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Come on down to the USA!

18-11-2007, 22:25
Are you an active NationStates member that has been slightly deterred by the lack of exciting regional development? Well aren't you lucky there's a USA!

In the USA, it isn't just being there that's fun. Just being in a region isn't really that great. The blockbuster part of the USA, which is the true attribute that sets the USA aside from most other regions, is the active community and growing political foundation. Although small, the members of this nation have already proposed a full-blown constitution containing almost all of the rights and rules of being in the USA. But a key word there is almost, so that's why we need YOU. We need politically active members to propose legislation, make sure no runaway laws are passed, vote on proposals and in elections, and, right now most of all, critique, construct, and vote on the constitution!

But I'm talking too much. You need to find out for yourself! Move on to the USA or check out how YOU can get started in politics at the USA forum, whose link is on the USA front page. But REMEMBER-only join if you are or want to be a top notch politician or citizen!