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Catholic Church?

Cardinal Chase
27-10-2007, 06:31
Hey there is this religion, Catholic Church, its not 100% about the faith, its moslty ment to bring more activity, fun, and other things to your region.
If your region is interested in joining. Please contact Cardinal Chase.
We have a Clurgey and we are trying to find new ideas to keep it active and fun.

Please any regions, speak up!
Cardinal Chase
31-10-2007, 00:50
Dear Leader,

I am Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and I have come to ask you, if you would like to adopt this Church as your Church as well! This is kind of a Role-Playing thing, not really spreading the word. We could crown the royal, and swore in elected leaders, etc. We are NOT part of The United Kingdom empire, this Church is just needing a place to put their HQ, like RL Vatican City, its in Rome. So don’t think we favor them more.

This here below is the Catholic Church Charter; it kind of tells you the powers and goals of the Church. It can be powerful, its something that will bring more activity to your region and is a little fun.

“The Charter of the Roman Catholic Church

Article One- The Executive

1.1 The Pope shall be the Supreme Religious and Executive Authority of the Roman Catholic Church. He shall have the power to determine all religious policy of the Roman Catholic Church and shall appoint all officers of the Church. He may also choose to make a player a saint.
1.2 The Pope shall be responsible for chartering all churches of the Roman Catholic Church in NationStates. Once chartered these churches shall become Cathedrals, each Cathedral will be led by a Bishop who shall be chosen by the Pope. Where there is priest under him who may advise him. He may excommunicate a Cathedral by removing the charter.

Article Two- The College of Cardinals

2.1 Bishops shall comprise the College of Cardinals and shall henceforth be referred to as Cardinals.
2.2 Upon the expiry of his four month review, abdication, inactivity of the Pope for twenty days or the existence of his nation ceasing the College of Cardinals shall meet- presided over by the Cardinal Dean- and elect the next Pope from among them.
2.3 The Holy Prefecture shall consist of the Pope, the Cardinal Secretary of State, the Cardinal Prefect of the Divine, and the Cardinal Dean.
2.4 The Cardinal Secretary of State shall be responsible for assisting the Pope with the external relations of the Roman Catholic Church and shall be responsible for spreading the faith of the Church to other regions.
2.5 The Cardinal Prefect of the Divine shall be responsible for assisting the Pope with determining religious truths.
2.6 The Cardinal Dean should preside over the College of Cardinals and be the Popes top Advisor.

Article Four- The Cathedral

4.1 Every Sunday - or more often if desired- each Bishop shall deliver a sermon and inform their congregation of a particular religious topic.
4.2 The Laity may join their own Cathedral as they choose. The Bishop with the largest congregation of Laity shall be the Archbishop.
4.3 Each Cathedral may name themselves after a saint.
4.4 The St. Peter's Basilica in the United Kingdom shall be the Supreme Cathedral and shall be the residence of the Pope and his seat of Government. The Pope is assisted in St. Peter's Basilica by the Cardinal Dean.”

Please let me know ASAP when your Region or yourself has come to an Answer.

The Following Regions has adopted the Church:
*The United Kingdom
*The United Federation

Thank You
Pope from the Catholic Church