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01 ERE Alliance Recruitment Ad

20-11-2007, 04:24
Active forum members needed

Hello I am from the 01 ERE Alliance that has the regions:
“01 Eastern Roman Empire”, “Hellenic Civilization”, “Empire of the Romans”, “Star Trek NS Generation”, “Empire of Rome” (Roughly 525+ nations)

We need active forum members (hopefully ones that can Role Play the ancient world to medieval world). We have had 80+ members register at our forums, but since Sept the 1st our activity has gone from 10 active members to 3 or 4.

Our forum:

Plus we do have an adult moderating staff (from 18 to 40yrs) so don’t think we would let anything unacceptable happen eg. severely break Nationstates rules* or allow members to heavily abuse each other*.

*E.g. grieving, racist/religious attacks, swearing amongst minors, etc.