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15-05-2004, 07:38
Important News
Due to NationStates' new forums and the rising activity of it, I've decided to move the entirety of the national leaders list over to it at . Any new entries must be submitted using either that thread or through TG.

This is a new list of the leaders of nations. The list is subject to grow and change, as more leaders discover this list, and as leaders change due to national elections. The list's main purpose is to know who's at the top of each nation.

.::How to Submit an Entry::.
Post your shortened nation name, your full nation name, and your leaders name, and I will update it as soon as possible.

Diminix -- Imperial Ses'uh Dominion of Diminix -- Emperor Anthony Ses'uh

1. Write legibly. This is self-explanatory.

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The New Official List Of National Capitals (

Post 1366 - Thursday, April 23, 2009 - 10:09 PM EST
15-05-2004, 07:39
.:: 0 - 9 ::.
15-05-2004, 07:39
.:: A ::.

Abroad -- The Free Land of Abroad -- Councellor Wok
Adejaani -- The Regime of Adejaani -- (Madam) Leader Kaya Pacino
Aelosia -- Everqueen Aelosia Elurín nos Dior nos Lúthien nos Thingol
Aeruillin -- The Neutral Republic of Aeruillin -- President Arancaytar Ilyaran
AHSCA -- The United Island States of AHSCA -- High Duchess Shino Villa
Akilopolis 2 -- The Folsom Imperialist Nation of Akilopolis 2 -- President Aki
Alcatra -- The Dominion of Alcatra -- Praetor Tariel i-Alca t'Sei
Alasdair I Frosticus -- The Holy Empire of Alasdair I Frosticus -- His Imperial Majesty the Basileus of the Holy Empire, Alasdair I Frosticus, Vice-Gerent of the Dreamed Realm and Overlord of the Archregimancy
Altanar -- The Kingdom of Altanar -- King Aelkyn, House Aranathas
Ald Rhun -- The Arbiter
Alexandrian Ptolemais -- The Empire of Alexandrian Ptolemais -- Head of State: His Royal Highness Emperor George A. Helios - Head of Government: The Right Honourable Prime Minister James Ward
Anagonia -- Galactic Federation of Anagonia -- Drakomis N. Reign
An Archy -- The Citizens' Club of An Archy -- Andy Anderson
Aqua Anu -- The Queendom of Aqua Anu -- Queen Mikaux Akoowa, Princess Subaru Akoowa
Arakus -- The Dominion of Arakus -- Executor Urborg Vengrath, CEO of Goldmine Banking
Aranmore -- The Federation of Aranmore -- Consul Zombie Mao
Ariddia -- The People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia -- Prime Secretary Aridd Endor
Arpwat -- Grand Duchy of Arpwat -- Grand Duke Jacob of Omet
Artoonia -- La Sankta Imperio de Artunja -- His Most Serene, Enlightened Imperial Majesty, Emperor Artu I
Arundel-Dacre -- Federation of Arundel-Dacre -- Nathaniel Allen
Ashlaea -- The Miroxian Colony of Ashlaea -- Dictator Orian Matson
Asmadonia -- The Holy Empire of Asmadonia -- God-King Gregor Asmadi the First
Atrons -- Democratic States of Atrons -- President Stephen Richards
Aurania-Shifre -- The Free State of Aurania-Shifre -- Prime Minister Guillaume Mirelles
Australonesia -- Commonwealth of Australonesia -- Governor-General Allen Smith
Availia -- United Socialist States of Availia -- General Secretary Ralph Valcon
Aztec National League -- The Democratic Proletariat Union of Aztec National League -- Premier Quetzalcoatl
15-05-2004, 07:40
.:: B ::.

Balkoria -- The People's Republic of Balkoria -- President Lei Maldan
Baranxtu -- The Most Serene Republic of Baranxtu -- Head of State: His Majesty Ateni Meinaratu Gguri-Eilari, the True King through the Greatness and Justice of the Gods -- Head of Government: The Prime Minister Htalui Asabijitu Mersagi
Base Illusions -- The Dominion of Base Illusions -- Dark Empress Erika
Bazalonia -- Governer General (Ceremonial Head of State): Christopher Walker - Prime Minister: Peter Hawdon
Bears Armed -- The Confederated Clans of the Free Bears of Bears Armed -- Ilsa-Elsa o Beaverbrook, Chairbear of the High Council of Clans
Belarus Deck -- The Most Serene Republic of Belarus Deck -- Alexander Lukaschenco
Belkaros -- The Imperium of Belkaros -- Emperor Gnaeus Cornelius Mundus I - Prime Minister Rachael Elizabeth Jonovan
Bergelland -- The Grand Principality of Bergelland -- Princess Ludmilla IV
Biotopia -- The EcoSocialist Republic of Biotopia -- Supreme Chancellor Afra De`Reaven
Bisgea -- The Republic of Bisgea -- President Miguel Atienza
Black Thirteen -- The Seven Nation Army of Black Thirteen -- President John Black
Blouman Empire -- The Blouman Empire -- Emperor Henry IV
Bluftuney -- The Allied States of Bluftuney -- President Blechnamore Bluftuney
Boico -- The United Democratic Federation of Boico -- President Maria Zanzoye
Bostopia -- The Confederate States of Bostopia -- Emperor Boston
Brandoniats -- Varies (Explanation - Click Here) (
Brutland and Norden -- The United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden -- Head of State: King Kyle II -- Head of Government: Prime Minister Marianna Cortanella
Bynzekistan -- Leader of the House of the Republic: President Georgi Bynschev & Supreme Chancellor: Unnamed - Reclusive, omniscient and near-ancient. Believed to be of the ancient Romani race
15-05-2004, 07:40
.:: C ::.

Cachette de Lions -- The United Democratic States of Cachette de Lions -- Prime Minister Selwyn Gregor
Candelaria And Marquez -- The Republic of Candelaria And Marquez -- President Robyn Morton
California and Alaska -- Californian Sovereign Democratic Socialist Federation [CSDSF] -- President Jennifer A. Jourgensen
Canaervon -- Owain Glendowyr -- First Speaker
Cafundéu -- The Monopoly of Cafundeu -- Empress Alice Van Tocco
Central Nation -- United States of Central Nation -- President Ryan
Central Prestonia -- The Republic of Central Prestonia -- Pres. Aaron H. Preston
Cherry Ridge -- The Holy Catholic Monarchy of Cherry Ridge -- King John Antonette
Chronosia -- The Scion of Chaos, Remiel De Drakan
Communistic Soviets -- The United Socialist States of Communistic Soviets -- Joseph Stalin XVII
Cookesland -- The United States of Cookesland -- President Alan Foxswift
Cravven -- The Federation of Cravven -- High Dictator Hillenbrad Tradenn
Crimmond - Administrator Delta, Lord of the Crimmond Province
CR Oscilloscopes -- The Superheterodyne Principle of CR Oscilloscopes -- Commander Tomislav Callopa
Crossman -- United Imperium of Crossman -- Emperor Crossman
15-05-2004, 07:40
.:: D ::.

Dadofdogbert -- The United Socialist States of Dadofdogbert -- D'Hoffryn of Arashmahaar
Dalimbar -- The People's Empire of Dalimbar -- Leutkaiser Kalev Andris
Dalkrin -- The United Socialist States of Dalkrin (USSD) -- Lord Azura Verin
Dalnijrus -- Republic of Adygea -- Lyov Bacherikov (President) - Dmitriy Jaikbaev (Prime Minister)
Dance 2 Revolution -- Vernyort Kerinorkyyiunuko
Darkombye -- HRH King Alexi Von Oppendorph-Bowes-Windsor VI
Decopia -- The Semi-Holy Dictatorship of Decopia -- Founder, Dictator and Pope: Deca the I
Dekho -- The Nomadic Lands of Dekho -- King Aristo
De La Florida -- The Republic of De La Florida -- President Lincoln Diaz-Balart
Derscon -- The Divine Prussian Empire of Derscon -- Czar Alexei Alexandrovich Andropov XIV, Sultan of the Eternal Empire, Guardian of the Covanent, Monarch of the Divine Prussian Empire of Derscon, Arch-Chancellor of Greater Prussia
Diminix -- Imperial Ses'uh Dominion of Diminix -- Emperor Anthony Ses'uh
Docky -- The NS1 and NS2 Republic of Docky -- Leader Lasi Mispons
Dostanuot Loj -- The Republic of Dostanuot Loj -- Admiral U.Namtar II
Draconis Nightcrawlis -- The Einherjers Of Draconis Nightcrawlis -- King Kurt II
Dread Lady Nathicana -- The Dominion -- Nathicana D'Aquisto, Dread Lady and First Imperatrice of the Dominion
Dyelli Beybi -- The United Socialist Republics of Dyelli Beybi -- The Right Honourable Chancellor Otto Himmler
15-05-2004, 07:41
.:: E ::.

Edward City -- The United Federated States of Edward City -- President Arnold Forrest
Elves Security Forces -- The Sporting Domain of Elves Security Forces -- Great Leader Tobias Raynor
Endolantron -- The Technology-Based Civilization of Endolantron -- Anon Zytose, Director
Enlightened Oppression -- The Kingdom of Enlightened Oppression -- Ryô "the enlightened" Narushima
Eruke -- The Holy Republic of Eruke -- Pope Augustine
Esperentujo 2 -- The Democratic Republic of Esperantujo 2 -- President Aleksandra Kuiristo
Euroslavia -- The United Freedom Forces of Euroslavia -- Lady Destra
15-05-2004, 07:41
.:: F ::.

Farflorin -- The Kryozerkian Republic of Farflorin -- President Zeke Stoneward
Farmina -- Holy Republic of Farmina -- The Highest of Priests Justinian
Fattyboland -- The Protoneocratic Dohepdecoracy of Fattyboland -- Head of the Royal Senate and King of Fattyboland - Xavier Odawarra
Fictions -- The Dictatorship of Fictions -- General Bryce Drabek
Fmjphoenix -- The Kingdom of Fmjphoenix -- King Phoenix III
Fort Europe -- The Commonwealth Nations of Fort Europe -- Great Leader Elizebeth Rigolo
Foxweather -- The Almost Democratic Republic of Foxweather -- Commissioner of Government J.A. Hornberg
Francopolis Prime -- The Corporate Technocracy of Francopolis -- Exalted CEO Piers Bel Draconiam
Free Pacific States -- The Socialist Federation of Free Pacific States -- President Matthew Terrus
Free United States -- Commonwealth of Free United States -- Premier Steven Vincent Galindo III, President of the Supreme Soviet
Fujisawan Territories -- The United Islands of Fujisawan Territories -- Prime Minister Sanami S. Ienari
Future-World -- The Metal-Loving Free People of Future-World -- President Samuel Goodyear
15-05-2004, 07:42
.:: G ::.

Galaxianda -- The Incorporated States of Galaxianda -- Federal President Eric Madeson
General Mike -- The Grand Holy Imperial Empire of General Mike -- Imperial Über Kaisführer Mike I
Ghargonia -- The Imperium of Ghargonia -- Ghargon Gorbgan IV
Ghorunda -- The Republic of Ghorunda -- Premier Velaris
Gloxin -- The Holy Empire of Gloxin -- Basileus Caduceos Nikephoros Gloxin II. Porphyrogennetos
Gobbannium -- The Gobbannaen Principalities -- High Prince Llywellyn Mawr
Godwinnia -- The Kingdom of Godwinnia -- King Harold III + the Speaker of the Witan [currently Simon Reeve]
Goobergunchia -- President Martin Goobergunch
Grasaland -- The Kingdom of Grasaland -- King Arthur of Noggin & The Kingdom of Grasaland / Prime Minister Christian Bjørnson
Greal -- The Imperial Republic of Greal -- President Martin Watson
Greston -- The Imperial Republic of Greston -- President and Imperial Parliamentarian Jerry Striker
15-05-2004, 07:42
.:: H ::.

Hallad -- The Worker's State of Hallad -- Premier Hasan Muhammad
Hamptonshire -- The Grand Duchy of Hamptonshire -- Grand Duke Reginald Leopold I
Hamturwinske -- The Armed Republic of Hamturwinske -- President J. A. Erwin
Harlesburg -- The Confederacy Of Harlesburg -- Edward The Phoenix Duke De Harlesburg
Havaii -- The Kingdom of Havaii -- The Great King Kamehameha, The Conqueror Of The Islands
Helveticuz -- The Infinite Empire of Helveticuz -- Emperor Mordum XII
Hexalot -- Dominion of Hexalot -- Hexav Astrophos Lent (GM of Olympus Holdings, Inc.)
Higera -- William Higgins
Hofkauzern -- Empire of Hofkauzern -- His Unholiness the Emperor Wilhelm von Hofkauzern
Hofscient -- Allied States of Hofscient -- Consul Zarvur (Imperium Scientium), Consul Friedrich von Schwarzberg (Hofkauzern)
HotRodia -- The Tire-Burning Torque Empire of HotRodia -- Sam I Am, Minister of Hospitality
Hugoland -- King Frederico I and Prime-Minister João Gonçalves
Hypocria - The Most Serene Republic of Hypocria - President Titus Drax
15-05-2004, 07:43
.:: I ::.

Iansisle -- The Grand Iansislean Empire of the Shield and Its Dominions -- High King James III
Ichlendock -- The Archduchy of Ichlendock -- Archduke Gavin Lawrence McGilvray
Iglesian Archipelago -- The Democratic Republic of Iglesian Archipelago -- President Alberto Romãs and Prime Minister Mário Dantes
Imitora -- The Grand Domain and Lands of Imitora -- First Speaker Anna Sophia Fratelli
Imperial Aaronia -- The Federal Republic of Imperial Aaronia -- President: Fräulein. Annabelle La Rochelle -- Chancellor: Herr. Nikolai DeGaulle -- Prince Inherent: Baron Aaron Van Speinsche
Imperial Sylvan -- The Empire of Imperial Sylvan -- His Imperial Highness Emperor Lemuria Valentine
Imperium Scientium -- Empire of Imperium Scientium -- Skeloj, Chairman of the Intelligence Party
Independent Hitmen -- United States of Independent Hitmen -- President James Anderson
Indra Prime -- The Temporal Research Commission of Indra Prime -- Senior Director Robert Mueller
Ineptia -- The Grand Duchy of Ineptia -- Prime Minister Felix Munchmeister
Iraqstan -- The National Socialist Union of Iraqstan -- Reich Führer Lidric Quil'raya
Isselmere -- United Kingdom of Isselmere-Nieland -- King Robert VI; Prime Minister Oliver Yardmouth
Italia Orientale -- The Republic of Italia Orientale -- Prime Minister Francesco Cesare
Itinerate Tree Dweller -- The Empire of ITD -- Emperor Lazarus
15-05-2004, 07:43
.:: J ::.

Java Blacks Madness -- The Democratic Republic of Java Black's Madness -- Java Black
Jenrak -- The Fanatical Zealots of Jenrak -- Arborgrad the Twelfth
Jipleastan -- The Incredible Machine of Jipleastan -- Emperor Lloyd II
Jordaxia -- Eternal Empire of Jordaxia -- Prime Minister Michael Elswith
Josephland -- The Big Brotherhood of Josephland -- Joseph
15-05-2004, 07:43
.:: K ::.

Kajal -- The Federated Imperium of the Four Worlds and Territories of Kajal -- Head of Government: Right Honorable Vierun Muraan (Prime Minister) - Head of State: Imperatrix Lirella Keral
Kanabia -- The Socialist Workers Democracy of Kanabia -- President Christopher Kotovesky
Kanami -- The Republic of Kanami -- Prime Minister Elenore Romney
Kanuckistan -- The Dominion of Kanuckistan -- His Right Honourible Divinity, Alexander Wolfius; Almighty God-Emperor of Kanuckistan
Kargucagstan -- Dominion of Kargucagstan -- Prime Minister Adrian Delphi
Karshkovia -- The Republic of Karshkovia -- President Vladimir Radchenko
Kedalfax -- Federation of Kedalfax -- President Hon. Francais Sebuu
Kelanthia -- The Free Republic of Kelanthia -- President Gordon Grath
Kemball Island -- The People's Republic of Kemball Island -- Barney Kemball
Kenavt -- The Confederacy of Kenavt -- His Right Honorable Ashton Butler
Ketica -- The United States on the Republic on Ketican Island and Surronding Vanules - also known as - The United States of the Republic of Ketica -- President Leio'nardo San Margerunadine Code
Kikoskriat -- Metropolis of Kikoskriat -- President Porthos Arenan
King Arthur the Great -- The Draconic Celtic Empire of King Arthur the Great -- Awthwyr Ben Dragwn II (Arthur Pendragon the Second)
Kingsley Bedford -- The Diplomatic Republic of Kingsley Bedford -- Pres (Acting) Georgi Turskchenko
Kirav -- Sovereign Kiravian Colonial Empire -- Emperor Irasur C.V.S. Seawind
Kjomasasopia -- The United Island Territories of Kjomasasopia -- Dragon Emperor Ken'ichi Hachirou Naoki Shirou Arcadius and Prime Minister Paul Levy
Komekong -- The Disputed Territories of Komekong -- Chief Executive Officer Kzel Koh-Braah
Kosovoe -- The Kingdom of Kosovoe -- King Frederico Jimenx and Queen Salja Jimenx
Kriegorgrad -- The Zealous Holy Fist of Kriegorgrad -- Master Kriegor Zan Varr
Kroblexskij -- United Socialist States of Kroblexskij - President Vskayskij
Kryozerkia -- The United Commonwealth of Kryozerkia --Prime Minister Kane Barticus
Krytenia -- The Dominion of Kytzenia -- General Illio Markis
Kudlastan -- The People's Republic of Kudlastan -- His Excellency, Supremely Benevolent Hereditary President Dan Kudla
Kulikovia -- The Worker's State of Kulikovia -- President Dimitri Nevsky
Kurona -- The Principality of Kurona -- Princess Tomoyo Mikanu
Kutou-koku -- The Kryozerkian Republic of Kutou-koku -- Emperor Jin
15-05-2004, 07:43
.:: L ::.

La Habana -- The Compassionate Dictatorship of La Habana -- President Leon Tokarev
La Habana Cuba -- The Republic of La Habana Cuba -- President Lincoln Diaz-Balart
Layarteb -- The Empire of Layarteb -- The Emperor
Ledgersia -- The Federation of Ledgersia -- President Neville Bondurant (head of state) and Prime Minister Rufus Tothe (head of government)
Linpada -- The Gentle Empire of Linpada -- King Hans I and Queen Caroline XXVI
Livenda -- The Empire of Livenda -- The Democratically Elected Emperor Aczel I
Liverpool England -- The Grand Federation of Liverpool England -- Prime Minister Michael Harley
Lois-Must-Die -- The Psychotic Knightslayers of Lois-Must-Die -- President Ali Rushafa
Lovisa -- Kingdom of Lovisa (Królestwo Lovisa) -- King Dominic
Lunatic Retard Robots -- The Parliament Funkadelic of Lunatic Retard Robots -- Pope Entwistle I
Lurikastan -- The Free and Mighty Provinces of Lurikastan --Mikhail Petkov
15-05-2004, 07:44
.:: M ::.

Magnus Valerius -- The Constitutional Empire of Magnus Valerius -- Emperor Ivan V
Maineiacs -- The Liberal Utopia of Maineiacs-- President Allison McDermott
Malatose -- The Soviet Socialist Republics of Malatose -- General Secretary Mikhail Kilov
Manea -- The Dominion of Manea -- President Sadi Galanodel
Manhattan Prime -- The Imperial Republic of Manhattan Prime -- President Andrew Cuthbert
Maniaca -- The Imperial Funnydom of Maniaca -- Emperor Catsendt
Maraque -- Democratic Elective Monarchy of Maraque -- Emperor Jovan S. Norris, Vice Empress Helena D. Norris, President Mullac Uyaha, Vice President Sirron Aiers
Marimaia -- NeoSuunist Prosperity Sphere of Marimaia -- Premier Chiisu Suun
Miami Jai-Alai -- The Republic of Miami Jai-Alai -- President Lincoln Diaz-Balart & Vice President Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Miami Lakes -- The Republic of Miami Lakes -- President Lincoln Diaz-Balart
Milchama -- Borderlands of Milchama -- Great General Yitzhak Bayem
Militia Enforced State -- Military Dictatorship of Militia Enforced State -- Top Leadership (as they are technically equal): Force Commander James Ackvick, Force Commander AJ Dasch, Force Commander Lance Foster, Force Commander Chris Kaider, Force Commander Alex Donald, Force Commander Amy Ackvick, Force Commander Julie Vance (James Ackvick is considered the public face of the Force Commanders, and commits the decisions that the Force Commanders decide)
Minilla Island -- Republic of Minilla Island -- HRH King Raymond I
Modern Vampires -- The Armed Republic of Modern Vampires -- President Gregor Mancini
Monte Ozarka -- Grand Duchy of Monte Ozarka -- Archduke Philip IV
Montgisard -- The Dominion of Montgisard -- Interim Prime Minister William Idris
Myedvedeya -- The Unified Tsardom of Myedvedeya -- Tsar Aydan Krakovsky
15-05-2004, 07:44
.:: N ::.

Naleloospalakintula -- The Empire of Naleloospalakintula -- Palaknalel XI
Nation of Fortune -- The Republic of Nation of Fortune -- Cyrus Lanier
Necros-Vacuia -- The Dominion of Necros-Vacuia -- Lord Praetor Thraakan Al'techran Naal
Neko-Opolis -- The Constitutional Monarchy of Neko-Opolis -- President Nako Mizuki and Queen Misaki Suzuhara
Neo-Erusea -- The Glorious Republic of Neo-Erusea -- Premier Marshal David Mondol
Nerotika -- President Naki Lok
Nethertopia -- The Constitutional Monarchy of Nethertopia -- Prime Minister Pieter van Delta
New Joeva -- The Federation of New Joeva -- President Joe Mazza
Nighthawk -- United States of Nighthawk -- President Dan Kinew
Ninjasama -- President Akuma
Nire and Nire -- The Disputed Territories of Nire and Nire -- El Commender Nire
Nitramda -- National Republic of Nitramda -- Bahnhof II
No Endorse -- The Galactic Inferno of No Endorse -- Prime Minister James Talon
Northrop-Grumman -- The Conglomeration of Northrop-Grumman -- Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President Jack O'Neill and his wife, Chairwoman Siri O'Neill
Norwellia -- The People's Republic of Norwellia -- President Yusuki Watanabe
Nova Boozia (MT/PMT) -- Drunken Iron Reich of Nova Boozia -- Schnapsemarschall Detlev Halget
Nova Boozia (FT) -- Drunken Iron Reich of Nova Boozia -- Schnapsemarschall Otto Morlok
15-05-2004, 07:44
.:: O ::.

Oiseaui -- The Democratic Republic of Oiseaui -- Head of State Ashley D. Bird
Omigodtheykilledkenny -- The Federal Republic of Omigodtheykilledkenny -- "The Destructor from Del Fuego, Mexico," Manuelo Fernanda, President of the Federal Republic
Onnanoko no nettai shi -- The Protectorate of Onnanoko no nettai shi -- High Chief Yuuki and Low Chief Mika
Oshima and Izu -- The Ringist Shogunate of Oshima and Izu -- Shogun Yamamura Takanori
15-05-2004, 07:45
.:: P ::.

Pablicosta -- President Mark Williams
Pacitalia -- The Republic of Pacitalia -- Prime Minister Timothy Ell
Pan-Arab Barronia -- The Authoritarian Empire of Pan-Arab Barronia -- Chancelloress Santina Verona-Barron, Holder of the Presidency
Paradiszia -- Holy Roman Catholic Empire of Paradiszia -- Holy Imperial Emperor Pierre Lawrence Sabastian Paradis XI
Parilisa -- The Republic of Parilisa -- President Nathaniel Klein
Parlesia -- Grand Duchy of Parlesia -- His Grace, Grand Duke Chadwick James Parlington of Parlesia
Patrachus -- The Federation of Patrachus -- Presiedent Graham Ataro
Phalanix -- The Chaotic Relm of Phalanix -- Echo Maxwell
Phenixica -- The Empire of Phenixica -- Empress Nadine Cook
Pinguinum -- The Kingdom of Pinguinum -- King Dwight I
Popay -- The People's Republic of Popay -- James Blacklee
PopularFreedom -- The Community of PopularFreedom -- Prime Minister Westerlake
Prevania -- The Thalassocratic Oligarchy of Prevania -- Direktor Boris Berenovski, of the Thalassocratic Oligarchy of Prevania, Protector of the Nation, Supreme Admiral of the Combined Fleets, Grand Marshal of the Army, Victor of the Seventh Prevanian Air War
Princess Mint -- The Queendom of Princess Mint -- Princess Mint
Pschycotic Pschycos -- Earth Alliance Federation of Pschycotic Pschycos -- Shogun Himura Kenshin
Punckeds -- United People's Republics of Punckeds -- Prime Secretary of Great Council of UPRP Gustav Havrow
15-05-2004, 07:45
.:: Q ::.

Qazox -- The Most Serene Republic of Qazox--- Spritual Leader (and Head of State) THE XXXVII QAZIAN OX Mika Riyok -- President (Head of government) President Villia Ortiz Hernandez
Quakmybush -- The Frozen North of Quakmybush -- Barry Keller
Querinos -- The Royaume of Querino -- Roi Hephaestion Cururipur
15-05-2004, 07:46
.:: R ::.

Rainere -- The Republic of Rainere -- President Theodore R. "Ted" Clark
Ravea -- The WatchGaurd of Ravea -- Emperor Rob Pulson
Rave Shentavo -- Ravelyn Shentavo
Regenius -- The Free Economic Zone of Regenius -- CEO Thomas Alexander II
Rejistania -- The Orange-White-Blue Regions of Rejistania/Rejistaniha tani rekijo junis-kimi-omeh -- First Lentine Hangila Sede
Retired WerePenguins -- Faithful Navagator -- RTO Marian Red
Rheingua -- The Free Republic of Rheingua -- President Heinrich Kender
Roania -- Divine Imperium of Novar Ohan -- Kaiserin Malissa Lucille Black
RomeW -- Emperor Paul XII
Rosh bKhol -- The Most Serene Republic of Rosh b'Khol -- Consul Alter Chayim
Ruccola -- The Republic of Ruccola -- Prime Minister Giustino Tuono
Russkya -- People's Socialist Republic of Russkya -- General Secretary Igor Krushamev
Rylvan -- The Military Autocracy of Rylvan -- Chairman of the National Assembly Lucian Archurex
15-05-2004, 07:51
.:: S ::.

Safalra -- The Fleeting Daydream Of Safalra's 'leader' -- The Widely Respected Safalra
Salted Crackers -- Carl Barca
San Castello -- Head Preist Guisppe Baldasarre
Santa- nita -- The Republic of Santa- nita -- President Anita G. Cruz
Sarzonia -- The Incorporated States of Sarzonia -- President Jay Tyler
Saubornia -- The Queendom of Saubornia -- Queen Celeste I. of Saubornia
Scandavian States -- Imperium of Scandavian States -- Emperor Alexander I Larsen
Schultaria Prime -- The United Socialist States of Schultaria Prime -- Central Director Elliot Schultz
Scolopendra -- The Federated Segments of Scolopendra -- Supreme Emperor Speaker-Rrit
Scosha -- The Principality of Scotia -- HSH Prince Scott, Sovereign Prince of Scosha
Scotchpinestan -- Allied States of Scotchpinestan -- President Paul LaForest
Sebytania -- The Soviet Union of Sebytania -- President Ivan Nagunov
Sephrioth -- The Dark Empire of Sephrioth -- Lord Darth Pain
Shaytan Ukhiross -- Constitutional Monarchy of Shaytan Ukhiross -- Emperor Juste Ukhiross
Shessara -- Allied States of Shessara -- Prince Cyridd
Shining Ys -- The Grand Duchy of Shining Ys -- Grand Duchess Youenna IV
Sigma Octavus -- The Fortress Nation of Sigma Octavus -- Erik Chaknov
Sileetris -- King Viktor Sileetris XIII
Skeelzania -- The Sternreich of Skeelzania or the Skeelzanian Sternreich -- Kaiser Diana I
Skibereen -- The Armed Republic of Skibereen -- President Thomas O'Donnelly
SkillCrossbones -- The Dictatorship of SkillCrossbones -- Dictator David Rickards
Skinny87 -- Grand Republic of Skinny87 -- President Xavier Martin
Slaytanicca -- The Rogue Nation of Slaytanicca -- Prime Minister Jeff "Gorevomit" Clipper
Snake Eaters -- The Shadowy State of Snake Eaters -- Lord Barbarossa
Snefaldia -- The Centralized Mountian States of Snefaldia -- The Tuhran Bel* (de facto leader Councillor Reijihan Herad)
Somabalbah -- The Free and Sovereign Republic of Somabalbah -- President Samuel Xavier Marlett
Sorthern Northland -- The Peoples Republic of Sorthern Northland -- The Dear Leader, Comrade Ben O'Bagels
Southeastasia -- United Sovereign Nations of Southeast Asia -- Prime Minister Yao Yang Nelson Neo
South Lorenya -- The Dragon Kingdom of South Lorenya -- King DragonAtma
South Thasland -- The United Councilate of South Thasland -- The Mapmaker
Sovereign California -- See California and Alaska
Soviet leaders -- United Soviet Republic of Soviet leaders -- Romakov
Sputnikland -- The Federation of Sputnikland -- President Jason Sputnik
Squornshelous -- The Fortified Islands of Squornshelous -- Squorn III
Sskiss -- The Great Dinosaurian Order of Sskiss -- Isss' Raak - Ruler / Watcher of the Sskiss Multitudes / Keeper of the Brood / Protector of the Pack
Starblaydia -- The Protectorate of Starblaydia -- Lord-Protector Tiberius Starblayde
St. Hilarion -- Empire of Saint Hilarion -- Emperor Saint Hilarion XI
Sturmholm -- The Technocratic Stratocracy of Sturmholm -- Governor-General Heinric Metzgar
Stone River -- The Confederate States of Stone River -- President Robert Davis
Sunnland -- The Democratic Republic of Sunnland -- President James E. Collins
15-05-2004, 07:52
.:: T ::.

Tadjikistan -- Republic of Tadjikistan -- President Emomali Rahmonov
Tadziosland -- The Dictatorship of Tadziosland -- The Great Father of Our Nation Tadzio
Taeshan -- The Born Cool Playahs of Taeshan -- President Michael Bradford
Tappee -- The Dominion of Tappee -- President Jon Anerton
Tekania -- The Republic of Tekania -- President Eric D. Williamson
Temme -- The United Socialist States of Temme -- Public Servant Sasha Cheenin
Teritora -- The Ancient Kingdom of Teritora -- King Doran Tor Asha
The Altan Steppes -- The Trilateral Federation of the Altan Steppes -- President Alana Kasimira
The Amazons Daughters -- The Queendom Of The Amazons Daughters -- Her Most Royal Majesty, Queen Cynthia
The Archregimancy -- The Holy Empire of the Archregimancy -- His Excellency the Archregimand
The Candrian Empire -- The Dominion of the Candrian Empire -- Emperor Carlos Petron
The Chrisman Union --The Allied States of the Chrisman Union -- Lieutenant General Ulysses Garth
The Darkstalkers -- The Empire of The Darkstakers -- Emperor Heydrich
The Eternal Kawaii -- The Theocracy of The Eternal Kawaii -- The Eternal Kawaii
The Evil Overlord -- The Dominion of the Evil Overlord -- His Omniferocity, the Evil Overlord, Autocrat of Armageddon, Master of Malevolence, Dictator of Domination, etc
The Fedral Union -- President Robert Bastidas
The Freethinkers -- The Commonwealth of the Freethinkers -- Rgt Hon Teodur Marvin Barham (Prime Minister)
The Indonesian States -- Acting President Muhammad Hanka (President Johann van Dyke currently in a coma)
The Island States -- The Socialist Union of The Island States -- President Jake Newman
The Norlands -- The Holy Democracy of The Norlands -- Democratic Overseer John Joakim Skillman II
The Palentine -- The Holy Empire of the Palentine -- Emperor Captain Spaulding I
The Phoenix Milita -- The Superpower of the Phoenix Milita -- Field Marshall Maximus Seville II
The Resi Corporation -- CEO Jai Resi
The Resurgent Dream -- The Empire of Resurgent Dream -- High Queen Corrina ni Gwydion
The Silver Sky -- The Armed Republic of The Silver Sky -- President Jason Garner
The SLAGLands -- The Emerald Heights of The SLAGLands -- Prime Minister Bonne Gregor Westerburg
The State Of It -- The Republic Of The State Of It -- Glorious President Ihava Nicemoustache-eh
The Yorozuya -- The Free Land of The Yorozuya -- Koko Soranashi
Ticasama -- Protectorate of Ticasama -- The Grand Emperor Emish Farbin Halio Gaius the Third
Tihland -- The Royal Democratic Kingdom of Tihland -- King Bobort of Tihland
Tonca -- The Blissful Realm of Tonca -- Queen Katriana
Tor Yvresse -- High Farseer Iyaana of the Council leads the Council of Farseers with her are
Farseer Rai'Star of the Exodite Peoples, Second of the Council Leader of the Exodites
Farseer Galdern, Head of Xenos Studies, with direct control over Xeno-Magical and Xeno-Religious studies and is the head of the Island Outpost on Earth.
Farseer Darvins, President for Life of Tor Yvresse-Mars (Direct authority over the Martian Colony)
Tuesday Heights -- The Deadlines of Tuesday Heights -- President Jamie Mark Michael Montgomery Huntington
TRIAD Enterprises -- TRIAD Enterprises NS Branch Colony -- Executive Officer Keelin Shyrin
Tyrandis -- The Triumviatorial Republic of Tyrandis -- Executor of State Xavier Davidson
15-05-2004, 07:52
.:: U ::.

Uraartu -- The Commonwealth of Uraartu -- Sanctified Emperor Lugalu II
Urgench -- The Empire of Urgench -- Tamerlane: Khan of Samarkand and Bhukhara, Grand Chancellor of the Empire of Urgench and Chamberlain of the Imperial Household and His Divine Majesty the Emperor
15-05-2004, 07:52
.:: V ::.

Valori -- The Republic of Valori -- Antonio Masticoverre
Van Luxemburg -- the Grand Duchy of Van Luxemburg -- Grand Duke Koen van Luxemburg
Vao Island Emirate -- The Grand Principality of Vao Island Emirate -- Governor Vao Rage Maxima VII
Vas Pokhoronim -- Democratic Republic of Vas Pokhoronim -- President and Overall Marshal Zradny Ztlovsk (national security, foreign and military affairs); Premier Ptyr Vkhlanskorsky (civilian leadership and domestic and economic matters)
Velossia -- New Federation of Velossia -- Chief of State Zednav F. Rodenski Prime Minister Ronald Beauford
Vladinostan -- The People's Republic of Vladinostan -- President Thomas Pettigrew Wayne
Vollmeria -- The Empire of Vollmeria -- Emperor Deinonychus I
Volvonce -- The Theocracy of Volvonce -- The Grand Magi
Vulpes Vixenis -- The Republic of Vulpes Vixenis -- Queen Vaela Dorn
15-05-2004, 07:53
.:: W ::.

Wandering Angels -- Kingdom of Wandering Angels -- King Angelus Militis Amor I & Queen Tamzen Silverwings
Wegason -- Kingdom Of Wegason -- President Gregory Ellis
West Lurikastan -- The Republic of West Lurikastan -- Pancho Nunez
West Zirconia -- The Grand Duchy of West Zirconia -- Head of State: His Royal Highness the Grand Duke - Head of Government: Prime Minister, Mark Simmonds.
Weyr -- Kingdom of Weyr -- High King Alicia li'Wye
Whigdom -- The Republic of Whigdom -- President Paul Goldwater
Wing Wang Woo -- The United Communist States of Wing Wang Woo -- Supreme Leader Nikolai Kyrienko
Witu -- The Witu of Witu -- The Unshaken Unquenchable Unspoken Unvanquished Undisputed Third Deputy Assistant to the Sub-Vice Undersecretary of International Disputes, Treaties and Other-Ties-That-Require-a-Leader-to-be-Designated, Yugotta B. Joe, King of The Witu of Witu
Wiztopia -- The Empire Of Wiztopia -- Emperor Aeon Cazillos
W Olves -- Emp. Bigwolfe
Wooshaba -- The United Forces of Wooshaba -- King Jirair Wescolum
15-05-2004, 07:54
.:: X ::.

Xenonier -- The Xenonian Protectorate -- President-Speaker Arkady Gregorovich
Xharn --The Totalitarian Military Union of Xharn -- His Exalted Excellency, The Patron Joseph Stormberg
15-05-2004, 07:54
.:: Y ::.

Yallak -- The Empire of Yallak -- Emperor Balor
15-05-2004, 07:54
.:: Z ::.

Zaheran -- The Holy Empire of Zaheran -- Emperor Dieter Antonius I
Zarbli -- The Empire of Nations of Zarbli -- Emperor Lihnot II - Lord of the People Mr. Ulzi Ulal Lisav
Zarquon Froods -- The Empire of Zarquon Froods -- The Great Prophet Zarquon (Emperor Extraordinaire)
Zepplin Manufacturers -- The Gestalt
Zero-One -- The Queendom of Zero-One -- Master Control Program "Queen" Sentient HyperOptimized Data Access Network version 3.0
Zesia -- The Theocracy of Zesia -- Supreme Aether-Zealot I'a
Zintharia -- The United Socialist States of Zintharia -- Marshal of the USSZ Major Mikhail Lonieda
Zttrium -- The Republic of Zttrium -- Supreme Ruler Sven Deitrich
Zwangzug -- The Rookdom of Zwangzug -- Composite Minister Ember Nickel
15-05-2004, 07:55
.:: END OF LIST ::.
15-05-2004, 19:16
15-05-2004, 19:44
15-05-2004, 19:54
Tiborita -- Tibor; President of the Republic of Tiborita
Draconis Nightcrawlis
15-05-2004, 19:56
Lord Azazel, undisputed ruler of Draconis Nightcrawlis.
15-05-2004, 19:58
Crimmond - Administrator Delta, Lord of the Crimmond Province
Five Civilized Nations
15-05-2004, 20:14
Five Civilized Nations--The August Emperor Leto Crusade
15-05-2004, 20:19
Everqueen Aelosia Elurín nos Dior nos Lúthien nos Thingol

Royal Heir Princess Aliria nos Elurín nos Dior nos Lúthien nos Thingol
15-05-2004, 20:19
Goobergunchia: President Martin Goobergunch
15-05-2004, 20:53
Colin Wixted
President of the Federation
Federation of Morathania
Tasty Foods
15-05-2004, 20:55
Tasty Foods - The Grand Space Empire of Tasty Foods - President Roy Williams
15-05-2004, 20:57
Mike Sarzo
The Incorporated States of Sarzonia
Acceptable short form name: Sarzonia
15-05-2004, 20:59
Brandon Wasicsko - The Californian Skies of TROUSRS - Most Benevolent Brandon
15-05-2004, 21:12
The Fleeting Daydream Of Safalra's 'leader': The Widely Respected Safalra
United Korean Nations
15-05-2004, 21:14
President Athena Vathwood of the Dominion of United Korean Nations
Kevin Tracy the Great
15-05-2004, 21:27
Emporer or Dictator
Kevin Tracy the Great

The Holy Republic of Kevin Tracy the Great

Acceptable short name: "His Great and Holy Republic" may be used only when it is clear the word 'his' is being used as a pronoun for Kevin Tracy the Great
15-05-2004, 21:35
Roman I
Tsar (Ceasar)
The Holy [Orthodox] Empire of Vostokoslavia
Acceptable short form name: Vostokoslavia
15-05-2004, 21:56
Five Civilized Nations
15-05-2004, 21:57
If you need any help with this extensive project Northrop-Grumman just TG me.
15-05-2004, 22:44
Bluftuney - The Allied States of Bluftuney - President Blechnamore Bluftuney

President Blechnamore Bluftuney also acts as Secretary of State, the Director of the Lightning Preservation Society, and holds the position of Head Researcher in the Department of Something Squishy until replacements are elected.
15-05-2004, 23:08
President Jackson Maverick of Parlim.
15-05-2004, 23:19
The Big Brotherhood of Josephland - Joseph

It is doubtful if the original Joseph is still alive, but his aura still looms in the halls of the governmental buildings; his wrath is still the most effective deterrent to thinking.

Joseph is also the Big Brother of The Real Matrix, Americad, and Clench.
General Mike
15-05-2004, 23:22
General Mike - The Grand Holy Imperial Empire of General Mike - Imperial Über Kaisführer Mike I
15-05-2004, 23:33
15-05-2004, 23:53
Syskeyia- President and First Consul Benedict Michael Sukothai

God bless,

The Republic of Syskeyia
16-05-2004, 00:09
:D I'm glad someone used the NS Encyclopedia style and I'm glad someone brought back this thread.

Nanakaland -- The Resurrected Lands of Nanakaland -- President Michael J. Smith
16-05-2004, 00:20
Czar Rekjyavich Ivan Andropov III

The Militaristic Imperial Reich of Derscon
16-05-2004, 00:32
16-05-2004, 00:56
Kzagblech -- The Dominion of Kzagblech -- President Karl Snapcase
16-05-2004, 01:17
16-05-2004, 01:20
Hotengovia - The Most Serene republic of Hotengovia - Supreme President Wells.
16-05-2004, 06:55
16-05-2004, 07:21
Larkinia has just elected Jeffrey Williams as the new President for the next four years... or until he gets killed. ;)
16-05-2004, 16:55
California and Alaska
16-05-2004, 17:55
California (and Alaska) - the Federated States of Sovereign California - President & Potentate General Sandra M. Devnostraeva
16-05-2004, 18:07
Kajal - The Imperium of Kajal - Emperor Sorath Dajal II
16-05-2004, 18:20
The Secular Resistance
16-05-2004, 19:32
The DSRO -- The Fighting Organization of the Secular Resistance -- Commander Tommas "Tommy-gun" William Scott
16-05-2004, 20:01
Weyr -- Kingdom of Weyr -- High King Alicia li'Wye
16-05-2004, 20:18
Teritora-The Ancient Kingdom of Teritora- King Doran Tor Asha
Hardhouse Freaks
16-05-2004, 20:40
.:: H ::.
Hardhouse Freaks, The Dictatorship of Hardhouse Freaks, General Hawkerson
16-05-2004, 22:52
16-05-2004, 22:55

Executor Christopher Dantes
17-05-2004, 04:25
17-05-2004, 04:38
NewfoundCana-The Dominion of NewfoundCana-Prime Minister DW Parsons
17-05-2004, 04:42
Zakos - The Holy Empire of Zakos - Empress Zhao Ming Mei
17-05-2004, 04:46
Teonia --President Teo
17-05-2004, 05:21
Techn - The Allied States of Techn - President Kenichi Teno
18-05-2004, 04:10
Schultaria Prime
18-05-2004, 05:43
Schultaria Prime - The United Socialist States of Schultaria Prime - Central Director Elliot Schultz | Director Joan Covey | Director Harlen Damien
Sigma Octavus
18-05-2004, 05:54
Sigma Octavus-The Fortress Nation of Sigma Octavus-Erik Chaknov
18-05-2004, 20:38
18-05-2004, 21:19
Voidstate - Dominion of Voidstate - Lord Prince Ywain Penbrydd
18-05-2004, 21:25
Voidstate - Dominion of Voidstate - Lord Prince Ywain Penbrydd
19-05-2004, 05:01
Monte Ozarka
19-05-2004, 05:31
Monte Ozarka, Grand Duchy of--Archduke Philip IV
19-05-2004, 05:40
The Holy Republic of KT MPLG - Sarah Sayalle, Deus Ex Machina (reign name LN YVKR), in second year of a five-year term.
19-05-2004, 06:02
Trekania - The Armed Republic of Trekania - President Stephen G. Nunnery.
Daniella la Chippie
19-05-2004, 06:25
Daniella La Chippie-The Republic of Daniella La Chippie- Prime Minister Victoria Trent
19-05-2004, 06:28
Field Marshal Desmond Humboldt of the Dictatorship of GonnaKickYourAssMofo.
19-05-2004, 17:42
19-05-2004, 17:52
Lovebug, The Queendom of Lovebug, Queen ShyButterfly
19-05-2004, 19:30
19-05-2004, 22:12
Marimaia - The Suunist People's Republic of Marimaia - Premier Chiisu Suun
20-05-2004, 00:49
.:: A ::.
Dictator Asonovich-Yugolsavia
20-05-2004, 03:33
Bohravia, The Republic of: General Anatoly "Anbar" Bartowjak, ruling unopposed for the past 30 years.
Indra Prime
20-05-2004, 03:50
Indra Prime - The Temporal Research Commission of Indra Prime - Senior Director Robert Mueller
20-05-2004, 04:12
20-05-2004, 04:33
Kusan; The Democratic Republic of Kusan; President John P. Ryan
20-05-2004, 17:51
20-05-2004, 23:18
20-05-2004, 23:25
Jacob Lhinder - Great Warlock of the Free Marine Nation of Cataslan
21-05-2004, 00:32

The United Imperium of Crossman
- Emperor Crossman, ruler of the United Imperium of Crossman and sovereign of Crossman Prime
21-05-2004, 00:42
21-05-2004, 06:09
21-05-2004, 06:17
Roania-Divine Imperium of Novar Ohan-Kaiserin Malissa Lucille Black

Roania-Divine Imperium of Novar Ohan-Prime Minister Harold Jacob Cartwright
21-05-2004, 07:52
22-05-2004, 18:46
22-05-2004, 18:51
Pergutoria-Holy Socialist Empire of Pergutoria-Emperor Rodrigo Justinian I
Great Mateo
22-05-2004, 19:59
Great Mateo -- Armed Dominion of Great Mateo -- President Mateo McGrath
22-05-2004, 21:45
23-05-2004, 00:48
23-05-2004, 01:52
Calientia The Holy Empire of Calientia Lord Talnin
Kay Son
23-05-2004, 02:33
Kay Son, The People's Republic of.....PM Yun Ren
23-05-2004, 06:01
23-05-2004, 20:41
Stone River
23-05-2004, 23:26
Stone River
The Confederate States of Stone River
President Robert Davis
24-05-2004, 01:29
24-05-2004, 04:22
24-05-2004, 04:31
Saluzzo - The Constitutional Monarchy of Saluzzo - King Mariano Viale
24-05-2004, 17:50
25-05-2004, 04:51
25-05-2004, 05:47

King Viktor Sileetris XIII
The SLAGLands
25-05-2004, 06:13
I took the liberty of adding mine to the list for you.
25-05-2004, 06:18

President AKuma
25-05-2004, 06:18

President AKuma
25-05-2004, 06:31
I took the liberty of adding mine to the list for you.

Err....okay, thank you.

Ciwdod Cymraeg
25-05-2004, 06:42
Cymraeg - Republic of Ciwdod Cimraeg - President James MacAllister
25-05-2004, 06:49
IIRRAAQQII--Theocracy of IIRRAAQQII--President Giuseppe Antonio Marzullo
25-05-2004, 06:49
Mucusburgia -- The United Socialist States of Mucusburgia -- Premier Anatoly Schnozz
25-05-2004, 07:05
26-05-2004, 05:08
26-05-2004, 07:02
Germaniraq, The Rogue Nation of Germaniraq, President Sodammi Insani IV
26-05-2004, 18:00
26-05-2004, 18:02

Echo Maxwell
27-05-2004, 05:05
28-05-2004, 21:21
San Texario
28-05-2004, 21:25
San Texario
Tex Gruntis V
29-05-2004, 08:17
29-05-2004, 08:18
29-05-2004, 08:29
The Protectorate of Ximea--Ximea--"Teflon" Don.
29-05-2004, 17:20
29-05-2004, 17:23
The Most Benevolent Brandon Wasicsko, The Roving Red Army of TROUSRS
30-05-2004, 06:18
30-05-2004, 06:41
Comporellan, Federation of Comporellan, President Theodore Dulles
30-05-2004, 12:17
Irregulars -The Free Land of Irregulars - J. Hawksmoor
30-05-2004, 12:21
Toralmier - The Most Holy Catholic Soveriegnty of Toralmier - Count Leopold Frederickson
30-05-2004, 16:07
30-05-2004, 16:23
Aranae -- The Allied States of Aranae -- President Willow Compeson

(and for my other and sister's nations...)

Dreamwater -- The Community of Dreamwater -- Oasia Whiteshield
Prosperana -- The People's Republic of Prosperana -- President Melinda Emmons
30-05-2004, 17:09
Prime Minister Frank Aquila
Democratic Soviet Union of Resistence
The Gothic Underworld
30-05-2004, 17:27
The Gothic Underworld

The Constitutional Monarchy of the Gothic Underworld

Unoffical Name: Atros

Head of State: King Vampire Louis the First.
Prime Minister: Jason Patrick Tyler
Heir Apparent: Crown Princess Adelia
Heir Presumptive: Donovan Venger, Patriach of the Venger family.
30-05-2004, 19:29
Temme-The United Socialist States of Temme-Public Servant Sasha Cheenin.
30-05-2004, 20:07
Xevious-The National CommenWealth of Xevious

Supreme Overlord- Javv Atticus Parker

Supremes Generals-
Gen. Kip Willford Mandahl
Gen. Ivange William Andros
Gen. Winston Bradford Ravenaka
Glorious Humanity
30-05-2004, 20:13
Glorious Humanity - The Federation of Glorious Humanity - President Mark Albert
Ambrosia Skies
30-05-2004, 23:59
Ambrosia Skies -- The Colony of Ambrosia Skies -- President Faerie Lewis
31-05-2004, 00:04
Fluffywuffy-The United Di'Agwan Empire-Emperor Tiberius Stewart
Shonar Bangla
31-05-2004, 00:29
Shonar Bangla---------Secular Nationalists of Shonar Bangla-----------President Rahman Choudhury
31-05-2004, 00:52
Trixia-----The Grand Imperial 'Foxy' Empire of Trixia------Lord Imperial Trix Lonestar
31-05-2004, 06:41
Ciwdod Cymraeg
31-05-2004, 06:44
Our leadership has changed, new PM is Daniel David MacAllister.
31-05-2004, 06:46
31-05-2004, 06:54
Iansisle -- The Grand Iansislean Empire of the Shield and Its Dominions -- ____________

((do you want head of government or head of state? If government, then fill in the blank with Prime Minister the Right Honorable Edward Tarriff PC. If state, then His Iansislean Majesty High King James III.))
31-05-2004, 07:42
Iansisle -- The Grand Iansislean Empire of the Shield and Its Dominions -- ____________

((do you want head of government or head of state? If government, then fill in the blank with Prime Minister the Right Honorable Edward Tarriff PC. If state, then His Iansislean Majesty High King James III.))

Or you can go with a group of listings for the CEO's of IanCorp, RM&M, the East Gallaga Co. ... Do I need to go on? :P (remember it's all love I-man)
31-05-2004, 07:47
((heh. You could probably replace the blank with just about any name I've ever mentioned in one of my threads, and it'd be all right. Charles Bradsworth? Why not? Lord Dirwisham? Plausable. Hiresh Dhawan? The CWP is still a powerful block.

in other words, *feels the love* ;)))
The Wesperosphere
31-05-2004, 08:12
The Wesperosphere - The Disputed Territories Of The Wesperosphere - Chief Minister Gavin Rhys
31-05-2004, 08:34
The Empire of Emparium:Emperor Ty the Great
31-05-2004, 08:37
Ah! I just checked out the list and i'm on it. It's a feeling of being known that makes this game so special. :roll:
31-05-2004, 16:00
Alinania -- The Republic of Alinania -- Head of Council Savina LaScalea
31-05-2004, 16:51
Pimpshire hell-The Armed Republic of Pimpshire hell-Weslemagne
WESS IS THE KING-The Dicatorship of WESS IS THE KING-Weslemagne
THE MAAGS-The Holy Empire of THE MAAGS-Weslemagne
East Napulur-The Allied States of East Napulur-Weslemagne, General Roz, and John Hayyes
Shermanator-Rockopia -The Republic of Shermanator-Rockopia-Weslemagne
01-06-2004, 06:25
01-06-2004, 06:35
CorpSac --- The Dark Empire of CorpSac --- Emperor Horrar Sith
01-06-2004, 06:53
Valient : The Commonwealth-Dominion of Valient : President Alexander Valient
01-06-2004, 07:02
Scrumpox-The Constituional Monarchy of Scrumpox-King Eric I/Prime Minister Ezreal Desdanova
01-06-2004, 15:28
East Napulur is a tri-owned country. General Roz and John Hayyes own it too.
01-06-2004, 19:33
01-06-2004, 19:37
Tarakalar - The Enduring Empire of Tarakalar - Emperor Arnaud Taurain.
New Tortall
02-06-2004, 00:58
New Tortall --The Kingdom of New Tortall -- King Liam of Conté

Royal Family: (I know it doesn't have to be included, but I wanted to put it on the board somewhere. You don't have to add this.)

Queen Jocel of Conté
Princess Crystal of Conté (adopted)
Prince Aiden of Conté (ad.)
Princess Lily of Conté (ad.)
Princess Lianna of Conté
Princess Jassona of Conté
Princess Kalasin Thayet (Katy) of Conté
Prince Liam II of Conté
Princess Faelora of Conté (twin)
Prince Rowen of Conté (twin)
Prince Lee of Conté
(And Queen Jocel is expecting a final child)
Drizzts Army
02-06-2004, 02:58
Free Drow Land of Drizzts Army: Chancellor Drizzt Do'Urdern.
02-06-2004, 05:49
Squornshelous--The Fortified Islands of Squornshelous--Squorn III
02-06-2004, 06:47
02-06-2004, 07:58
FWS- Fascist White States. President-Emperor Hendrik Rhodes
The Lands of Alex
02-06-2004, 08:15
The Lands of Alex - The Commonwealth of the Lands of Alex - Prime Minister Ylonda Galapagos-Nahru (Socialist Coalition)
02-06-2004, 08:18
Ascensia - The Holy Empire of Ascensia - Holy Emperor Michael I
02-06-2004, 17:37
04-06-2004, 07:08
Vehement Force
04-06-2004, 09:05
Vehement Force -- The Armed Republic of Vehment Force -- 6*General Bill Hartington
04-06-2004, 18:13
04-06-2004, 19:36
Tihland -- The Royal Democratic Kingdom of Tihland -- King Bobort of Tihland

Hmm...I remember doing this once before, but I do not see my name on the list.
04-06-2004, 21:24
Tihland -- The Royal Democratic Kingdom of Tihland -- King Bobort of Tihland

Hmm...I remember doing this once before, but I do not see my name on the list.That was the old thread made by Maniaca.

06-06-2004, 06:07
06-06-2004, 06:27
Romedom - The Holy Empire of Romedom - Pope Luke I
The Vorlon Kosh
06-06-2004, 06:28
The Vorlon Kosh- Empire of The Vorlon Kosh- Kosh Naranek
06-06-2004, 06:35
Tekania - The Republic of Tekania - President Eric D. Williamson
06-06-2004, 07:08
07-06-2004, 06:02
07-06-2004, 06:18
Akrasia - The Armed Republic of Akrasia - Dictator Zen Archigos
Big Long Now
07-06-2004, 06:52
Big Long Now - The United Federation of Big Long Now - President Jon Evansen
07-06-2004, 07:18
07-06-2004, 07:42
Adejaani- The Virtual Democratic Republic of Adejaani- President Jain Granger
07-06-2004, 19:33
07-06-2004, 19:59
Mauiwowee - The Kingdom of Mauiwowee - His Royal Highness, King 'Lude II
08-06-2004, 06:55
08-06-2004, 07:01
Gowanshi - The Dominion of Gowanshi - Leader Maxwell Rubin
08-06-2004, 07:01
Nominaen -- The United Socialist States of Nominaen -- President Vibius Rufius
08-06-2004, 07:28
Kay Son
08-06-2004, 08:00
To Whom It May Concern;

I must inform you of the tragic and sudden passing of PM Yun Ren. As her subordinate, I have assumed her post and second term, and will be acting in her place until Election Time rolls around. It is my hope that unter my tutelage, the People's Republic of Kay Son will have a steady and peaceful term as my predeccessor had.

Ellington Duke
(acting) Prime Minister
08-06-2004, 10:10
Rejistania -- The Orange-White-Blue Regions of Rejistania/ Rejistaniha tani rekijo junis-kimi-omeh -- First lentine Hangila Sede
08-06-2004, 10:36
Al-Sabir - The Desert Republic of Al-Sabir - President Khaled Brahim
08-06-2004, 17:28
09-06-2004, 06:39
09-06-2004, 08:45
Hamptonshire -- The Grand Duchy of Hamptonshire -- Grand Duke Reginald Leopold I
09-06-2004, 16:37
Clangerland - The Pink Fluffy Commonwealth of Clangerland - King Littian II
09-06-2004, 18:47
09-06-2004, 18:51
Muktar, the Monopolistic Corporation of Muktar, High Commander Akan Muktar
09-06-2004, 18:55
Hoffenburg-Dominax -- The Grand Duchy of Hoffenburg-Dominax -- Grand Duke Ranelagh von Dominax
09-06-2004, 19:07
Pact- The United Socialist States of Pact - President Elliott Hallfield
09-06-2004, 19:53
09-06-2004, 19:59
Kalydon - The Empire of Kalydon - His Supreme Excellency, Emperor D'Kadennz Kalyd
09-06-2004, 21:18
Dyelli Beybi
10-06-2004, 04:20
Dyelli Beybi - The United Socialist Republics of Dyelli Beybi - The Right Honourable Chancellor Otto Himmler
10-06-2004, 04:34
Inzil -- The Republic of Inzil -- President Michael Hurtya
10-06-2004, 04:40
Here's another entry for ya:

Teatroia - The Federation of Teatroia - First Minister Tarin DelTorre
Bamba Clat
10-06-2004, 05:24
The Incorporated States of Bamba Clat- Ruler and Jah's Most Divine Creation.........Raas Claat Bluert Claat
10-06-2004, 06:37
10-06-2004, 07:00
The Publicly Traded Police State of McCountry

Caligula Kroc, Chairman and CEO
10-06-2004, 07:33
Water Cooler De Novo
10-06-2004, 08:13
Cooler - The Republic of Water Cooler De Novo - The Director
10-06-2004, 09:13
Kanuckistan - The Dominion of Kanuckistan - His Right Honourible Divinity, Alexander Wolfius; Almighty God-Emperor of Kanuckistan
10-06-2004, 18:16
10-06-2004, 22:00
10-06-2004, 22:20

You can now add us to your list we are

The Armed Republic of Ythcal


Zeus DarkWarrior
Leader of The Armed Republic of Ythcal
10-06-2004, 22:36
Ariddia - The People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia - Prime Secretary Aridd Endor
10-06-2004, 23:41
10-06-2004, 23:43
Skeelzania- The Imperial Principality of Skeelzania- Grand Prince Dmitri I
10-06-2004, 23:57
Rufai-The Greater British Empire of Rufai-Lord Rufai The Great
Magnus Valerius
11-06-2004, 00:03
Magnus Valerius -- The Crown Empire of Valeria and All of Its Dominions and Colonies -- Tsar Alexander II
11-06-2004, 06:47
11-06-2004, 07:03
.:: K ::.
Kanuckistan -- The Dominion of Kanuckistan -- His Right Honourible Divinity, Alexander Wolfius

Kanuckistan - The Dominion of Kanuckistan - His Right Honourible Divinity, Alexander Wolfius; Almighty God-Emperor of Kanuckistan

I know it's rather long overall, but the later part of his title is rather important in defining his position.
11-06-2004, 07:23
The Huac
11-06-2004, 09:38
The Huac--The Jingoistic States of The Huac---President Tanak Ramoz
11-06-2004, 11:31
Ashibot - Queen Luinen III
Kestrel Order
11-06-2004, 11:37
The BlackWolf Order/The Kestrel Order
Lady-Commander Calleis Ymirson
General Vance Reginald Kaerion

(The names depend upon if the BWO is ressurected or not..)
11-06-2004, 13:07
11-06-2004, 13:08
11-06-2004, 13:10
Short Name: Artoonia
Full Name: The Holy Empire of Artoonia (that's in English and how NS lists it, but officially it's "La Sankta Imperio de Artunja"--we're not sure which you want here)
Leaders: His Most Serene, Enlightened Imperial Majesty, Emperor Artu I; Prime Minister J. Mikelo Birono

We'd prefer our illustrious leader's full title, but if you want to keep it short, you may list us as "Artoonia -- La Sankta Imperio de Artunja -- Emperor Artu I".
11-06-2004, 19:40
Nova Empyrea
11-06-2004, 23:23
Nova Empyrea - The United Empire of Nova Empyrea - King Benjamin VI, Emperor of Empyrea, Grayson and Masada, Protector of the Kingdom of Nova Empyrea, defender of the Empire and Großschwert of the Holy Order of Aran'szartuk
11-06-2004, 23:46
The Holy Dailey Empire


King Jonathan Antenson I
12-06-2004, 07:20
The Communist Orks
12-06-2004, 10:04
Gensec Khan,
General Secretary of the Revolutionary Ork Labour Front Party
Grand Khan of the United Socialist Hordes
12-06-2004, 10:47
The Serene Republic of Andolai- Aaron Sanchez, Speaker of the People's Moot
12-06-2004, 18:27