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Corrupt Crossings

Hate Haven
14-11-2007, 09:08
you are invited to join me and my minions in corrupt crossings. if you join me, I will give you power and technology beyond your wildest dreams. Those that join me and also share a thrust for children's screams of pain and misery will be given a seat of power in my new world order. those that appose me, especially those who are pure of heart, shale have their souls systematically riped out and tortured until they either submit, become corrupted, or are riped apart. those who join pure crossings will immediately be considered an enemy and suffer the most horrendous torture possible including, but not limited to position/mind control so as to force you to kill those most precious to you (you will be aware of what you are doing the whole time of course).

Lord Vira,
Corrupter of Souls