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East Ying
03-11-2007, 00:14
The Mirror Lakes Region
East Ying
03-11-2007, 00:15
1- Exploration and Early History
2- Expansion
3- Um... Just read!
East Ying
03-11-2007, 00:16
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East Ying
03-11-2007, 00:26
100 PW (Pre-War):
It is 100 PW, and relations in Derbaun are growing steadily uneasy. The official parliament declared a state of emergency after a group of 6,000 Heraldians protested about the regional government "We want to be free!" The would scream, marching around the parliament doors, Among them, was Henry Hendin.

Henry Hendin was a famous printer, blacksmith, grocer, cartographer, AND geologist during the time he was alive. He was a fiercely patriotic and independent fellow, and in his short autobiography A man who Had a Tail he stated "Not only was it beneath us to be governed by such scum, but it was crazy, that we should have to do whatever they say. After becoming the leader of the Independence Compact, he bought 10 boats.

The next part in the regions history is called the Great Migration; With the 10 boats, the 10,000 supporters of the compact loaded on, and set sail for the unknown lands, a fairy tail told to young kids about a faraway place, you could only get to if you were good.

2 years later, the Compact landed in what is now Gon-Chu city in East Ying. They set up a base camp and called the country "The Free Land of The Unknown". This was the beginning of the Ying Empire.
East Ying
03-11-2007, 00:34
200 PW (Pre-War):
100 years after the base camp was built, a small city named Gold City was built near the mouth of the Goldy River. Settlers from different regions came to take advantage of the land that awaited across the Lialac Ocean, or what's now come to be known as, The Hendin Ocean, after the explorer.
The settlements stretched out all the way along the river, but no one ventured out southward, to what's now Jo-Min city. They were afraid of the forests that lay ahead just in view on the horizon, and there were no sources of water to be seen, but that is a common illusion, there were actually 25 lakes.

A young fellow and his friends, who have not yet to be identified, who called themselves "The New Pact" decided to run away from home and venture south. But as clever as they were, they were followed by many explorers, who had heard them talking in the public lounge in Gold City.

According to a log written by the leader of the "pact" they found many lakes, and other rivers which they named after their crushes, they are now the
"Henrietta River", the "Lea River", and the "Kornelia River". After they had been gone for 1 day, the came to the edge of the "Gordoni Lake", and set up a base camp, and then realized the explorers coming to them. This was what was called the expansion era, and lasted for 300 years.
East Ying
03-11-2007, 00:40
The geography is simple. There are the two Oceans bordering the region, the Hendin Ocean, and The Ying Ocean, which are on the east and west of the mass of land. To the west there is a narrow pass of land where you are always 100 feet from the water. Then comes the Jon Forrest, which is followed by another vast expanse of land, the size of Africa. To the north, there are the Hendin Mountain Range, the smallest mountain in the range is as tall as Mnt. Everest. Everywhere there are shining lakes, all connected by the main waterway, the Hendin River, which has a source on Gohn Mountain, the tallest mountain the the Hendin Mountain Range. The Hendin river is connected by canals to the ocean in multiple places, and also has other canals connecting it to cities. It ends at Mirror Falls, which empties into the Great mirror lake, in the Horris Forest.

For more detail, wire me a message
East Ying
03-11-2007, 00:44
The Region has no "favorite" political party out of those who run, and every year the citizens seem to fancy a different party. Here are the parties:

The Central Fusion Party:
The CFP or the 'Fusion' party as it is widely called is the party most people seem to vote constantly for. The CFP tries to calm everything down and have a more, peaceful region. It is a very energy efficient party, and it was the party that preserved most of the rivers, forests and lakes from being cut down or filled in. They also are fiercely defensive, and usually make a lot of treaties. People also refer to the party as "The Coward Party".
East Ying
03-11-2007, 00:47
The Hendin Party:
The Hendin party was the original political party that Hendin himself started. It is the least voted for party, and is referred to as the HP's. They are a very independent party, and usually allow nations to do anything. They are also usually very humble, they prefer not to aid any other country, and will fight it's own wars without assistance. They also take great interest in building monuments and statues
East Ying
03-11-2007, 00:51
Gonko Party:
The Gonko Party is the second most voted for party. It is referred to as TDRPG. The Gonkos are very offensive, and will fight in any wars, and aid anybody. They are the most 'Jolly' party in the region, and usually bind the nations to rules, but usually let nations slide...
East Ying
03-11-2007, 00:57
Nations and their Status:
This short section will include color coding, and will include colonies. This post has information as of the first of November.

Color Codes:
*=Nation Is At War
*=Nation is New
*=Nation is Old
*= Nation is Delegate
*= Nation is Founder
*= Nation is Respected
*= Nation is a Colony
*= Nation is a CFP
*= Nation is a TDPG
East Ying
03-11-2007, 01:01
East Ying ****
West Ying ***
Central Ying *

Sorry politics NOT included :-)
East Ying
03-11-2007, 01:06
In This region there is A LOT of role playing to do, usually done once a week or day in the International Incident Section. Here are some of the Role playing activities we offer:

FMLS- Federation of Mirror Lakes Soccer; The FMLS cup, The FMLS championship

RBO- Regional Basketball Organization; The RBO League

Others- There are others still in development!
East Ying
03-11-2007, 01:10

Management Congress
Prime Officer-
Chief of Regional Affairs-
Chief of Immigration-
Chief of Inter-Regional Affairs-

The parliament consists of one delegate from each nation, and the Regional Delegate

Management Judicial Branch
Chief Judge-
Regional Judge-
Judicial Delegate-
East Ying
03-11-2007, 01:12
Thank you for reading this thread, we hope you can move to the Mirror Lakes Region, and we hope that you enjoyed the thread, if you think anything should be added, just tell me, but it might be among the replies, but no matter. If you have any questions, comments, complaints or other things on your mind, give me a telegram, thanks,
The Incorporated States of East Ying
East Ying
03-11-2007, 05:21
Mirror Lakes Region "2"
East Ying
03-11-2007, 05:23
This post also includes, cities, highways, topography, wars taken place, and other information you might want to know if you consider moving to the region
East Ying
East Ying
03-11-2007, 05:27
Major Cities:
Go-Chu City
Ying City
Nah-May City
Port Mayine
Port Kingsland
South Goldy
Johnston town
Maintop City
Circhop City
East Goldy
Goldy City
East Ying
03-11-2007, 05:30
Major, and small highways in the region:
IR 890
IR 780
IR 658
IR L89
IC 10
IC 910
IC 784
IC 453
IC 007
IC L789
IC 567
IC 411
IC 695
RE 1
RE 2
RE 3
RB 16
RB 17
RH 900
RH 800
RH 700
East Ying
03-11-2007, 05:37
This is the topography for the whole region, we divided for this task, the regions up into sub regions of South, South East, Mid-Region, Central, Northern Lands;

27 %- Marshes
3 %- Dessert
50 %- Swamps
10 %- Lakes and River
3 %- Forrests
2 %- Glacier
5 %- Open Fields

South East-
42 %- Dessert
50 %- Forrest
8 %- Swampland

100 %- Open Fields

37 %- Forests
20 %- Lakes and Rivers
3 %- Glacier
30 %- Open Field
10 %- Other

(From what has been explored)Northern Lands-
89 %- Mountain
10 %- Glacier
1 %- Open Fields
East Ying
03-11-2007, 05:39
Here are the wars that have take place here over the years:
The Heraldian Revolt
The Hendin War
The War of 1,000 men
The War of the Fusionists
The Ying Revolution
The Ying Revolt
The Ying War Still taking place
East Ying
03-11-2007, 05:44
This is a list of nations that were demolished because of wars:

Herals- The war of 1,000 men
The Centralist Ying Empire- The Ying Revolution
The Derbaun Colony- The Hendin War
The Ying Colony of Goto- The Hendin War
The Unknown land Federation- The Hendin War
The Communist Empire of Goko- The Ying Revolt
North Ying- The Ying Revolt
Southern Lands- The Ying Revolution
The Mylansia Islands- The Ying War
East Ying
03-11-2007, 05:48
Regional Monuments

The Ying Old Council Building-
This building is the original building that held the Ying council during the early stages of the empire. It's beautiful decorative columns and statues make it one of the finest specimens of early Mirror Lakes Art.

The Goko Temple-
Before the goko was a political party, it was a worshiped religion, this temple is the last surviving temple, and was nominated to be a Regional Monument monument because it's amazing structure and design
East Ying
03-11-2007, 05:51
These are the religions warshipped in the region:

Goko- This religion dates back to when the native Lakeians lived in the region, it is the oldest surviving religion in the region.

Christianity- Historians believed that when the Derbaun immigrants came to the new region, they brought the religion with them, it is the most practiced religion in the Region

Jewism- Historians do not know how the Jewish religion manged to make it to the new region, but some say it was also brought by the Derbaun immigrants
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I was doing the orignial thread, then I left, and my buddy told me things to ad, so i added them in another post
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Oh and just so you know, i have another post regarding more information!
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