisim is best when it comes from a freind. Until a more formal welcome can be orginized for you, feel free to come to Parliament as you need and desire." The fox stood there quietly just listening to the others and making no real gestures with his paw-hands

The Nachxa motions back towards the runway " I do think that my team of 'advisors' do require some direction to get to my new home to take care of security and seeing to the ongoing construction and I am eager to get to resolving these lawsuits as quickly possible. I hope there are no objections?"

The Marshal interupted, "Ah sir if you could get your advisors to come to the security door? I need to issue them their idenfication now as well as you and your staff." He pointed to a device built in the nearby counter.

The lawyer smiled at them all but seemed to be searching her client's two aides for something. "When you and your aides have been issued your identification, we need a moment to talk in private."

Back at the jets Imhitec and his men are off loading the limosine and their own 'Vindicator' an armoured car used by the Velite Guard, it is of course simply black with no markings and looks like a larger version of a Ford Crown Victoria.

Well by now they had likely noticed the several motocycles and two large armored SUV's parked nearby, actually between them an the terminal. Men in blue police uniforms carrying various weapons waited around their vehicles

The only other person apparently in this area was sitting on the hood of a utility version of a range rover with the letters QMC painted on the side. A young woman in a jump suit laying on her back looking at the ships in the canal passed.
01-05-2005, 19:22
The Nachxa smiled at Ozymandius' response.

" Perhaps it would be best if I did take up your most hospitable offer. I always do loathe to stay in hotels."

The Nachxa then turns to Jonathon as the Marshal explains where he wants security to line up, as The Nachxa turns, Jonathon nods and heads back out onto the runway to collect Imhitec and his men. Imhitec and his men have busily loaded the trunks of both cars and loaded their FN-HAR's and slung them over their ample shoulders. The Follow Jonathon and line up at the security door. None of them have an even vaguely civil look about them and scowl at the troops and other foreigners about, making sure to only speak in Tolteca, a language much like Navajo, if you haven't grown up speaking it, you were unlikely to learn it.

The Nachxa then nodded to Miss Carnaf "Yes, I would imagine we have several things that we need to discuss, while Jonathon and Imhitec are getting situated we can talk in my car, if the Marshal and Mr. Llewellyn don't mind?"
Alcona and Hubris
01-05-2005, 22:01
Ozy just tilted his head at that response. "Do as you feel most convient Sir." Was his reply.

"Um, are we going to your hotel or his house?" Miss Carnaf asked. "Just so I can order a taxi to pick me up you see. But we can discuss things in the car. I think the Marshal will go where you tell him to...excluding outside of the city...hell and the Performers Guild. The mimes...they are revolting, I mean in revolt."

The guards were cycled through the idenfication process. Which took a moment for each I.D with an image and digitized thumbprint to be produced, laminated and handed over to each individual. "If you don't want problems with the local Security just keep those on when your carrying outside of your lodgings." The Marshal said in sort of a repetative monolog.

A Parliamentary Police officer wandered over to point out " pick-ups from the terminal are over there." He pointed to what looked like a small hanger attached to the end of the terminal. No one else, exept for the girl on the truck seemed to care about the well armed men or their odd lanquage. It couldn't be any worse than trying to speak low Var after all. Or hear high Var. That and most Olympians acting as police were too arrogant to really care about a bunch of oddly speaking, poorly dressed, half-civilized thugs that this supposed foreign Prince had brough along with him.

The JDF personel were such a mix of State nationalities anyway, well primarily Alconians (running security), Vrakian (running air operations), and Benjian (doing grunt work), that most didn't notice a new lanquage getting thrown about.

In general everyone in the JDF kept 'private' conversations in their own lanquages anyway. Vrakians used Vrakian of course, even though Alconians tended to train some people in it. Alconians used Manx since it was the unoffical second lanquage of their state military and most knew it. Benjians just used their slang which was quite incypherable to everyone but a Benjian or a Deyllian. As insults go, that one went nowhere.
02-05-2005, 14:08
The Nachxa nodded to everyone that was talking at him and simply nodded "We will accept Mr. Llewellyn's offer for the time being. If you like I will have my driver take you back to your office, or where ever else it is that you need to go. I don't anticipate going anywhere else today. While we are headed to Mr. Llewellyn's house the Marshal can point Jonathon and Imhitec to my new house so that they can oversee the work and security."

After receiving the badges Imhitec and his men went back to the vehicles , one of them driving each , two in addition to the driver got into the limosine and Mr. Tocatl got into the Vindacator with the rest of them, they drove to the termninal and picked up everyone that was going with them, The Nachxa holding the door open for his guest.

"Mr. Llewellyn, are you riding with us, or shall we follow you?"
Alcona and Hubris
02-05-2005, 14:59
The inside of the hanger like space could accomidate six limos. Already inside was a emerald green Duesenberg SJ roadster covertable sat quietly with its top up.

Ozy pointed to it, "I need to take back my wife's car. Although she will be quite annoyed to hear I got to drive it through the city unencumbered by the normal traffic."

He turned and entered the right side of the car. The sound of the eight cylinders starting and purring filled the space.

The Marshall walked down to the Vindicator with a small phone in his hand. "There is apparently someone from Quincy waiting outside the security perimiter...we don't let mercs close to the V.I.P terminal." He pointed through the wall before turning and walking out the main door.

A moment later an armored SUV and two motorcycles appeared and the Duzy followed them out and down the tarmac. The second SUV and remaining cycles took up the end position of the convoy.

They passed the young woman and her rover. She watching the covoy speed past. Then the Vindicator as it rolled up towards her.

The wind started to pick up as the diplomatic convoy moved east under the runways and the international terminal before hitting a highway. The rain was falling by the time they left the first tunnel. It was really pouring by the time the convoy hit the city center.

Miss Carnaf had not wasted time after getting seated in the limo. "Alright, first triage. Did any one here, She looked at The Nachxa staff with them in the car with a peiricing look, or on your staff, contact the Ilek-Vaad press about these lawsuits? Because they just decided to call your Vrakian neighbors Utical, cheats and criminals on the international news. Which has the potential from turning a minor, negotiable problem into..."

The look on The Nachxa's grand daugher's face made a sudden realization of what was going on.

Oh my god, they are f***king clueless. "Do you know how Vrakians megacorporations conduct buisness? I don't mean internationally, I mean internally?" She had a look that was a mixture of concern and shock.
02-05-2005, 16:13
OOC: oooh, a Duesenberg.


The Nachxa looked as calm, and unconcerned as ever he did follow Miss Carnaf's gaze towards Tacha as he answered.

"Yes, Mr. Tocatl did indeed contact various organizations about my moving to Port Olympus. The news organizations follow my every move so Johnathon always contacts them first so they aren't constantly hounding me."

Tacha also smiles at Miss Carnaff "Actually I think that Utical will soon be the very least of our problems. I have contacted Mr. Al Azarad at the First Republican's office."

The Nachxa raised an eyebrow "I didn't realize that you knew Mr. Al Azarad? I did see that report by Mr. Llama, it was very in depth. I don't think that any of these issues are very serious. I will go ahead with my rennovations and moving into my house no matter what twists and turns the courts take, evenrtually everything will work out the way I plan." he paused and smiled confidently "They always do. I am simply concerned about working these issues out with the least amount of friction as possible, and if that means using the press to lean on Utical, or making the press go away, it can be done. I think that Utical needed an object lesson. I'm sure Mr. Llama can dig up mounds of dirt on them, just as he does with corporations and politicians in Ilek-Vaad."

Tacha nodded "Tell Utical to lay off, or Vrak and it's corporations risk endangering their hold on the marketplace of five billion plus Vaadian consumers. Vaadians don't do business with corrupt companies, and Vrak is one of the few states that is actually allowed to take advantage of Vaadian markets. I'm sure with a call or two to Minister Arden, Utical can find it's goods and services no longer needed in the Free Republic."

The Nachxa smiled to Tacha "That's a bit blunt my dear."

Tacha shrugs "I'd be less threatening to Utical in person, but I think our lawyer requires the knowledge of who exactly she is representing." she pauses and turns to Miss Carnaff " To over a third of the citizens of the Free Republic, Colli Nachxa is a living link to the past, the underworld and the God-Emperors. To the rest, he is is a national hero responsible for more good deeds on a national level than the whole of the Republican Council combined. The people leveling these lawsuits need to know that they are not suing a man, they are suing a national institution. How would you react should Mr. Llewellyn end up the target of the Ladies Improvement Society, or Utical?"

The Nachxa looked thoughtful "Ah yes, the Ladies Improvement Society. Tell me Miss Carnaf do you think that my assurances that my house will not be a den of iniquities will satisfy them in their lawsuit? I also think that they should know that I support their work and often doante generously to charities whose work I approve of."

The Nachxa seemed unconcerned by any of the technicalities, while Tacha appeared to be blistering for a fight.


As the Vindicator pulled up to the Rover Mr, Tocatl lowered his window on the pasenger side "Are you from QMC? If so pull ahead and we'll follow you. I'm Jonathon Tocatl , assistant to The Nachxa. "

OOC: edited!
Alcona and Hubris
02-05-2005, 18:45
"My God you have no clue what the hell your doing do you? I mean you two are busilly throwing grenades about expecting everyone to run for cover." She was obviously talking about the Nachxa's aides

Their attorney just stared at them.

"You walk in start throwing your weight around and expect the Vrakians not to push back? Are you that insular or that loony? The lawsuit was delt with, I had it settled, before that stupid Lama report anywat...all they wanted was a common wall easement so they could build their parking garage and service shops next door, and pay him twenty thousand krondors to boot. Then you throw this stunt?"

"And here is the cold hard truth," She stared at Tacha. "Your in the Klatch. In the Vrakians own personal backyard. So are the Vrakians going to let you tell them to do as the Nachxa desires and lose their grip on the thirteen billion souls customers of the Federation, or allow Utical's parent corporation to send some tanks down here and demonstrate what happens to uppity paklahs?"

"Yes I said tanks, Vrakians play rough inside their borders and most consider this city still theirs. They had no qualms about trying to rub out other international dignitaries in the past who were far less offensive, don't expect them to flinch for Ilek-Vaad's great man."

She shook her head. "I am his legal advisor." She pointed to the Nachxa. "But it does me no good if his assistants act like complete twits and start throwing dynamite in a powder keg."

She paused in thought, "Tell me what would the First Republican do if a foreign journalist started making up lies about say the owner of Jaguar? Have a bloody fit? Well that is the situation, you see since I nor your relator were interviewed for that story, it had a few factual problems. Like the fact that they were contesting only the sale and your possession of the property. Or that Utical's tax bill hasn't changed since it built its nearby office building and purchased some derlict building adjacent to yours."

"So, here is the situation, The Vrakians are going to hit the wall because some idiot reporter did a second rate job and didn't realize that the tax bill thing was just a lazy Appraiser down at the Tax Office, the accused them of being corrupt and making up a lie about a Vrakian..."

Jill looked out the window, "The Deal I negotiated is all but dead, and likely there will be a war when the Vrakians decide to put a 120 millimeter round through my client, your Grandfather." Her eyes were full of fury and directed at Tacha again at the last words.

Her gaze moved back to the Nachxa, "I have the utmost respect for you. But your staff's overzelous nature...yes overzelous...has most definatly made things worse. And somehow I don't think she beleives a word I've just said. But the Ladies are not going to meet with you. One, because of personal saftey issues, and two, they are going to sit back and wait for Utical's parent corporation to blow you and it up." Jill turned to look out the window, obviously she thought the whole buisness was futile now.

This disaster is just going to get worse, Vaadians don't comprimise they just go on until there is a war.

OOC: Yeah your reporters went on a real bender with that last one. But since you never Rped them meeting with either the Reltor or the Lawyer (both working for the Nachxa) How in the hell were they supposed to get the right story? And I rped the Marshal leaving the building...not getting into the Vindicator. And if you try to force him, dead marshall, one dead ex-Red Jaguar.

The young woman in her jump suit, with a similar badge to the other two nodded. She followed the diplomatic convoy speeding along at nintey miles an hour and didin't pull off until they were at the heart of the city.

The Nachxa's limo and it's escort entered a four lane wide, one way street that circled a large open plaza. The diplomatic group went onto a northeast while the rover slowed down and continued almost full circle before turning off onto a small side street along city hall.

As they started turning and twisting amoungst the small highrise buildings, the rain increased dramatically. It was coming down in buckets. The Rover slowed down some more before turning one last time and slowly crawling down a narrow street. One could make out small flames for lights rather than modern street lamps and an open area.

The house, dark and forboding with only a single light lighting the facade. It dominated the square. The surrounding buildings were only two or three stories with the small classical Temple across the paved space. One could just make out a large fountain built into the center of the square.

Their was some large vehicle parked on the otherside of the fountain. Hard to make out in increasingly heavy down pour. The wide circular opening in the front of the building was now enclosed by a gray wood and covered in a steel mesh. A second car, this one a limo, sat parked quietly next to the doors. The girl pulled up next to the limo, and ran over to the recently installed bulkhead. She banged a few times and a pair of doors opened to allow the Vindicator to drive into the building.

One could make out two souls standing behind the bulkhead, one next to the doors. The other on a small flight of steps. The young woman pointed to the carriage way. "Park it in there, we've got equipment in the court and in the covered parking at the moment." The ten foot wide tunnel of stone was over thirty feet wide as it went from the front of the house to the courtyard near the center. Shapes of equipment could be made out in the irry light.

On the top floor of the house, Huffman was standing next to one of his assistants. They watched as a figure shone a large spot light up at the high, ornimental cealing. The pounding rain could be easily made out in the vast cavernous space. "Damn it, those I.R.s are going to be shit next to worthless with this kind of rain...." Huffman whispered to his assistant.

"My beeper just buzzed, the employer's personal crew arrived."

"You know I can hear you both..." The woman standing in the darkness said. "And it is just as I feared. I am going to have to talk to the Envoy about correcting his tax bill. I am afraid the Vaadians will go ape about it going up but..."

"Fifty nine thousand square feet. High grade construction, hell this is acutally ultra lady"

"God why did he have to buy this place? Why not just a nice old Villa on the Island or something? And we need to discuss a few other matters..."

The question was retorical. "Well, I have seen enough. And it sounds like you have another tour to give."

"Yes my lady... but you need to go out the same way we need to go..."

"Thank You..."

The sniper at the high windows in the front of the building turned a moment to watch them head for the main stairs down and away from her post. More worried that an errant light might illuminate her position.

As such she and her highpowered scope missed the small shadow that moved in the portico of the temple and inside.
02-05-2005, 20:06
OOC: My bad, I thought he was going with us. Let's just say that prize winning reporter Pat the Llama has a very theatrical way of 'improving' on stories.......


Tacha looked about fit to explode when The Nachxa reached over and put his hand on her thigh, she immediately did not say anything, but sat quietly. The Nachxa smiled gently and responded quietly and calmly.

"I doubt very seriously that the Glorious Kingdom wants to start a war over an abandoned building and questionable lawsuit. If Utical wants to kill me that's fine, if they can find a way to do it. I think that they will find that killing me won't be the end of their problems, but the beginning of a whole series of problems that will eventually consume them.

Perhaps my staff drawing attention to these issues did not help , but it is important that nothing be shady or dealt with behind closed door. I am a public figure and every action I make is rightly organized and reported on by the free press of the Free Republic.

I also know for a fact that the Right Honourable Theleb Kanaan , our First Republican, would make no statement or take no action should any corporation or person in Ilek-Vaad be the target of muckraking by foreign journalists, just as he has made no move in these curent matters. He is a staresman that understands that these things are not under his sway and his interfering does no good and is not worth the effort. Politicians in the rest of the Klatch may be beholden to corporations to do their bidding, but they are not in the Free Republic.

Whatever has previously happened I will assure you that my staff will make no further move without your approval. The issues that are currently standing are yours to deal with, however they came about. I am not paying you to settle with Utical, I am paying you to make them prove their case in court, I have no intention of settling with a corporation. I will settle with charities and religious organizations, but Utical has plenty of money, and doesen't need mine."

He smiles innocously "So, are you capable of doing the job you are hired to do? Or shall I have Mr. Tocatl start looking for your replacement? "

The Nachxa still sounded and looked seriously unconcerned by the whole affair.


Imhitec parked where indicated. The men piled out of the car and as Mr. Tocatl looked around they put on their helmets and lowered the blast visors, plugging a cord from their FN-HAR tactical computers into the helmet. With the rain and dreary weather they set the computers to infrared, it would help them see structural damage as well and make anyone that thought they might be hiding stick out like a sore thumb.

Mr. Tocatl shrugged " It doesen't appear to be all that bad, the structure looks sound. I understand we have some security issues? I'm also wondering about the condition of that fountain and that temple, who owns them? I know that Colli Nachxa will want them fixed up as well, do you think the owners could be talked into taking some of The Nachxa's money for restoration?"

Imhitec and his men spread out behind Mr. Tocatl moving with him as he did, sweeping their FN-HAR's side to side to peer into every nook and cranny. Their segmented ceramite body armour is coated with a carbon fiber covering that makes it dull and silent and they are obviously well trained, tending to disappear in the background when they stop moving. Imhitec breaks the silence long enough to simply bark at his men " Aca axitica micta!"

His men nod silently and Mr. Tocatl awaits the tour.
Alcona and Hubris
02-05-2005, 22:39
"And my job, is to represent you in court. But also to advise you on the best legal action. Now if we continue to fight the Utical case in court, none of the others will settle. They will be like sharks smelling blood in the water and keep on comming." She paused for the Nachxa to follow.

"But, your desire to er..fight the good fight against the corporation is really not well, worth while. You were sued because your party in what they consider a sale that violated a verbal agreement with the Patrician of the City. Now, Utical isn't the culprit here...they sued you for technical reasons having more to contest the Patrician's sale rather than your ownership."

"The only thing they really want is that common wall easement. Which they don't have because the Patrician was trying to force them to buy the whole property and did not write it in the new deed, which was technically illegal. And they are not after your money. Worst case senario, you get back your 75,000 Krondors and then have to pay the contractor's and my bill. Knowing Vrakians, they will then try to sell you the property at a lower price, but after they add the wall easement clause to the deed." She paused.

"But now the press has painted Utical into a corner. And a cornered Walrus is a dangerous walrus. Now one of you said you knew this reporter? I think some free legal advise is in order. Espcially of some libel laws."

The diplomatic convoy was having trouble now with the rain too. They had turned off the wide new city streets and were now climbing up a steep winding two lane road that wandered up the side of a steep hill. If the rain wasn't so bad they would have been able to see Lake Olympus at the edge of the city.

The bulkhead doors had been closed to keep blowing rain out of the space. The curtians of rain hitting the temporary walls thick wood sounded like a deep drum. It was obviously well bui,lt with double boarding on the outside and metal studs on five inch centers.

The young woman answered him. "Abby Jones sir, I'm the only one here from the building crew. Everyone else is ah protective division. The boss is meeting with some government offical and will be down in a moment."

The only ways out of the space was either into the rain drenched courtyard, up the front door who's steps came off the entry arch and a small porch built halfway down into the side of the carriage way. The door off the porch was unlocked, but there was no floor beyond. A floor down was a pile of rubble still warm from the chemical fire that had spread here from the floor above their heads.

"Ah, yeah...that was damaged during the raid eighteen months ago, grenade set an explosion of steam off in the laundry room below and well the vault gave out. The recent fire was a level above. Not any structural damage damage." She explained as they peered at the damage.

She hit the heavy, well fitted granite blocks with her open hand. "Lower two floors are poured concrete and an outer wall of granite. Upper floors are a standard double wall of roman brick with a single thickness innerwall and 2 by 4 furring. A good number of the inner walls are double thick brick with 2 by four furring on both sides...."

"Built like a fortress for a robber Baron." The female voice cut through the space as a tall red head with green eyes decended the steps from the front door. She was followed by Huffman and one of his assistants. The woman levely looked at the ex-Jaguar moving up the stairs and into the building. They passed each other without comment.

"One must admire how well they built this place." The woman turned and gave a short bow to Huffman. "I see your employeer's represenatives are here. Thank You for the tour it was most informative." She turned and then gave a similar short bow to Mr. Tocatl.

"I am sorry for the intrusion, but I best if we discuss things later with your employeer...I will let myself..." She moved towards the now closed door in the bulkhead and began to open it to slip out.

It was amatuer night. A decidely decent weapon with a UV targeting system was aimed using just sort of 'guess and feel.' If this was a Utical reprisal they had hired a cheap hit from some local bozo out of the Shades. But he was smart enough to be wearing a very cold jacket and pants. Even the cops had infa-red these days. An eye lit on a figure moving out towards the limo. F***king foreign barbarian eat this passed through the man's head as he hit the fire key.

A thermal bloom of heated gas exploded from one of the small temple windows and filled the portico with red heat as an anti-material missle zoomed towards the manse.

The sniper on the top level saw it and screamed "Bogey at 12 o'clock" over the radio...She fired a round at where the thermal bloom had shown up hoping to hit the bastard before he escaped.

The rocket was designed for taking out armored vehicles using their general shape. It was not designed for taking out a 100 foot wide, six story plus granite and brick edifice. Its pattern recognition software just refused to judge that as anything more than background. So it flew dumb, dumb and strait, dumb, strait and right into the cobblestone pavement befor of the bulkhead.

The shockwave sent cobblestones flying in all directions. Several punched through the bulkhead like old fasioned cannon balls into the side of a wooden sailing ship. Splinters of wood and fragments of metal went flying about the tall, narrow space between the bulkhead and the inner wall.

Huffmann was knocked into the relatively safe space between the wall and the stone stairs. A Quincy security guard wound up with nasty splinters in his body, including one eye. The second started shooting through a small hole in the bulkhead at 12:00.

The doors were blow off their hinges and the woman went flying with one. The door slapped into the wall above the carriageway arch, and she was thrown into the cold stone cealing of the carriageway head first. Her body then bounced down into the roof of the car, again head first. The red head's body then rolled off the side and into the space between the car and the carriageway wall.

The other door went flying into Abby she was smashed between the stone wall and the flying door.

OOC: And so begins the start of the Klatchian Civil War.
03-05-2005, 00:57
The Nachxa nodded "Isn't this something that my realtor should have informed me of before the purchase? Don't such contractual obligations have to be disclosed before purchase? The liability should be on the owner and the owners agent to resolve or disclose such a contract before sale. I would say to go ahead and see if we can settle with Utical. Tell them I will call Lictor Dominous of the Supreme Judiciary, if they can provide documentation that proves what Mr. Llama said is false then he wil be arrested and tried."

He paused and smiled "We have libel laws in the Free Republic as well. I will also publicly support the settlement absolving Utical of any wrongdoing. I will then sue the Realtor and Patrician for their illegally amending the deed, so then they pay the damages for whatever we settle with Utical for. Utical cannot possibly hold me responsible for the over zealous reporter that chronically follows me? Especially if you use your considerable charms when explaining it to them. Do you think that would be acceptable?"


Mr. Tocatl was nodding along as he listened to the various chatter about the house and the fire et al. With the first sound of the explosion the two Red Jaguar behind Mr. Tocatl lept on him,the other crouching as low as they could as the explosion ripped through the car park. The only one left standing was Imhitec, who was half up the stairs. He moved quickly up the stairs and to a window, quickly scanned the area and targetted heat signatures, looking for the now hot rocket tube and smoke from the exhaust and he opened fire.

The FN-HAR sounded like a jack hammer going at nine hundred beats a second, the .30-06 depleted uranium rounds pounded the temple , he was fairly unconcerned about collateral damage.

Down in the car park, the less injured Jaguar moved slowly to their feet and began to tend to the wounded, while one of them joined the QMC guard at the door.

OOC: We're starting the war here, I thought I was staying out of it? ;)
Alcona and Hubris
03-05-2005, 19:14
Jill replied in a serious tone. "If she knew, the Patrician's office may have been keeping your buyer agent in the dark as well. I think that if we help Utical in prosecuting this reporter for libel then they may be willing to settle. I will start the paperwork for suing the Patrician and the Realtor, but as separate cases. As for Utical not holding you responsible…"

She looked at the young woman seated across from her, "We could if your aides hadn't contacted the press. Now I'll go for the rouge agent concept: he went over the line and off the reservation, obviously tailored to this situation. Likely, that and our help to convict Mr Llama will diffuse tensions enough. And remember two things while you’re here sir. One, Vrakians like attractive human women only to a point. Two, all attractive Klatchian women are considered possibly to be Checka, and very may well be. If Utical backs off, I expect the local catholic synod and the Ladies to be more willing to negotiate with…."

She broke off her conversation as sirens began to wail. Long blast, Long blast, Long blast, High pitched Beep just barely sounded "Ah someone turn on AM 660 please…" She looked concerned.

The Speakers car pulled of through a gate in a wall and the limo followed. The support vehicles stayed to the side of the street while the trailing SUV turned to follow the two cars in. The cars pulled up into a large garden area set on three sides buildings and the forth a long stone garden walls. Most of the buildings had lower floors of stone archways around the inside of the garden with wide wooden porches above. The main house was at the far end, declinable by its three stories versus the other buildings two stories. The convertible turned into the building. Ozy stepped out dry and waited for the servant to drive his car off before the limo itself pulled in out of the rain.

"I welcome you to my humble home here in Port Olympus Sir,"

(Not a carpark, if you go back and look at the photo there is an arch in the central lower portion of the building which acted as a gate it is about eight feet deep by twenty five feet wide. Off of that is the carriage way and the stairs up to the front door. The bulkhead was built into that arch since the portcullis that closes it off was already damaged. )

Huffman pulled himself up and looked around the narrow space. The bulkhead had held but the splinter damage inside had been bad. The doors built into the temporary bulkhead had given way. [I]Bad luck that the…"Oh god fu*k No…"
He rushed towards the two doors laying on the ground. "The Landgravine…where the hell? He stopped as he noticed the body of Abby…"Abby?" He said kneeling down to look at the young woman. His eyes saw something odd down the carriage way. "Shit…" Huffman pulled a small headset out of his pocket and put it on. "Benthany…do you read me…good tell Arx Command that we have the Outer Consul down here and she looks pretty bad… yeah…good."

Huffmann stood up and looked about. "All stations any other activity?" He walked to the door and looked out at the mess the armor piercing rounds were making across the square. "Kyle got any movement over there…good." He looked about…"will someone tell whoever has that machine gun to stop, if it is going to die, it is dead. If it won't die any more ammo won't kill it." Then the sirens began…the same sirens they heard up on Cenotaph Hill.

A moment lates the high pitched whine of approaching rotodyenes made Huffmann shake his head, "We have friendly in bounds loaded for bear. Keep your guns pointed down…and make sure your I.D. is at the ready. If not, drop your gun."

Five massive thermal signitures appeared above the square from the north. The rain was letting up, but as they began to hover the whine increased dramatically. From two of the smaller craft lines dropped and so did armed figures. They seemed to be setting up a perimeter although a few took cautious steps towards the temple.

A man in full body armor dropped to one knee, pointing his gun at the open doorway. "Recognize…"

Huffmann called back, "Huffmann, Quincy Uba Tau Maz"

The figure stood dropping his weapon and motioned down. The largest of the five rotodyenes took a place some three feet off the ground. A group of men and women in fatigues and wearing white arm bands with red crosses jumped off and ran in to the space. They headed strait for the wounded and injured.

OOC: The political crisis starts just get to enjoy a front row veiw.
03-05-2005, 20:05
The Nachxa, once again, was irritatingly unconcerned , by the sirens, or booms. He smiled again at Miss Carnaf "We will simply explain to Utical that the information of the lawsuits was never maliciously 'leaked'. My movements are a public matter and it was probably an LNS stringer here in Port Olympus that picked up on the lawsuit while gathering information on my land purchase and arrival. The enthusiatic Mr. Llama then simply did his 'normal' job of gonzo journalism and came up with a good story, that may or may not have been true.

Utical must recognize that I am not Mr. Llama and that I have not commented one way or the other on my lawsuit and neither have my staff, on the record."

They made it to the house and The Nachxa looked up admiringly at it " Very pleasant dwelling you have here, Mr. Llewellyn, or may I call you Ozymandius? I have always been partial to good solid stone work."


Imhitec had cycled through his 350 rounds withing a second and ceased firing after that, switching his scope to ultra-violet, making the shadows in the Temple varying shades of grey instead of pools of black. He loaded in another box of ammo and primed his grenade launcher.

The Jaguar downstairs aided Huffman as well as they could, one of them was a trauma surgeon and aided the most heavily wounded first. One of the Jaguar was dead and both that had shieled Mr. Tocatl were in a bad way, but waved off the medic , Mr. Tocatl was out cold, maybe from the blast or maybe from the pouncing Jagaurs, either way he wasn't dead and if he had any injuries they were most likely internal.

Imhitec headed down the stairs as support arrived, he had no need to survey the scene, he could switch to any of his men's tactical computers and see what was going on. The medic Jaguar upon hear 'Landgravine' immediately gave Huffman and the Landgravine his attention doing what he could with what he had.

Other than that, they all set their weapons aside and got out of the security forces way, keeping their hands in sight, Imhitec stayed with Mr, Tocatl and made sure he was given as prompt attention as possible.

As soon as Mr. Tocatl was in and away Imhitec approached the security forces " The missle came directly from there..... "He pointed to where he had butchered the building. "I was up the stairs fast enough to see the cloud of smoke from the exhaust still there , mostly. If you want to have your men hold things out here, I will go in and make sure there are no other assassins lurking in the shadows?"

He sounded eager to get at whoever may or may not still be alive, but he expected them to say 'no thank you' and tell him to get lost.

OOC: I'm just waiting for the other 'flipper' to to speak.
Alcona and Hubris
05-05-2005, 02:53
The fox said in his manner, "Only my father and my wife call me that when they want to scold me. Please call me Ozy, and how would you prefer me to address you?" [response]

He nodded at the response and replied, "Shall we go inside?" Miss Carnaf stood quietly to one side talking on her cell phone.

The Marshal walked up and whispered into Ozy's ear. "Yes, I will call in right after I…"

A high pitched, well yell would be the best word broke the air and the sounds of raindrops hitting the gravel walkways of the garden. A brown fox ran out of the front door and into Ozy's arms. What was said next was confusing, being it was in high speed Welsh but a moment later Ozy turned back to the Nachxa and introduced the female, "Sir, may I introduce my youngest, Abitha. Abitha this is The Nachxa and his aide Toleca, would you please show them hospitality while I make an phone call?"

"Yes, father…If you will follow me." Abitha turned and led the group down the hall and through a carved stone archway. The sylized head of a fox was dressed out of the key stone looking down on them. The area right beyond the door was narrow and low before opening up into a paneled hall. A large fireplace and a curved staircase running up to the story above dominated the space.

Abitha paused and sat down on a bench, removing her sandles before leading the guests into the central space of the house.

It was two stories in height. The far end of the room was like a vast bay window with art glass windows on three sides. The view out of those was spectacular, The Eastern Part of the city lay out before you, ending at the lake edge. The great body of freshwater continued out past the horizon. One could make out ships moving across the surface from the Outer Harbor and north. A gallery was across the opposite wall turning the area around the fireplace into a comfortable nook and made the dramatic height of the room even greater. Abitha walked towards the windows and turned indicating they should sit around a large circular table. Both traditional chairs, and what looked like dog baskets elevated off the floor sat around the table. Abitha took a seat in one of the baskets.

"It is traditional custom among the People for tathia and polmar to be served to guests after they arrive. However, the People have long migrated to a more…multi-species concept of serving refreshments." She turned and clapped her hands before a human butler appeared.
"Would you like to try the tathia and polmar or perhaps the more Alconian practice of ordering a light snack and a beverage from the kitchen?"

Jill walked into the room at that moment, "I am sorry to intrude but travel in the city has been shutdown temporarily so I am…"

Abitha nodded, "Quite understandable, please take a seat.."

At first it seemed odd that the corpsmen were running about and only whispering to each other. Backboards arrived for the Landgravine and Mr. Tocatl. Abby got a plain stretcher, as it was obvious that a broken rib had punctured one of her lungs. The two banged up Jaguars were helped up after Tocatl was carried out to the rotodyene. The Quincy Guard with splinters in his eye was likewise helped to hobble out.

An emergency blanket was placed over the dead man's body. Huffmann had been yelling into his mike the entire time and too focused on making sure that the building was secure and getting permission to move more men to the site to follow anything his employer's security detail was asking him.

The JDF officer standing at the door turned when Imhitec approached. First the officers mouth moved but a barley audible whisper could be heard. Then the man pushed the mike of his helmet away. "Command just green lighted you. Go see the sarge over there."

He pointed to a group of men in body armor standing behind an LAV with QMC painted on the side. The LAV began to swing around in the square and the group began to follow it, using it to keep cover as they approached the Temple.
05-05-2005, 03:32
The Nachxa smiled "You may call me Nachxa, Ozy. It's not only my title, but my first name. A quirk of Tolteca custom."

He and Tacha followed Abitha after she had spoken with Mr. Llewellyn, they paused and removed their shoes where she removed her sandals. They followed her into the great room and seated themselves.

"Well " The Nachxa said with a smile "I would be interested to know what is in tathia and polmar, but sure, I will try it."

They turned as Miss Carnaf returned. "I suppose the travel ban has something to do with the explosions we heard earlier? " The Nachxa looked thoughtful about it for possibly a second and then smiled.


The blanket used to cover the dead Jaguar was summarily removed by his comrades as they moved to strip his armour and equipment, one of the Jaguar grinned to a medic "Do not worry about him, he's already been dead fifteen years. He needs no funeral."

Meanwhile Imhitec nodded to the JDF Officer, chamnbered a round in his FN-Har and fell in behind the other men behind the LAV. He eagerly moved to their front.
Alcona and Hubris
05-05-2005, 17:45
Jill sat down in a chair and looked at the Nachxa. "Ah well you see..."

Abitha interupted, "Those were warning sirens, the signal was that their was a serious emergency and all citizens should take shelter."

Abitha nodded to the servant and then continued. Tathia is an alcholic drink, traditionally made from honey, nip berries, rice, and the leaves of the Tath tree. It is quite...."

"Addictive an illegal," interupted Jill. "I mean that stuff is banned in at least eight states and in the district Itself..."

"It is not addicitive if properly made, and it is only illegal to sell it or buy it. This was made on our farm on what humans call Neubayern so it is quite legal. Polmar is made from a local bean, rice, goat cheese, and several spices placed into a hollowed out tuber and baked for a few minutes wrapped in wet leaves in the coals of a fire."

A servant arrived with a large metal bowl with a wide flat rim. Arranged in the bowl were small packets of wrapped leaves. One could see the heat rising from them.

A second servant arrived with two pitchers and some glasses on a tray. One was icewater and the other was a clay pitcher with some sort of runes inscribed into the side. The servant poured a large glass of the dark liquid for Abitha and two small glasses for the three humans.

"I recommend that you only have that small glass, one must build up a tolerance to Tathia over time." She held up her glass and made a toast in Vrakian.

-Long Live King Vrak

OOC: Tathia is the orginal alcholic energy drink. It is supposed to mellow you but also take away your exhaustion from the journey. Taste sort of like a honey flavored Guiness Stout infused with enough caffeine to make a sloth get up and do a boogy.

The Officer at the door pulled his mike away, and flashed a flashlight on the Jaguars. "You will stop what you are doing immediatly. This is a crime scene and that..." He pointed to the body, " evidence. Any futher tampering with the body until he has been released by the Watch will result in me arresting your sorry as* Understood."

He turned to Huffmann, "Get these blighters out of here before they do anything else stupid."

Huffman, looked up at the Officer and nodded. "Alright, I don't know who your leader was or is. But I think we'd better get you integrated into the security plan until I can get a call through the Nachxa." He waved and led the group up the front steps and through the front door. The rooms smelt dusty unused as they climbed first a narrow stair and then found themselves walking up into the main living quarters. The dual staircase was now marble and the walls appeared to be covered in dark wood panelling and fabric. At the top of the dual stairs was a gallery that ran around the stairs. Several sliding doors closed off the spaces from the hall. At one corner of the gallery Huffman pushed on what looked like a bookcase. It opened into a narrow hall.

At the end of the hall was a twenty foot by twenty foot kitchen. It was lit by several electric camping lights on the counters. The greenish light reflected off the white tile that covered the walls. A coffee urn and a large pot sat on the massive aga style stove. Huffman walked over to the urn, grabbed a mug and poured himself a cup of hot tea.

"Welcome to the present security office. Ah, we have several old magazines and some hearty jumbalya and corn bread if your hungry."

Imhitec got pulled suddenly backwards by a strong arm. "Listen you, I didn't put you on bloody point. Your not in the fricken communications loop. So stick to my nine or so god I will personally put my boot up your ass until I hit your tonsils is that clear?" Whatever the Jaguar wanted to reply it was cut off by the Sargent as men began to move into the building.

The sargent handed Imhitec a small radio as he nodded to the first two members of his team. They vanished around the sides of the LAV.
This is red four clear...Go red three, two...Red two, first room clear, have an oil fire here....Red two, found disposed

The Sargent finally moved to stand behind one of the pillars before the doorway. He pointed Imhitec to the other pillar.
[/i]weapon...clear....This is red five, middle temple...fuck this place is a god damn column hall...nothing on I.R. This is four...we have here...This is one, do a run sweep into the inner temple...Red two...clear...Red two...clear....moving into inner temple....clear...Red Three...clear...This is Red Two I have a locked side of inner temple...[/i]

The Sargent walked in to the outer temple. The room was painted with fresco's on the wall and had been lit by several oil lamps, that were now creaing burning pools of oil on the floor.
Can QMC get a class C extinquisher in here...Red team to blue team you have anything?....Red team, this is red one. Move team is already in the house....This is Red three, we have just meet Blue four opening the door.

The sargent turned towards the corner and the dropped weapon. He shined a small, powerful lamp on it. "Remmondsland Anti-tank, either this thing is defective or something is screwy."

Sarge...this is Red team four...found another exit...and a jacket...

The Sargent turned and walked down through the middle temple and into the courtyard that was the inner temple. There was a small pool open to the sky and the rain above. A member of the team had pulled back a stone cover where water was pouring off the edge of the pool and down into a deep hole. The man pointed down at a black lump laying on the ground. "Jacket here, still cold...this was out of place."

The sargent turned and began to issue orders. "Alright rig for a swing drop. Four its your turn.

05-05-2005, 21:28
In Lassic the Republican Council was ready to resume it's session. The First Republican was not looking forward to it. It was rumoured that the V.L.P. had convinced the R.O.P. to form a bloc. This would derail the debate for at least a day and focus attention on what was going on in Port Olympus. He also knew that the former R.O.P. First Republican had close ties to the Shadows, and probably knew that the 'blast' had been an assassination attemp, most likely targetted at The Nachxa by Utical. He shook his head as he entered the chambers.

There was a murmur as he took his place and banged the gavel "Ladies and gentlemen , come to order. Now as planned we will begin debate on Article I of the Klatchian Con.............."

He was summarily cut off by the Minister of Judicial Affairs, who stood and cleared his throat. " Esteemed First Republican, I do regret interrupting you but we do believe that there is a matter of greater importance to the People than discussing the Klatcahian Constitution, namely the outrageous treatment of our Special Envoy to Port Olympus."

There were some shouts of 'hear!hear!' from the gallery and several Ministers nodded.

Minister Istvaad continued " I do believe that we have enough votes to put this matter up for immediate debate and to call on the Council to issue a resolution."

Valumar Von Raukov , Minister of Internal Affairs nodded " I second the motion by Minister Istvaad."

The First Republican nodded " Then you need to set out what is to be debated and what resolution will be voted on at the debates conclusion."

Minister Istvaad looked grim " We shall debate the heinous treatment of our duly appointed Special Envoy at the hands of the authorities in Port Olympus and specifically by the conglomerate Utical. I propose that this Council resolves to file a statement of protest to the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak through Ambassador Tancred and that we resolve to specifically block Utical and it's parent company from doing business with the Free Republic, especially in view of their past record of using force against foreign and domestic competitors and their blatant disregard for law, international protocol and a general lack of respect for the People of the Free Republic!"

There was a smattering of applause as the First Republican grimaced " You need four votes to form a block and bring this issue to imediate debate..............."

As he finished the two V.L.P. Ministers stood and then the two R.O.P. Ministers stood, the First Republican nodded " The floor is yours then.........."

In the balcony, Scipio Nemaraan Chairman of the R.O.P. smiled and leaned forward.


The Nachaxa looked over the food "Interesting. Vegetarian dishes are so rare in the Free Republic." he paused and regarded Abitha " Are there often serious emergencies in Port Olympus?"

He smiled as Abitha toasted the King, he did not reply in kind though, he and Tacha stated as they lifted their glasses " All Power to the People." and drank.


The Jaguar flashed their sharpened teeth at the Officer as they stood, one of them responding.

"This whole city of dogs is a crime scene. You are lucky that our brother was already dead , we would not only hold responsible his killer, but those whose lack of vigilance let him die." He snarled as the followed Huffman yelling at the JDF men "Itzcuintin! Just put your noses to the ground and smell out the perpetrator!"

They howled with laughter as they followed Huffman. Had Mr. Tocatl been awake, they would not have spoken so freely, but now they were unrestrained.

They nodded as Huffman showed them to the kitchen "Cornbread and water would be good. If we are going to be here until those ayotl-cuaitls find out what happened I do not think there is enough jambalaya or cornbread to hold us all. We will have to draw lots, and eat each other."

They all eyed Huffman, and then roared with laughter.


Imhitec looked at the radio handed him by the seargent and waited for him to move ahead with his men again before he dropped it and crushed it under his boot. He said nothing, and simply followed the rest of them.

He was ceratin that they would not find the attacker. He was guessing that the attacker had used a missle of some sort, and that if no one saw him go IN with the missle, that he had come in via a secret entrance.............or a sewer.

He smiled as they reached the pool and the deep hole. He again said nothing.


Tolteca Glossary-

Colli- Grandfather
Itzcuintin- Dogs. Derogatory when aimed at humans.
ayotl-cuaitl- Literally 'turtle-head' used to imply that someone is retarded or slow witted.
Alcona and Hubris
06-05-2005, 17:01
Jill replied to the Nachxa's question. "Well, sometimes an inspired Dellyian captian will act like she is shelling the city as she sails by, but not that much except for weather related events."

Ozy appeared from his library. "It seems that someone has taken a strong dislike to you Nachxa. There was some sort of attack against your security personel, or perhaps against the government offical visiting the property. Anyway your Mr. Ah...they didn't have a name for him Toltec wasn't it. Was taken to a military medical center unconsious, along with a few wounded. Reports indicate there was a fatality also."

The fox turned to Jill. "Ah Miss Carnaf, the restriction on travel should be lifted once we get the last Deyllian Key secured at the Key Club. But I would like to invite you to stay for dinner."

He then bent down and picked up one of the leaf packets and took a small bite of it. "Ah, I see Eddie has done a wonderful job again."

Huffman shrugged "No I doubt it will be that long, and we can get supplies in through the back. Although what the JDF did or didn't do to piss you off is beyond me. Water is available in the sink, and the cornbread is on the plate in the center of the table."

Buncha bloody morons if you ask me...but likely so damn loyal to the Nachxa they would go to hell for him if he asked.

One of the men had taken a line and secured it around himself. Then the others lowered him head first down the hole. A few moments later they stopped and then pulled him back up. "Well Sarge, as I said before...its the catacombs down there. And with the water running so high we're not going to find any trace of him."

"Alright, we'll hold and handover the scene to the watch, its police work from now on..."
06-05-2005, 17:28
The Nachxa looked unconcerned by the news , he seemed more interested in testing the new delicacy before him.

"Yes, Miss Carnaf intimated that my purchase of the house had made me not a few enemies. " he pauses tasting the polmar "Very interesting and not at all bad. I do hope that Jonathon is alright. "

Tacha looked far more shocked than than the Nachxa " Is there any indication on his condition yet? I can't believe that someone would do this." She seemed to lose her appetite.

The Nachxa just chuckled " Don't worry my dear. Jonathon will do as he's told and I haven't told him to die yet, so I'm certain that he's fine." He smiled a very confidant and reassuring smile.


One of the Jaguars slapped Huffman on the shoulder as he paseed " You are most hospitable, cuahui-tecua!"

They went about half heartedly nibbling at the cornbread, while one of the set his FN-HAR on the table and opened the palm-pilot sized monitor on the tactical computer. Seconds later he had scrolled though a few options with the scroll-point by the guns trigger and were viewing the Temple Courtyard live from Imhitec's FN-HAR.

One of them watched and laughed as the JDF men lowered one of their number into the hole " I think we'll get to see the old man climb down!"

They laughed loudly again.


Imhitec ignored the goings on in the courtyard and seemed intent on his FN-HAR, he slid open a panel on the stock and removed a long, thin, fexible wand with a long accordian cord from it and slid the panel closed.

He then plugged the cord into the side of the tactical computer, and pointed it around at random as he pressed a button on the wand's handle. He then bent the wand like an 'L' and held it at the edge of the opening to the catacombs, using it's camera to see waht was down there, without bodily getting in any line of fire or having to actually go down. He still had his computer set to ultra violet viewing, this put everything in black and white, but bright as day in the darkened catacomb.


The Republican Council debated for hours. The debate became heated and acrimonius on both sides with the V.L.P. and the P.R.P attacking each other tooth and nail as each challenged the others policy. Oddly, the R.O.P. ministers remained silent.

Scipio Nemaraan, R.O.P. Chairman, watched from the balcony of the gallery and smiled. He leaned back and nodded to his assistant.

"Excellent, Dan and Valumar are staying above it. We can spin this entire issue away from the Vaadists and Progressives. We need to offer a middle ground, that takes in the concensus. If we can own this issue and put an end to the hostile debate, we can cast our adversaries in a fairly bad and disorganized light. I think we need a planning session later tonight when this is all over."

His assistant nodded and quietly began sending e-mails via his Blackberry.
Alcona and Hubris
06-05-2005, 19:15
Jill shook her head, "More likely dropped you in a mine feild Sir. I would say your biggest enemy at the moment appears to be Patrician himself."

Ozy sat down in a chair rather than one of the elevated baskets. "I am afraid your now in the Klatch. One of the most dangerous places upon earth. Some say that the Klatch is the gateway to hell, others say that this is where Satan practiced his desire to be God by manipulating God's creatures into monsters."

Ozy took another bite of his polmar. "As for his condition, well we will find out when the doctors make their diagnosis."

Huffman sipped at his tea and watched the monitor. "Ah, the old drop line trick...wonder why their not using a scope? Ah well...never can be too sure...what the boys in gray are really up to."

(OOC: that tunnel drops twenty feet or more before opening so that is one long cable)

The tunnel dropped down almost a story. It was lined with brick and slick with water. The amount of water running down increased as several clay pipes emptied into the tunnel. The walls changed to some sort of limestone and then it opened into a narrow rock cut passages. The passage here wasn't very stait, it curved before kinking at odd angles. Off the sides of the passage were small alcoves about six feet wide with bones, or rotting coffins inside. A few doorways opened off of the tunnel. The floor was moving, no it was apparently rushing water pouring down the passage. Debries from the city were washing by with the water. Some eddied off into the nearby tomb.

Directly below the tunnel was what appeared to be a child's toy, a stuffed Benji cat held by a little rope caught in something below the water surface. The toy tumbled in the rushing water.
06-05-2005, 19:58
The Nachxa nodded and continued eating , while Tacha just sipped at her tathia. The Nachxa smiled.

"I generally find that places themselves aren't dangerous, it's their denizens that make them dangerous. Still it is little wonder that I have made enemies,challenging the status quo normally does ruffle feathers. I try to spend as little time worryinh about it as possible. No point in getting worked up by what we can't control."

He leans back and smiles "Besides, I have a very able lawyer."


The Jaguars chuckled as they watched "I hope that the Colonel remembered to take his geritol. He's hasn't climbed anything higher than the curbside at the airport in years."

They were obviously talking about Imhitec, though he appeared to be in very good shape.


Imhitec used his camera (standard 25' coil cord, 2' coiled stretching out to 25') to look around for himself, keeping it well away from the JDF lines so no tangling would occur.

He shook his head as he saw the rushing water.

"I don't think we'll track anyone down there. We would have to split teams up to try every tunnel. There might still be a heat signature on the wall if he put out a hand to steady himself, but with all the dampness.........I wouldn't bet on it."

He made his comments to anyone in particular. " I wonder how deep that water just below this opening is?"


Scipio Nemaraan met with his advisors as the Republican continued it's virulent debate. It looked as though the debate on the Klatchian Constitution would be delayed by more than a day. The events in Port Olympus had opened a hole large enough for the opposition to drive a truck through.

Scipio looked to his senior advisor Metia Tula, a charming , sophisticated lady from the southern coast of Tolteca/Arabic ancestry.

"Well. We need an option that puts us in the picture as a broker between the Vaadists and the Progressives. We need a plan that neither of them has thought of, but that both of them can accept. What are our options?"

Metia shrugged "Well I know what is out. Declaring the Nachxa's new home as an embassy is out, I doubt he would even allow it and the Progressives would never support it, it's a Vaadist idea. Condemning Vrak is out, I don't think anyone wants that, not even the Vaadists, they're just throwing it around for leverage.

Punishing Utical may be in. Vrakian corporations are states unto themselves practically, we could use a Knootoss like option, declare them illegal and let the Velites seize all of their Vaadian assets, alawys plays well with the people.

Punishing Port Olympus is in. We decry Port Olympuses corruption and lack of security, even saying that Utical is the victim as well. Keep The Nachxa in his current parliamentry observer BUT move him out of Port Olympus in protest, base him in Lacon maybe, and just have him fly in every now and again to observe, make sure the FKC knows they have no direct line to us because of the conditions in Port Olympus."

Scipio nodded " I like that last one. It says we're committed to engaging the Klatch, but that they better clean up their act or we stay at arms length."

His other advisor Norman Easton nodded "Yes, let's flesh that one out. I think we can sell it to the Progressives in and Vaadists alike. Heck, if we can get The Nachxa's house to stand empty and abandoned, there's no bigger statement to the Klatch than that, a living reminder of their chance at good relations with the Free Republic that they ruined. Superb imagery."

Metia smiled "Exactly. This is an oppurtunity we can't pass up and that's just the image we need. The other parties go into a power struggle and we come in neutral and give the people an identifiable image of what the real conflict is, not the ideological conflict between the Vaadists against the Progressives, but of the People against the Klatch."

Scipio chuckled "And who sides with the people with everyone else is arguing? We do. Brilliant. When session recesses we need Dan and Valumar to get in on this."
12-05-2005, 16:07
The mid-morning recess was called in the heated debate about what action should be undertaken in regards to the Port Olympus affair. The First Republican headed to his office to have at least a few minutes of calm and quiet.

He sat heavily in his chair as his Chief of Staff sat on the sofa near by.

"Would one month of stability be too much to ask of our Klatchain neighbors?" The First Republican asked exasperatedly.

"Apparently." replied Mr. Al Azarad.

"This is going to derail the whole session. Every time we mention 'Klatch' the opposition is going to re-open the Port Olympus issue. This is going to play to them for months. Is it too much to ask that our envoy be allowed to purchase a place of residence? This is absolutely ridiculous. We have to quash this now."

Mr. Al Azarad nodded "You know what that means."

The First Republican nodded "Yes, we'll have to end it. When it comes back into session I'll give the oppostion what they want, that'll shut them down. I had everything planned out and a simple thing like buying a house derails it. We have to rethink our strategy on the Klatch."

Mr. Al Azarad shrugged "Or delay it, for a more opportune time."

The First Republican nodded.


The Republican Council resumed. Scipio Nemaraan returned to the balcony, his Ministers armed with his plan to end the debate and re-establish the R.O.P. as the council's 'peace-makers', but he was in for a shock.

When the Council was seated the First Republican stood and called the session back to order and then made a brief statement.

"I can see that by this debate that perhaps I was mistaken in scheduling the debates on the Klatchian Constitution. I was premature in believing that the time was right to consider joining the Federation and making closer ties with all of our neighbors. This series of events in Port Olympus has shown that the government of the Federation is not compatible with our own. The Federation has yet to evolve to comprehesive, law abiding, ordered state and it would do a disservice to the Free Republic to debate entering such a chaotic, disorganized and corrupt state of affairs.

I would now like to withdraw the planned debate on the Klatchian constitution and forgo the plan to put any vote on joining the Federation on indefinite hold. I do think that we should still try and have an observer in the Klatchian parliament, but I do think that we should choose someone else. The Nachxa is too respected, important and experienced to have his safety and well being put at risk in Port Olympus.

I move that we vote to replace our Special Envoy with a secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as observer to the Klatchain Parliament. I would at this time not vote to publicly condemn or blame anyone for the events in Port Olympus. We should vote, however, to agree to a timetable for such a discussion dependant on the outcome of any investigation into these incidents by Port Olympus and JDF authorities.

I hope that this will end our current acrimonious debate, I am aware that the situation in the Klatch has changed, and as such, my governments policy will change with the situation to best reflect the interests of the Free Republic and it's people."

He stood and awaited a seconding, or an objection for his proposed vote, but was met with a shocked silence. The oppositions pland had been trumped and the P.R.P. Ministers were stunned by this admittance of a change in policy. Sir Alec leaned over to the Minister of Defence and whispered

"I don't think any of us expected him to say that."

The Minister of Education stood quickly, to help salvage the R.O.P. status " I second the motion. I think that debate has taken up too much of the peoples time. This motion should be put to a vote. I believe that we can all agree to debate the outcome of any JDF investigation in say two weelks after such a report is released?"

The First Republican nodded "That sounds reasonable, we will now vote on this motion."

The vote was unanimous. The opposition had won, but it was a hard win to spin, they would somehow have to play it as a victory, without attacking the First Republican's magnaminity and forthright honesty to admit his mistake, both of those qualities played well with voters.
17-05-2005, 22:29
In Great Lassic the Minister of the Judiciary moved through the chambers of the Supreme Judiciary, bearing a request from the Republican Council. He paused outside the Judges Chambers as the Reeves went in and alerted the Judges to his presence.

The Reeves quickly returned and led the Minister in where he was greeted by the Chief Judge.

"Ah Minister Tadic, how good to see you, please come in and have a seat."

The Minister shook the Judges hand "Good to see you as well your Honour."

The Judge smiled as they sat "What brings you by then?"

The Minister replied "I'm sure you've heard of what has happened in Port Olympus?"

The Judge nodded "Yes, a bit out of my jurisdiction I'm afraid."

Minister Tadic nodded " Still, the Republican Council is requesting that a Lictor of the Supreme Judiciary be appointed to investigate and report to the Council, it would be more of a fact finding mission, but the Council wants someone with a forensic background to conduct the investigation."

The Judge frowned " Then you are requesting my Lictor. I must say that will hamper the speed with which we normally attend to cases."

Minister Tadic nodded again "It is imperative that we know the truth, we are unlikely to draw it willingly from JDF authorities."

The Judge sighed "Very well. I will empower Lictor Dominous to investigate, provided that he has the co-operation of Port Olympus authorities."

Minister Tadic smiled "The Minister of Foreign Affairs should be working on that now, your honour."


To: President of the Federation of Klatchian States, Sovereign of the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak
From: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilek-Vaad

Re: Investigations in Port Olympus

Your most Exalted Highness,

I have been asked by the Republican Council and the First Republican to request that any investigation into the attack on the property belonging to the Republican Council's Special Envoy include an investigation by a Lictor of the Supreme Judiciary. It is imperative that in order to repair damage done to relation sin the Klatch with the Free Republic that any such investigation include a trusted and impartial member of the Supreme Judiciary.

I hope that you understand that we have complete confidence in the JDF forces and Marshals of Port Olympus, but that we also must account to the people and assuage their mistrust and low opinions of of such organizations.

I await your reply.

Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilek-Vaad


Lictor Dominous hung up the phone after speaking with the Chief Judge of the Supreme Judiciary. He stood and crossed his office and opened the armoire and began removing his 'Field Uniform'. His aide came in.

"Mr. Davies. It looks as though I shall most likely be dispatched to Port Olympus for an indeterminate amount of time." He paused and handed a key to his aide "You will be placed in trust of the Fasches, and in assisting Lictor Franklin and Lictor Trotsky in organizing the dockett."

Mr. Davies nodded "Yes sir, you can count on me."

Lictor Dominous narrowed his eyes at the younger man "I should hope so. I expect to find everything well taken care of when I return."

Mr. Davies bowed his head "Everything will be just as you left it, with the exception of new cases in the dockett."

Lictor Dominous tried on his armour "Very good Mr. Davies, you may go."

His aide left quickly and Lictor Dominous took down his FN Browning High Powers and began cleaning them.
Alcona and Hubris
17-05-2005, 23:25
OOC: It appears my last post was eaten...

Cenatoph Hill, Fox House

Jill shook her head. "Well, until I hear the all clear, do you mind if I borrow your fax Sir Ozy? I'd like to send the documentation on Utical off to Ilek-Vaad as soon as possible. Getting that knot untangled will likely make everything else fall into place." She stood up looking now down at the fox.

"Yes, Miss Carnaf. I will let William here show you the way." Ozy replied in a neutral tone. "As for the dangerous deziens of the Klatch, they are numerous Nachxa. Hopefully you will not be meeting any while you are in Port Olympus."

Abithia interupted, "Well he will be having one for dinner father..."

"Oh yes, I forgot. I hope you enjoy rosted Hassen, it is on tonight's menu."

The Nachxa's Palace
Huffmann mearly shook his head and procceded to get a bowl of Jumbalyia. The smell of rice, beans, vegitables, chicken, sausage, and shrimp properly spiced waffed through the room as he took the top off the dutch oven.

The Temple to Benji
"Quite sir, and you might get the wrong heat trace. Other criminals use the catacombs for their movements." The cultured voice called out from the shadows of the middle temple.

A man in a dark gray pinstripped suit walked into the Inner Temple, his cane clicking on the stone slabs of the floor. He wore a bowler hat, and a monocole sat before his blue right eye.

Entering behind him were several figures, some in the gray uniforms of the JDF, some in what looked like green enviromental suits. The enviromental suits didn't look like they contained a normal human. Oddly shapped with an almost tear drop shape. They seemed to be taking images of

"Now then sir, would you be so kind as to inform me who I am addressing?" He asked as he placed both his hands on his cane and held it loosely infront.
18-05-2005, 02:32
Cenatoph Hill, Fox House

The Nachxa raised an eyebrow, the most emotion or reaction he'd shown yet "Hassan? I have a nephew named Hassan." He smiled as he made a funny.

Tacha shook her head and smiled back at The Nachxa and then turned to Abitha " Is there someplace I could make a call in private? I want to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see what they have to say about what's going on here." she asked hopefully.

The Nachxa's Palace

The Jaguars watched Huffman for a minute, he couldn't tell if they enjoyed the smell.........or were going to kill him as he turned his back. They then returned to watching the small screen and chuckled knowingly.

The Temple to Benji

Imhitec looked up as he reeled in his camera. He bowed his head reverently to the older gentlemen, suprising considering his hostility. "I am Colonel Imhitec, chief of The Nachxa's bodyguard. I don't anyicipate finding anything useful down there, but it is easier to lower this down than myself.

We should be looking for other people, and they won't be here. This perpatrator was unfamiliar with his weapon."

He paused and returned the camera to the stock of his FN-HAR.

"Someone gave this man his weapon. Someone gave this man his target. The Nachxa changed his scheduled arrival by weeks, if he was the target, it was someone who knew. The Outer Consul, as far as I know wasn't expected to be here, if she was the target, it was someone who knew. Both of those lists should be fairly short. We have bigger fish to fry, we cn catch this man and he may or may not reveal his backers, or we can concentrate on those in the shadows behind him, planning another attack. "

He smiled " I don't think our would be assassin knows enough to even help us."
Alcona and Hubris
18-05-2005, 15:12
Ozy shook his head. "You will have to wait until your lawyer is through if you want a private conversation. My wife hates phones in the house and they are all located in my office or the servant's parlor."

He returned his attention to the Nachxa.

"And Hassen is an imported, human word, my elders called them 'Bra-Kell' roughtly translated it means 'hopping death'. I find they look like most other ah...Hassen. So does your nephew have long pointy ears?"

The Kitchen
Huffman mummbled about something and walked out a door. Apparently he was going to go check on the guards watching the perimiter.

The Temple
The man settled his weight down on the cane and pondered the Colonel for a moment. "Quite intresting sir, I would say that you have a good grasp of some of the major details. However, what makes you so sure that he went down the hole and not through the door there? Or up to the roof through the opening above?" Before the Colonel could answer he turned to the Sargent.

"Sargent, your initial report please?" He pulled a small wallet out of his jacket and flashed it to the Sargent. "Major Petdake...I assume that Commander Vines will be around soon."

The Sargent nodded and began to explain a few details.
"Entered the building. We found the weapon in the first room and this jacket here in the Inner Temple. Door out to the priests area was locked, and this cover was out of place. Investigated the tunnel it goes into the Catacomb sewers, likely the upper level and not the lower due to their not being a musty smell. Someone catted the bottom of the tunnel."

"Quite...intresting don't you think Colonel. If we assume he knew about the 'cat, and the door was locked by the preists, then he must have gone up?" He pointed to the top of the atrium. "Of course he may have just stratled the 'cat when he hit the water. Or he may have locked the door as he ran out of the building?"

One of the green suited figures had now bagged the jacket.

"I thank you for your assistance sir, but now it is time for you to get back to your duties and allow those of us with experience of investigating such matters in Port Olympus to do our jobs."
18-05-2005, 17:17
Tacha smiled "I do have my satellite phone, all I need is somewhere quiet."

The Nachxa smiled at Ozy "No, I don't believe that he has long pointy ears. I always do like to sample new foods and local cuisines."

The Temple

Imhitec nodded as he shouldered his FN-HAR

"You are correct, we don't know which way he escaped exactly. I am guessing that he escaped the same way he came in, which was covert enough to allow him to enter undetected with his missle, unless of course the priets have a cache and he simply used one of theirs.

I just don't think that we'll find him, at least I won't, I'm not a tracker or an investigator, I sir, am a killer."

He pauses and looks around "And no one here appears to need killing. I just think it would prudent to move quickly to find out how this attacker knew that a.) The Nachxa had arrived or b.) that the Outer Consul was here. I assume both of those specific details were fairly private. Someone gave this man his target."

He headed back to The Nachxa's palace "Good luck then, and have a nice afternoon."
Alcona and Hubris
19-05-2005, 17:15
"Oh, then you can use the drawing room, I do not beleive anyone is in there at the moment." Abithia pointed to one of the arched, stainglass filled doorways off the current room.

The Drawing room was a much smaller room, with a beamed cealing of magongny that matched the three quarter high panneling around the room. It was furnished in a smilar style to the Great Hall but was designed more for quiet use than entertaining.

Sir Ozy nodded, "I too enjoy new foods. Although it has been awhile since I tried anything new kinds of food. My current project has limited my travelling abilities."

OOC: I am waiting for Vrak to forward that note to the Marshal's Office before responding about the Lictor. (Who will be most welcome...)
03-06-2005, 17:40
Cenatoph Hill, Fox House

Tacha dialed the First Republican's office from her secure satellite phone in the drawing room.

She was immediately connected to Mr. Al Azarad.

"Layne, Colli Nachxa is fine, we weren't even at the house, but someone had to know about the change in schedule to attack."

Mr. Al Azarad responded "I had assumed you were fine, I know The Nachxa would not enter an unfinished house. The change in schedule wasn't reported on the news until after you arrived, it was only this office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Port Olympus authorities that knew you'd be arriving. I'll take care of things here, I know that the First Republican is considering withdrwaing The Nachxa (that will be announced the next day, in game time) and that he is also requesting the Supreme Judiciaries Lictors to investigate."

She nodded "Any news on the condition of Jonathon?"

Mr. Al Azarad responded "All we have right now is the live feeds and recorded feeds of the Jaguar Body Guard. Tollan has stated that during the explosion Jonathon was covered by two of the Body Guard, we also saw in the feed from Colonel Imhitec, that he accompanied the JDF forces. It was a missle attack."

Tacha sighed "What does the Council plan to do?"

Mr. Al Azarad replied "Wait and see."

Tacha ended the conversation and returned to the dining hall, looking thoughtful.

Tollan Massif, Fire Control

Supreme Republican Commander Ring continued to watch the troop buildups in the Klatch as well as the military response around Port Olympus. The second satellite was now in place and they wee getting twenty two live feeds from the region. He leaned forward and watched the movement of Vrakian armour around Port Olympus.

Around him, his Red Jaguar Command Generals grumbled, the Supreme Republican Commander had yet to activate any forces, he had only put three armies and one Red Jaguar Command on alert.

The new Supreme Republican Commander was not at all like his predecessor, they were not used to actually awaiting word from the Ministry of Defence before they took action.

Staff Seargent Assad of the First Red Jaguar Command whispered "This is absurd! We should at least have forces active just in case. I am going to Call Minister Issem."

She turned and marched off down the long corridor, Commander Ring took no notice of her leave.
Alcona and Hubris
14-06-2005, 19:32
In the Great Hall, everyone looked back up at Tacha as she re-entered the space. "Well I hope you assured your nation that Naxcha is quite safe." Ozy stated as he stood up.
14-06-2005, 19:50
Tacha bows her head in Ozymandius' direction. "Yes, I have informed the First Republican's Chief of Staff that The Nachxa is safe."

She returns to her seat and whispers something to The Nachxa, it is probably loud enough for someone with good hearing to make out, but since it is in Tolteca, it is virtually unintelligible.

The Nachxa simply nods and resumes his meal. "Well I'm certain that everything will work out in the long run."

He looks up and smiles beneficently.
15-06-2005, 08:31
To: President of the Federation of Klatchian States, Sovereign of the Glorious Kingdom of Vrak
From: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilek-Vaad

Re: Investigations in Port Olympus

Your most Exalted Highness,

I have been asked by the Republican Council and the First Republican to request that any investigation into the attack on the property belonging to the Republican Council's Special Envoy include an investigation by a Lictor of the Supreme Judiciary. It is imperative that in order to repair damage done to relation sin the Klatch with the Free Republic that any such investigation include a trusted and impartial member of the Supreme Judiciary.

I hope that you understand that we have complete confidence in the JDF forces and Marshals of Port Olympus, but that we also must account to the people and assuage their mistrust and low opinions of of such organizations.

I await your reply.

Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilek-Vaad

-Hmmrph. And how does this warrant my personal attention?
-Because, my liege, this incident has far deeper ramifications that we can predict at the moment. And what we need is stability in order to bring them in.
-Ah....yes. Stability. Such a peaceful word. And yet, when I call for the Klatch to drags its heels. It infuriates me!

[At this outburst, a beer stein crashes against the wall. It expodes into a thousand pieces and cause a nearby manservant to jump.]

-Of course, my liege. But all this shall be soon taken care of. Stability can be brought to the Klatch again...
-With my iron fist!
-Of course. But within a velvet glove. But first, we need to find out exactly who will pledge their allegience to you. That is the acid test.
-Yes! Let us start!
-Not now. Too...dangerous now. But soon. When this whole affair is brought to a close.
-Of course. You are so wise.
-Years of meditation on the wisdom of Bok, my liege. It is the foundation of every Vrakian.


To: Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs
From: The King of Vrak

Rest assured that the JDF will find the perpetrators of this horrible crime.

[The Great Seal of the King of Vrak]
15-06-2005, 14:57
Sir Alec sat in his office and read and re-read the King's reply to his message. He handed it to his assistant Mr. Alan Cherkess.

"Well Alan, is that a yes or a no?" Sir Alec queried

Alan shrugged " I don't know, the King doesen't say anything about our request to send a Lictor."

Sir Alec nodded "I noticed that too, that message contains a whole lot of nothing, and it isn't helpful."

Alan shrugged again "What are you going to do?"

Sir Alec took the message back and looked at it "Give it the First Republican, let him make the call. Frankly if a Lictor isn't there to verify the JDF's findings, no Vaadian will trust the resolution of this issue. "

Alan had a seat "Well, I'd say joing the Federation is probably dead as dead can be at this point."

Sir Alec grimaced "Quite."
Alcona and Hubris
15-06-2005, 16:41
Cenotoph Hill
Sir Ozy nodded. "If you will excuse me...I think I will take a walk out in the gardens and meditate before dinner."

He gave a short bow to both the Naxcha and his grandaughter before walking back out towards the entry hall.

He stopped for a moment at the doorway as the lawyer re-entered the room. She seemed pleased with herself and was carrying a stack of paper. "Well sir, my office forwarded all the paperwork on the tax situation for you, or your staff to review before we send it on Lictor isn't it. Anyway I've also gotten the Assessor to agree to have someone in tow so that they don't do something foolish, a full Assesment of the property."

The Marshall's Office, Parliament Hill
The space was silent. One could actually hear the hum of the airhandling units it was so silent. William Dempsey pulled the coffee pot out and poured himself another cup.
"God damn Blue Flu..." He said outloud into the silence. The Consul downstairs is busy smoking a cigar and ordering people about who are not even here...the whole bloody thing is comming unraveled.

The problem was that most of the Marshall's were loyal to the Landgravine, or just feared her. Actually there was a bit of both. With the sudden rise of the Checka, and the fact that the rumor mill had the Checka knowing before anyone else. Well two factions had been exposed. The first were the Loyalists who beleived the Checka were responsible and refused to work for O'booze who they thought was just a Checka puppet. The second group were the Nationalists who had just decided it was time to once again rule their fair city. Neither had reported for duty this morning, leaving the few neutrals to go try and keep tabs on the protests as ordered.

Commander William Dempsey was actually Alconian Naval Investigation Service on loan to the Marshalls to help in a drug investigation. Now he seemed to be holding down the fort here.

An electronic buzz filled the empty office space, someone was at the security gate. William walked down the carpeted corridor and into the security booth. The television screens and scanners showed an armed messanger, likely from the Octogon.

"Yes..." William hit the talk switch and watched the figure figit at the gate.
"Ah, yes have a delivery of a message from the King to the JDF...really your boys bailywick."

"Fine, fine...just put it in the slot..."

"Need a signiture..."


William walked out of the security booth and around to the gate off the elevator lobby. The officer extended the package and recipt through the bars. William signed the receipt and handed it back.

He walked down the passage, looking at the sealed envelope, Open or not to Open...that is the question...ah s***, open it... He tore it open standing at the outer door to the Commanding Marshall's office. It was a note from the Vrakian King demanding well results of the investiagtion to the JDF.
Great, the JDF doesn't investigate things...what the hell are the Vrakians feeding him? Lupite Squid? Two attached letters grabbed his attention.
"Damn it...this is going to be a mess..." He looked up at the empty space. "A really big mess..."

There was one Klatchian Marshall William knew would not be shirking his, well maybe her, duty. Of course that one was in the feild in Benji. "Well he is the most senior I can get hold of...."


To: Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilek-Vaad
From: Marshall Tez'Ma of House Ke, Commanding Officer Benjia

Re: Investigations in Port Olympus

Alec of Connover, Minister of the Affairs Foreign for the Terran nation of Ikek-Vaad

We have been informed of your desire to assist us in the matter of the incident against Naxcha of Ilek-Vaad, and Victoria of Crawford, our esteemed council. As such, I inform you that Lictor of the Supreme Judiciary may upon our permission travel to the Port of Olympus. There they shall assist William of the House Dempsey to find those who would attack these Lords and punish them for their crimes.

I leave this matter in the hands of William of House Dempsey.

May the Goddess Athena shine blessings upon your Empire.

William read the copy of the note forwarded to him, as well as the note from his Grace. "Oh, please no God..."
15-06-2005, 17:03
House of the Republic

Alan Cherkess stopped Alec as he left the Ministry,heading to the First Republican's office "Sir Alec, another message for you, I thought you'd better see it befor seeing the First Republican."

Sir Alec paused and looked over the message from Marshall Tez'Ma. "Well, that seems to solve the problem nicely. Allows me to get out from under it anyway."

He turned and headed back to his office, where he settled in and e-mailed the First Republican to let him know that things had been taken care of and poured himself a scotch and replied to Marshall Tez'Ma.

To:Marshall Tez'Ma of House Ke, Commanding Officer Benjia
From: Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ilek-Vaad

RE:Investigations in Port Olympus

Thank you for your response, a Lictor from the Supreme Judiciary will be dispatched via Martahon Transport immediately.

He contemplated the orginal message, the references to Lords and Houses and Gods, made him distinctly uncomfortable. He looked up at his assistant.

"Well Alan, it's Lictor Dominous' baby now, have him head out asap."

Alan nodded "Yes sir, I'll go give him a ring."

Supreme Judiciary

Lictor Dominous hung up the phone. He was already dressed in his 'travel' gear , he picked up his case and summoned a car for the short drive to the airport, where the Air Guard Marathon-A was waiting. The smallest of the Marthon Transports it was capable of mach three flight and would deposit him in Port Olympus in relatively no time at all.

Cenotoph Hill

The Nachxa nodded to his lawyer. "We won't have to send it, Tacha has been informed that Lictor Dominous will be arriving in Port Olympus to take care of things. Have Tacha look it over , she'll know what the Lictor requires. I'm sure you will be able to assist her Miss Carnaf."

Tacha took the stack of paper to go through and see what was what, though she had never taken a bar exam, she was a graduate of King's Park Legal Academy.

The Nachxa took the time to simply wander about and look at things.
15-06-2005, 18:52
The Inter Klatchian Affairs Minister, after waking up from his nap sent a message that he would like to speak with the Vaadian First Speaker as soon as possible and, of course, at his earliest convenience.

OOC: IV, I keep forgetting it First Speaker or First something else that is the leader of your nation?
Alcona and Hubris
15-06-2005, 19:07
Cenotaph Hill
It was both staitforward group of papers, yet difficult to understand because most of it was in Vrakian. The top page was a memo outlining what else was contained in the packet, and a breif summary explaining that most legal documents in Port Olympus were in Vrakian and had been either partially or fully translated in the memos.

Behind this was a memo explaining how to read the computer printouts of the legal tax descriptions and what the various codes ment. It also included a revised plot map for that section of the city showing both Utical's holdings and the Naxcha's new plot. Surrounding the plots on two sides was just a gray area described as "The Vrakian Common". The memo pointed out that the two included legal descriptions of lot VCR-0125-08 and VCR-0125-10 were identical except for the entry dates and the plot numbers. The entry date for VCR-0125-08 was almost five years older than VCR-0125-10 which had recently been created. The Nachxa was the owner of lot VCR-0125-10.

The next set of papers was simply a group of notrized copies of receipt books that showed Utical payments on taxes for both VCR-0125-08 and VCR-0125-09 over the last ten years. A letter demanding a review of the taxable value of VCR-0125-09 three years ago from Utical.

The final page was a notorized letter from the Comptroller of Klatchian Territories explaining that Utical was paid in full on all outstanding taxes on their property within the city. Utical had been in court on lot VCR-0125-09 relating to the valuation of the condemed buildings on the lot as "low cost housing" which they felt was gross negligence. It also explained that the Nachxa's property should have been assessed before a legal description of it was created in the database as under the Vrakian Common Reclimation Act. It also noted that VCR-0125-10 was obviously not a fairly new office building indentical to the Utical building nearby on lot VCR-0125-08.
The Assesment Officer of record oddly had been found to have a reserved tee time at a nearby country club when she was reviewing the property.
She claimed to have not been notified of the inspection and had just used the down time as personal time.

The Great Hall's lower walls were covered in small peices of artwork. Mostly photographs made in the Andsel Adams style, or etchings by various European artists of the 16th and 17th century. A few watercolors stood out, mainly of various scenes of island farming. The wide mantle over the half-moon fireplace had several sculptures in both bronze and marble. Above this was a large painting of a woman, in a blue uniform with red hair staring across the ages. She didn't seem quite human as captured by the artist, In one hand she held a septer but wore no crown. Her eyes were the color of lapis.

The harpsicord in one corner had several dozen pictures standing across the top. Some were obviously of family, other older photographs showed a fox in a uniform sometime in the 19th century. Another showed what looked like Sir Ozy standing next to a young Winston Churchill before Westminster Palace in London. A picture of both Sir Ozy and Alexander III playing bagpipes together stood in the back.

Monte Orzka Territory, near Port Olympus
The landing feild had been designed almost sixty years before, and grass grew up between the wide slabs of concrete. The old buildings lining the tarmac had been given a nice coat of paint recently, but the grounds were now overgrown. Obviously, this facility was no longer in operation, but this is where the JDF had informed the Marathon Transport to land.

Yet it was no longer abandoned. A single sentry stood outside a large hanger who's door was opened a crack. As the transport banked in the air above the former base, the sentry called into the hanger and a single figure walked out. He was watching the transport land with a hand covering his eyes as he did so.

"Great, the only way we can get this boy in to the city is to sneek him in. Remind me why I opened my big mouth?" William stated dryly to the sentry. The sentry shrugged, the Commander was Navy, jar-heads usually tried to stay out of NIS's way whenever possible. Especially one who had to have a conversation with the Royal Envoy in a few minutes.
15-06-2005, 19:38
Cenotaph Hill

Tacha looked over the papers and sighed "This is obviously all a problem caused by the tax authorities. How is it that we are even being sued for an assessement that was done at a golf course? This is absolutely ludicrous. We should definently be suing Port Olympus for gross negligence, their assessor is playing golf instead of assessing the property."

She paused and looked over the "And which part of The Nachxa's property does Utical want this easement for?.

Tacha seemed upset, Vaadians weren't used to government officials shirking their duties and really could not comprehend it.

"Is it possible that the same official that was 'not notified' of the inspection also sold her story about the Utical payoffs to Pat the Llama to try and cover herself? I'd really like to get my hands on him and his sources."


The Nachxa continued to wander about the house as much as he was allowed. He didn't show the slightest interest in any of the lawsuits or the tax issues.

Monte Orzka Territory, near Port Olympus

The Lictor's Marathon flew to the air strip indicated. The pilot spotted it, circled it and looked over at his co-pilot "It looks abandoned?"

The co-pilot shrugged "This is it, the runway looks okay."

The pilot shrugged too and then hit the rotor clutch and descended slowly in vtol fashion, the Marathon's outer cameras picked up the sentry and the co-pilot pointed to the screen as the Martahon touched down "It's not entirely abandoned, look." He then clicked on the cabin intercom "Lictor Dominous, we have arrived."

The rear ramp of the jet deployed and Lictor Dominous led they way , followed by the pilot and co-pilot, who carried his two cases.

Lictor Dominous is a stern looking man with thinning grey hair, easily in his fifties. He is dressed in an all black suit, with some odd additions. Under suit jacket is visible a burnished black breast plate, emblazoned with a relief of the Supreme Judiciaries triple-headed Fasches. He also wears a pair of bracers and gauntlets, in the same burnished black ceramite alloy, emblazoned with striking scorpions, the heraldic device of the Velites Kerbals, the body-guard of the House of Vaad. Easily visible under each arm are a pair of holstered FN-Browning High-Power .45 calibre side arms. He also carries a brief case.

He moves quickly in the direction of the sentry, the Marathon's crew close behind.
Alcona and Hubris
16-06-2005, 03:30
Cenotaph Hill
Carnaf nodded, realizing that Tacha was a bit 'green' when it came to the rest of the world, like some Alconian newbie.

"First, your not being sued for the tax assessment, your being sued as party to a breach of contract between Utical and Patrician. It's just Llama loudmouth painted Utical into a corner, and Vrakians don't react well to that. Didn't help that you all but sent Llama brain out here to expose corruption. Now we have to extract them to win us some good will so that we can extract ourselves from that lawsuit and get the Llama spit off our faces."

The lawyer poured herself a drink, "There are twenty assessors for the city. Some are full time, some are part time, and some are flex time. You'll note the assessor of record is also the same for Utical, and they had problems with her before." She shook her head as she sat down.

"Anyway whatever is going on the taxation office is..was only incidental, until Llama loudmouth decided to declare Utical the culprit. And don't ask me what sources he used for that, likely the lawyers for Utical's competitors in the city. Hell, I mean everything there is public record." She pointed to the pages of legal evidence.
"You need a decent para-legal to do the translating for you...but there are enough hanging around the Klatchian Press Union their easy to find." Carnaf snorted. "Just cross the street" Abithia answered dryly. Carnaf nodded at the joke with a wry smile.

"Actually, the tax office might have been trying to do your grandfather a favor..." Abithia added thoughtfully.

Carnaf nodded, "I don't think my clients would understand, hell I might as well be dealing with Alconians." She ended the statement with a wry smile.

Abithia nodded, "You see Tacha, you and I grew up in socities which value good governance and responsiblity from those who govern. This city has spent over two hundread years undermining the rule of what they saw as a foreign power. So attempting to circumnavigate the rules, underpay your taxes, and rob foreign princes in the courts is all part of the society that they created over that time period."

Carnaf nodded, "Until the New Constitution, and the City becoming the captiol of the Federation, the Vrakians reigned..."

"But the guilds, especially the Assasin's Guild, ruled" Abithia added to the end.

"Which brings us to the 'easment' situation. Current planning law demands that all buildings be at least fifteen feet from the lot lines and thirty feet from any adjacent building not considered a dependency. Except that currently standing structures are grandfathered, obviously, and those structuress that have fire-walls." She paused sipping her drink.

"This means that your neighbor, Utical, can not build to within thirty feet of their property line, unless your grandfather's rear wall is a fire-wall. Now here is what we get when I say 'easement', your giving Utical the right to consider the rear wall a fire-wall, allowing them to build all the way up to their lot line. Where they will proccede to build a twelve inch thick reinforced concrete fire-wall. Or that is the deal I worked out before Mister I am Llama here me talk sh*t started spouting off."

The house was in the shape of a T. The Great Hall was at the cross of the T with the drawing room and dining room opening on to it and looking out over the city. On the garden side of the Drawing room was the Library, a space filled with oversized chairs and fitted book cases. The leaded glass doors looked onto the porch and garden. The Library opened back into the entry hall with a doorway into Sir Ozy's study and the stairs rising up to the second floor and down into the basement.

Sir Ozy's study formed the point where the bottom of the T seperated from the cross bar above. It was a light, bright and airy room with tall windows over looking the garden on one side and smaller windows overlooking the carriageway and the service court on the other side. The room was dominated by a massive desk of some wood that almost seemed to glow and form raindows as one moved looking at it. It sat in the center of the room on an oriental rug. The pale ocre walls of the room were divided in half by a deep white counter built along them. Under the counter were various bookcases, file cabinets, and drawers. Several items such as a fax machine, computer, and copier sat on the counter. Like the library, the cealing was plaster with decorative strapwork that had a slight gilt to their center ridge.

There was a small door off the formal landing of the staircase. This opened into the servant's pantry. Two humans in white uniforms looked up at the Naxcha from a table covered in silver cutlery. One asked "Ah may we help you sir?"

Monte Orzka Territory, near Port Olympus
William Dempsey stood in a pair of kaki pants and a blue cotton shirt with a green jacket over it. He was apparently in his mid-thirties, short with blazing red hair. He watched the Lictor approach.

"Lictor Dominous? Commander Dempsey" He gave the traditional short bow of greeting and pointed to the open hangar door. "Ah we have a teleconfrence breifing about events, the Alconian Royal Envoy had to be re-routed, seems the Knootian-Burungi negotiations hit another road bump."

The hanger had not been deserted that long, in fact there was an old F-15 standing in one corner, mothballed but likely recoverable. At a table a group of men and women, obviously armed forces of some kind, looked up from a game at the entering Vaadians. A few raised eyebrows at the Lictor's armor but no one said anything.

At one side of the hanger was a dry eraseboard with a computer screen next to it. A camera on a tripod sat looking at the board. On both sides of the tripod were folding chairs aranged in a semi-circle.
16-06-2005, 16:30
Cenotaph Hill

Tacha frowns at Abitha "Just because these people have circumnavigated the law and twisted it does not mean we are legally obliged to suffer their skewing of the facts."

She then turns to Ms. Carnaf "Well, Utical has no legal expectation of receiving the easement from The Nachxa, if they had an agreement with the Patrician to obtain such a easement , then their lawsuit should directed at the party that broke the contract. Tell me, is it legal to sue a party that was not part of a broken contract in Port Olympus? Does the law legally transfer agreements and contracts from one person to another to simply facilitate a lawsuit?

It is clear here that Utical was wronged. BUT they were wronged by the realtors and the Patrician, we did not have any obligations to them under any contract, they need to be suing the other party of the contract that broke the contract and that is NOT The Nachxa.

You should be seeking to have Utical's suit thrown out, any Judge would see that we are the wrong party to sue, as we were never informed of the obligations made by the Patrician, we never had any agreement or contract with Utical and the realty agency did not inform us , the buyer, of any outstanding agreements or contracts in regards to this property. The simple fact that we were not informed of all this by the realtor absolves us of faut in this case and places fault squarely on the parties in the original agreement and their representative, the realtor.

That is all basic property law 101. A purchasing party MUST be apprised of all contractual obligations on the property to be transferred by the seller or the sellers legal representative. The purchasing party cannot be held responsible for outstanding contractual obligations of said transferred property if the seller did not disclose said contractual obligations or deceived the receiving party about the actual contractual agreements connected with the property to be transferred."

She sounded like she was quoting a memorized text book.

"So, we move to dismiss the case on the grounds that we are not the legal party to the previous agreement between Utical and the Patrician. We then move to have the sale declared null and void by reason that the realtor did not disclose all of the legal requirements encumbent upon the property and sue them for construction costs,legal costs and punitive damages, all of which were incurred because of their deception in the first place. Once the sale is voided, none of the other lawsuits can go through. We can easily convince the judge that had these contractual issues been disclosed to us, the buyer, that we would not have purchased the property in the first place, we were illegally deprived of vital information to make an informed decision on the purchase of this property."

She pauses, having said everything she saw as relevant "If that doesen't work, we hit Utical the same way they just hit Jonathon, and we kill the Judge and opposing lawyers. Get the name of the Realtor and her company as well. THAT'S how they would handle it Port Olympus, isn't it?"

A Vaadian would normally not say such a thing, but a Tolteca would, and with the allegiance of two and half billion Tolteca men and women, The Nachxa was a virtual state unto himself.


The Nachxa smiled and bowed his head politely to the gentlemen "No thank you, just having a bit of a look around. A very impressive house indeed."

He then continued his quiet appraisal of the house and it's furnishings.

Monte Orzka Territory, near Port Olympus

Lictor Dominous nodded to Dempsey and moved to have a seat, he briefly glanced over the other gentlemen gathered but they had a sense that he had quiety considered them and had dismissed them just as quickly.

He took a seat and gave his attention to the teleconference. He was not a man to waste even a second of the day not taking care of business.
Alcona and Hubris
16-06-2005, 19:34
Carnaf shook her head, "Utical was contesting the sale of the property. If they didn't make you a party to the lawsuit, effectively they would have ceeded property ownership to you."

She paused again, "Now your idea of demanding the sale null and void is basicly you agreeing to Utical's lawsuit in the first place. Getting one suit thrown out and then filling one almost exactly identical is well, ludicrious, Self defeating, and likely going to make matters worse for you in the long run. If we don't contest Utical's claims in court the sale will be voided, then we can sue the Patrician and Relator about it."

"As for your property 101 lecture, I suggest you save it for Parliament when it decides to do another revision of the Port Olympus code. Vaadian law ends at the water's edge Tacha. My job is to deal with the law of Port Olympus as it currently stands, buyer beware is still a good policy around here."

She stood up and looked down at Tacha, "You've gotten Jhonathon blown up today, yes you. You sent a third rate journalist to spin propaganda stories and it appears to have blown up in your face. The greatest threat to the Naxcha isn't Utical, the Patrician, or even the crummy laws of Port Olympus. It is you, you and your self-centered attitude have caused the greatest harm. Lawsuits, pah...I cleared out most of them in twenty minutes. The rest would have fallen quickly enough...until your Llama propagana machine made a mess of things."

She raised a hand, "Don't...I know what you are going to say...but how many people...innocent people...are you going to get killed in the Naxcha's name? Which is what you are proposing, an all out war between the Nachxa and the authorities of Port Olympus. Now I am going to let you contemplate something...what if was the Dyellians who hurt Jhonathan hmm?"

Carnaf walked out into the hall and noticed the Naxcha. "Mind some company on your exploration?"

Abithia watched the lawyer walk out of the room with out saying anything.

The Teleconfrence
The screen came on and a young woman appeared on it. William bowed, "Baroness? May I introduce Lictor Dominous...Lictor may I introduce Baroness Winton, Royal Envoy."

"Please hurry up Commander and be breif, I have to go deal with the Ctan having a bloodly hissy fit."

" breifly here is what we know. The Nachxa's arrival in Port Olympus was known twenty minutes before wheel's down to most of the city. Ah, between his attourney suddenly clearing off huge blocks of time, and security preperations, and someone noticing Quincy hanging around the airport...well it was reported on the local news channel. The Landgravine's movements were more clandestine, but there would have been about fifteen minutes before she arrived at the site they knew she was likely travelling there. Her limo would have had to go through Government Square and likely took the route through the Shades. That means that our shooter, had at maximum fourty-five minutes to an hour and a-half to get into postion before the attack occured depending on the target."

He paused for a second to let that sink in. "Our biggest lead at the moment is the weapon, and it's poor use. The device is from Remmondsland which means it hasn't been manufactured recently. Outside of what the Lords of War holds, there are not that many running about. But it wasn't used by the Remmondsland disporia since, they would know that they had the wrong version to acurately hit the broadside of a barn. Er, the missle they fired was an early version which had a bit myoptic optical sensor system, the building would have registered as background rather than a target."

"Anything else..." the Baroness asked.

"Shooter was a local, knew the Temple would be open at all hours, because of the conditions...heavy rain squalls well visiblity and electronic visiblity would have almost been zero at times, the shooter may have walked right through the front door."

"Where the hell were the Priests?"

"Priest, my lady...always at the pub around the corner. Tradition is that you have to buy the priest a beer when you come in."

"Listen I need to go sooth a collective...President's ego it appears so I expect you to keep me in the loop on this. Oh, IIS is having a hissy fit about something, I expect them to drop you a line about what is up sooner rather than later. Commander...get these bastards...I went to school with her....I want their heads on pikes."

"Yes my lady...." The screen cut out and the Commander shrugged. "Ah any questions..."
16-06-2005, 20:14
Cenotaph Hill

Tacha waited until Ms. Carnaf had left, she didn't even try to interrupt her. She smiled slyly as the lawyer left and simply stated

"There are no innocent lives."


The Nachxa looked up from wahetever it was he was so interested in looking at "Not at all Miss Carnaf. I do hope that you have a plan to sufficently end our legal woes in a satisfactory manner."

The Nachxa paused and looked strange for moment before smiling again.

"I think that perhaps I arrived in Port Olympus at an inopportune moment. It seems that things will be rather complicated and possibly quite bloody here shortly."

It wasn't at all obvious what he was referring to, he shrugged and smiled warmly "But, perhaps I am wrong."

The Teleconfrence

Lictor Dominous nodded politely to the Baronness and listened intently, recording everything with his pen drive in his breast pocket.

He did have one question for the Commander "How hard would it be to obtain this type of missle weapon Port Olympus?"
Alcona and Hubris
16-06-2005, 21:16
Abithia turned her head slightly, "You sound just like Sithirl herself..."

Carnaf nodded as they walked passed the intricately carved newel post and up the stairs. "Hmm, I keep on getting law lectures from people who haven't passed the Bar exam for Port Olympus."

At the top of the stairs was a long room, at fourteen foot wide it seemed a bit too wide to call a hallway. The lindfold panneling on the wall and the strapwork on the cealing seemed to dominate the space. It over looked the service court. "Your grandaughter apparently doesn't want you to own that house... I guess this what the Alconians call a long gallery."

The Hanger
Williams wrinkled his nose. "I would say availablity is on the rare side unless your getting arms shipments from LOW. So we start by poking our nose in the Remmondsland Disporia in the City and see what we turn up. As for the secondary weapons market. Port Olympus has a high number of international arms merchants, some who deal in Remmondsland tech on occassion, but they treated the launcher as a disposable item. I am thinking that whoever bought this got it off a scruffy back-room dealer, cheap. Which says something that got sold out of, or stolen from, the Remmondsland Disporia."

The Commander stood up and looked at the two pilots. "Er..are either of you comming with us into the City? I've got gear on the back seats of the rover." He pointed to a green range rover tucked behind the F-15.
16-06-2005, 22:01
IV, did you miss this on page seven? It was a one liner so I can understand it if you did.

The Inter Klatchian Affairs Minister, after waking up from his nap sent a message that he would like to speak with the Vaadian First Speaker as soon as possible and, of course, at his earliest convenience.
16-06-2005, 22:19
OOC: I sure did miss that, my bad. It's First Republican.


Cenotaph Hill

Tacha shrugs "Everyone is guilty of something. You haven't lived if you haven't found something that you can regret. Life itself is meaningless, it's how you live it that matters. I have no hesitation in wishing to see dead a city of people that have refused to make Colli Nachxa welcome, they have already chosen to be my enemy."

A typically Tolteca thing to say.


The Nachxa smiles "Tacha is upset that she has been passed over for Special Envoy on three occasions now. I retired over a century ago and I still am chosen ahead of one of my groomed sucessors.

Tacha is like her mother, a born Tolteca warrior , not getting her way is a personal challenge to her."

The Nachxa looks up and down the gallery and nods "A very interesting house indeed. I think that we should do whatever Tacha has suggested. I can close my eyes and see this city burning, the Republican Council will recall me soon."

He continued to look around, while talking his tone remains even and calm, his voice is very soothing.

The Hanger

Lictor Dominous nodded "That would seem to be a wise place to start. Even if our gentleman attacker entered by the front door, I doubt he left by the front door, having just fired in that direction he would have been wary of return fire. The more paths he took in and out the more likely it is he left a clue.

Does this model of missle have a viewfinder with a rubber eye piece, like a hunting sight? Or is it more like a LAWS rocket, with just a cross hairs?"

Lictor Dominous stood walked past the pilots as the Commander addressed them "No, they will stay with the transport, after loading my bags into your vehicle."

The Pilots shrugged and did just as the Lictor asked.

Great Lassic, House of the Republic

The First Republican, having recessed the Republican Council for the afternoon has word sent back to the Minister of Inter-Klatchain Affairs that he will be free all afternoon and will meet him at any time.
Alcona and Hubris
16-06-2005, 23:01
Abititha asked quietly, "So I am your enemy?"


"Well most of us seldom get what we want." She opened a door and looked at the guest suite before closing the door again.

"Well then how about I buy the blasted place off of you?"

She smiled, "I can make Utical squirm about things for months. Actually I'll let my sister spend a few days wacking out walls I don't want...should make her finally able to relax a bit..."

As they walked into the next part of the house she paused. "You know I really don't want to er...walk in on anybody in their er...bedrooms. How about we see if they finished the basement?"

William shrugged at that question. "You know I've never used one myself, but we can take a look at it in evidence." He looked at the men around the table for a moment and hit a small radio on his belt. A corresponding beep from a small table top unit went off and the man at it waved the commander off.

"We do have someone's pants from the scene, but well I guess I need to get our hands on the trace report. But with a public place like a Temple, we likely have too much trace."

The Commander got into the divers side and waited for the Lictor to take shotgun. "Ex-girlfriends car, she's deployed right now but let me rent the car. So the panties and the revolver in the glove compartment are hers, and it pops open if you hit a bump too fast."

The rover pulled forward as the sentry pushed the door open to let it drive out into the day and across the concrete slabs towards the gate.
17-06-2005, 03:38
Tacha smiled "Considering that you have welcomed Colli Nachxa, and have extended your gracious hospitality, I would be disposed to give you and Speaher Llewellyn the benefit of the doubt."


The Nachxa smiled "I would only sell it for triple what I purchased it for. I went through considerable expense to hire QMC and rearrange my schedule to come here early, plus the emotional attachment to the old place. I'm sure you'd not want to take an advantage of a confused old man?"

He raised an eyebrow ay the comment about possibly catching someone en flagrante in one of the bedrooms " And me without my camera. I would wager there is at least a wine cellar. A gentleman such as Ozy, would probably have an excellant wine cellar."

He motions to the stairs and smiled "After you Miss Carnaf."


Lictor Dominous took the passenger seat and then looked at the glove compartment as the commander explained what was in there.

He clears his throat and says "Then I suggest you drive carefully. If either falls into my lap, I'm going to fingerprint both to verify their actual owners."
Alcona and Hubris
17-06-2005, 14:59
Abithia nodded, "So the fact that most people in this city don't even know who the Nachxa is, makes them your enemy?"

Carnaf raised an eyebrow at him, "I very much doubt anyone has taken advantage of you recently...maybe attempted to. But then you have impecable taste in legal consul."

She walked down the stairs, turned at the first floor and entered the basement. The stairs opened onto a long vaulted space that ran along the bottom of the hill and contained a lap pool running from one end to the other.
The windows set into the wall overlooked the city and a wide stone flagged patio. "Forget my offer, I'm going to go rob a few banks to see if I can buy this place..." She tested the water with her hand, "Damn, not heated...cold as ice."

On the Road Again
The Commander looked at the Lictor a bit oddly, "Obviously they have my fingerprints on them...after all they did have to get back in there twice in the last couple of days." The Rover slowed at the gate. A green light flashed from the guard house, and William flashed his headlights in response.

A moment later they were through the gate and on a two lane highway heading west. Tall pines crowded in on the road from both sides. To the north, one could make out the shimer of gold on blue from Lake Olympus through the trees. An occassional path broke off the highway to a cottage on the lake side.

William really didn't say much of anything, just watched the almost empty road. Then there were signs, "Warning Border Ahead", "Prepare to stop",
"Sherrif Security..."

Just as the rover entered the border area, the trees lakeside pulled away to reveal a parking lot. Off the parking lot was a dock with a small car ferry waiting for something, or someone.

William pulled the rover up and on to the ferry, being directed by an old man to stop in the center of the boat. As William turned off the engine his eyes noted a figure attepting to hide in the shadow of the pilothouse.

The sound of the gate being raised behind them caused the figure to move suddenly and quickly with a start. Williams was reaching behind his seat, not taking his eyes off the figure in grey.
17-06-2005, 16:33
Tacha looked thoughtful for a moment and then replied "I would be inclined to view any alien as an enemy, until it was proved otherwise. I prefer not to trust anyone until I know their motives.

By all appearances, the motives of the people of Port Olympus seem to entirely selfish and self serving. Such people should enemies of anyone that respects rational, lawful society."


The Nachxa laughed "It is actually almost amusing to come to a place where people actually think that my actions merit lawsuits. I have bought homes in some ten different counttries , and always my neighbors are suspicious at first, they are generally not obstructionist, at least not to the degree that I have encountered here."

The Nachxa looked out the window over Port Olympus "Well, this place would a better buy, it is after all , habitable."


Lictor Dominous shrugged at the fingerprint comment "Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night."

The Relaxed as the car went onto the ferry, but followed with interest as the Commander watched the figure in grey. He put one hand on one of his side arms and stayed alert.
Alcona and Hubris
25-06-2005, 17:44
"Actually I think you'd get along with the Var, you have a similar outlook upon life." The fox paused in thought for a second, "I find that most humans always act in their self-intrest, even when they claim they do not. Even those that at the surface claim they do not."

Carnaf stood an looked across the pool and out the bank of windows. "Well being an urban pioneer tends to get lawsuits thrown at you in this city. Some think your an overly rich do-gooder who they can easily part from your money, the history of the place is so overlapping that there tends to be several informal stake-holders who fear any change their not in control of. And there are those who see the Landgravine's attempt to futher undermine the Guild system."

She paused and opened a french door out onto a stone patio. "Push the status quo, and the status quo will push back anyway it can."
27-06-2005, 14:23
Tacha laughs "I have found that sentinents of all races tend to act with their own interests in mind. I have yet to meet a race that is solely dedicated to interests of others. I have met many races that claim to be soley interested in the common good, when it comes right down to it, their idea of the 'common good' benefits themselves."

She smiles "Colli Nachxa is about as close as you can get to someone who is mostly interested in the well being of others. He makes it a point to at least try and spend as much money as he spends on himself on those who are less fortunate."


The Nachxa shrugs "A fear of change is merely a sign of ignorance and fear. People fear change because it reminds them of how little control nature has given them to begin with."

He steps out onto the patio "This is why when change finally does occur it happens with a rush of blood and violence."
Alcona and Hubris
27-06-2005, 15:27
She smiles "Colli Nachxa is about as close as you can get to someone who is mostly interested in the well being of others. He makes it a point to at least try and spend as much money as he spends on himself on those who are less fortunate."

"Which would say that he is likely acting in his self-intrest also. Just not a montary one, but perhaps a more emotional or psychological need."

"I disagree, the status quo wants change, but a reverse in course to regain power." She paused for a second. "Power is a drug, most people become addicted to it. Actually where have I heard that phrase before?" She leaned against the stone wall that acting as a railing and pondered for a moment as she stared out across the city.
27-06-2005, 16:09
Tacha smiled "You speak as though you are attempting to judge his actions. Do you believe yourself to be above acting in self interest? Colli Nachxa's interests have not been his own for some time, his interests are above and beyond what we could conceive of and have little to do with what we would recognize as 'self'.

It is a matter of course that nations and individuals of all races and in all places act in their own best interests.That is the nature of things."


The Nachxa smiles "Ah, to regain power while changing at the same time. To revert to a point where ones power was greater while moving ahead with change. That is impossible.

Power, as is perceived, is only an outward appearance of the trappings of power. Time changes those trappings and who possessess them. To regain lost power one must take a hold of the new trappings, or force society to recognize the old ones, both require the 'status quo' to become something other than the 'status quo'."

The Nachxa just shrugged.
Alcona and Hubris
27-06-2005, 17:15
Abathia tilted her head, "No I do not claim to be above self-intrest. Just above thinking self-intrest is always an negative attribute. In some situations yes, in other situations no. How many actions have been taken for 'the benifit of others' on this planet that have proven to be more detramental then benifical?"

She raised a paw to stop any argument before she was done. "I am defining a self-intrested action as one which feeds a need or desire of that individual. If a man says that what he does goes against his making of money, that is not to say that he is acting against his self-intrest. Just that the desire or need he is futfilling is a higher priority than his immediate greed. It may be as basic as not gouging a good customer in a time of crisis to keep their buisness afterwords, to the desire to help out a poor orphan who needs some food to survive."

The fox shifted her postion a bit. "As for acting in their best intrest, most humans do not act in their best intrest. They act in what they think is their best intrest. Usually humans tend to have limited views of the world, Encased in their own hardened prejudices and assumptions. Few have learned to attempt to view others with dispassion and understand what other's self-intrest is. I may have a better idea of my own best intrests than a typical human. But then experience does tend to teach that skill by trial and error. As for having a better view of my best intrest than the Nachxa, No I would likely say not..."

Carnaf nodded, "You may be right...I do recall reading something about Power is the ability to make decisions but Privilage is mearly the perks granted to those who have Power. It is usually Privilage that makes one an addict... She shook her head.
"For the life of me I can recall where I read that, but when I did I thought it was important."
27-06-2005, 18:56
Tacha just smiled nicely and said nothing. She was already aware that she had possibly upset her hostess and didn't really wish to cause any sort of disagreement that would be seen as impolite.

She did begin to wonder where The Nachxa was "What sort of security do you have here?"


The Nachxa smiled again " The source of good advice is not as important as the advice itself - I can't remember who said that, or wrote it. " He grinned "Actually I think I wrote it, but no matter. "

He stood, with his cane behind his back looking out over the city.

"I think it might have been very interesting to live here."
Alcona and Hubris
27-06-2005, 20:07
"Security? Hmm well besides the Parliamentary Police Guards and my families personal armsmen, we are not far from the Arx itself." The fox responded.

Carnaf chuckled, "Well true, but I spend my time trying to juggle the competeing desires of people. Sometimes I wonder if they have the power or me, so many just drop their problems in my lap and want me to solve them. I become a new parent, but then I have all the power and responsiblity. Oh well...."

She shifted looking north towards the Arx, a massive fortress standing on a high hill. "Truthfully my father thought this place was a cesspool. Why he married my mother I'll never know but they seperated by the time I was five and my sister was seven. This town did its best to crew her up and spit her out."
27-06-2005, 22:15
"I was just wondering how safe Colli Nachxa would be wandering around your home? Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but if his house was might be prudent to keep a watchful eye on your home as well?"


" Well, you just have to remember that power in most cases is illusory at best. The general ceases to have power when his soldiers stop listening to him. Worrying about who has power over whom isn't something I ever really consider myself."

He pauses and looks up at the Arx as well "Enviroment has much to do with how one eventually turns out in life. I would imagine that I am one hundred percent a product of my enviroment. It is very hard to overcome the expectations put on you by others simply because of where you are, or where you are from."

"You know, there was only ever one fortress in the Tolteca Empire.God-Emperor Teztcatlipoca once said 'If you build walls to keep your enemy at bay, then you are already defeated.' "
Alcona and Hubris
27-06-2005, 22:37
Abithia nodded, "No, that is not paranoid that is being concerned. Paranoia is when you beleive the attack will come at any moment from any enemy." She paused again. "Actually they are both out on the patio below this window." She pointed to the two story window that looked over the city.

"As for someone attacking us here, it has always been a possiblity. As such we have taken the needed precausions already. Your Grandfather has wandered near, but not outside the protective defense envelope of this house."

"I grew up in a Redoubt. One of the small fortified towns along the northern borders of the Klatchian Lakes. They were more for providing a defensible bases to avoid having them over run by a sudden attack by the Hordes. My father moved there after the divorce. I went with him, my sister stayed here."

"I'm not sure why the Klatchians didn't want to send more troops and men up there to be rid of the Hordes once and for all. Likely they didn't see any value in it...a land of slow growing pine trees, grasses, moose and such. Why waste the time killing off the Orcs rather than just keep them back from the fishing grounds. Hell we traded with them half of the time."
28-06-2005, 14:40
Tacha nodded back "We should keep an eye on them then , to make sure they don't wander further. Who knows waht else might happen today? It hasn't exactly gone smoothly, that's for sure.

Maybe now Colli Nachxa will rethink the military security offered by the Supreme Republican Commander. I know I'd feel safer with two hundred Red Jaguar around."


"It doesen't sound as though either of you had a particularly peaceful childhood. Still , you've done very well, one must be particularly strong to overcome such adversity."

He continued looking out over the city "How many people die everyday in this city?"
Alcona and Hubris
28-06-2005, 17:17
"I very much doubt either of them will wander much father in that direction, the slope of the hill becomes quite steep beyond the patio. I might worry if they were mountain goats." The fox added looking down out the window.

"Although two hundread troops might induce an even worse attack..." Abithia noted dryly.

"Well I would say I had it easy, I mean the occassional horde attack only got as far as the massive brick walls. But I grew up in a small, unified community. My sister grew up only to be abandoned by my mother and left for the wolves that look like humans in this city." She tilted her head again.

Carnaf raised an eyebrow at the question, "Do you want the death rate, or the homicide rate? or the accidental death rate caused by a druken walrus rolling?" She chuckled, "An attorney is supposed to both obscure and clarify."
28-06-2005, 20:19
Tacha smiles "Colli Nachxa grew up in the mountans above Costa-Tula and lived most of his life on the Tollan plateau,he may be as close to mountain goat as a man can get.

Even a larger attack would not even the odds agianst the Red Jaguar."

All Vaadians had very high regards for the Red Jaguar, mainly because very few enemy had actually ever stood to fight them, choosing to flee instead, and those that had stayed and fought, quickly surrendered.


"Perhaps the homicide rate." He left it open and vague himself "There seems to be something going on down there. "

The Nachxa stood very still and paused to wipe off his opaque sunglasses, which were very opaque, looking at them off, one would realize they were solid. The Nachxa's eyes were both a milky white, with no cornea or pupil, just white. He replaced his glasses without blinking and the shrugged.

"Perhaps it is just the unfamiliarity with the enviroment that is giving the strange feeling."
Alcona and Hubris
28-06-2005, 20:47
(OOC: Realizing that the Sirens thread is currently running a day ahead of this thread...)

IC: Abithia of course was not a Vaadian. She really had little concern for the skill level of the Red Jaguars.
"Well, still even one bullet could be sevearly destructive in protective duty. A larger presence in the Shades could cause more problems for the Nachxa and Ilek-Vaad in the future. An increase in troops might be seen as a prelude to enforcing the Nachxa's will over the Shades by the dezians of that place."

"Hmm...something like 400 a year or so...usually comes in a few all at once...people love to throw the bodies into the sewers. So a good number of them turn up down in the river. Most of the santitary sewers are too small for bodies..."
29-06-2005, 01:57
Tacha smiles "Well someone should restore order there."


The Nachxa nods "That is quite a lot. I understand that this city used to be controlled by a guild of assassins."

He adjusts his jacket.

"Tell me about that? I must confess the history of the Klatch is most certainly not a topic of conversation in the Free Republic. We tend to ignore foreigners until we have to deal with them."

He smiles.
Alcona and Hubris
29-06-2005, 13:25
Abithia looked at Tacha with an odd look, "I doubt it would do the Nachxa's reputation any good to start a war with the Klatch. Neither of our nations are very tolerant of outside interference in internal matters..."

Carnaf shrugged, "After Vrak killed the last of the Ursa Lords and took the city there developed a sort of power vacuum. For whatever reason the Vrakians really didn't consider this place all that significant and the Vrakian Govenors here were seldom actually here but in Vrak Prime."

She pointed down to a section of the city below Parlament Hill. "The Guilds stepped into that vacuum and all but took complete control of the city. The Assasin's Guild was one of the most powerful. First, they tended to not only train assasins but also the wealthy and powerful families of the city."

Carnaf stopped and considered, "Well that and they would kill those that opposed them or the other Guilds. And that is exactly how things stayed until Port Olympus was handed over under the New Constitution to the Privy Council. The Council wasn't at all happy with how the city had been run for the past two centuries or so...They began actually to run the city and enforce rules. Rebuild the school system, enforce taxation laws, reform the property tax system. And begin to actually entice property ownership again for the Shades." Carnaf pointed to a small open space in the city fabric.

"The Assassin's Guild decided to kill off the Privy Council. Well the Alconians apparently had gotten inside the Guild and tipped off the Landgravine. She struck first using raw JDF troops and tanks to smash the Guild House. But she also effectively smashed the Guild stranglehold on power in the city."

She paused again, "Most renamed themselves and attepted to deal with the loss of direct power by becoming influence peddlers and proffessional orginizations."
29-06-2005, 14:15
Tacha shrugged "It's nothing the Free Republic would ever do, just wishful thinking on my part."


"How unfortunate for the city that Vrak did not assert control at an early stage. Delaying that change made it all the harder when the time came.

I can't believe that any organization would attempt to liquidate the entire Privy Council. Conditions in the Klatch are looking more and more unstable all the time. Someone needs to assert control , but I sense that any party in the Klatch that would move to consiliadte central authority would be opposed by the other Federation states.

The Federation Constitution has worried me ever since I read it, it doesen't appear to be adhered to very well at all."
Alcona and Hubris
30-06-2005, 15:12
Abithia nodded, "Quite...I know several people who would want to drop a load of Marines on that place, or just carpet bomb it. But then that would cause a civil war. Of course it might be wise not to wishful think outloud when one is the senior member of a nations diplomatic staff, your wishful thinking could be mistaken as Vaadian policy."

Of course Alconians tended to see threats from Special Envoys as more immediate than most would. This likely was from the fact that A Royal Envoy of the United Duchies was the equivilant to the rank of a rear admiral. And had a tendency to have armed forces at their disposal to actually put through those threats.


Carnaf nodded, "Quite true, Salitory Neglect tends to do that..." She shifted again. "Well the constitution is really more of a super treaty between the States. Who want a fairly weak central policy anyway. But then you should have seen things before the constitution was ratified."
30-06-2005, 16:47
Tacha smiled and lookec around "Well, if my wishful thinking shows up as being representative of Vaadian policy, at least in this case, we'll know who to blame."


The Nachxa looked thoughtful "I was under the impression that it was much than a treaty? I thought it was an attempt to make the Federation THE state. I must admit that our Republican Council was apprised by diferent Klatchian partie that the constitution was much more than a treaty and that ratifying it was the equivalent of joining and recognizing Federation authority as above the local state authority.

Treaties very rarely assert such dominance over the authority of signatory states."
Alcona and Hubris
30-06-2005, 19:34
Abithia just nodded with a thoughtful gaze.

The Attorney sighed, "Great and Constituional law was my least favorite subject...Alright the concept of the modern nation state extends from the outcome of the Thirty Year war in Europe and the ensuing treaties at the end of that conflict. Yet many of those so called Nations were members of the Holy Roman Empire, and would be until 1801 when Napolean finnally forced it to be declared null and void. But if the Nations were members of this larger empire, what was the Empire?"

She paused for a second, "Now what then is the Federation? Because they happen to be analogus in many ways. The Federation's soverignty is derived from the States soverignty, not the soverigenty of the Federation being devolved to the States. The States have surrendered their control of foregin policy and inter-state policy to the Federation, but not their internal power."

She paused again, making sure the Nachxa was keeping up. "So The Federation is not The State, but the Union of States, A marriage if you will. Just because you marry someone doesn't render you as an individual null and void. Nor does joining the Federation make each member State nothing more than a proxy of the Central Government."

"Of course the Federation is a lot like a shot-gun mormon wedding. Twenty brides all looking at each other carrying their weapons with them up to the altar. The reason they are here is more to keep the others from ganging up on them. The Federal Government is sort of the groom, He might have the muti-barrel machine gun but he is one henpecked bastard."
30-06-2005, 19:51
The Nachxa smiled "That sounds unecessarily complicated, or necessarily complicated, according to your position in the Federation. Now, you say that member states of the Federation give up their control of Foreign Policy, why then are member states allwoed to negotiate treaties outside of the Federation? And why do some states even take military action against nations that are allied to the Federation, or helping the Federation?"

He smiled again about to play devils advocate "And however did the Landgravine come to be in Consul O'Booze's position? I must say that after studying the Constitution and the situation it amounted to no more than a coupe d'etat?"

He tapped his cane on the ground on the ground "It seems that the law can bent? I assure you that the Vaadian People will see that as entirely alien concept. I come from a nation where politicians can be tried and penalized for crimes, even minor ones while in office. Vaadians do not understand laws that don't apply for eveyone all the time."
Alcona and Hubris
01-07-2005, 00:32
Carnaf shook her head, "It is perfectly legitamate for States to negotate treaties outside of the Federation but they must be reviewed by the Federal Parliament. The Constitution assumes that to some extent all States will retain some amount of foreign policy. It is just that the Federal policy supercedes the State foreign policy. As for a State taking military action against an Ally of the Federation that is grounds for Attainment. That is the seizure of a State's military by the Federal Government."

She paused for a second, "What State Government attacked a Klatchian Ally? Realizing that a freindly nation may have a problem with being freinds but not with a majority of the States, which can get someone in trouble because Parliament votes down any action to stop said State."

Carnaf shrugged, "I don't know who told you what but Victoria Crawford was elected to her post as Outer Consul of the Federation along with General O'booze being elected Inner Consul. O'Booze got caught up in things during the revolution. Someone used nukes and both the States of Fasta Benji and Dyelli Beybi suffered attaintment. However a problem occured where O'Booze was part of an attainted military, sitting on the very group that was to control that military."

Carnaf looked over the expanse of the city again. "The whole thing was a ruddy mess. We were facing invasion at the time, O'Booze was who knows where, the Tzar was appeared that the Benjian Prince was about to crush the Socialists. Well the Alconians just sort of threw a wrench in the revolution's path, why ask Sir Ozy, and refused to allow the new Socialist Government to sit some Keys before it was clear who had one the revolt."

She paused for a second, "It was weird...we had three forces against each other in that civil mess...add in the UE off the coast with the newly formed JDF trying to dig in to stop the invasion..."

"My guess, the Landgravine didn't want the new socialists to show up then demand that the JDF start interfering on their behalf. So, she and the Chairman cashiered O'Booze on some odd legal technicallity and the next senior member of the Board became the Inner Consul. A Durakian actually, which is how things stood until the Durakian resigned, then O'Booze got back into being Inner Consul."

"So the Landgravine has never been in O'Booze's postion. Although she would up being the Defacto Privy Council because neither the Chairman nor the Outer Consul were around much."

Carnaf looked at the Nachxa, "Remember what we said about Power and Privilage? Two of the members of the Privy Council appear to have enjoyed the Privilages but left all the responsiblity in the hands of the Landgravine. Of course as I recall, letting someone else have the responsiblity basicly hands them the Power also..."
01-07-2005, 01:42
The Nachxa smiled at Miss Carnaf "I don't know if any Federation State has ever attacked a Federation ally. although Midlonia was apparently prepared to dispatch naval forces against the Free Republic."

He turned "The rest of the Federation has been very welcoming to us, the Midlonians have made it a point to make their anti-Vaadian opnion rather well known. They seem to do so aginst the wishes of other Federation states. I wonder why it should expected that we should join a federation that that may be populated with enemies."

He stood with his cane behind his back again " That is why I was anxious to see the parliament in action, since outwardly it appears to be rather ineffectual.

What would you do Miss Carnaf, if you were in the situation the Free Republic is in?"
Alcona and Hubris
01-07-2005, 13:50
She nodded, "I think you'll find that Mildonia is on a lot of States...bad sides. The problem of course is that as long as Mildonia isn't discharging weapons or taking slaves that their not er...going to be...punished."
01-07-2005, 13:56
The Nachxa shrugged non chalantly "Not from the Federation anyway."

The Nachxa turned to head back into the house "At the very least my trip here has been informative,not in the way which had been anticipated, but still very informative."
10-07-2005, 13:52
OOC: If it's okay, this is just around the time you started sending some ships closer to the Gonad so it's a bit in the past as far as current events. That is, none of the Christopher Thompson stuff has happened yet.


"So good of you to see me First Republican," began the walrus smoothly, "and I hope this won't take too long since I know that you are a busy man. I know that you are familiar with our stance regarding your nation in general and how much it would benefit both sides from you joining the Klatch.

I am also aware of the difficulties you encounter in the political manouevering you have to engage in to win support for your position, if I understand your mode of government correctly.

Really, I see no obstacles in Ilek-Vaad becoming a valued member of the FKC. The attempt on the life of the Nachxa will hopefully be resolved and I can assure you that the VIS is doing everything in its power to bring the criminals to face justice."

A pause, as if a bit uncertain how to proceed.

"But, I need to remind you that you are still outside of the Federation proper which means we are concerned about the positioning of your tactical groups near the Gonad."

The Inter-Klatchian Affairs Minister sat, watching the Vaadian and oblivious to all else.
10-07-2005, 19:53
The First Republican nodded and listened politely.

"I understand all of your points. First, I have plenty of time, so we don't need to rush things.

I am very concerned about the unrest in Port Olympus. As the seat of the Federation, it makes things look chaotic. This chaos puts me in a very precarious position politically. If the seat of the Federation is in turmoil, how well can the rest of it be doing? My voters will be thinking that as I ask them to decide at the polls.

Because of the political ramifications, The Nachxa will be recalled, and if we send an observer, it will be one of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs secretaries. It was not something I wanted to do, but to keep the opposition from gaining politically from the unrest, it is an essential move.

As for the ships 'around' the Gonad, it is very simple. They are clearly in international waters, they are not enforcing any ridiculous exclusion zones. They are there for one reason. Dyelli Beybi seems to be continually carrying out military campaigns in territory that is Federation territory with no JDF presence or co-operation. This concerns us greatly. If a single state can operate with impugnity in non exclusive Federation territory.............well, I'm sure you can see what I'm talking about.

I am not certain that at this point the Federation is stable enough for the Free Republic to join. If it is one thing a Vaadian loathes, it is chaos and unrest. Have you ever seen a Vaadian Political protest? It's as well organized as a military parade, even when being disgruntled, Vaadians are organized and hate chaos."

He shrugs "I don't know what I can do to salvage this situation, except to show the Vaadian Public that I am vigilant to their concerns."
20-07-2005, 09:13
The minister replied,

“I understand that our image may not be the most presentable, but you have to keep in mind that the Klatch is full of states that are essentially just as powerful as the most powerful of nations. Very hard for anyone to control.

As far as Port Olympus, the history is quite complex but suffice to say that it is useful in letting certain elements thrive as long as they don’t get out of control. To be fair, riots haven’t occurred there at this level for quite some time. We have no problems with an observer if it seeks to radiate calm amongst your electorate.

As for the ships, well, you do realize that the Klatch is a paranoid bunch. Build-up of any foreign force can be misconstrued by other states. All I can really say is that you need to be quite careful here. I daresay that it is our reputation in some part that is shielding you from possible further harm that could result and acts as a damper on some of the hot heads. In fairness to the rest of the states, you will be considered a foreigner unless you join, save any bilateral agreements you may have.

I believe the Gonad is being discussed now, but I’m afraid that you are correct in your assessment of Dyelli Beybi. They do like to…er…how do you say ‘push the envelope’? But their military was attained once before and could always be done again, just like any other FKC state, including our own. But yes, we are aware of the image that can be portrayed but, quite honestly, our FKC president cares little for image and much for action.”

He leaned forward as if about to divulge a secret.

“The president is old and an autocrat at heart. He feels hamstrung by the current nature of the Federation but has to tread carefully to implement action. This irritates him to no end and I fear for his mental health. But, what can we do? This confederation is the best structure that works for all but it does have its downsides as you are acutely aware. Imagine trying to run a nation with 70 billion souls instead of five and with headstrong rulers in each state. Now you can appreciate the obstacles that he faces.”

He leaned back to consider the First Republican’s last statement.

“To show vigilance for your public’s concerns, you can perhaps do this. Show them the benefits of joining the Klatch. For good or ill, it is a powerful friend to have in your corner not to mention economic benefits. Now I am aware that your public are educated individuals. We can share with you the history of the Klatch and how it has arrived at its present state. They like history, yes? The Klatch has a long and rich history. Have they ever visited the FKC? Probably not I would guess. So why not open up tours?

What I am trying to say is this; the Klatch will never be able to fit into a perfect mold for any one nation to consider joining. But, and I want to emphasis this, the benefits outweigh isolation. Internal difference that your nation may have with others in the FKC can be minimized for the betterment of all. After all, we all don’t start wars with each other at the drop of a hat. The Parliament is a place for the keys to vent their grievances and to form bonds with other states. And a very high degree of autonomy is still retained after joining.”

The walrus paused.

“Really, I’m not sure what else to say. I’m not a very good salesman when it comes to ‘selling the Klatch’ as it were but more suited in conflict resolution among the states.”
20-07-2005, 14:59
The First Republican nodded "Well the situation is complicated. Which makes it all the harder to explan to the Vaadian People. The current situation not withstanding, the increase in trade with your nation and Karmanyaka and Dyelli Beybi go a long way to assuaging people's fears about instability in the Klatch, I think that it is just premature for the Republican Council at this point to pursue full Federation Membership.

We ceratinly value our close relations with several states within the Federation but the Federation itself, from outward appearances, is in need of reform of some sort. I don't know what your King could better than what he is doing now, I certainly do not envy his position, nor would I accept it if it were offered to me.

I do think that arranging for Klatchian tours is a fine idea, and I will bring it up with the Minister of Foreign Trade and see what she thinks of the idea. I am sure she will be in touch. Travel to Karmanyaka has spiked with our closer relation with them, the Drachma goes a long way in Karmanyaka.

I am certain that this can all be sorted out in the end , it just may take some time and some small steps before the larger step of actual Federation Membership."

OOC: I'll be skipping ahead this afternboon with new and shocking developments!
20-07-2005, 20:30
After a long weekend the Republican Council met early on Monday morning. The First Republican and his majority PRP had a bit of a bombshell in store for the opposition. The Ministers were seated and the First Republican stood up and began the session, addressing the Ministers of the Council.

"We are all aware that the debate to joing the Klatchian Federation has been tabled for now. Realizing that the time was not yet right to join the Federation, but that it is also necesary to work closer to our neighbors, Myself and several other Ministers have drawn up a draft proposal of a treaty that will accomplish this."

He pauses to pass out copies of the proposal:

The Free Republic realizes that it cannot operate in the region of the Klatchian Coast without closer ties and better coordination with it's Klatchian neighbors in the Federation. The Free Republic also realizes that it's laws, constitution and traditions do not allow it to join the Federation as it exists.

This Draft Proposal hopes to reach a compromise with which the Free Republic may become closer to the Federation and not give up it's distintcly unique and well organized governmental structures. This Proposal hopes to bridge the gap between the Federation and the Free Republic.

Section I - Alliance

The Free Republic recognizes all Federation States in good standing as allies and Friends of the Republic.

Section II - Trade

The Free Republic confers upon all Federation States in good standing favourable trade status, reducing tariffs and allowing corporations and businessess from Federation States to apply for expediated trade permissions with the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Section III - Support

The Free Republic pledges it's foreign aid budget to mainly assist and benefit Federation States as they require it.

Section IV - Military Co-operation

The Retaliatory Guard shall refrain from taking military action outside of it's lawful borders without informing the Federation's Joint Defence Forces. The JDF shall be apprised of all Retaliatory Guard military asset movements. The JDF will receive co-operation from the Retaliatory Guard.

Section V - Representation

In exchange for the previous concessions to the Federation the Free Republic will be allowed to elect and send a single 'Key' to the Federation Parliament. This will do two things, allow Federation States to have instant access to a fully empowered Envoy of the Republican Council and also give the Federation a chance to consider the Free Republic's view of matters that affect the whole of the Klatch.

It is the hope of the Republican Council that these provisions will be accepted by the Federation and allow the beginning of a new era of co-operation and friendship in the Federated Klatchian Coast.

The opposition Ministers notice that their PRP council mates do not receive copies. Interior Mininster Von Raukov looks over the proposal and looks up "It seems that the PRP Ministers already have their minds made up?"

Minister of Foreign Trade Madrid Arden nods "We all helped to draft it, and it has already been read and approved by Lictor Trotsky. It is only required that it go to vote."

Minister of the Judiciary Ivar Istvaad smiles "And if we vote against it, you still have the votes to carry it. What is the point of us even reading it?"

The First Republican replies "We still value the opinion of even our opposition Ministers. We tried to draft it with every Vaadians best interests in mind, including Vaadians who belong to the VLP or ROP."

Sir Alec Minister of Foreign Affairs speaks up "We aren't even asking for a vote today. I am going before the Federation Parliament in four days to present it, we will only vote on it once it had Parliaments approval."

The First Republican nods "That is correct. Then it will be put to a referendum in February. Keep it and read it for now, take it to your party Chairman, we will only discuss it after the FKC Parliament has accepted or rejected it."

With that the Council moved on to other business , leaving the stunned opposition to consider it. There could be no debate until it was officially brought up for a vote.


As this is an open session, the document would be publicly available.
Alcona and Hubris
20-07-2005, 21:01
There was a knock on the door of study. "Yes?" The Baroness looked up from the paperwork that was infront of her. Her new carrer had taken up most of her time recently, especially all of the traveling about to deal with the Knootian-Burungi situation. Which ment that with a bit of the down time she recently had she was trying to catch up on the recipts of her families manor and farms.

The woman who stepped through the door was not actually her servant. Captain Jennssen was her aide, which was considered a fairly high rank for a mere aide to a woman who hadn't even graduated from the Acadamy.

But Anne Winton was not just Baroness Winton, but also the Royal Envoy of the United Duchies. Effectively she was the equivilant of a Secretary of State crossed with a full Admiral. The Foreign Minister represented the wishes of the Government of the United Duchies, the Royal Envoy represented the desires of the Privy Council of the United Duchies.

The younger blond woman standing before her was rising up in the ranks. She had been key in the treaty between Glorious Humanity and the Federation. Her Grandfather had recently been elevated to a peer, and she was his heir. The marine was also considered on the short list of possible future Royal Envoys.

"Ah yes, my lady, a royal summons arrived for seems you've been detailed to present the formal thanks to Ilek-Vaad for their rescue of the survivors of the 16th."

"Why isn't the Outer Ministry dealing with that..."

"You know the Government has become increasingly...anti-vaadian..."

"So they would snub them completely?"

"That or the Outer Minister is trying to gain favor with the party base..."

Winton sighed, "The problem with a weak government in power is that everyone is preparing for the election rather than run the country...."
She held out her hand as she said this in a resigned tone.

"Yes my lady..." Jennssen handed her two binders.

"Two breifing books?"

"I would guess that your expected to brush up on this Ilek attempt to join the Federation."

"Oh, what is the current news on that..."

Jenssen shrugged, "You have a meeting with the Council tommorow at one my lady. I expect the Outer Ministry will inform the Vaadians that you plan on visiting soon and make a public announcement soon."

"Quite...oh, and make sure the Vaadians know about my pecurliar body guard."

"I think they should like him my lady, after all they have Jaguar this and Jaguar that..."

"Last time I knew, Jaguars and Tigers don't get along all that well."
21-07-2005, 20:45
The days work in the Council had finished and sir Alec relaxed in his office as his assistant made travel plans to Port Olympus so that he could, hopefully, address the Parliament. He hoped that with the text of the proposal being made public that the Parliament would be prepared with whatever misgivings they would have prepared in advance and not be caught by suprise.

Mr. Cherkess His assistant entered, without knocking, to try and catch sir Alec smoking. "Sir, you travel is arranged for, you will leave the day after tomorrow, so you'll have a day to sleep off any jetlag and get freshened up."

Sir Alec nodded "Ah, good. So I can looked my prettiest for Parliament."

"Speaking of pretty sir, Alcona and Hubris are sending a Royal Envoy to thank the Free Republic for rescue operations in the Klatch." said Mr. Cherkess warily "Baronness Winton, she travels with a Klatchian tiger."

Sir Alec sat really "How's she look then?"

Cherkess shrugged "I don't know sir, how do you think she looks?"

Sir Alec frowned "I've never seen her, how would I know?"

"I've never seen her either." He said as he was leaving, Sir Alec shouted after him.

"Well, she better be here soon , I have a plane to catch!"
Alcona and Hubris
21-07-2005, 21:52
Anne Winton ( sat forward on the Saab 2000 as it banked towards the north and Vaadian Airspace. "I really hate these long flights..." she commented dryly.

"Yes my lady," this reply did not come from her aide Jennssen but her new advisor, Mr. Bethune. Actually the Outer Minister had been forced to assign Bethune rather than some more loyal political hack within the department. Bethune was now an Assistant Permanent Secretary within Outer Ministry and also a man of some note.

Of course the Hubarian's health had been stedily deteriorating. A product of the malnutrion he suffered under the last days of the Socialist Government of Hubris. The man could not stand for a long time, or walk far without collapsing due to severe pain, which relegated him to wheel chair. Which didn't matter much until they stuck him as her advisor.

Well at least Jenssen and Bethune had known each other since the Glorious Humanity buisness. Truth is that the only one who they both seemed a bit scared of was Sir Meow. Meow of course was laying in the alise next to Ann. The mass of orange and black fur was sleeping, which is something Ann was trying to do for the long trip into Lassic from here.

"Remember my lady that we may be greated by the Velite guard, they will be quite...ostentaious..."

"Hmm, yes...the problem is that we had better do likewise when the Prime Minister appears....but Pellew really doesn't go for that kind of thing...Bethune I think it would be wise..."

"If I take notes and then offer suggestions to Pellew my lady?" Bethune interupted. She looked at him with level eyes just slightly closed and annoyed.

"Pellew and yourself are both Armed Quakers, you tend not to care too much about pomp and circumstance. I am of course an Athiest and notice every small detail, in order to confirm that your all bloody insane for beleiving in the existance of some figment of a wandering heardsmen immagination."

"Oh, no...both of you keep off that subject, I do not need to listen to you two circling in verbal battle damn your book Bethune, and Jenssen finish your typing. I am going to take a nap."
21-07-2005, 22:23
The flight was exacerbated by the fact that Alconian flights were only allowed to land at Lassic International Airport, in the center of the country. Fortunately that was also the capital. Vrakian flights could, of course, land at any airport they pleased and had clearance.

The flight into and over Ilek-Vaad was uneventful, with the exception of the Orion Fighter escort when they entered Vaadian airspace. They were directed to land at Lassic International Airport SouthWest, the city of one hundred and ten million was hard to miss and had four international airports.

Upon landing the reception was much less formal than last time, Sir Alec had the feeling he was either being snubbed, or about to be mauled by a tiger, so he opted for a low key reception. The plane was greeted at the diplomatic runway by about twenty five Velite Guard, in everyday uniform, no dress helmets or halbreds and the Alconians were met with the same Jaguar XJ12 Sovereign limo, though it had been tastefully repainted black with only the interior still bearing the Alcona and Hubris coat of arms.

Baronness Winton was met by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Alec Connover ( , only in his late twenties he always has the look of someone who is laughing at something (or someone), as the Baronness left the plane, the Velites were arranged on either side and Sir Alec was near the limosine, chatting with a pair of Animal Control Officers , who had been strategically lent to his office for this occassion.
Alcona and Hubris
22-07-2005, 00:33
The Baroness was actually in her mid thrities by now, and dressed in a gray pant suit. Normally she would have led, with Jenssen to her right, Bethune to her left, and her security detail behind her, in the order of their relative ranks in society and postions within the entorage of the Royal Envoy.

Things had gotten a bit complicated though. To the Baroness's right was the tiger who looked rather ammused actually. To her left was Bethune in a wheelchair being pushed by Jenssen.

The group stopped before Sir Alec. "Sir Alec Connover?" She asked the attractive man who seemed to be the center of attention on the Ilek-Vaadians. "Dame Ann Winton, Royal Envoy of His Grace Alexander the Third, Grand Duke of the United Duchies. This is my personal security detail, Sir Chariman Meow Winton, Knight Companion of the Order of St. Marks..."

Anne was looking down at Sir Meow who had taken a seat when everone stopped, but she kept a keen eye on Sir Alec. She had decided to point out that Sir Meow wasn't some idiotic name (Although Chairman Meow? well she hadn't been the one to name him that either) she gave her pet but the creatures actual rank.

"And may I present my Aide-de-Camp, Captain Jenssen and my advisor Assistant Permanent Secretary of the Outer Ministry Mathew Bethune." Jenssen just gave that traditional head bow to Sir Alex, but Bethune offered his hand.

"I appoligize for being so informal, but my body isn't as strong as it once was.."

To the rest of the world, it was a bit perplexing why the Royal Envoy should go everywhere with her 'pet'. Of course why was a small incident off the Northern Coast of Iansisle when said tiger, then only a kitten really, saved the life of a particular disgraced Knight Commander of the Order of the Gryphen. Or the fact that he was instrumental in saving the life of one Duke Williams of Larkina when she was just the Naval Attache to Iansisle.
Anyway the creature was known to travel with her, unless she was dealing with Orcs. That being one of the favorite meals of a Klatchian Tiger, she usually left him nearby but not near enough to smell the creatures.

Note: It is a recorded fact that Klatchian Tigers have seldom attacked humans. The primary reason why is that the tigers were allergic to human blood, making chewing on a human a dangerous and distasteful propostion at best.
22-07-2005, 01:49
Sir Alec smiled and nodded "Yes, I'm Sir Alec Connover, Minister of Foreign Affairs." He shook everyone's hand in turn and regarded the tiger "You've knighted a tiger? Well, not so strange I suppose, I heard the comment 'they've knighted a monkey?' a lot after earning my title."

He motioned to the limosine as a Velite Guard went over to the car and folded up on of the backseats and deployed the ramp for Mr. Bethune "Well, shall we? I've reserved atable for us at Smith and Woloshansky's Steakhouse." He paused and looked a bit confused "And the tiger has the biggest title, should I be addressing him? Never mind let's go and have dinner and I understand that you're here to congratulate someone or thank us for something.............I honestly can't imagine we were nice to any foreigners, but the sentiment is appreciated."

Sir Alec had a mirthful way of expressing things and a self-deprecating humour that put everyone at ease. It seemed like you could say anything to me and he'd smile and agree. Despite this his eyes were quick and he was listening far more than simply a vaccous grinning idiot, though the unobservant might mistake him for one.
Alcona and Hubris
22-07-2005, 04:45
Anne hid a grin at the monkey comment, "Quite, I think his Grace was demonstrating his perogative in the matters of knighthoods." She looked down at the tiger. "Meow, this is going to be a dinner meeting, and we know what happened to the last dinner party you attended, my shoulder still hurts when it rains from that halabard so I think it best if you go back and keep the crew in line."

She pointed back to the jet, the tiger looked at the Vaadian Minister with his red eyes and then stood up and walked back to the plane.

Bethune watched all the goings on. "You know I can still walk...just not far before I have to sit down again so really that is all..." Jenssen leaned forward and said something quitely into his ears. "Quite...Quite right..." he replied and then became quiet again.

Jenssen got Bethune settled in the car. "I am afraid that your armed forces did appear to do a good turn for his Grace's boys and girls recently...."

Anne began as she waited for the passenger compartment to calm down again. "And therefore I have been sent to present an offical letter of thanks, as well as work out a few other minor details pertaining to matter of the 16th. Which is a nice change of pace for me really. I've been spending way too much time listening to the Brungi and Knootians complain about each other, I would swear their both trying to convince me to declare war on the other party."

Jenssen had Bethune settled and had taken a seat herself. Baroness Winton sat down facing Jenssen. "Well Jenssen, how did your mother do in the race that they had here? It was from Lassic wasn't it?"
22-07-2005, 14:28
Sir Alec nodded to the Tiger "Pleased to meet you sir." and then took a seat in the limosine itself, it quickly pulled out and headed for Old Lassic and the very expensive steakhouse.

Sir Alec smiled "Well, those thanks should perhaps be saved for Admiral Lassander Ilek. There was no order to interfere in the Gonad, he did it entirely of his own volition, and of course Colonel Lolkema carried out the mission to the best of his ability, I believe that Admiral Ilek has recomended the Colonel and his units for a citation."

He pauses and shrugs " I can't imagine any other Admiral that would have taken the same steps."

Sir Alec chuckles " Yes, the Knootians and Burungis. The less said about them the better."

He looks over at Jenssen "Ah yes the Coventry Fortnight, First was taken by Sebastien Hill in his Jaguarm XJ-220, I'm not sure where everyone else placed. I know that at the Formula 1 Race in Coventry after the road race Sebastien's car lost a control arm and he didn't finish. Bad luck there."

Shortly they arrived at Smith and Woloshansky's.

Hmm, I never did post those results. Because I'm a fan of Aston Martin, she can finish somewhere in the top five ;)
Alcona and Hubris
22-07-2005, 15:31
The Baroness shook her head, "Governments are condemed often enough because of their officers in the feild. I think a government getting being thanked for an officers actions sort of evens out the karma if you will."

Jenssen piped up when her mother's latest race was mentioned, "We came in third, not bad for a woman who hasn't done a real road race in years and on her first go. She was quite impressed with the crowds actually, I take it that racing is quite popular here?" She asked in her normal quiet manner.

Baroness Winton raised an eyebrow, it seems that the Royal Family was planning something behind her, and the Privy Council's, back.

As the car stopped, Bethune started to rise from his seat. Both Alconian women looked at him. "No damn it, I refuse to eat in this god forsaken thing. I can hobble my way in and into a real chair for dining."
22-07-2005, 16:15
Sie Alec nodded "Well, we are often condemned for the actions of our Retaliatory Guard, so it is a bit of a novelty to be thanked for their actions. Even when our forces defended Edolian Yasmarea from the Empire of Fluffywuffy we were roundly condemned, even by the Edolians. Some people are never happy."

He smiled at Mr, Jenssen "Third is rather respectable. Racing is very nearly as popular as rugby, the road races draw greater crowds than the Formula One races do. People like to see cars the can technically buy, squaring off. The Coventry Fortnight is just the biggest, it is nearly a thousand miles to Coventry from here."

As they pulled up to Smith and Woloshansky's Sir Alec got out and opened the door for everyone and smiled as Bethune insisted on walking, he didn't say anything, but appeared pleased. Once inside they were met by the Matre'd who led them to private dining room with a bar and bartender , very comfortable chairs and a large plasma screen TV. The furnishings wee mostly wood and there were an assortment of coats of arms on the walls and some swords and various hunting club photos and trophies. Not too far to walk hopefully for Mr. Bethune.
Alcona and Hubris
22-07-2005, 18:34
Bethune was a bit slow, and needed the use of a cane, but managed to find a seat at the table without collapsing. He looked about the space, "Quite nice I feel like I'm in a club in Thunderbay's private room. Of course Sir Alec one does wonder about all the trappings of a monarcy about in a nation that routinely condems them. Coat of arms, knighthoods, I'm wondering if there isn't an emperor hiding about someplace."

The Baroness didn't react, she seemed to pause for a moment, and then continue sitting down. Captain Jenssen sat down next to her, the two women seemed to have the same air of two people who were staying quiet for the moment.

In truth Anne was finding having this Bethume fellow tagging along to be quite a bother. She was here to present this letter of thanks, inquire about citations for the Vaadian Marines and that one pilot, inform them that there would be a counter proposal made in Parliament almost right after Sir Alec presented his on this alliance buisness and then head home.
22-07-2005, 19:28
Sir Alec ordered a double scotch and soda and took his seat, and took to answering the question.

"Well, the titles and knighthoods and such are really quite different here than in a monarchy. First, a vast majority of them are not hereditary. Only the Princes of Coventry have retained the right to keep their titles, a concession given to them by Supreme Republican Commander William 'The Silent' Issem after he defeated Coventry in the eleven year War for the Republic. Awful nice of him considering he left them penniless paupers. Even those titles are meaningless and no actually has to use them."

He pauses and takes a healthy drink.

"MY knighthood and all the others including titles like Right and Honourable, Master Knight, Grand Master, are all given by the Coventry Institute for Democracy to people who have advanced the cause of democratic rule at home and abroad, once again no one actually has to use the titles.

For instance the First Republican has attained the rank of Right and Honourable within the CID, but never almost never uses it and he is never called Sir Theleb, he simply doesen't like it.

I on the other hand use my title continually due to being an inveterate prick and absolutely self centered."

He takes another drink and turns as another gentleman enters the room, a handsome arabic gentleman in a smart suit "Ah, this is Layne Al Azarad, Chief of Staff to the First Republican, and apparently our waiter for the evening. Does the First Republican know you're moonlighting?"

Mr. Al Azarad simply gives Sir Alec a 'you'll get yours later' look and takes a seat "I apologize for my lateness but I had a meeting that ran rather over."

Sir Alec quickly introduces everyone "I was just explaining our titular system in the Free Republic. Mr. Bethune seems to think we're hiding an Emperor."

Mr. Al Azarad smiles "Only in our deepest,darkest dungeon Mr. Bethune. No the titles in our nation are simply to assuage the egos of self important people."

Sir Alec nods "Precisely what I was saying, but that's true of anywhere with such titles not just the Free Republic." He paused and smiled at the Baronness "No offence Baronness Winton."
Alcona and Hubris
22-07-2005, 20:27
The Baroness showed a wry grin on her face, "I am afraid the reason I have a title has more to do with limiting the influence of my family upon the government and increasing the tax rate they had to pay than mearly appealing to their massive egos."

She looked around for the waiter to order a scotch neat. "It was quite a nasty shock when my great uncle died, my tax rate went up by fifty percent."

Jenssen looked at the Baroness for a moment. It was an odd look of a young woman who was looking at what many thought was her future and wondering if she could fill the shoes of the woman next to her. Anne Winton was only a Baroness because she was a Knight, and she was one of the only people knighted for bravery while still at the Naval Acadamey.

"Yes, well most Republics that are so rabidly anti-monarchy throw out all forms of titles and hereditary notions quite quickly. I am surprised the Princes of Coventry were not made extinct in a very public manner. After all that is what we Hubarians did when we overthrew the Vaughn dynasty, they actually sold tickets to rape Princess Margret before they had her drawn and quart...."

He paused when he realized that both Alconian women were looking at him with fire in their eyes. "Quite, luckly one escaped the clutches of our republican furor."

Anne decided to change subjects. "Yes, history has many surprises...Are we all here? If so I would like to inquire about the United Duchies issuing citations for your Marines who helped us out in the Gonad recently."
22-07-2005, 21:18
The Bartender was quickly at the Baronnness' elbow when she looked as though she might be considering a drink, and promptly fetched her a scotch, if she didn't specify then the usual neat single malts in the Free Republic was Glenlivet.

Mr. Al Azarad nodded "Yes most Republics that have been weighed down by the yoke of oppressive monarchy tend to be very violent when it actually comes time to rid themselves of the offending monarch. Here, our founder quite rightly decided that the Republic would be no better than the monarchy it replaced if it instituted the same revenge based wholesale slaughter that the monarchy and inquisition had inflicted."

Sir Alec nodded "Quite right, it is the height of hypocricy to replace an oppressive regime with an oppressive regime. So Prince Namaan simply decided that no one should be oppressed and call it all even."

"Yes , we are all here, the Minister of Defence was to join us, but he is in Tollan meeting with Supreme Republican Commander Ring, he sends his apologies." Mr Al Azarad explained "We can get down to business."
Alcona and Hubris
25-07-2005, 17:58
Baroness Winton nodded, as she heard that they could conduct buisness. "Well then, on behalf of the Naval Manor, our Department of the Navy, I was asked if It would be considered allowable to have the Naval Awards Board consider awarding citations and honors for those Vaddian Marines and a pilot involved in the rescue operation. Obviously we don't wish to harm their carrers by giving out awards which would be seen as offensive, being that we are a constitutional monarchy."

She sipped her scotch quietly and waited for a reply on the matter.
25-07-2005, 19:36
Mr. Al Azarad speaks first " Well, it certainly won't hurt their careers. The Retaliatory Guard is one hundred percent merit based. Inbdividuals are promoted for their actions, not their awards. I don't see any problem with it so long as no Retaliatory Guardsmen are required to bow, or any other such nonsense to any royalty when receiving their citation.

The men that have pledged their lives to protecting this republican democracy, tend to be even less understanding of monarchist inclinations than the average Vaadian."

Sir Alec chuckles "Yes, compared to most Retaliatory Guardsman the average Vaadian is downright accepting of monarchies, and the avergae Vaadian isn't keen on marchies and dictatorships and such. "

Mr. Al Azarad nods " That would be the only sticking point. It would probably be best if a senior military officer awarded the citation instead of an envoy of the Duke. The Retaliatory Guard would have no issues respecting military protocol. It would be the best way around a possibly thorny issue."
Alcona and Hubris
25-07-2005, 21:06
The Baroness paused for a moment in consideration. "Well, we do a good deal of bowing, but that's just that we Alconians do not shake hands as a means of greating. I will forward your reservations to the Naval Awards Board, if it becomes an issue we'll attempt to meet our obligations as well as respect Vaadian sensiblities." She sipped at her drink.

"Unless there is something else on that matter. I'd like to ask what you greeting you feel would be appropriate upon your arrival to Port Olympus Sir Alec?"
25-07-2005, 21:34
Sir Alec chuckled "You know, the usual, masses prostate before me, averting their gaze from my all powerful visage, virgin sacrifice in in my honor."

Mr. Al Azarad gave Sir Alec a disapproving look and Sir Alec continued "I don't think you need to plan anything special. Considering what's been going on in Port Olympus, I'd imagine the quieter I arrived the better."

Sir Alec paused as the waiter came in to take orders.

"I have no trouble bowing or shaking hands or whatever is most apprpriate. So long as I'm not arrested or savagely beaten upon arrival, everything should be okay."
Alcona and Hubris
25-07-2005, 21:51
The Baroness seemed to pause, "virgin sacrifice? Why do I think there have been a few virgins to sacrifice themselves to you in the past Sir Alec? Hmm?" She had a slightly mischivious look in her eyes. "Anyway, unless your planing on purchasing property in Port Olympus, or starting a fight with a mime, I doubt you'll have any problems with being attacked."

The Baroness looked over the menu beifly and then ordered the filet minion with a class of rose cabernet wine.

Bethune filled in the gap as the Baroness ordered. "The United Duchies is concerned with the way your press has delt with the whole Naxcha incident. It was quite unfortunate but not unexpected buying contested real estate in the city. Which does bring up the matter of where you are staying Minister?"
25-07-2005, 22:11
Sir Alec chuckled "You make it sound like being with me is murder?"

Mr. Al Azarad sighed as if to say 'Listening to you is murder' as Alec turned to answer Mr. Bethune. "My assistant , Mr. Cherkess is planning on contacting the Vrakian Diplomatic Corps to see about my sleeping arrangements. Though I hear the Best Western in downtown Port Olympus is quite nice."

He pauses and orders the Surf and Turf.

"From what I understand , not from the press mind you, The Nachxa was not aware that the real estate was 'contested' until after he purchased it, as for how the press handles it." He shrugs "There is nothing I can do about that. If they are lying, it is a matter for the civil courts. I can assure that I have no intention of purchasing property in Port Olympus any time in the near future."
Alcona and Hubris
25-07-2005, 23:22
The Baroness's eyes seemed to hint at some humor, "That is not the kind of sacrifice I was talking about Sir Alec. But if your that rough with those who fall under your charms, well that is your personal buisness is it not?"

She sipped her scotch and watched Sir Alec from over the rim of the glass.

Bethune looked a bit confused, "Lying, I never even thought that. Has there been some accusation that..."

The Baroness looked at Bethune, "I might have heard something in the rumor mill about questionable sources. But I think all of our time in Port Olympus is somewhat small, after all it was mostly a Vrakian City before the New Constitution."

Bethune ordered a light chicken dish, actually he ordered from the children's menu. It seems the man also ate like a bird at times. Jenssen decided to also try the Surf and Turf.

The Baroness looked over at the Bartender, she wanted a refill. As she nodded to him she continued the conversation. "If the Vrakian Diplomatic Corps do not happen to be quite forthcomming with housing, after all they now have the Presidential Palace turned into an encampment at the moment, I was asked by Admiral Pellew to inform you that a diplomatic guest residence on Parliament Hill is available for your use."

Jenssen pipped up, "Yes the security at the Best Western downtown isn't all that good from what I hear. I'd suggest the Ritz Uptown..."

"Not all of us have a pile of family money to use to stay in hotel rooms" Bethune noted dryly.

"Yes, but I think everyone would be less anxious if Sir Alex stayed somewhere with better security than the Best Western." The Baroness added as she nodded her thanks to the bartender for the refill.
26-07-2005, 00:33
Sir Alec grins broadly "I am a servant of the People, all of my business is public." He turns nonchalantly to the bartender, to break the Baronness' gaze, as he heads over to refill drinks "I have a webcam............"

The bartender tries not laugh, mnainly because he's trying not to eavesdrop, but he is a bartender after all.

Mr. Al Azarad clears his throat "Well, I'm certain that we will take your advice as to Sir Alec's lodgings under advisement. I'm certain that we can all agree that journalists tend to 'embellish' things at times."

Mr. Al Azarad orders the porter house. "I doubt there will any serious issues until after Sir Alec delivers his address. That is when the real work will begin."

Sir Alec looks shocked "Work? I'm a bleddy Minister, can't someone else do it?" he pauses and sips at his refilled scotch and soda "Though I suppose I will have to do the negotiations personally, it will take a man of my considerable prowess and rogueish good looks to negotiate.............whatever it is I'm negotiating."
Alcona and Hubris
26-07-2005, 04:35
The Baroness raised an eyebrow, "Hmm, I find that notion quite voyeristic. Although you realize that my nation's security services will now be watching your every move twenty four seven? Or were you trying to fake out the nobs?"

Anne paused for a moment "Obviously the Republic should take advice from us neo-barbarian monarchists with a grain of salt, or perhaps an entire crater, or should I say shaker. After all we do not want your oppostion saying your a bunch of closet monarchists."

She turned to Bethune, "Unfortunatly you seem to be a definate Monarchist Bethune, even if you were born a socialist."

"Quite my lady, when your starving you tend to look kindly upon the person who starts putting food in your belly, I'm not sure if them wearing a crown makes one feel better or worse about it." Bethune replied.

Anne nodded and returned to the main conversation, "Ah, so no convient Klatchian republican you can tell the press recommended something, oh well. Now on to the negotiations about this Klatchian Alliance your proposing. I am afraid that I must inform you that the Junior Alconian Key is likely to present a counter offer almost immediatly upon your formal presentation Minister."
26-07-2005, 16:05
Sir Alec smiles "I don't really have a live webcam, I was just lying, trying to get attention."

He turns to Mr. Bethune as the Baronness makes her comment about his being pro-royalty and his subsequent response and offers his bid of wisdom "Quite you true, you can torture and beat a dog and it will remain loyal as long as it is well fed."

He then quickly moved on the proposal that he was to put before Parliament "Well, it is a proposal, I had expected some feedback and counters to some of the offers made in it. It is a flexible document, it's not set in stone and hasn't even been approved by the Republican Council. We won't even take a vote on it until after it's in it's final form.

Though I fail to see what would be unacceptable for the Federation in it."
Alcona and Hubris
26-07-2005, 16:19
OOC: No actually that comment was that if the Vaadian Opposition heard they were taking advice from the Baroness they would call Sir Alec a Monarchist

IC: Bethune narrowed his eyes at the comment about being a beaten dog. "If one thinks it can abuse an animal as long as they feed it, I am afraid they will soon find themselves sevearly mauled. Loyalty can only come from being fed and well cared for, a lesson perhaps Vaadians should learn before they find themselves with a nasty wound."

Anne just shook her head slightly and answered the Foregin Minister's question. "What is the one thing that Klatchians do not tolerate under any circumstances Sir Alec?"
26-07-2005, 16:32
Sir Alec smiledsat Bethune and turned back to the Baronness "You mean besides law and order? I would have to say without a doubt outside interference."

Mr. Al Azarad nodded "We worded it very carefully to remove the possiblity of the Free Republic putting undue, or unwanted pressure on the Federation. We just want to make sure that we are heard when Federation States start deploying forces for every minor incident that breaks out in the Klatch."

Sir Alec nods "Quite. I mean the Queen of New Shiron just got through criticising the Free Republic for sending in forces to act, forces which saved Alconian lives. Yet she says that we should never have gone in without JDF permission, and yet at this moment, forces from New Shiron are all over the Gonad without JDF control. If we had someone at Parliament, we could point out that hypocritical line of reasoning.

So far the other Klatchian States have acted without JDF command or oversight and simply managed to rack up more friendly fire incidents in two days than the Retaliatory Guard in two hundred years."

Mr. Al Azarad nodded again "Our 'key' doesen't even need to have the power to vote for all we care. We just want the oppurtunity to explain ourselves when hypocritical accusations are leveled against us by Federation States."
Alcona and Hubris
26-07-2005, 17:12
The Baroness chuckled, "Port Olympus is not the Klatch, and if there were some leadership in the Privy Council right now, I doubt things would have gotten so chaotic." She sipped at her scotch.

"As for your wording, the alliance you proposed was quite well done. The problem is that you shanked the last put, the Representation Article is going to cause severe problems. Likely with the Vrakians, and the Shironese especially. Their present concern is having a rabidly anti-monarchial navy sitting ontop of her communications lines with the rest of her allied states as well as her terrestial fleets. As for Queen Gabrielle's hypocracy, I am afraid that you are badly informed. The Royal forces of New Shiron are operating under direction of Admiral Pellew of the JDF."

She paused again, this time with a wicked look in her eyes, "The only Klatchians operating in the Gonad without either approval or supervision of Federal authority are the Dyellians. Who have been able to free up a large amount of their own forces because of the presense of a foreign subsidized army within their borders. One which the Federal Government could not seize control of because it is offically the legalized armed forces of another nation, even if it would likely follow the orders of the Checka rather than it's offical masters."
26-07-2005, 17:40
Sir Alec laughs "Yes, quite, quite. We are responsible for the bad behaviour of members of the Federation. You seem to forget that the Dyellians made frequent raids and attacks into the Gonad before the Foreign Guard was even conceptualized. You also seem to forget that New Shiron began mobilizing forces before anyone at the JDF said anything, just like most nations that have forces in the area, but now they are suddenly under JDF command.............despite the fact that the President of the Federation has yet to order any action in the Gonad, so the fact that the JDF is in itself over seeing the Shironese invasion of the Gonad seems, questionable at best.

I'm sure that we are also responsible for the evil elves, pixies and trolls that inhabit the Gonad and the way the Dyellians and Midlonians gleefully target other Federation troops. It was probably our doing that brought in foreign invaders in giant submarines.

You seem to be attaching a great many things together that have nothing to do with each other. These things would also be solved by the Federation signing our proposal.

New Shiron and Vrak upset by our navy's presence? Well then, agree to our proposal and the Naval Guard would be acting fist in glove with the JDF, problem solved."

Mr. Al Azarad also commented "To even suggest that we have somehow 'freed up' Dyellian troops for Gonad operations is laughable. Operations in the Gonad were well underway before the Foreign Guard arrived, quite visibly so. The only component that the Dyellians have added since the Foreign Guard was established is mass evacuation of Jiggadian civilians.

If the Dyellians are acting out of step then the Federation needs to deal with them and stop looking for people to blame."

Sir Alec chuckles again as appetizers and more drinks arrive "These things can all be worked out, but the Federation needs to start taking responsibility for the actions of it's members, which is precisely why we won't join and want a comfortable medium. Besides if we joined fully you would have to find someone else to blame!"
Alcona and Hubris
26-07-2005, 18:37
The Baroness shook her head, "I think you've read too much into my statement gentlemen. You didn't order the attacks on the Gonad, but what you did do was facilitate the large scale invasion of the Gonad. Before the Klatchian Guard, the Dyellians were limited to small scale operations. However, upon the creation of the Klatchian Guard the Dyellians began a much more aggressive and large scale campain, including the use of anti-matter weapons in the Gonad. Presently they are conducting large scale heavy bombing operations of both conventional and chemical weapons." She decided to try one of the appitizers.

"Ilek-Vaad is only responsible for inadvertantly weakinging central authority by implementing the Klatchian Guard project. Have you really asked yourselves what would happen if Parliament Attainted the Dyellian Military? You would quickly find that you had no real control over the Klatchian Guard, the Checka would effectively seize control of it. But, if the Federation were forced to attack the Klatchian Guard because they were continuing to conduct operation detrimental to the Federation what would happen? Ilek-Vaad would be drawn into a Klatchian Civil War."

She nibbled on her appitizer while she let the Vaadians fume a bit. "After all the Deyllians are at heart opportunists, and you have helped them have a golden opportunity to rid themselves of their elf problem. Of course with these Holy Rollers that opportunity may bite them on their backsides if they are not careful. But that doesn't concern you at all." She took a sip of her wiskey again.

"You already have a leg stuck in the mess of the Klatch, a mess which you obviously abhore and don't want to partake in until it is cleaned up. The problem is that your already in it, and getting out before it all hits the fan may not be possible. The only thing your guilty of is sticking your foot into the quagmire of the Klatch without first checking how deep the mud was before you stepped in."

Bethune realized that this conversation was getting severly off track. "Yes, well, in the spirt of wanting to help you facilitate this treaty with the Klatch, the Government of the United Duchies is planning on presenting a redraft which will eliminate all misunderstandings created by the current drafts last article. One which I feel you will have no objections to based on some of your ealier comments."

The Baroness eyed Bethune for a moment and nodded in agreement. Bethune continued, "And we would like some sort of mechanism that assures that the Foreign Guard units in the Klatch remain under Ilek-Vaad control, but that likely will not be part of the draft since we don't know what Vaadians would consider legal and moral behavior in that situation."
26-07-2005, 19:27
Mr. Al Azarad looks very serious "The Foreign Guard will remain under Retaliatory Guard Command. The Cheka will have no say in it and the mostly D'reg recruits have shown a great deal of loyalty for their Retaliatory Guard Commanders and nothing but scorn for the Cheka. The Foreign Guard recruits have been shown an oppurtunity to not only be a recruit, but to be a member of a force that looks to them for leadership instead of imposing itself on them. The Cheka most certainly has agent infiltrators, but we know who they are and they have no realistic chance of gaining power."

Sir Alec smiled "How can we possibly stay out of the Klatchian quagmire? You seem to forget, we may not be Federation Members, but we are geographically close and the actions or inactions of the Federation affect us whether you like it or not.How can we not help but to react?"

Sir Alec finishes off his drink and nods to Mr. Bethune "So what is the change? We may be able to put it into the proposal before I even make it, it would save some bother."
Alcona and Hubris
26-07-2005, 22:08
The Baroness decided that attempting to convince the Vaadians that D'reg scorn for the Checka may be a Checkian tool would be pointless. They were convinced that the Checka did not, and would not have serious sleeper units designed to take control of the Klatchian Guard when it suited them. That or that they had ample counter intelligence in place to deal with it.

Let the Vaadians discover how the Checka really operates... popped into her head and she decided to let time, and the Checka smash through the wall of Vaadian arrogance.

"Ah, so as far as your concerned the Klatchian Guard is a branch of the Retalitory Guard? Somehow we had missed that intresting legal nuiance."

I wonder how LNS will cover Retalitory Guard attacks itself? She mused for a moment. Her advice would be if the Klatchian Guard went rouge to let Vaadians clean up their own mess.

"As for staying out of really deep mud, it takes thoughtful movement an perhaps a bit of prelimiary planning."

It seemed a bit odd to the Alconians that the Vaadians were so gung-ho to support an obvious police state. But then maybe it didn't matter as long as the people with broken dog wistles were elected. It wasn't like the Checka really paid any attention to Dyellian Parliament except to rig the occasional election.

Bethune coughed a bit, "Er the revisions are still being revised by the appropriate individuals."

The Baroness looked at Bethune as he made this comment. She tilted her head slightly and considered the Assistant Permanent Secretary.

"I will urge the Outer Ministry to send you a copy as soon as possible. Although based on the revisons I've seen they primarily rename the position to Parliamentary Envoy and define that he is to advise and consult with the Keys of the Klatchian Parliament. Also a few lines to define his rights and restrictions as a standing member of Parliament. My reading of some of the memo's was that by labeling your represenative a Key it led to the conclusion that Ilek-Vaad should have a vote in Parliament. That would appear to be a misinterpetion. However that misinterpetation would have made some feel Ilek-Vaad was attempting to interfere in internal Klatchian matters...obviously that could have threatened both the current relations between both nations as well as your proposed Alliance."
26-07-2005, 22:37
"Well, the part about the Vaadian 'key' was left intentionally vague, and only called a key because that was simply what the representatives of the other nations were called." explained Sir Alec "We didn't want to nail down any real details about the post simply because we didn'yt know what would be acceptable to Parliament and the other Federation states. Honestly, giving the Vaadian 'key' a vote was never discussed, nor do I think it ocurred to any of us."

Mr. Al Azarad nodded "The very concept of a Vaadian representative voting in the assembly of a foreign government is..............well...........alien. Key was used simply because it semed the traditional term, just like the Alconian position of key was used as a template for the Federation position of key."

The waiters entered with the main courses and cleared away empty dishes and such and the bartender freshened everyone's drink or gave them what they desired to have with their main courses.

Mr. Al Azarad nodded after the pause "The Foreign Guard, as is stated quite clearly in the Foreign Guard Charter, under direct Retaliatory Guard Command. The Foreign Guard does not exist to serve the government of the nation it is based in. Unless that government is in the interest of the Retaliatory Guard.

Not a part of the Retaliatory Guard per se, but under the command of the Retaliatory Guard."

Sir Ale smiles as he butters his lobster tail "I also understand that the Foreign Guard is veritably peppered with Retaliatory Guard counter-intelligence, as it were. It's also important to note that the Foreign Guard was created by the current Minister of Defence's predecessor. Minister Issem is on the side of Retaliatory Guard Command, he does not like the Foreign Guard and I think at the slightest hint of trouble it would most likely be disbanded."
Alcona and Hubris
27-07-2005, 15:36
The Baroness seemed to pause for a moment over her steak, I wonder if Sir Alec realizes he has a bugger hanging from his nose popped into her head almost automatically. She actually was appearing to be in deep thought, looking towards something off behind the table.

Bethune noticed the look and decided to take the reigns of the discussion. "Quite, you'll find that Key is a traditional term for an elected represenative from the Tynwald of Mann founded in 973 gentlemen. Which only makes its use for a non-voting, standing represenative even more problematic. It could have proven quite an unintentional mess."

"Another Nokea Bay..." Jenssen added.

"Well hopefully not that bad. But if your current minister of defense is not keen on Foreign Guard units then why are they creating one for Kaymanka?"
27-07-2005, 19:53
Sir Alec smiles "Well pardon us. It's not like Alconian Political history is exactly a vogue topic at dinner parties. The title can be changed with a stroke of the pen. We had hoped that trying to be inclusive of Parliamentary tradition would be viewed as a positive thing, not as an insult."

Mr. Al Azarad answered the Foreign Guard question "It is not a new Foreign Guard Armt. With the 'issues' experienenced in Dyelli Beybi, the Klatch Guard is being split in two, and one half relocated in Karmanyaka."
Alcona and Hubris
27-07-2005, 20:58
The Baroness turned her gaze to Sir Alec. "Somehow Sir Alec, I think you've taken our critism a bit too severly. No one expects you to know the history of the term Key, but we were mearly trying to illustrate the problems with using the term. And if we appear less than enthusastic about your attempts to respect our traditions, it may be that we are more focused on having productive negotations rather than a stroked ego."

She looked down at her steak again and decided to say something first, "You see one of the reasons the Privy Council of the United Duchies sent me was to remove uninteneded pitfalls like this. In general the United Duchies likes to conduct private preliminary negotations, usually to work out the basic framework and terminology as well as the goals of all parties."

The Baroness decided to try her steak and began to cut into it. Bethune pipped up again on the subject of the Klatchian Guard. "Ah, well then are you transfering D'reg troops to Karmanyaka with their equipment or mearly cutting the project size in half in D.B? We understood from Karmanyaka that the Foreign Guard in Karmanyaka would consist of Karmanyakain troops and equipment."
27-07-2005, 21:36
Sir Alec shrugs "No matter. We Vadians aren't keen on titles anyhow, so we tend to read very little into them, you could call a 'key' a 'muffin' for all that we care, and we certainly don't mind what what our envoys or ambssadors are called."

Sir Alec pauses and blows his nose and then continues "We are less interested in wording than we are in actual sentiment and application. It is more important to us, for instance, that we would even consider closer ties to the Federation, the particulars don't really matter all that much to us. If we express an interest in stronger ties we aren't concerned whether you believe it or not, or if there is a treaty involved. Every treaty the Free Republic has ever signed has been broken at some point by the other party,history tells us to consider the other parties actions, not what they are willing to agree to on paper ."

Mr. Al Azarad continued with Bethune "The Foreign Guard armies are supposed to be comprised of eighty thousand men. We don't even have forty thousand in Dyelli Beybi yet, so there is no surplus to transfer. Retaliatory Guard Command can technically choose to transfer whomever to where ever they please. It's very rare for a Guardsman to be transferred from the army he was trained in."
Alcona and Hubris
28-07-2005, 01:02
The Baroness tilted her head, "Well we hope that you will find that the Federation will not break its promises to you. And I am sure the United Duchies and his Grace will do their utmost to prevent such a disgraceful act from occuring."

Bethune nodded, "But what Cyro is going to care about is who's guns and tanks your going to buy to equip those other fourty thousand troops. Their the world's most capitalistic socialists, and they were absolutely thrilled at the idea of selling you all those tanks. Acutally that was what they were harping on to Parliament when you proposed the Klatchian Guard, all the equipment they were going to sell."
28-07-2005, 02:30
Sir Alec smiles and raises his glass to the Baronness "I hope you are right. Though it sounds suspiciously like what the Knootians said..............shortly before they declared war."

He gulps down his scotch and soda and motions to the bartender.

Mr. Al Azarad nodded "Well, due to the Dyellian propensity for , well, behind the door dealings, they have already lost at least half of their equipment sales, maybe more. They won't be reaping the benefits of the Foreign Guard until they learn to deal with us above the board.

We don't go in for shenanigans or back room tricks, even when our 'allies' are involved. It's fine if the Dyellians want to play police-state, but they had better not play it with our people."

Sir Alec grins " It's rather easy to earn a Vaadians hatred, but it's an uphill battle to even earn our acceptance. Except for me, I'll trust anyone, so long as they trust me."

He says that with a wink.
Alcona and Hubris
28-07-2005, 03:58
The Baroness chuckled, "Its the accent, it does sound quite Knootian does it not?" Which was true, it sounded somewhat like the accent of the Affikanians of South Africa, well except for Bethune who sounded a bit more germanic or norwegian than the two women.

"However gentlemen, there are many diffrences between the decendents of our progenerators and ourselves. We will only hope to demonstrate the diffrence in our future relationship." She raised her glass of wine to that and took a sip.

Bethune nodded, "I am surprised Cyro has gotten off on that bad a foot with you Mr. Al Azarad, the Checka work so hard to keep profitable relationships profitable."

The Baroness watched the wink, "You know Sir Alec you should watch giving off the wrong signals, or perhaps the right signals to the wrong kinds of women."
28-07-2005, 19:50
Sir Alec shrugs "I don't mind the wrong kind of woman. So long as I'm concerned there is no wrong kind of woman."

He turned and nods to Bethune "We were suprised too. It didn't seem to be the governments doing, but Cheka agents using the security Apparatus for their own personal ends. It was rather vexing."

"Regardless, it should never have happened. We value stability. Such actions by rougue Cheka agents is worse than a concerted plot by the government. It shows a lack of discipline and control." Mr. Al Azarad nodded.
Alcona and Hubris
29-07-2005, 14:20
Bethune blinked at the news of rouge Checka Agents. "Rouge Checka? Are you sure they were not trying to well, spring a trap on you?"

The Baroness also focused on the matter. "Quite, the Checka have a long history of using false intelligence to bait traps. Although why they would do something against the Free Republics is even more worrying."

She sat back in her chair for a moment, the steak ignored. "Personally I'm not sure what I find more worrying, the concept of the Checka trying to spring a trap on the Free Republic, or rouge Checka. Either is quite disturbing to us Klatchians."
29-07-2005, 14:28
Mr. Al Azarad shrugs "Well, I obviously can't share most of this information with you, except to say that the Cheka agents involved are currently being pursued for questioning by Secretary Dzerzhinsky's office."

Sir Alec nods "Quite, that that Retaliatory Guard Intelligence has really told us anything, just that the Supreme Republican Commander was upset, and that the Klatch Guard may have to be cancelled or moved. Nothing specific. Not that me or Mr. Al Azarad are the ones to ask. That's all for the Ministry of Defence."

Sir Alec had finished his meal, he could apparently talk, drink and eat at the same time without appearing rude or talking with his mouth full, he was already looking over the desert menu.

"You should the Macadamia nut pie, it will clog an artery, but the taste is worth it." He said with a smile.
Alcona and Hubris
29-07-2005, 15:31
Anne nodded, "Quite...there is nothing any of us at the moment can do about it." She returned to finishing her meal while Bethune, who hadn't much to eat in the first place finished off his dinner and continued his coversational tone.

"Obviously we are quite surprised at this latest information. And I doubt if your Department of Defense would be willing to say anything more on the matter."

Jenssen had finished, having talked very little durring the meal, "Hmm, Macadamia nut pie? Sounds wonderful."

Anne returned her gaze to Sir Alec. "Didn't your mother teach you to stay away from women who are labled the praying mantis by the press?"
29-07-2005, 15:38
"The Ministry of Defence rarely shares intelligence, unless it pertains directly to the safety and well being of the nation." Mr. Al Azarad explains.

Busboys come in to clear the table and the waiter retirns to take orders for dessert as the bartender freshens drinks, or serves an appropriare dessert wine. Sir Alec turns and smiles at the Baronness.

"Praying mantis? I must say that I have never read any report on any woman that makes love to a man and then eats his head. Is this something that happened in the United Duchies? It would make an interesting horror movie."
Alcona and Hubris
29-07-2005, 16:36
Betune nodded and ordered some vanilla ice cream with a water. "Completely understandable, but I do hope that after the Vaadian-Klatchian treaty that you might be more forthcomming to Klatchian Federal authorities. The Rouge Checka may cause even greater national instablity."

The Baroness looked up at Sir Alec with a sort of closed off dark look in her eyes. "I am surprised that you haven't had a full breif on my life by now Sir Alec. For some reason I can joke about the nickname but not the events that led to it. Strange I thought I was over it, but perhaps that was only with Duke Williams. The bartender approached her about a refill on her wine.

"Some port please...and I will skip dessert, quite wonderful but some of us don't get the time to swim three hours a day to keep our girlish figures." Her eyes, somewhat brighter turned to Jenssen.

"Quite my lady, for some odd reason they spend most of their workout time trying to hack their fencing partner down with a bastard sword. Unfotunatly for me, I happen to be your fencing partner presently..." The younger blond woman replied.

"Do I detect a slight whine from the novice?"

"Marines don't whine my lady, we just wish for simple orders and clear tactical situations."

"Baroness don't get that luxury Captain...and neither do diplomats. Am I not correct on the latter Sir Alec."
29-07-2005, 17:09
Sir Alec chuckles "Well,I'm in charge of diplomacy so I always make sure to give myself clear orders. Not that it ever helps. I actually didn't look into your past at all Baronness Winton, I like to meet people without any preconceptions or bias."

He pauses and pat Mr. Al Azarad on the shoulder "That's why he's here. He knows everything about you, he'll keep me out of trouble. Mr. Al Azarad has a photographic memory, just glancing at your file, he probably memorized it."

Mr. Al Azarad tries to lok non-chalant "I do have to keep the First Republican informed. I do a lot of reading to do so."

He pauses to order the french silk pie. "I try to be informed on who I'm meeting with and why."
Alcona and Hubris
30-07-2005, 05:13
The Baroness smiled over her small glass of port, "Well an attractive gentleman who doesn't know my past. How lucky, the last gentleman who was this attentive to me unfortunatly was married."

She paused in thought for a second, "Although I think Mr. Al Azarad will be changing that soon. I do wonder if Mr. Al Azarad thinks I am guilty or innocent? Since I am toying with the idea of personally introducing the United Duchies to you Sir Alec in a demonstration of freindly relations as part of the new treaty of course."

Jenssen huffed, "You were never charged."

Anne looked at her aide, "I am sure the Vaadians will be happy to explain that not being charged does not translate to being innoccent or guilty."

(Yes I created Winton Winton, but then Elenor Rosevelt was Elenor Rosevelt Rosevelt so :P)
01-08-2005, 15:42
Sir Alec chuckles "Unfortunately married? The fellow should have chosen a better wife then."

Mr. Al Azarad smiles when asked the question " There are questions in the incident, certainly. I would however, refrain from passing judgement as the only people that actually know what happened were the people that were there and at least one of them, isn't talking. Since I'm not the other person that was there, I would simply have to say that I don't know."

Sir Alec nods "Well, innocent? Legally there is no 'innocent' in the Vaadian legal system. There is 'not guilty' with various qualifiers attached, not guilty by reason of diminished capacity, not guilty by lack of evidence................but innocent? Is anyone really innocent?"
Alcona and Hubris
01-08-2005, 17:32
Anne shook her head, "I think a great deal of Iansisle would disagree with you on that, as would I truthfully. Although I will warn you that Mr. Al Alzarad appears to be showing you up Sir Alec, that was quite a diplomatic answer."

She then leaned back and pondered for a moment, "It would of course depended on how broad you cast the word innocent. Can someone be innocent of a some event or crime, yes. Is anyone innocent of any misdemenor, untruth, crime, or anything that might prick the concious with guilt. I suppose the Catholics and Orthodox Christians would put their saints forward on that. And besides small children, I suppose no one else would be. Well perhaps loyal pets are free of such guilt though."
01-08-2005, 19:17
Sir Alec shrugs "If the man had married properly then he wouldn't be applying his affections to other unattached young ladies. Never having been married before I wouldn't know for certain. You know what they say 'Women, you can't live with them, you can't live with them'.

As far as innocence goes, I would be as broad as possible. Every culture has a different set of rules to enforce and what wouldn't even consider being a crime here invokes the death penalty elsewhere. Does that make the person more or less innocent? I don't think so. It's all relative."

Mr. Al Azarad nods to the Baronnness "Well, I wasn't attempting to be diplomatic, it's simply how I feel about it."
Alcona and Hubris
01-08-2005, 20:24
The Baroness eyes went dark again, "Are you saying I allowed a married man to apply his affections upon me?"

Likewise Jenssen seemed to give Sir Alec an dirty look. Obviously the comment about women had rubbed her the wrong way also.

Only Bancroft was left to hold up the conversation without throwing verbal ice shards at Sir Alec. "Still it was quite diplomatic, even if it was unintentional."
01-08-2005, 21:24
Sir Alec laughs "Well, I'd have to check the transcripts, but no, I don't think I said that at all. I simply stated that a man that hadn't married properly would be applying his affections to unattached ladies. I didn't say you specifically because I meant it meant it as a broad indictment of all men who marry and then mess about. Notice I was careful not to say whether any affections were accepted or applied with or without approval.

But then again , married men need affection too I suppose, and if they aren't getting it at home, all sorts of things can happen."

Sir Alec seemed oblivious to the sudden hostility and seemed unconcerned about digging even deeper holes for himself. Mr. Al Azarad seemed to appreciate watching anger directed at Sir Alec, it seemed to give him pleaseure.

Mr. Al Azarad smiles politely at Bethune "I thank you. I always thought that I would be a suitable Minister of Foreign Affairs."
Alcona and Hubris
02-08-2005, 00:37
Anne shook her head, "I think there is a huge gulf between applying one's affections and discovering mutual compatablity with another soul. One may lead to to the other in some instances, but not all."

She paused drinking her port again. "And Captain, don't curse Sir Alec, you know what happened to the woman who said If ever he have wife, let her be made More miserable by the life of him Than I am made by my young lord and thee"

Jenssen looked at Sir Alec, "Well he is cute, but can he sail?" The women didn't appear all that happy, just less likely that they were going to be committing an act of war after dessert.

"Ah, well Mister Al Alazard I have found that Ministers come and Ministers go, but the civil service has for being almost invisible to the public a far greater permanency."

"Unless his Grace decides your being obstructionist and fires you." The Baroness added as she refilled her glass of port.

"Quite, no stuffing important documents at the bottom of a Minister's box hoping that he'll be too overwhelmed to see it. My former superior got caught trying that trick, I hear he finds being an assistant file clerk in the archives quite dull." Bancroft answered quickly.
02-08-2005, 17:32
Sir Alec smiles "Sailing? I've never tried it. I like slow paced thoughtful sports and hobbies, like golf or chess or napping after a bottle of scotch. Things that hone mental acuity."

He pauses and looks around "Well, this is just the type of meeting I like, we seemed to have gotten nothing done. How about we call it a night and finalize the arrangements for some sort of award ceremony for our Marines in the morning, and by then maybe I can have a look at the changes that we want in the draft proposal?"

Mr. Al Azarad shrugged to Mr. Bethune "I'd imagine that civil service posts in the Free Republic are a bit more exciting , we are after all , all active Velite Guardsmen. Before this posting with the First Republican's Office I was a Special Velite Prosecutor, attached to the Violent Crimes Division."

He turns to Sir Alec "It probably would be best to resume this in the morning."

Sir Alec stood and offered his hand "I'll be happy to show all of you to your lodgings for the evening, hopefully they will be satisfactory."
Alcona and Hubris
02-08-2005, 20:02
The Baroness shook her head, "What needs to be done will be based on what the award committee recommends. And that won't happen until we get our Marines debreifed, and that won't happen until we get our Marines back."

She paused for a moment, "As for your changes to your proposal, well we've made notice that we were going to present an edited proposal. However you seem to want to present an edited version now.
Based on your proposed itinerary to visit Port Olympus, I suggest that we meet the night before your presentation to Parliament? I really don't want to step on any of the toes of those doing the revisions in the Outer Ministry and I don't have their draft with me."

She finished off her port. "As for the Klatchian Guard issue, well I and the rest of the Privy Council need to digest what you've informed us about the changes."

She shifted in her chair slightly, "Actually we have gotten a great deal of preliminary agreements and information. First, we know your not opposed, but with obvious reservations, to having your Marines given citations by the United Duchies for your help. We've informed you of the problems that you might have with your proposed alliance document, and you have decided to make changes to avoid stepping on touchy Klatchian sensiblities. And you've updated us on the Klatchian Guard and your measures to retain control of your units."

Anne paused again, "Unless there is something else, I think the only thing that remains is how you want to accept the thanks of His Grace for your assistantce."

Bethune chuckled at the Veilte Guardsmen comment. "Quite, if I understand correctly the Veilte Guard is primarily a defensive force made up of a great number of your citizens. It is also supplies your police force correct?"
02-08-2005, 20:46
Sir Alec nods "I guess we did cover a lot of ground, despite my best efforts." He smiles "Thank me, for my help? If at all possible I would like to refrain from any public thanking by any foreign governments. It could easily cost me an election. I hardly need or deserve thanks for simply doing my job. Thank his Grace for considering me for any special honor and we'll leave it at that."

He pauses and looks thoughtful "The only reason I'd want to see your proposed cahnges to the draft is that we, on the Republican Council, wanted a version we all could vote on before sending it out. If I make changes after or just before Port Olympus, then we open the door for debate on it in the Republican Council.

As it stands now, if the Parliament accepted, it would be voted in the next day. We've already sorted out the debate. If we can add the changes here, then well, it's just easier for us all I think."

Mr. Al Azarad nods to Bethune again "Yes, all Vaadians eighteen to fifty-eight are in the Velite Guard. The Velites provide police, judicial staff, ministerial staff, state prosecutors, civil service, mail delivery, national security, waste removal, customs inspectors and security and any other service necessary."

He emphasized all.
Alcona and Hubris
02-08-2005, 21:48
The Baroness nodded, turned and opened the breifcase she had been carrying. "Well then you likely want to hide this in some closet someplace, or perhaps misfile it." She handed Sir Alex a large lether case. Inside was a fine parchment of Vellum declaring:

On Behalf of The People of the United Duchies,
We Alexander the Third, Grand Duke of the United Duchies, Duke of Zithril, Protector of the Outer Islands and the Marches, Grand Puma of the Oompa
Do Give Our Thanks to the The Free Republic of Ilek-Vaad for their Valiant Efforts in assisting His Grace's Marines who were in Peril

The document continued with a description of events surrounding the rescue. At the bottom were the signitures and seals of Alexander III, The Dean of the College of Peers, The Chancellor, and The Naval Marshall.

"I should point out there is a copy in our archives. Although, I doubt that your oppostion would actually think of looking for it there." She then closed the breif case. "Well, I suppose I could stir things up in the Outer Ministry, but I am not very popular over there."

Bethune continued his conversation with Al Azarad. "I assume your refering to the lack of the Vaux in our own Milita system which is quite similar to the Veilite Guard?"

He nodded realizing why Al Azarad was influencing the word all, "Most Vaux are Vaux by choice sir. Although they do not have the poltical power to vote in national elections, they also do not have the responsiblity to protect the nation or to pay much in the way of taxes to finance it. The Alconians beleive that with power is linked directly to responsiblity. If you do not want the responsiblity, then you have no right to the power either. Actually most Vaux these days are just guest workers from Terran Sphere, immigrants, and the occasional rich bastard who doesn't want to pay the Freeman tax rate."

Bethune looked up, "And most of those in civil service postions are in the Milita. I'm not due to this blasted degenrative condition in my legs. But I am the execption to the rule."

The Baroness turned to Bethune, "You know most people over in the Outer Ministry due respect you Bethune, do you think you could do me a favor?"
02-08-2005, 22:43
Sir Alec looks hurt as he looks over the parchement "It doesen't even mention me by name. I don't suppose it would hurt to have it hung somewhere in the House of the Republic, I mean , there are still a few skulls and human heads in there, a mummified hand of Archbishop Stervace, liberated shortly before he was burned at the stake. If those haven't offended anyone, lord knows this won't.

I don't think anyone would object to this being put among the other relics and important antiquities in the House.We'll make sure that the First Republican sends a thank you note for it."

He sounded sincerely appreciative, but it was hard to tell.

"No, no, that's not what I was getting at." Mr. Al Azarad explained "I was alluding to your condition. You would not be exempted from the Velite Guard. If I may quote the Honoured Statesman: 'There is nothing worse than telling someone that they can't do something, rather them letting them try.'

The Velite Guard sets the example for society in the Free Republic. If the Velite Guard turned away differently abled citizens, then why not employers? Or public facilities? It is very important that all are equal under the law in society. No one in the Free Republic is the exception to the rule."

He pauses and turns as the Baronness addresses Bethune.
Alcona and Hubris
02-08-2005, 23:30
Bethune nodded to the Baroness, "Perhaps, but then I am your advisor."

The Baroness smiled, "Yes but this is right up your alley, it seems the Vaadians would like to present a fully edited draft to their Republican Council before they presented it to Parliament."


"Since this damn message notifier has been going off in my pocket non-stop. I assume there is an urgent message for me to deal with. As such I was hoping you might stay and advise the Vaadians on their revisons."

"I think my Minister will be fuming..."

"What that I turned his spy into a contructive individual." She looked at Sir Alec, "The problem is that the Assistant Permenant Secretary was instrumental in getting the non-agression pact between the Federation and Glorious Humanity. So I would say that this activity was right up your alley. And I am sure the Outer Minister will use his triumph of helping the Vaadian-Klatchian Treaty in the next election."

"True, and really I've been doing nothing productive this week. The Under Minister is out on a golfing vacation."


"Yes my lady, I will stay to assist the Vaadians..."

"Quite, now only the vaux do not serve the fellow citizens in some capacity Mr. Al Azarad. Tell me what to you have someone who's mental growth stop at age eight do in the Velite guard? Some disabled, and yes I use that term,their abilities are in some ways short of the norm, can be quite useful to the Milita, or even the Navy. But others should not be placed in a postion where the duties of the Milita are unduly burdensome."

She cocked her head, "But then perhaps your a little broder in what you allow the Velite guard do? I mean what would you have Stephen Hawkings doing if he were a Vaadian?"
03-08-2005, 14:30
Sir Alec smiles "IF there is a Vaadian Klatchian treaty. Let's not count our eggs before they've hatched. Alright then, let's get out of here. The Baronnness will take care of her pager issues, Bethune will help the Council make necessary changes to proposal, and I will go play golf all afternoon tomorrow."

Mr. Al Azarad nodded "That sounds like a plan." he turned and answered the question "Stephen Hawkings would be doing what he wanted, we don't force them into any career path or lifetime service. Even if one stays in the Active Velite Gurd for life there are over five hundred different positions in different sectors to fill, and it is relatively easy to change.

Trust me, no one is over burdened."


I think that the day after this should be when Minister Pommer and the Alconian Marines arrive, then the proposal can be worke one and everybody can return to Port Oltmpus in one big trip that ties everything together nicely!
Alcona and Hubris
03-08-2005, 16:24
The Baroness nodded, "Quite, it sounds as if your Velite Guard duties are defined far broader than the Alconian Milita's. Likewise Dr. Hawkins would be allowed to join a suitable Service Board to fit his desires in the United Duchies. He would not be considered fit to help protect the Duchies from invasion, but he would help in designing those defenses. Although, I think he would likely be given a Royal Appointment to the Naval Acadamy as a lecturer. Making him technically a Naval Officer."

She stood up with Bethune and Jenssen doing the same. "I will reassign my steward to assist you Bethune."

OOC: The plane of Refugee's, misfits, and Sir Alec. Sounds fun although I wanted to put in a post furthering the Edwards family saga but I guess that will have to wait.
03-08-2005, 16:45
Sir Alec smiles and shakes the Baronness's hand "Very pleased to meet you, you'll have to visit the Free Republic some time again in the future."

He also shakes Jenssen and Bethune's hands as well, as does Mr. Al Azarad

"We can make a quick phone call from the limosine to secure accomodations for Mr. Bethune and your steward. " explains Mr. Al Azarad " We will have to continue our discussion of the diferences between your militia and the Velite Guard at a little later date."

With that Sir Alec had the maitre'd summon the limosine so that everyone could get underway. Bethune, as with most visiting dignataries would be housed in one of the mansions on the grounds of the House of the Republic, which would provide him ready access to the Council.

OOC: I'm sure you still can, we just have to mindful of everything that is going on.
Alcona and Hubris
03-08-2005, 21:26
Anne smiled, but really Alconians didn't shake hands unless you were agreeing to some sort of deal.

"Well Meow will be getting restless anyway." The Baroness, Captain and Bethune walked out to the car. Bethune resting against the vehicle for a moment before getting in.
05-08-2005, 02:51
Mr. Al Azarad said his good byes, as he had arrived seperately. He walked up to the silver Lotus Elise parked out front.

"We should drop Bethune off first, the House of the Republic is only about twenty minutes from here, the airport is about forty five minutes, so it just makes sense to drop us off at the House of the Republic first?" explained Sir Alec

"Unless it's just the Baronnness returning to the airport?" added Mr. Al Azarad "I could take her? It takes me less than thirty usually." he said with a smile.
Alcona and Hubris
05-08-2005, 15:35
Anne shook her head, "No I need to have Captain Jenssen with me. If it is easier to drop you and Bethune off first so be it. I'll just send the steward back with the limo."

The two Alconian women gave the tradtional short headbow while Bethune shook Al Azarad's hand.

OOC: Due to time constraints and catching up with other threads I am going to fast forward a bit.

Bethune awoke in his bed to the slight tapping on the door. He rose to see the Baronesses steward, a short fellow with dark skin, enter the bedroom with a tray and a nice hot pot of morning tea.

"Petu, you quite spoil me...I wish I had the income to hire a servant of your quality...Have those faxes arrived?"

Petu bowed and handed a shef of papers to Bethune as he placed the tea tray before him. "Ah, yes good. I think I am now the most hated Assistant Permanent Secretary in Thunderbay, I forced them to work all night to finish this."

Petu said nothing, but then Petu rarely said anything.
05-08-2005, 19:46
That very morning Sir Alec sent his asistant, Mr. Cherkess, to retrieve Mr. Bethune. Sir Alec was preparing to meet with Sir Henry Pommer, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Karmanyaka.

Mr. Cherkess arrived promptly at nine a.m. and was basically prepared to step in as Minister for purposes of amending the proposal and then presenting it to the First Republican.
Alcona and Hubris
05-08-2005, 21:13
The door was opened by Petu who looked at Mr. Cherkess, bowed and led him into the dining room where Bethune was finishing his breakfast of fruit and cereal.

Bethune looked up at Cherkess and shifted his glasses slightly. "Yes, How may I help you?" Assuming that the gentleman infront of him was to escort him off someplace might actually be rude or presumtious. As far as Bethune knew this could have easily been the First Republican himself.
07-08-2005, 02:17
Mr. Cherkess introduced himself.

"Mr. Bethune, I am Alan Cherkess, assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Sir Alec has been avoidably detained due to a military coupe in Karmanyaka.

He is currently meeting with Minister Pommer of Karmanyaka who escaped the military junta."

He pauses "I hope your night was restful? I have been asked by the Minister to look over the Alconian suggestions for the alliance proposal."
Alcona and Hubris
07-08-2005, 02:53
Bethune nodded, "Well the boys and girls and the Foreign Ministry were quite unhappy about pushing to get this done. And I've noted a few spelling mistakes they made burning the midnight oil but take a look while I finish my orange juice."

The Free Republic realizes that it cannot operate in the region of the Klatchian Coast without closer ties and better coordination with it's Klatchian neighbors in the Klatchian Federation. This Draft Proposal hopes to establish better ties between the Free Republic and the Federation and hopes to bridge the gap between the Federation and the Free Republic.

Section I - Alliance

The Free Republic recognizes all Federation States in good standing as allies and Friends of the Republic. The Free Republic shall judge all Federation States as being in good standing as States that are not under Attainment, are not in major violation of Federation Law, and not violating the spirt of this Treaty.

Section II - Trade

The Free Republic confers upon all Federation States in good standing favourable trade status, reducing tariffs and allowing corporations and businessess from Federation States to apply for expediated trade permissions with the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Section III - Support

The Free Republic pledges it's foreign aid budget to mainly assist and benefit Federation States as they require it.

Section IV - Military Co-operation

Article 1 - The Retaliatory Guard shall refrain from taking military action outside of it's lawful borders without informing the Federation's Joint Defence Forces. The JDF shall be apprised of all Retaliatory Guard military asset movements. The JDF will receive co-operation from the Retaliatory Guard.

Article 2 - All Foreign Guard Units within the Klatch shall be considered as part of the Retaliatory Guard in regards to this treaty. Any Foreign Guard units not under Retalitory Guard Command present in a State under Attaintment will be considered Rouge by the Federation.

The Federation reserves the right to protect itself against Rouge units within its borders including Rouge units of the Foregin Guard.

Article 3 - To better defend the Klatch as a whole, programs will be established for the greater understanding of capablities and equipment of both JDF and Retaliatory Guard units.

Section V - Representation

Article 1 - The Free Republic will be allowed to elect and send a Cassique to the Federation Parliament. This will do two things, allow Federation States to have instant access to a fully empowered Envoy of the Republican Council and also give the Federation a chance to consider the Free Republic's view of matters that affect the whole of the Klatch.

The Cassique shall not have Standing within the Federation Parliament. They shall be allowed to bring forward debate upon legistlation before Parliament, but shall not have the right to call for a vote, or to vote on any Legsislation before Parliament.

The Cassique shall be granted the right to use Parliamentary Facilities, and shall be assigned an Office as decided by the Speaker. The Cassique and his Staff shall not be paid by Parliament, except for his Parliamentary Aide who shall have the same salary as all other Parliamentary Aides.

The Cassique shall be granted limited Privilages similar to those of all Keys, excluding the right to be assigned to Parliamentary Committee Meetings.

The Speaker may, with fifty percent plus one of Parliament in agreement, bar the Cassique from a sentitive debate.

Article 2 - The Federation shall establish the Office of Grand Ambassador to the Free Republic as per the Klatchian Constitution.
07-08-2005, 05:25
Mr. Cherkess read through the changes.

"This all seems acceptable, with exception to Section IV article 3. The Republican Council only has budgetary oversight of the Retaliatory Guard and in deciding when to give the Retaliatory Guard Mandates. The Republican Council cannot guarantee that Retaliatory Guard will share any information on technology, capabilities or strategy.

By declaring the Federation a Friend of the Republic will force the Retaliatory Guard to no regard the JDF as an enemy and co-operate as is beneficial, but it is rare for the Supreme Republican Commander to share anything, even with explicit allies.

Even when the Free Republic was a member of the UnAPS, there was no sharing of technology, strategy or any effort to do anything that may be regarded as such."

He nodded as he handed it back "Otherwise it seems to be in line with what the Republican Council intended.
Alcona and Hubris
08-08-2005, 22:07
"Really what we want is better coopperation between the JDF and Retalitory Guard. I think it was less sharing information that building the bridges of sharing so that both sides may do so if it become tactically advantagous to do so."

OOC: After Karmanyanka expect there to be a 'Klatchian Mandate Clause' added.
08-08-2005, 22:16
Mr. Cherkess nods "I do understand that, but the Republican Council simply cannot guarantee the level of cooperation. This treaty will insure that Retaliatory Guard Command maintains open communications with the JDF and that the JDF will not be considered enemies.

Anything more than that is entirely up to Retaliatory Guard Command. The Council has no say in how the Retaliatory Guard does their job, just as the REtaliatory Guard cannot influence the Council, there are laws in place to restricting both from unduly influencing the other."
Alcona and Hubris
09-08-2005, 02:52
"So what your effectively saying is that the Republican Guard is a military with no oversight. One that can not formulate policy with the government it represents but only itself. If the people of Vaadia want peace, and the Republican Commander wants war, then it is war you shall have. And I thought our foreign policy was being hijacked. My wonder everyone hates you...your entire foreign policy is really just what you can get from the end of your very large guns."
09-08-2005, 03:11
Mr. Cherkess smiles and shakes his head "That is a very simplistic view that makes several erroneous assumptions. First, as I stated earlier the Republican Council, through Military Mandates dictates when the Retaliatory Guard takes action and to what ends. A Military Mandate must spell out a specific goal.

Without Mandate, the Retaliatory Guard can only be put on alert, or be activated by request of the First Republican.

Second, as I stated previously, the Ministry of Defence oversees the budget of the Retaliatory Guard with approval of the Republican Council.

Military Mandates are resorted to when diplomacy and other normal measures have failed, and even then, war is not certain. The retired Supreme Republican Commander oversaw nine military actions, but was given a total of twenty two Military Mandates. The Supreme Republican Commander can use whatever means he feels appropriate to resolve an issue relaxed to Retaliatory Guard Command, in more than fifty percent of the time, those means are diplomatic, with the added implied threat of military action.

Yes, it is sad but true, the big stick often works with belligerent neighbors.You know, here in the Free Republic, we find it inconcieveable that your government can deploy military forces at will, where as here it requires a clear and reachable objective and unanimous vote of the Republican Council. Your system of deploy at will seems dangerous and irresponsible to us."
Alcona and Hubris
09-08-2005, 14:52
"Are you refering to the United Duchies Military or to the JDF? I know it does become a bit confusing at times with the Alconian Marines and Navy forced to take on so much of the burden of acting for the Joint Defense Force." Bethune shifted in his seat.

"The problem is that your mandate system is only an on/off control. And I can see similarities already between your system and the United Duchies. Actually that may be why I can grasp the system far better than most foreigners."

Bethune looked up at Cherkless. "I can see the inherant weakness now of that treaty sir." He pointed to the paper in Chekless's hand.

"And I am afraid that...well the only way to guarantee that in a crisis situation that the Federation has contact with the proper branch of your government is to also negotate with...I suppose a completely seperate but parallel treaty with the Republican Guard. One that assures that in times where a military mandate is in effect, that the Parliament and Privy Council of the Federation are not suddenly deprived of being able to advise on Vaadian action, and allows for the Republican Guard to meet any future mandates relating to the Klatch with minimal degeratory effects."

"I suppose I am going to have to call Landgrave Wittelbach so that he can make a formal request that someone capable of negotating for the Republican Guard on their parrallel treaty is with Sir Alec."
09-08-2005, 15:13
Mr. Cherkess shakes his head again "The treaty declares that Federation States are 'Friends of the Republic'. That isn't just a friendly title but a legal title, just as is Enemy of the Republic.

By declaring your states Friends of the Republic, the Retaliatory Guard is bound to notify said states when deploying forces that may impact their spheres of influence and to co-operate with said states when deploying forces within their spheres of influence. In this case the sphere of influence would be the whole of the Klatch.

It is also illegal for the Rtaliatory Guard to attack Friends of the Republic unless openly and unprovokedly attacked. The only thing that the Republican Council cannot guarantee is at what level Retaliatory Guard Command will cooperate with JDF forces. In the past, the Retaliatory Guard have only cooperated with Friends of the Republic when actually deployed concurrently in the same theatre of operations. The Retaliatory Guard has never been involved in joint operations, or strategic meetings with allies or shared information and technology.

The levl of cooperation is up to the Supreme Republican Commander and only when he is operating under Mandate. The Supreme Republican Commander only has the power to conclude treaties in furtherance of completing a Military Mandate.

The Republican Council can guarantee that Retaliatory Guard Command will keep the JDF apprised of it's deployments and at the very least cooperate in concurrent deployments."
Alcona and Hubris
09-08-2005, 15:49
"So who orginized the Foreign Guard negotations, the Foreign Ministry or the Republican Guard?"
09-08-2005, 16:09
"The Ministry of Defence." Mr. Cherkess stated "The Ministry of Defence having control of the Retaliatory Guard's budget is responsible for commissioning new armies."

Confused yet?
Alcona and Hubris
09-08-2005, 19:01
OOC: Hmm? Well considering the mental agility of some around here, I am surprised you haven't had more armed conflicts.

IC: "Ah, so if I understand this correctly. The Republican Council only has the power to empower the Republican Guard and fund it, and tell it who freind and foe is.

It does not have the power to dictate internal policies of the Guard except via tailoring of the Madate that empowers the Guard to take action in some event.

If it is so empowered the Republican Guard then assumes both military and diplomatic control of the matter with absolutely no interference from the civiliian government. Have I basicly outlined the general relationship in broad strokes?"

OOC: Really you have an elected absolute monarch on a chain...
09-08-2005, 19:25
Mr. Cherkess nodded "Yes, now essentially you've got it. I should also add that the Supreme Republican Commander is chosen every year by the First Republican and confirmed by a majority vote of the Republican Council, and can be removed in the interim by a unanimous vote of the Republican Council.

Our recently retired Supreme Republican Commander, Istvan Vaikov, held the post for thirty years, but still had to be officially selected and elected each year."

He pauses "This is all designed to keep a civilian government from controlling the military and using it to destroy the democratic process as well as insultae the civilin government from influencing by the the military.................not a perfect system, but then I don't think there is one. "

OOC: Well, I would say that my lack of wars has to do with my uncanny diplomacy and Machiavellian machinations ;)

oh and it's RETALIATORY GURD! Damnit! :D
Alcona and Hubris
09-08-2005, 20:11
OOC: I'd say it has to do with 24" cannons on your warships.

IC: Bethune nodded, "Well it is your system. The problem is that we need to deal with the small but deadly area of quicksand called Klatchian Soverignty. Although the Klatch is nothing more than a confederacy of almost completely independent states, they do hold one collective idea in their heads. No one is to interfere in the Klatch uninvited."

Bethune continued to study his orange juice glass. "Oh dear me, do you want anything Mr. Chrekess? I am afraid I am not used to entertaining at breakfast. Now then, with a military all but cordoned off from the civilian government, I can see the treaty being broken by a well intentioned Supreme Republican on the quest of solving a mandate. So we must make sure that he or she has the freedom to move before there is a mandate."

He pulled a notepad towards him and wrote a breif few lines in his scrawling, handwritting.

A Klatchian Mandate shall be considered any Mandate which involves the territory of the Federated Klatchian Coast or the territory of a State of the Federation.

In order to maintain freindly relations between the Federation and the Free Republic, the Republican Council of the Free Republic will seek Military Permission from the Federation to send military forces into the Klatchian Territory in question before issuing a Klatchian Mandate.

The Casique of the Free Republic is granted the right to directly ask for Military Permission either from the Privy Council of the Federation or the Parliament of the Federation.

The Republican Council agrees to consider the Military Permission granted before issuing a Klatchian Mandate.

Military Permission shall be considered to permanetly exist for all States that have a Foreign Guard Presence, assuming that the Foreign Guard Agreement for that State has been presented to Parliament.

He put down his pen and pushed the notepad over to Cherkess. "That will hopefully keep us out of the idiotic mess that would occur if your Mandate delt with a Klatchian State. Which isn't surprising. Really people don't understand that by not asking permission they are guaranteed a war that they might have avoided by asking to intervene in the first place. Although the OMP were told they could only blockade Deylli Beybi...bombardment or troops upon Klatchian shores were strickly forbidden, and they proceeded to tell us to go to hell. Oh well..."
10-08-2005, 03:18
Mr. Cherkess looks over the addition, and pauses and rubs his chin.

"I don't know, this whole thing would seem to be, redundant? The Free Republic obviously wouldn't be Mandating forces to invade territory of states that are Friends of the Republic? Only deploying forces in support of those states.

I think that what we're having an issue with here is what exactly is encompassed by being a Friend of the Republic. The Republican Council would not Mandate forces to move into the territory of a Friend of the Republic, what you are asking to add, the Republican Council already feels is in the proposal.

Perhaps an addenum to explain exactly what is meant by a Friend of the Republic? It is the desigantion of a close ally, if that helps clarify?"
Alcona and Hubris
10-08-2005, 13:12
Bethune shook his head, "Mildonia will never be a true freind of the Republic will it? I could see a potential problem where the Republican Commander, or should I say Supreme Republican Commander is asked to 'support' a State and then the Mildonian's push their head in and your Retalitory Guard lands troops to counter act."

Bethune paused again, "Actually Karmanyanka is the best example. If Knotoss invaded you'd cross the border. The problem is that would cause a war with the Federation because of the principle of National Soverignty. What we need to do is outline the steps the Free Republic needs to take to help her Freinds without getting into a real mess."

Bethune considered Cherkess for a moment. "The best way to describe us is to farmers, neighbors really. One tends to be a good neighbor but is a bit prickly about 'his rights' anyway one day the son of the farmer goes out and sees a giant rat in the neighbor's wheat. Now the son picks up his gun and points it at the rat. Should he shoot? Or should he call the neighbor first? Well that neighbor is the Federation, and the answer is call first. What we need to do is assure that the Council asks permission to intervene before doing so, or has permission already established. Which you have with Deylli Beybi...although not Karmanyanka actually."
10-08-2005, 14:12
"Well, if Midlonia attacked us, they would be attacking an ally of the Federation, which would make their action illegal. They would then be open game for us, from what I understand ."

He pauses "If we take you section and add a Klatchian Mandate clause we would be unable to act in a timely manner to defend our national security, worse yet, if it was the Midlonians causing the problem they could effectively delay parliamentary proceedings to gain the upper hand, or even deny us a mandate to even act.

I'm afraid that on this point you will just have to trust us that we will coordinate out efforts and seek permission for military action within the Klatch. Our track record of supporting Klatch state militarily should speak to this."
Alcona and Hubris
10-08-2005, 23:41
Bethune shook his head, "It's not the present government but the next one that we need to worry about. Technically if you were directly attacked by any State of the Federation your Cassique should be demanding Attaintment. Nor would you be stopped from defending youself, you could destroy any Mildonian ship outside of their own waters right now and not cause a war with the Federation."

"It's a Gonad type situation I am worried about, not a direct attack. I feel that it is best to spell out in the Treaty that the Free Republic must have permission to move forces into the Klatch. You want to enable the most freedom of response for your government in a crisis. Those are conflicting, but not mutually exclusive items."
11-08-2005, 19:56
"Well, I don't know, we mayn just have to take our chances as it is. Adding clauses that require such requests would not be seen well by the Republican Council, and give the opposition life.

The only reason this treaty is even possible is because there is a Progressive majority, adding a clause that appears to subject the Council's ability to make Mandates to Parliament might very well topple this government."

Mr. Cherkess rubs his chin thoughtfully "I have to think about how any additions can be used by the opposition."
Alcona and Hubris
11-08-2005, 20:40
Bethune nodded, "Well that is a problem...but then as long as it induces behavior that minimizes Klatchian Vaadian conflicts over matters where Vaadian security and Klatchian Soverignty are both a factor, we can hide the medicine in any sugar or spice to help it go down."

Bethune turned and looked at the servant. "Ah bring out a pitcher of orange juice this might take awhile..."

In reality Bethune was quite please at this low level negoation. His ego was not going to be damaged nor did he have to seek re-election. He just had to keep his bosses happy and the United Duchies safe.
15-08-2005, 21:16
South Haven Ilek-Vaad

Captain DeNuyder and his men and the surviving evacuees were off loaded at South Haven Naval Guard Facilities along with Colonel Lolkema and his men as escorts. They were then taken underground to the maglev station and loaded abord comfortable first class cars for their eight hour journey to Great Lassic and from there, home, or their new homes.

Velite Guards were there to once again remind the refugees that they qualified for refugee status in the Free Republic, if they so desired.

Great Lassic

"I can see the military cooperation issue quickly becoming a sticky wicket." sighed Mr. Cherkess as he poured himself an orange juice.
Alcona and Hubris
16-08-2005, 15:52
The Alconian Marines actually marched off the boats. Primarily to save face before the Vaadians.

Great Lassic
"I don't know what to say, the problem is that we have two proud nations. Neither is going to want to 'bend' before the other."
16-08-2005, 16:15
"It's not a question of bending, it's a question of subordinating our Council to your Parliament." He takes a sip of orange juice "It seems patently unreasonable. No where in the treaty do we ask the Federation to do anything special other than allow us a representative to speak on our behalf before Parliament in exchange for improved economic, political and military relations with the Free Republic.

We are placing our foreign aid budget at your feet, opening our very closed markets and promising that our military shall keep your JDF apprised of all of it's actions. Wanting more is simply greedy. It is would also probably render this treaty unconstitutional to allow for a Military Mandate to be subordinated to a foreign power via a treaty agreement."
Alcona and Hubris
16-08-2005, 17:11
"First, you haven't quite done that entirely with the Klatch. I did notice the phrase 'Federation States in good standing' so you might just decide who is in 'good standing' and who is not. Which I don't blame you for, Mildonia is not on anyones list of well behaved Klatchian States and a particular thorn in the Free Republics side. As for 'subjecation' of the Free Republic's right to Military Mandate is not my nor the United Duchies Goal."

He sipped his third glass of orange juice, "No 'subjegation is not the goal at all. But if we are to have freindly relations it should be built on a solid foundation. The Free Republic can not interfere in the Klatch without the approval of the Federation Parliament. That is a key factor that has confused the outside world for years, the Imperium, the OMP, Neo Tyr have all crashed upon that rock. Why should we let the Free Republic do so?"

Bethune shook his head, "So here we sit, and I think I can state a possible comprimise. For the right of your represenative to request an Act of Attainment against a State, The Free Republic shall consult The Klatchian Parliament and or the Klatchian Privy Council before issuing a military madate involving Klatchian Territory."

Bethune paused again, "There we both bended, you can call for Attianment against a State of the Federation but your government will consult with the Federal Government before issuing a Mandate involving Klatchian Territory."
16-08-2005, 17:22
"That might be satisfactory. I can't guarantee it but I can show it to the First Republican and see what he thinks of it." Mr. Cherkess looks over the papers "So, what do have for a finalized version?"

He paused a second as his blackberry vibrated and checked his text messages "Ah, change of plan, it says here that your marines and refugees have just departed South Haven and are headed here to Great Lassic. They should be in just in time for dinner.

So we can finish this up and then make some plans on what to do with your lads."
Alcona and Hubris
16-08-2005, 21:37
Bethune pulled a second copy of the treaty out and made some editing marks on it for a few quiet seconds. "You know, having individual housing units for dignitaries is quite an old custom in the world. Most Major English Manors of the 14th century had something quite similar. As did the former Kings of Port Olympus."

The Free Republic realizes that it cannot operate in the region of the Klatchian Coast without closer ties and better coordination with it's Klatchian neighbors in the Klatchian Federation. This Proposal hopes to establish better ties between the Free Republic and the Federation and hopes to bridge the gap between the Federation and the Free Republic.

Section I - Alliance

The Free Republic recognizes all Federation States in good standing as allies and Friends of the Republic. The Free Republic shall judge all Federation States as being in good standing as States that are not under Attainment, are not in major violation of Federation Law, and not violating the spirt of this Treaty.

Section II - Trade

The Free Republic confers upon all Federation States in good standing favourable trade status, reducing tariffs and allowing corporations and businessess from Federation States to apply for expediated trade permissions with the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Section III - Support

The Free Republic pledges it's foreign aid budget to mainly assist and benefit Federation States as they require it.

Section IV - Military Co-operation

Article 1 - The Retaliatory Guard shall refrain from taking military action outside of it's lawful borders without informing the Federation's Joint Defence Forces. The JDF shall be apprised of all Retaliatory Guard military asset movements. The JDF will receive co-operation from the Retaliatory Guard.

Article 2 - All Foreign Guard Units within the Klatch shall be considered as part of the Retaliatory Guard in regards to this treaty. Any Foreign Guard units not under Retalitory Guard Command present in a State under Attaintment will be considered Rogue by the Federation.

Article 3 - The Federation reserves the right to protect itself against Rogue units within its borders including Rouge units of the Foregin Guard.

Article 4 - The Free Republic shall consult Klatchian Privy Council and/or the The Klatchian Parliament before issuing a Military Madate to the Retalitory Guard involving Klatchian Territory.

Section V - Representation

Article 1 - The Free Republic will be allowed to elect and send a Cassique to the Federation Parliament. This will do two things, allow Federation States to have instant access to a fully empowered Envoy of the Republican Council and also give the Federation a chance to consider the Free Republic's view of matters that affect the whole of the Klatch.

Article 2 -The Cassique shall not have Standing within the Federation Parliament. They shall be allowed to bring forward debate upon legistlation before Parliament. They shall not have the right to vote on any Legsislation before Parliament. They shall not have the right to call for a vote in Parliament except as detailed in Section V, Article 3, paragraph 2 of this treaty.

Article 3- The Cassique shall be allowed to request an Act of Attainment against a Federation State to the Klatchian Parliament. The Cassique shall be allowed to present the case of the Free Republic before Parliament and is allowed to attend the debate of the Act.

The Cassique shall be allowed to call a vote upon their request twenty four hours after they have notified the Speaker that they would make such a request and four hours after making their request to Parliament.

Article 4 - The Cassique shall be granted the right to use Parliamentary Facilities, and shall be assigned an Office as decided by the Speaker. The Cassique and his Staff shall not be paid by Parliament, except for his Parliamentary Aide who shall have the same salary as all other Parliamentary Aides.

Article 5 -The Cassique shall be granted limited Privilages similar to those of all Keys, excluding the right to be assigned to Parliamentary Committee Meetings.

Article 6 - The Speaker may, with fifty percent plus one of Parliament in agreement, bar the Cassique from a sentitive debate, excluding those debates initated under Section V, Article 3 of this Treaty.

Article 7 - The Federation shall establish the Office of Grand Ambassador to the Free Republic as per the Klatchian Constitution.

Bethune pushed forwarded an edited copy of the proposed treaty. "As for the boys and girls of the Alconian Marines I suppose I should ask Fleet Manor. The refugee's are...hmm I have no idea who the civilian authority is for the Gonad at the moment. I'll have to call in to the office to see if I can dig who I should talk to. Likely they'll be resettled in Greenbeard as most of them have relatives there."
16-08-2005, 21:53
Mr. Cherkess nodded as he looked over the proposal. "I think this should be okay. I will run it over to the First Republican's office and see what the official word is."

"It is very hard to get zoning for new developments in the Free Republic, so sound buildings, no matter how old they are tend to stand and stay in use. These mansions originally housed the various nobles from Ilek, Coventry and Lassic that were required to spend six months out of the year under in the capital."

He stands and nods "I will be back as soon as I can, I'll leave you to sort out your returning marines. I would imagine I will be back in an hour or two."

With that he sets off on the walk back to the House of the Republic.
18-08-2005, 19:06
At about three thirty that afternon Mr. Cherkess returned to Mr. Bethune's guest residence.

"I am happy to inform you that the Republican Council will accept the changes that have been made to the draft proposal. I have also learned that Captain Dyneider and his marines as well as the refugees from the Gonad will be arriving in Lassic in the next few minutes. So it should be an hour or two before they arrive here. The Ministry of Defence has secured lodgings for them and then they will be flown to Port Olympus along with Sir Alec when he heads there to address Parliament, if that is satisfactory?"

Mr. Cherkess seemed pleased about the days events.
Alcona and Hubris
23-08-2005, 21:36
Bethune nodded, "Quite and do we all become prisoners of war when war is declared on Ilek-Vaad by the Federation?"

Bethune had been in contact with his office and well knew the stalemate currently in progress within the Klatchian Parliament. The problem was that the junior key of the United Duchies was likely going to switch his vote. Only the Speaker was keeping him from bolting to the other side and causing a war. He shook his head, well he had been right about things, up to a point.

"It would seem my next job is to discuss matters in Karmanyanka with the head of your Retalitory Guard. After all my superior is now apparently a Feild Marshal in the Karmanyanka Army. I just need the means to contact him."
23-08-2005, 22:55
Mr. Cherkess smiled to Bethune, apparently not at all put off by the apparent near state of war "Not at all Mr. Bethune, the Retaliatory does not take prisoners and the Republican Council most likely would not like to inconvienance you and your Marines in such a way."

He did look thoughtful at being asked to find a representative of the Supreme Republican Commander "I would imagine that you need to speak to the Command General on duty in Tollan, I will find out who that is and put you intouch with them, it may require a short plane ride to Tollan."

With that he was off again, on his new mission at hand.
Alcona and Hubris
23-08-2005, 23:10
Bethune nodded, even more concerned. Likely the Retalitory Guard would just have a momentary hesitation in turning both he and Marines into so much burning debries over the ocean.

"Thank You, hopefully I can find common ground with the Retalitory Guard as we have between the Federation and the Free Republic's Repbulican Council."

Bethune was glad he had spent most of the day reading in a chair in the comfortable front room of this residence. He would likely be having a hellish time climbing about some fortress somewhere.
24-08-2005, 16:38
Fortunately(or unfortunately.......) Command General Yaotl was still in Lassic and was instructed to meet with Mr. Bethune. This time he did not arive with a unit of his men, as he did when meeting Minister Pommer from Karmanyaka, but called in on Mr. Bethune alone, but still very much armed and dangerous. Shortly after dinner time that evening Command General Yaotl arrived at Mr. Bethune's residence and presented himself as the representative for the Supreme Republican Commander.

The tall Tolteca man with dark hair skin and eyes , sported a number of serious ritual facial scars, meant to resenmle whiskers and jaguar's spots , and was attired in full battlegear along with a jaguar pelt draped over his shoulders. As with all Red Jaguar, he carried his FN-HAR rifle no matter what the circumstances were .

He seemed in a not at all pleasant mood.
Alcona and Hubris
24-08-2005, 17:20
Bethune was seated in the front room of his residence still. As the Baroness's steward led the General into the room, Bethune looked at the costume and made some inital estimates.

First old boy, they are going to assume natural superiority, they are the children of gods and the rest of us are mere slaves to their whim. Second he wants to threaten the slaves so they do exactly as they want us to do.

It was a natural assumption actually, the Hubrians had always veiwed the world as full of people who assumed that they were Gods. Better than everyone else and willing to demonstrate it.

The diplomat pushed himself up from his chair "Good evening General, would you please take a seat?" He offered a comfortable chair across from his own.

"It would seem that the Retalitory Guard, under its mandate has crossed the border with Karmanyanka. No doubt to remove the military Jaunta. However your treaty with the Klatchian State of Karmanyanka may be cancelled by act of the Federal Klatchian Parliament. Which does leave the possiblity of a war between the Free Republic and the Federation. If a war does occur it would be quite bloody for both sides, so I am acting on behalf of the Federation to see if there is some path that we may both acheive our goals without having to send so many brave men and women to their graves."
24-08-2005, 17:47
Command General Yaotl smiled, not at all a pleasant thing with his red stained teeth, and took the offered seat, cradling his rifle in his arms.

He listened to Bethune as he sized him up and then replied when Bethune had finished "Yes, the Retaliatory Guard in line with the Military Mandate of the Republican Council has undertaken the task of removing the illegal Military Junta now in place in Karmanyaka and to restore order.

"First, for the Republican Council, the 'problem' has already been solved, by placing it in the hands of Retaliatory Guard Command. Second we must then look at what remains to be done to fulfill all of the terms of the mandate, which is what the Supreme Republican Commander will do, one way or another.

We must also note that no FKC state objected when the Retaliatory Guard acted in direct support of the Federation and it's states. It is the same condition here. The Federation State of Karmanyaka is represented by the Lord Tengil, Council of Knights and the duly elected Keys to the Federation Parliament, NOT Field Marshal Grune and his junta. The situation here is the same as the Ford Harbour Affair in Dyelli Beybi. The Free Republic was thanked by the FKC for acting to help secure the rightful government of Dyelli Beybi against the rebel czarists and their allies.

We seek the same footing here. Karmanyaka is our neighbor and the FKC is our friend, we will act to secure the legal government of Karmanyaka against Marshal Grune's insurgency, just as we acted to protect Dyelli Beybi from the czarist insurgency. The only difference here is that we are in a position to do so with ground support and not just naval support.

I do not think that the FKC is in the business of supporting rebellious uprisings in it's member states, which is what it will be doing if it opposes the Retaliatory Guard and supports Marshal Grune. We can best resolve this issue by understanding that we are operating at concurrent goals and co-ordinating activity to achieve our common aim sucessfully.

We have no intention of seizing land or assests from Karmanyaka and will withdraw as soon as the legal government, which has petitioned us for support, is back in place and stable. If the FKC wants to go to war to prevent that from happening........" He pauses and shrugs "Then I don't know what to tell you?"

General Yaotl's argument had 'lawyer' written all over it, citing precedents, and cleverly arguing for the current position within existing framework.
Alcona and Hubris
24-08-2005, 18:50
"Ah yes, but here we have three problems. The first is that Marshal Grune has stated that he was legally elected by the Knights. Obviously the recent interview with Lord Tengil refutes this. But to determine who the legal government is the Federation Parliament sent a Klatchian Marshal to investigate the competing claims of both Lord Tengil and Marshal Grune."

Bethune shifted slightly in his seat. "The second problem is the relationship between the Federal Government and the States. You noted the tzarist insurgency in Dyelli Beybi. The Federation only acted against those nations that attempted to interfere in that matter. The Tyrians of course sided with the Tzarists but Federal action and that of the Free Republic were more geared towards stopping Neo Tyrian interference."

The diplomat paused for a second, "The Free Republic is quite noted for its anti-monarchy stance. Before the revolution however, Dyelli Beybi was an absolute monarchy. I very much doubt you would have, or could have, supported the legal government of Dyelli Beybi at that time. Institutions within the Free Republic likely would have supported the revolutionarys. Yet the actions and inaction of the JDF and the Federal Government are clear. We took no part in any action between the two sides, the Federal Government took the stance of armed neutrality. And when a rouge Jiggdian commander attacked the socialist forces at Bath, the JDF attacked them with the full force it could muster."

"It is one of the key tenants of the Federation that each state should be allowed to choose its own government. Now that occasionally means, for non-democratic nations, that a more revolutionary change must occur. The Federal Government will only interfere if the change in government appears to be a threat for the Federation as a whole."

Betune turned to the steward, "Ah could you bring out some water? I'm feeling quite thirsty..." he then returned his gaze to the General.

"The largest problem for us right now is that we Klatchians do not like outsiders, even freinds, from interfering in our buisness. Call it one of the unfortunate quirks of our state, but we tend to be very isolationist. Now, Baroness Winton and the Royal Family appear to agree with your assessment, as they just got Lord Tengil to make her a Feild Marshal. But they too are playing on thin ice at the moment."

"Anyway before things become even messier, could you at least halt your advance until the Marshal makes his report on the matter? I realize that tactically that may be disadvantgeous but then you might be able to corrdinate with Feild Marshal Winton and the Free Karmanyanka Army on the western border."

Bethune realized that if there was going to be a war, there would be. But perhaps he could stall for time and hope the Fates intervened on his behalf. Like that prick, Walter Menville will fall down from a heart attack, Bethune disliked the junior Alconian Key.

Well throw them something that might be advantagous for something tactically stupid. Hopefully they'll see themselves as in a superior enough postion and great warriors that they can hold until that Var reports back. I just hope Grune attempts to pull the wool over the Var's eyes, that is about the only way that the Jaunta could loose in this sitiuation.
24-08-2005, 19:27
General Yaotl nodded and then responded "Well, from my reading of Karmanyakan law the Lord Tengil is an office that is held for life, unless deposed by four/fifths of the Council of Knights. Grune himself has admitted that he was elected by only a slim majority of six and has not even expressed that the Lord Tengil was deposed prior to his 'election'.

It is obvious to even the slowest observer that he is not legally in power. He has not declared himself Lord Tengil, the old Lord Tengil has not been voted out or died, as we have all seen, and we are bound by legally binding treaties with the lawful government of Karmanyaka to come to their aid."

He then shakes his head "There was ample time before the Retaliatory Guard deployment for the Federation to sort things out. The Supreme Republican Commander will not stop his actions at this. They would serve no purpose except to allow Grune and his traitors to consolidate their power and secure a stronger position, causing higher casualties in the end.

We would have no issue co-ordinating with Baroness Winton and the Free Karmanyakan forces, a sizeable contigent of Karmanyakan soldiers has already joined with the Retaliatory Guard at the command of General Ozcan and his liason Colonel Perkins.

I will re-iterate that it will only damage the Federation to attack the Free Republic in support of an illegal and unpopular coup. Retaliatory Guard planning and forecasts show that the Federation would be gravely damaged by the Retaliatory Guard in any open conflict. Damage it may never recover from. However, the Republic will persist. Federation forces would have to mustere from all corners of the Klatch, excluding of course those assets in Neo-Tyr. The Federations supply lines would be long and stretched and at the mercy of the Naval Guard and the Air Guard . Brining this fight to the Free Republic would cost more money than the Federation or the Federation states is capable of spending for such an operation. Even when forces were finally here and prepared to fight your commanders would then realize how hopelessly outclassed they are against the Retaliatory Guard. We do not want this fight, but if we are pressed, the Federation shall pay.

The Retaliatory Guard regularly racks up a kill ratio of ninety to one, against foes that other nations consider 'elite' and 'well armed'. The last active campaign in Haven saw a force of one hundred and sixty thousand Retaliatory Guard defeat a force of four hundred and fifty thousand with under ten percent casualties. I don't think you quite realize what sort of fight you may be in for.

The Federation had it's chance to act, but it only stood by as Grune instituted martial law, and rounded up dissedents in interment camps and killed others. We are done waiting, Grune will be done in two weeks time and then history can judge our actions."

Unfortunately for everyone involved, centuries of being grossly out numbered and yet entirely victorious had given Retaliatory Guard Command a sense of invincibility. This meant that they would make threats with impugnity, after all they were routinely faced with ten or fifteen different nations attacking them on several different fronts, the Retaliatory Guard had become conditioned to simply expect victory as a matter of fact, no matter what the odds.