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Structure of Governments.

The Geschke Dynasty
16-07-2008, 04:22
If this is in the wrong place, forgive me, and please point me in the right direction. Exactly, what would you say is the structure of your Government?

This is mine.
Name: The Geschke Dynasty.

Type of Government: Imperial Monarchy.

Founding Document: The Imperial Charter.
Constitution: The Imperial Constitution.

Head-of-State: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Emperor Nicholas.
Head-of-Government: The Prime Minister.
Commander-in-Chief: Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military.
Executive Branch: High-Council.
Legislative Branch: Council of Governors.
Judicial Branch: Imperial Supreme Court.

Capital: Geopolis.
National Holidays: The (Reigning) Emperor's Birthday, Christmas, Day of Martyrdom. (A day paying homage to those who gave their lives during the many wars to expand the Kingdom until it became an Empire)
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Size: My Kingdom is a small nation, but is constantly growing.
Population: Two hundred and twenty-two Million.
Interesting Traits:

*Nationalism is seen as being a virtue.
*Social Darwinism is one of the country's philosophies. Competition, struggle, domination are all taught in Schools as being right. However, Racism is seen as being an Evil that must be erased.
*The main religion is Catholicism, with atheism being frowned upon.
*Optimism and Patriotism are both at an all time high.
The Head-of-State's Profile.

Name: Nicholas Geschke.
Gender: Male.
Age: 42.
Hair color: Black.
Eye color: Brown.
Blood Type: A.
Reign: 14 Years.
Title(s): Emperor of the Holy Geschke Empire, King of Geopolis, (Before enthroned) Crown Prince.
Style of Adress: His Imperial and Royal Majesty.

Consort: Her Highness, Empress Rachel Geschke.
Heir-apparent: Crown Princess, Abigail Geschke.

Biography: Born and raised in Geopolis, in the Geschke Empire as the youngest child of Emperor James II, Nicholas was never expected to rule. However, from a very young age, he showed a competance that outmatched that of his brothers, as well, James noted the boy had a far more compassionate and kindly demeanor than his brothers.

Given that his other children had performed well in all areas except Politics, Nicholas was also noted for his skill in diplomacy and ettiquete; a fact which made James declare the boy to be the Crown Prince. Over the course of several months, Nicholas became tutored for his role as the heir-apparent, becoming very knowledgeable on many subjects.

His father was expected to reign for another twenty or so years, but James suffered a terrible stroke on April 21st, 2004 and soon died. Young Nicholas then ascended to the throne at age 12, though he was officially the head-of-state, he was not in power until age 18.

Until that time, the ruling was kept to his mother, the dowager Empress Elaine. At the age of 18, the young Emperor took the reins of government and immediately set forth instituting significant constitutional reforms.

He instated a Royal Council and permanently established the new system of electing its members. He soon created the office of Mayor of Geopolis and created a council of elected citizens in every city to give the people more say in how they were ruled.

The Emperor also established a policy of encouraging the National Guard and Military Units to foster better relations with the community. He was also the author of two books: "Riding the Storm", a history of the Nation's Civil War, and "Just Politics", setting out his ideas for reform.

Also at age 18, the Emperor met his future wife, Rachel, who was the beautiful daughter of a nobleman. The two of them quickly became friends, as her father was a decorated member of the Emperor's court. After nearly eight years of dating and constant media attention, the two annnounced they were to be married.

The couple was married in 2002, and had their first child, Abigail, a daughter two years later.

To this day, the Emperor has ruled with wisdom, compassion and integrety.
The Most Glorious Hack
16-07-2008, 06:46
Name: The Federated Technocratic Oligarchy of the Most Glorious Hack

Type of Government: Oligarchy

Founding Document: The Corporate Manifesto
Constitution: The Corporate Manifesto

Head-of-State: Nominal Head of the Oligarchy
Head-of-Government: Nominal Head of the Oligarchy
Commander-in-Chief: Nominal Head of the Oligarchy
Executive Branch: The Oligarchy
Legislative Branch: Senate
Judicial Branch: The Tribunal

Capital: Chiba City
National Holidays: Corporate Day (essentially, independence day). Many other holidays are celebrated, but no others are official government holidays.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral?
Size: Massive
Living Freedom Land
16-07-2008, 12:17
Just so you know, you can't change that stuff.
Unless something's changed since the last time I read the FAQ.

You can Roleplay those, but in the game it is easier to just have everything the same for everyone.

But, in the interest of having fun here's mine:

Name: The Free Freedom Loving Land of Living Freedom Land

Type of Government: What? There is one?

Founding Document: The Ancient Revered Magner Carter(declared obsolete)
Constitution: The Declaration of Total Anarchy

Head-of-State: The President
Head-of-Government: The President
Commander-in-Chief: The President
Executive Branch: The President
Legislative Branch: Parliament
Judicial Branch: The Supreme Court

Capital: Lime-Green Snake City
National Holidays: Government holidays reek of oppression, but I think we have some... We might have a Beer Day or a Patriotic Day or something, I'll get back to you on that one.
Alignment: Chaotic Good... usually
Size: Really Big, like enormous
17-07-2008, 00:36
Name: The Grand Holy Empire of Imota

Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Founding Document: The Imperial Manifesto (IC: late 1770's)
Constitution: The Imperial Constitution (IC: est. 1961)

Head-of-State: The Emperor (currently an Empress)
Head-of-Government: The Prime Minister
Commander-in-Chief: The Prime Minister
Executive Branch: Council of Ministers
Legislative Branch: Imperial Parliament (upper house is called Hall of Chancellors, lower house is called House of Representatives
Judicial Branch: Imperial Supreme Court

Capital: Shin Kyouto
National Holidays: Founders' Day (May 12, birthday of an important figure in the formation of the Empire), Constitution Day (December 19, commemorates the adoption of the current Constitution), Day of Peace (June 22, commemorates the end of a civil war), The Empress's Birthday (May 10)
Note: While not an official holiday, government offices and most business are closed on May 11.
Alignment: Neutral Good?
Size: Large
The Altan Steppes
17-07-2008, 16:30
Name: The Trilateral Federation of the Altan Steppes
Type of government: Federalist democracy consisting of three constituent states (Akamia, Altanar and Argalia)

Founding document: The Constitution and Charter of Inalienable Rights of the Trilateral Federation

Head of state/government and commander-in-chief: A President elected by popular majority vote every three years (current President: Alana Kasimira, Liberal Party)
Executive branch: The President and his/her Cabinet
Legislative branch: Federation Congress (420-seat unicameral legislature made up of 140 legislators from each constituent state, elected every three years by popular majority vote)
Judicial branch: Federation High Court (eleven Justices, nominated by the President and confirmed by the Congress, who serve for life), and a federal court system of appeal courts, constituent state courts, county and municipality courts

Capital: Natascora, Federation Capital District, TFAS
National holidays: Election Day (January 1), Festival Week (first week of March), Military Day (May 17), International Day (August 15), Federation Day (September 15th), Winter Break (last week of December and first day of January)
Alignment: Typically Neutral Good, but can swing between Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral depending on the situation.
Size: approximately 2,717,300 sq km total
Population: 811,820,255 as of last census
17-07-2008, 20:03
Name: The Autocratic Freak Show of SchutteGod

Type of Government: Compulsory Consumer State (in-game); Benevolent Autocracy (roleplay)

Founding Document: The Because I Said So! Act of 1989
Constitution: (none)

Head-of-State: Mrs. Schutte
Head-of-Government: Mrs. Schutte (PM has only consultative authority)
Commander-in-Chief: Mrs. Schutte
Executive Branch: Mrs. Schutte
Legislative Branch: National Parliament
Judicial Branch: Mrs. Schutte

Capital: Lawrence Welk Village
National Holidays: Mrs. Schutte's Birthday, Day of the Shemps
Alignment: Tires need rotating
Size: Map ( (listed cities have not been updated yet)
Population: 1.396 billion
17-07-2008, 20:21
Name: The Federal Republic of Omigodtheykilledkenny (

Type of Government: Corporate Bordello (in-game); Federal constitutional republic (roleplay)

Founding Document: (none)
Constitution: The Constitution of the Federal Republic

Head-of-State: President of the Federal Republic ( (currently Manuelo Fernanda (
Head-of-Government: President of the Federal Republic
Commander-in-Chief: President of the Federal Republic
Executive Branch: Fernanda Administration
Legislative Branch: Federal Congress (Federal Assembly-750 members; Federal Senate-100 members)
Judicial Branch: Supreme Court

Capital: Paradise City
National Holidays: February 11 ( (founding day), Fiesta Cuauhtémoc (émoc.html) (native holiday), Antarctic Oasis Day (, Manuelo Fernanda's Birthday, Exploding Penguin Day, Kenny Day, Festival of Thor (
Alignment: Mostly anarchic, with a (neo-)conservative streak
Size: Map (
Population: 7.225 billion (in-game; not nearly as big in roleplay terms)
18-07-2008, 07:00
Name: The Nomadic Peoples Republic of Damanucus

Type of Government: Nomadic Democracy (roleplay)

Founding Document: Damanucus Declaration
Constitution: Nomadic Stone

Head-of-State: The Emporer
Head-of-Government: The Emporer
Commander-in-Chief: The Emporer
Executive Branch: Triolinic Council
Legislative Branch: Triolinic Council
Judicial Branch: Supreme Court of Law

Capital: Triolin
National Holidays: Foundation Day (July 18)
Alignment: Solely with my region, except in extreme cases
Size: One large island, with debate on claim of another ensuing
Population: 3.4 billion
28-07-2008, 22:35
Name: The Empire of Urgench

Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy with a representative democracy

Founding document: The Golden Bull of the Yasaq, The Re-foundation Document, The Treaty of Derbent
Constitution: It consists of many Documents, Imperial Bulls, legal pronouncements of the Quiriltai and the documents mentioned above

Head of State: His Divine Majesty the Emperor
Head of Government: The Grand Chancellor of the Empire (currently his Excellency Tamerlane Khan of Samarkand and Bhukhara)
Commander in Chief: The Jade Marshall ( currently his Excellency Babur ul'Mulk Khan of Mazandaran)
Executive Branch: The Imperial Council (sometimes called "the Heavenly Court" and sometimes "the Divan" )
Legislative Branch: The Imperial Diet, which consists of- The council of Khans, the Tribal council, the Council of Autonomous Regions and States, the Sino-Mongolian circle, the Trans-Siberian circle, the Trans-Oxianian circle, the Indo-Parthian circle, the Jagataite circle, the Caucasian circle, the council of Moscovy, the Anatolian circle,( Circles are elected by strict proportional representation, with multiple seat constituencies and multiple preferences. Councils are in some cases self selecting and in others apointed).
Judicial Branch: The Quiriltai, and the Supreme Millitary Tribunal.

Capital: ceremonial- Karakorum, summer- Tabriz, winter- Urgench
National Holidays: Re-foundation day, the Imperial Birthday, the Peoples of the Empire day
Alignment: non-aligned
Size: vast trans-eurasian empire
Population: 342 million at last census (larger for r.p. purposes)
Itinerate Tree Dweller
29-07-2008, 00:55
Name: The Illustrious Empire of Itinerate Tree Dweller and the Commonwealth Territories

Type of Government: Hereditary Monarchy with Semi-advisory Tricameral Parliament

Founding document: Twelve Tables of Roman Law
Constitution: Imperial Constitution

Head of State, Commander in Chief, Head of Military and Official Head of Government: Imperator Erik Sirius Kersk Sericeus
Acting Head of Government: Prime Minister Daniel Kersk Sericeus

Executive Branch: Imperial Throne, Privy Council and Council of the Nine Kingdoms
Legislative Branch: House of Commons, House of Appointees, House of Lords
Judicial Branch: Supreme Court, Court of Justice, Court of Disputes, Court of Military Justice, various lower courts

Capital: Rome (Legislative), Hades (Executive Estate), Alexandria (Judicial)
National Holidays: Click here (
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Size: Massive
Population: 10.562 billion
Dostanuot Loj
29-07-2008, 07:21
Now this might get confusing... If you consider that the powers of the dictator are restricted by the constitution to abide by the guidance and rulings of the Civil Senate, who ironicly has the real yes/no power in the end.

Name: The Dictorial Republic of Sumer (As I RP)

Type of Government: Dictorial Republic (Think constatutionaly restricted, dictator headed, republic.).

Founding Document: None (Too old)
Constitution: The National Tablet

Head-of-State: Commander of the Office of the Dictator (Currently Field Marshal Kisikil Ninatuma)
Head-of-Government: The Dictator
Commander-in-Chief: The Dictator (Currently Field Marshal Kisikil Ninatuma)
Executive Branch: The Office of the Dictator
Legislative Branch: The Civil Senate
Judicial Branch: The Supreme Tribunal

Capital: Uruk
National Holidays: First Akitu, Second Akitu
Alignment: To myself!
Size: Ginormous
Population: Too much
The Geschke Dynasty
30-07-2008, 02:48
The Ancient Roman Republic had a Dictator elected who was bound by Constitutional Law. Then came a Dictator who refused to give up his power; and so was born the Empire after his death.

As of today, I have changed my Government from Absolute Monarchy to Holy Empire. My titles are now King and Emperor, as per the founding of my new Empire. I still rule one portion of the country as a King, but I rule the rest of the Provinces as an Emperor. The citizens do not object to this, as they still believe in the Divine right; so, under the watchful Grace of God, I am both a King and an Emperor.

Another one for the list: Interesting Traits.
05-08-2008, 04:28
Name: The Kingdom of Geschke.

Type of Government: Theocratic Absolute Monarchy.

Founding Document: Divine Right of the King.
Constitution: The Church Constitution.

Head-of-State: His Royal Majesty, King Andrew. Brother to Emperor Nicholas.
Head-of-Government: The King.
Commander-in-Chief: Supreme Commander of the Royal Military.
Executive Branch: High-Council.
Legislative Branch: The Royal Church officials.
Judicial Branch: Royal Supreme Court.

Capital: Geopolis.
National Holidays: The (Reigning) King's Birthday, Christmas, Day of Martyrdom.
Alignment: Lawful Evil.
Size: My Kingdom is a large nation, and is kept under my tight grip.
Population: Twenty-two Million.
Interesting Traits:

*The country was created out of an area conquered by the Geschke Empire, the Emperor placed his older brother on the throne as a way to consolidate his control over the area.
*The main religion is Christian Orthodox, with atheism being frowned upon.
*There is no parliament.
*The King is extremely popular with the people under his rule, but is second only to the Emperor.
05-08-2008, 17:26
Name: The United People's Republics of Punckeds
Type of Government: Ultrademocratic Socialist

Founding Document: End Act of Trilateral Agreements from 17.03.1979

Head-of-State: First Secretary Of Great Council
Head-of-Government: First Secretary of Great Council
Commander-in-Chief: Defence Secretary of Great Council
Executive Branch: Great Council
Legislative Branch: People's Palace (Parliment - representatives of regions in country elected democraticaly)
Judicial Branch: People's Palace
Capital: Leninopolis
National Holidays:Unity Day (Revolution Day) 17.03 ,
Parliment & Council Open day 12.06,
Workers Day 01.04
Alignment: Democratic, People's, "Socialism with human face",Leftist
Size: Big enough to have tundra and palm trees...
Population: 2.244 billion
Currency:Open Currency Units
Interesting Traits:
1.There is people house in every city.
2.Army and police forces is voluntary after training.
3.People can mark on tax forms what their money is going to.
The Geschke Dynasty
10-09-2008, 01:41
I'd say that some interesting traits need to be a little more specific than that, but its not my place.

Anyways: Andrew, you're going to have to change the capital of your country, after all, its supposed to be a seperate nation to mine.
10-09-2008, 05:28
Name: The Dominion of Sarrowquand

Type of Government: Democratic Bureaucracy.

Founding Document: No single document
Constitution: The Dominion Mandate

Head-of-State: 1st Speaker
Head-of-Government: The upper forum of 13 speakers.
Commander-in-Chief: Grey 1000
Executive Branch: Grey Bureaucracy
Legislative Branch: Council of Speakers/Technocracy
Judicial Branch: Grey Bureaucracy

Capital: Sarrowquand City.
National Holidays: Grey Day
Alignment: True Neutral
Size: Continental
Population: 4.79 Billion
Interesting Traits:

*Apathy is common
*With the right set of forms you do almost anything legaly
The Geschke Dynasty
10-09-2008, 23:15
Like I said: Its not my place. America FTW.

I had an idea: Check out the first post.
Bears Armed
13-09-2008, 16:03
Name: The Confederated Clans of the Free Bears of Bears Armed.

Type of Government: a fairly loose confederation of Clans (and 'Free Septs', and a few other groups...) whose members constitutionally retain near-total jurisdiction in "internal" matters.

Founding Document: 'Treaty of The First Villages'.
Constitution: (Yes, but it doesn't have a specific name...)

Head-of-State: Chairbear of High Council of Clans, (currently Ammabarr o BerryGlades).
Head-of-Government: High Council of Clans (collectively).
Commander-in-Chief: Chairbear, Committee for Tiger.
Executive Branch: High Council of Clans, and its committees (and also, for most matters, the governments of the separate Clans & other groups...).
Legislative Branch: High Council of Clans, Great Council of Clans (and also, for most matters, the governments of the separate Clans & other groups...).
Judicial Branch: Clan (& other "local") judiciaries, High Council's 'Committee for Owl', 'Court of the Stars'.
Capital: Council Groves.
National Holidays: (To be added to this article when I've worked out how many there are and when they're placed relative to each other: The fact that this nation has at least four different calendars, each favoured by different Clans, is a complicating factor...)
Size: (See the IDU region's map (
Population: Depending on which set of figures you consider most plausible, probably somewhere between 15 million & 30 million (and NOT the billions that the game mechanics say...)

Interesting Traits: Over 95% of the population's members are 'Ursines' (i.e. anthropomorphic Bears), less than 02% are Humans.
26-09-2008, 20:27
Type of Government: Parliamentary republic.

Founding Document: The African Colony Papers.
Constitution: Uncodified: Sources of the Saturean Constitution are from International treaties, Saturean Traditional Papers, Case Laws, Legislative laws and Defacto conventions.

Head-of-State: President Harold Annan
Head-of-Government: The Head Of State.
Commander-in-Chief: The Head of State.
Executive Branch: The Executive order (President, Cabinet ministers and the executive offices).
Legislative Branch:The Saturean Congress

Upper House: The Senate House (Senate Leader: Marjorie Banda)
The Senate House is made up of 120 Senators (2 from each Province)

Lower House: The People's House (The People's Leader Barrett Owulu)
There are 892 seats in the People's House (One for each constituent district)

Judicial Branch:Court of Sovereign Law and the interpretation of the Constitution. (Chief Justice: Andrew Obama)
There are 14 Justices who interpret the uncodified constitution and rule on certain cases to create Case Law for the constitution.