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Region: United Federation

55 Nations
13-11-2007, 04:08
Hey I have created a new region! And I am looking for people who want to create and build a region! To make it just as big as 500 or more nations by the end of the year. Ya its alot. But I know there are many of you who want to try something new. Well now is your chance, come to United Federation and log in the forum. This isn't some recruit, but a chance. To get started quickly and have a chance to build. I am looking for a UN Delegate, and we have many open positions, my region is democarcy, the leader is elected. I have created a Online Chat, and a currency on the left of the screen. So we have a chance to make the regional money a big thing. Please contact me if your interested or looking for some thing impiticular. I am sure we together can create a great region.
55 Nations
13-11-2007, 23:54