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The Caprecian continents (regional advert)

02-11-2007, 06:12
Im not sure whether I can post this here but I saw other regions do this so I thought might aswell.

Our history.

Caprecia is the name of three settled continents that reside on the planet of Oracia.The name of these three continents are mainland Caprecia,Zara and Galdea. When nations join Caprecia they are given the choice to join any sub-continent. Usually the maps of these continents are used in RP but we do use these maps sometimes in the political scene here in Caprecia regarding matters. It should be noted that Caprecia consists of independent nations,we are not a federation of any sort however we do hold a regional capital where administration for the region is based.

The three continents of Caprecia (mainly used in RPG):

Mainland Caprecia



The name for our regional government is the "Caprec5".The name has been shortended to fit into the WFE and to make it easier to say as opposed to "the regional government of Caprecia".We have not made alliances as of yet but made the decision last week to begin diplomatic relations with certain regions such as yours. We recently joined the International Union and we support democracy in other regions.

Our region has a mixture of people as you can see on our WFE. We have general players (social,casual), political players and RP players. We have a very active RP system compared to other regions. I myself promote my fellow Caprecians to take up political and RP scenes here in Caprecia.

We are a democratic region and have been so from the start. Our region has four major political parties which are listed below:

The Union party
Started by the founder,the union party promotes a Caprecian union of some sort much like that of the European union. We promote proposals such as free trade agreements between all Caprecian nations, a singular currency and a single passport. One of our most recent proposals, "singular currency" was voted out by the international conservatives (our rivals!). We`r not all about "union" per say,we also promote family wellbeing and a free healthcare system.We are the oldest political party in Caprecia.

The international conservatives promote independence for each nation and are supporters for extreme economic development in Caprecia.Message quoted from Tellarian:We are in favour of a strong capitalistic market with few trade barriers, we also recognise that every nation shall be able to have their own currency, laws and military. .The International conservatives for the moment dominate the Caprec5 and there are talks of a merge between the ICP and the DPR(democratic party of Rothenberg)

The Liberal party promotes free healthcare aswell,free choice (like all other parties) and freedom of independence.The political party was founded by our former prime minister,Ravet and is currently lead by Erid lor and Sapphire.

The Democratic Party of Rothenberg tries to maintain the balance between individual rights and state sovereignty, keeping in mind also the best interests of Caprecia. We, in effect, try to balance the positions of the Union, Liberals and Conservatives, though are probably closest in position to the Conservatives, with whom we are considering a merger. We also stand absolutely for Democracy, both in Caprecia, National Governments, and within our own party.

Hope this and the other thread clear up that question a bit! Hope to talk to you again soon!

Other political parties include the independents which consist if afew minor parties. We give nations the option of remaining within their own political rule which is the basic rights of all nations in democratic regions however I won’t tolerate any political parties that promote certain views such as racism.

Within our elected government there are 3 conservatives,1 DPR and 1 Union members which is myself.I obviously appointed myself as president upon the creation of Caprecia. Tellarian recently took on the prime minister position to replace Ravet after a civil war in his country occured and he could no longer maintain his position.Tellarian was voted in by 80% of the votes.He is one of our oldest members here in Caprecia and technically was our first ever prime minister 3 months back since we started.

Prime minister: Tellaria Conservative
President: Dominion Union
Foreign minister: Neu Wien DPR
Defense: Verenberg Conservative
Interior minister: Proffeslan Conservative

We welcome all nations of all cultures and ethnicities. Any nations interested in joining feel free to contact me or any of the government ministers.
East Ying
02-11-2007, 20:27
How did you make that map?