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Buying and Manufacturing Weapons?

28-10-2007, 16:31
Hi I am new to this game so I hope I don't get flamed for asking this. But is it possible to buy or manufacture a war machine and nukes etc. I would really like a millitary force for my country Zomatia and if you have any other tips for me I would gladly take them. Help the newborn and great nation of Zomatia and bring down the bourgeoisie capaitalist societies.
28-10-2007, 19:22
There are a few military shops on this forum in 'International Incidents' but your military depends on how you answer your issues. Telegram me if your stuck.
The State of Monavia
28-10-2007, 21:09
All military related operations take place on a forum, so look there for advice.

If you want to create a military, here is what you should basicaly do:

1. Find your national population
2. Find what percentage you want in you military services, then get your final number that way.

This will give you your number of personnel. Divvy it up between your respective service branches.

To find how much money you can spend on weapons and supplies, do the following:

1. Find your gross domestic product. GDP = national population times per capita income. Example: If an average citizen in your country makes 12,000 dollars a year, and you have 10,000,000 citizens, then your GDP is 12,000,000,000 dollars.

2. Take your GDP and find your government budget.

Government budget is the part of your GDP that your government gets from its people. Example: 12,000,000,000 dollars times a 20% tax rate is 2,400,000,000 dollars.

3. Take the percent of your government budget that you want to spend on your military. Example: 2,400,000,000 dollars times 10% is 240,000,000 dollars.

That is amount that you can spend on your military. (numbers are only examples)

To buy or manufacture weapons, take the amount of money you want to spend and start spending that money, but do not overspend.
29-10-2007, 13:27

For finding your economic stats. And stay away from the nukes for a while.