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NS/II: Broken, outdated, updated, sticky links

07-11-2007, 08:20
In a moment of total and utter gormlessness, I recently said this in Moderation:

While you're at it, II/NS folks, are there any details in existing should-be-kept stickies that are egregiously out-dated? I remember someone saying the sports RP links are a bit wonky. HotRod updated the storefronts links about six months ago, I think. Any others?

To avoid a hijack on the thread where I said that, would you please post links here.

Preferably in this format:

Link/one-line explanation, eg,
HERE: Broken link.
THIS: outdated link.
THAT: Better version of THIS.
ANOTHER: straight-out wrong, here's the right one.

Please don't post links to entire threads you think should be stickied. What threads get stickied is another matter entirely. This is just a call for help with the housekeeping.
11-11-2007, 22:39
Continued from here (

I'd like to see a complete rehaul of the consolidation sticky. The best way, in my opinion, is to have a few other consolidation stickies like "The Great Big War Thread" or "Storefronts R US" and then link to those threads under the consolidation sticky, in list form-

"Everything you ever wanted to know about NS War"

"Roleplaying Clearinghouse"

and so forth.
12-11-2007, 05:06
Closing this to consolidate here (