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The Region of the Order of The Spoo

11-10-2007, 23:48

Phew, that's a mouthfull.

At the moment we have two excellent residents of the Order, but we hope to create a growing, stable region.

Our region is not yet widely known, but if it were, it would be known for its plesant geographical arena which gives one the soft and homely feel of the country side. It blooms with plant and wildlife, such as the 3-proned foondore, the red fox, and the rabid cow-eating squirrel, Atecha Cattlus, known locally as the infamous Chupasquirla.

The Order of the Spoo is a loose alliance of nation states, who will enjoy a Bill of Rights, once it is passed, and who may speak and vote on Regional issues.

Furthermore, it is a place where nation can debate issues of all kinds: regional issues, governmental issues, UN Reslutions, recent news and issues, their lovely visits to other places, random silly yet seemingly philosophical questions, and...well pretty much anything - like I said.
11-10-2007, 23:54
Members of the Order of the Spoo

:headbang:Founder - The Fiefdom of Foonslavakia - Inoffensive Centrist Democracy - "If you don't like us, we'll stab you with our foons."
UN Member

:headbang:UN Delegate - The Rogue Nation of Michelinistan - Inoffensive Centrist Democracy- "I thought we were an autonomous collective!"
UN Delegate

Most Greatest Speaker of the Council of the Order-

Most Honarariest Judge of the Court of the Spoo-

The Most Secretariest Secretary of the Council-

This is all right now, but rest assured we will grow!

11-10-2007, 23:55
Nation State News and Region News

We are currently recruiting :p

Michelinstan was recently elected UN Delegate, if you disagree then get on the ball and give out/ withdraw you endorsements!
17-10-2007, 18:30
Regional Bill of Rights

Amendment I:

Each member nation of the Order shall be allowed their sovereign rule, be it any governmental system.

Amendment II:

Each member nation of the Order is endowed the right to semi-anonymous vote in any resolution in circulation. However,in any case of the High Order Court, only UN members may be allowed jurors, and only the Highest Most Honorariest Judge of the Spoo can pass judgement.

Amendment III:

The member nations will all be protected from intense spamming, complete idiocracy, or any other forms of nuisance.

Amendment IV:

Each member nation of the Order are allowed to propose legislative resolutions, acts, laws, or any other article as they see fit.

Amendment V:

The UN Delegate reserves the right to ban any nation ONLY when the Highest Most Honarariest Judge of the Spoo passes judgement on a nation to do so.

Amendment VI:

If nations have reached a condition of conflict, for whatever reason, they have the sole right to declare war, ONLY after they first have a supervised meeting AND no plausible solution nor compromise is reached. They may also declare war after a previous compromise proves unsuitable. In the case of declarations of war, each member nation must inform the Most Greatest Speaker of the Council of the Order.

This is what I propose in the Bill of Rights at the moment.
17-10-2007, 18:46
Regional Constitution

Amendment VII:

This Constitution, at any time in the first year of existance, shall not exceed more than 37 Amendments, for the sole purpose that it is too much to read, and no one will ever know what the hell it says.

Amendment VIII: The Council and High Court

This Region shall be endowed with a Council of the Order of the Spoo, in which resolutions, acts, laws, or any other articles may be proposed, debated, passed or rejected. All member nations will be allowed to participate directly in the Council.

The Most Greatest Speaker of the Council of the Spoo will head the Council, regulate discussion, seek motions, and be an all around good guy. The Most Greatest Speaker shall be elected through semi-anonymous ballet.

Furthermore, a Highest Court of the Order shall remain in place to regulate the justice of the Regional system. Any nation deem offensive or unlawful may be taken to court and tried, in which case they will speak their case before the jurors, all of whom must be UN Members. With the advise of the jurors, judgment will be passed by the Most Honarariest Judge of the Order of the Spoo.

If there is any punishment, the UN Delegate shall be the supervisor of that punishment. If the UN Delegate fails to do so, this job will be passed over to the Founder of the Region.

Yep that's all I have right now
17-10-2007, 18:48
Articles and Resolutions Passed by the Council