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Waldenburg Needs a Region

Waldenburg 2
07-10-2007, 23:15
I know no one comes to gameplay but I'll take my chances at feeling depressed, or maybe find a new region.

As hinted in the title I am looking for a new region, something where messages are less then a year apart. This may not be permanent, but I would certainly like to try out the international nightlife and perhaps stay who, knows. All the IC Information that is needed should be in the factbook, linked in my Sig. There is just a few things I ask for in a region, an Active II community who has at least a little precedent on the forum. That and some general common sense, obviously if you need to ask what I’m hinting at then it’s really not worth bothering.

Here are a few different Rp styles:

MT, so far as I have begun.

PT: (Could have been my favorite but died…)

I dabbled in FT when I began but nothing came of it. Now I think I would like to do something actually involving my My MT country, and really launch into Rping for awhile. I may on occasion go back to my previous region just to check in on everyone, but for the most part I should be able to participate in regional, and forum politics.

I'll bump this for awhile before going of and feeling unwanted
08-10-2007, 11:10
You could join my region (I am a lonely Role Player :( ), I kept my Role Playing off Jolt and in regional forums eg. why I have only 50 posts here. ;)

My regional Alliance is 01 Eastern Roman Empire:
NS Wiki:
We have Hellenic Civilization (A region listed on the top regions list - 212 nations), our Capital region 01 Eastern Roman Empire - 100+ nations.

Plus I have made my own Role playing guide and Role Play forum at: - No active members yet? (yes 11 registered but they have stopped Role Playing pretty much) Perhaps you could help out?

Our founder and me are really active (and obviously pretty good recruiters).:) Our region/s are quiet at the moment but that is because we are most active early to mid year. :)
Waldenburg 2
08-10-2007, 12:29
You are quite populous, and apparently get on the boards on occasion. I was looking mainly for an International Incidents region, but I shall keep this one in mind, thank you.
08-10-2007, 13:12
I would invite you to the Order of the Spoo but our region is less than lively. Sorry.
Jewish influence
08-10-2007, 19:48
you can come to mine, called noobs
its new but im trying to figure out how to send the email to all new players
08-10-2007, 19:58
Could I tempt you to join Xanadou? I would like to make it active if more people just joined, then I would be willing to actually create an off-site forum. It's the perfect place because it's a very diverse region and it's small enough that you won't be lost in the shuffle of power hungry UN delegates or Nations with populations in the billions. My nation is more of an MT-Steam Punk style and much of the region did follow the same way for a short while in it's early days but it really is for all techs
Waldenburg 2
08-10-2007, 23:31
Tank you for all the interest I'll keep this up for a bit longer, Rogernomics and Kurona I am indeed tempted, (Although slightly confused as to what punk nation means....) There still apparently no really II oriented but they are certainly better then my little region.
Waldenburg 2
09-10-2007, 21:32
09-10-2007, 21:50
Ok:), I had a little region once (it was only 41 nations);) But it died,lol
We have small regions: Empire of Rome and Athens :)

Here there are our Alliance today classification:

- 01 Eastern Roman Empire (Motherland in Nation States Game) 75 nation states

- Athens (affiliated region) 3 nation states

- Hellenic Civilization ("off-spring" region) 251 nation states - positioned 16th among all 9,815 NS Regions

- Empire of Rome ("off-spring" region) 6 nation states (3,359,000,000 people) - 1 of them a Billionaire

TOTAL: 335 nations - theoretically positioned 14th among all 9,815 NS Regions
Waldenburg 2
14-10-2007, 19:56
A prolonged bump
14-10-2007, 20:11
Would you be interested in moving to Mediterranica? We are a somewhat small region but do have several active rp`ers in the region. We are looking for new members who are wanting to rp. If you would just give our region a look and you if are interested, i will discuss it w/ my regionmates. We are currently working on a sponsorship program for recruitment of new members, so if you wish to join i`d have to sponsor you. After a trial period you would be assigned a place on the regional map. We also have an active off-site forum. Most in our region rp mt/pmt.
Waldenburg 2
14-10-2007, 20:14
I certainly see a few familiar faces from II. Please yes, talk to them on the subject, though I will still keep this thread up for a bit no matter how it goes.
14-10-2007, 23:32
I will bring it up in our off-site forum, please feel welcome to contact some of the members you are familiar with.
15-10-2007, 02:01
There's nothing wrong with being a member of all the feeders...

However you probably won't get any good RPs in (I think TWP is starting back up), any may need to be super active. But then again...
15-10-2007, 02:12
Waldenburg 2, Maybe you would like to join my region? It is called The Federation of Folsom. We are going to be a raider organization, but when more people join I will put up a roleplaying section on the off-site board. Even though role-playing is not my thing I understand that some like it. Also, you could join our army, that is almost like an entirely different game. If you are more familiar with defender/mutual alliance armies, perhaps you should try being in a raider region's army. After all raiding is a lot harder than defending (due to regional influence) and thus feels more satisfying when you succeed. Also, you can form political parties. Well, Waldenburg 2 I hope you consider my offer.

Signed, Zakalak
CHAD with silent Q
15-10-2007, 16:12
:headbang::upyours::gundge:hey new nation here, want to cause evil and start wars and all that stuff. anyone who can help me give me a telegram.
15-10-2007, 20:36
CHAD with Silent Q. No. Bad Dog.

Waldenburg 2 please. You are invited to join Pacific Islands Defence Force.

We are very small (6 Nations) but very active and friendly.
If you would come you would be warmly welcomed.

The Confederacy of Riopo
Founder of Pacific Islands Defence Force
Administrator of PIDF HQ
Private of PIDF UN Military
Waldenburg 2
15-10-2007, 22:33
Thank you all for the interest as always I shall keep this up for a some additional time.

Riopo: I looked into your region a bit and must say that you were the only person I even vaguely recognize from II. I could easily be mistaking, I'm only starting to really get into roleplaying as main part on NS.

CHAD: I suggest, if you are to be taken seriously by some of the older people, you drop the gun smilies. Writing skill will pretty much be ignored if any posts use any of the gun smilies, the delightfully named Mr. Finger, and well, in some circles you can get away with the headbang. I say this not to be cruel or vindictive, but through experience, that the smilies are like lepers, it's always fun to see one about, but if the street were full of them?

Anyway I'm not much for region crashing, never tried it admittedly but never really looked that appealing.
16-10-2007, 14:57
I say this not to be cruel or vindictive, but through experience, that the smilies are like lepers, it's always fun to see one about, but if the street were full of them?

Hehehe, I love it. Very true too.

Anyway I'm not much for region crashing, never tried it admittedly but never really looked that appealing.

It can be quite fun. I spent my first year on NS leading invader armies but you've gota have alot of active UN people to pull it off well.

On another note, to all those who posted here that they are in small or not very active regions, if your looking for a decent, small RP community then pop into the region Mediterranica and say hi and we'll see about setting you up in the region. We are currently after a few new members, but only ACTIVE people.
16-10-2007, 15:31
I would like to second Yallak`s offer to smaller nations who seek to actively RP. Visit us in Mediterranica and maybe we can work something out. We are seeking active Rp`ers and new players who show some skill are needed.