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Religious Ceremonies

Holy Faith killester
29-09-2007, 15:40
Greetings. I believe that other nations may be interested in sharing information on religious rituals such as coming of age.

For a girl this normally takes place in an outdoor sacred area such as a green area with an altar in front of female members of the community on the eve of her 14th birthday at the stroke of midnight.

the girl is usually blindfolded imediately after supper at 7pm and at 11pm she is taken by the hand and led to the sacred place.

on arrival the girl is dressed in a sleeveless robe tied at the back and placed sitting on the altar as prayers start. at the stroke of midnight she recieves a special blessing from the guru and is taken down from the altar. she is then dressed in the traditional clothing of a woman and her blindfold is removed.

This is just a basic ceremony, it is often only used as a guideline for a more detailed ceremony.
29-09-2007, 17:45
My ritual (for boys) is taking place at a Temple of NOD.
First they get an NOD uniform on.
Then they go to a special room and they get a tattoo around their right eye and their hair is all shaved off.
Then they go to a small statue of Kane and the High priest comes and blesses them in the name of Kane.
And at last they party with a meal with only chicken.
30-09-2007, 04:40
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