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My Region (A Regional Advert)

East Ying
02-11-2007, 01:51
If anything, this is an attempt to widen the culture in the Mirror Lakes Region.

My region (The Mirror Lakes Region), Is a region full of beautiful, reflective lake, on a large pangea, with nearly unlimited room. The lush forests to the east and south create a nearly perfect landscape, in the shadow of the Hendin Mountain range to the north. The region's many rivers allow a great deal of water to be used, and most of the natives use the sun for energy. Past the Hendin mountains is nearly unexplored, but geologists believe there is a great mass of land there. The 3 oceans that border the region (The Palicia Ocean, The Ying Ocean and the Hedin Ocean) support the regions large beach-going tourists.

First discovered and explored by the great explorer Henry Hendin, the regions began as a colony of the great region Derbaun, which perished during the Herals War. After Derbaun was destroyed, humongous amounts of immigrants came over to the colony and expanded the colony up to the Goldy River, and then stopped after the King declared no settlements to be past the river.

But it is now far past the time of kings and queens, and The Mirror Lakes Region has made itself into a strong democracy, so come today and settle your part of the land!