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nseurope- New Members Always Welcome

The Kievan People
01-10-2007, 04:15

Roleplaying at its finest




As a longtime member and moderator of the region nseurope, I bid you welcome and invite you to explore our region.

If you are not familiar with our history, Europe is one of nationstates oldest regions. We were originally founded in 2002 and have been operating continously ever since. Although we are no longer actively involved in the UN or regional plotics we retain a strong RP community founded on a dedicated membership and thoughtful regulation.

RP is the focus in Europe above all, it occurs in all categories from slice of life character stories to all out regional wars and everything inbetween. We maintain an official map where all nations are based and a wiki where nations are able to expand their nations background. We also have our own proprietary calculator designed to produce balanced and realistic results. RP is conducted in a modern time period and rules are in place to regulate this.

We have a strong pool of talent, our community produces maps, flags, banners, signatures and even constructed languages in the quest for better Rp. These services are available to all thanks to the generosity and skill of our membership.

Europe also has strong OOC community, many of us are friends and maintain contact outside the forums. In addition to a dedicated off topic discussion forum europe maintains its own IRC channel for members to converse.

Europe is also an open region, anyone is free to join. We have no hoops to jump through, no tests to take, you don't even need to have your nation in the nationstates region Europe. As long as you are interested in quality rp without excessive focus on calculators and tables we want you. English is our standard language but much of our membership is from Europe in real life and speak English only as a second or even third language.

Be aware however Europe maintains a standard of realism. Account names should be the same as your planned nation name on the IC forums. It does not matter if you're nationstates account has a strange name, just make sure to specify what account you will be using in your profile on the forums.

Also note Europe does not participate in any international politics, including the UN, we are a world unto ourselves. We do not maintain any links with other regions, hold UN elections or play as a defender/invader.

If this appeals to you, our are just curious, come to our forums and take a look around. There is no commitment if you register and you will not be pressured into RP if it doesn't suite your tastes.

Thank you for your time.