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De Pannekoeksjes Federation

27-11-2007, 17:12
Hi there,

I'm the president of "De Pannekoeksjes Federation", I already see you thinking what in god's name is a "Pannekoeksje". Well when you translate it from our language (Flemish, from Belgium) to English you get a "Pancake"! We named our federation like this because we all love Pancakes, especially the ones with brown sugar <3. For our federation, a pancake stands for good food and don't we all love good food? We try to unite all people with a bourgondist point of view. We all love to eat, and we love to talk about it as well. Currently we only have 2 members but we're recruiting as fast as we can. We will be discussing various kinds of topics in our federation. Going from Food to economics to politics to your favourite tv-show. We are PRO-UN and proud of it, we feel that is necessary to represent our people.

I hope to be welcoming you soon