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I declare...

The Great MCRmy
25-11-2007, 21:22
Giant Pandas are the coolest national animal.


[This is my first post]
The PeoplesFreedom
25-11-2007, 21:25
Clearly Leopard II Main Battle Tanks are the superior national animal.
The Far Echo Islands
25-11-2007, 21:30
That's nice and all, but wrong forum, the discription of Gamplay ( specfically:Talk about nation management, regional politics, and why llamas are a cooler national animal than squirrels. replace llamas with giant pandas and squirrels with 'everything else' and well, you see.


Seals are the ultimate National Animal
The Grand World Order
25-11-2007, 21:31
I declare that the Spam Man is the best national animal.
25-11-2007, 21:35
Dogs are not the coolest national animal, but at least they're friendly, and not going to die out.
25-11-2007, 21:39
A Leopard would certainly be nice in that role if it was even alive :p

Bob dole kicks a leopard's ass any day.
25-11-2007, 21:45
The Great MCRmy, see that edit/delete button at the bottom of your post?

It works.

Try it next time you make a post you don't want.

EDIT: Merged your threads, deleted double-ups. Have fun.
25-11-2007, 22:08
Obviously calculators, cars, or computers would make the best national "animals"; they require no food, etc.
The New Aryan State
25-11-2007, 22:36
Eagles are the worst national animal, as any nation with superfluous numbers of eagles has always been spectacularly destroyed.


Persian Empire, Roman Republic/Empire, Holy Roman Empire, First French Empire, Prussian Empire, Russian Empire, Nazi Germany. Numerous others.
25-11-2007, 23:25
O.O Eagles truly are the cursed avian
26-11-2007, 10:28
Slaves, definitely slaves, they work for free and can have 72 different kinds of hoowa beaten out of them

I have always wanted to say that...
Charlotte Ryberg
26-11-2007, 20:32
Everyone has different views. In my perspective, butterflies are good, even if they are small.