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Is it true the more active you are the more your nation grows?

11-10-2007, 18:43
It's just that I've heard it everywhere.

It would be nice to know.
11-10-2007, 18:46
It is not true; at least, it is not that simple. If you log on once every 20 days, your nation will continue to grow just as quickly as it would if you logged on once every 20 minutes.

On the other hand, if you do not log in for 28 days (or 60 days in vacation mode), your nation will cease to exist, and your nation's population does not grow while it is dead. Thus, when you restore your nation, you will have lost [X] days of growth (where [X] is the number of days elapsed between the nation's death and its rebirth).
11-10-2007, 18:50
Ohhhh. I shoudn't have made a thread about it. Sorry Mods!

It's just that I had asked some people and they said yes.
11-10-2007, 19:45
It's okay, Riopo, that's what this forum is for. You were right to try to get an informed answer, rather than just guess.

The best of it is that if any player, mod or not, gives you a wrong answer, someone will soon be along to give the right one.

Vojvodina-Nihon's covered all I can think of, though.
St Edmundan Antarctic
12-10-2007, 10:22
And now that your nation's reached its current size its growth rate will have stabilised at 5-8 million per day, there are no further changes in the rate of ncrease...
12-10-2007, 16:32
O.K. AHHHHHHHH You're from Sussex! I was born there! Until I move to I.O.M!
St Edmundan Antarctic
13-10-2007, 08:42
I was actually born in Middlesex* (as it then was), but moved down here in '83. Where in the county were you born? I'm living in Worthing, and have distant family connections to Battle...

(* and have already heard all of the jokes about this...)
13-10-2007, 12:45
I was born in Chertsey and moved to Middlesex.
The Most Glorious Hack
13-10-2007, 12:50
Now's the time to take it to telegrams, guys.
13-10-2007, 12:55
Hehe. Will do! :D