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Looking for a good region

Emerald Springs
27-09-2007, 06:27
I'm looking for a good region fairly small to medium. Would like it to be active in RPing. Thank you
27-09-2007, 06:54
Don't know what RPing is {haven't got time to think} but


is pretty cool!!

Oh.. right. :rolleyes: Roleplaying? Check out the LotR regions.
St Edmundan Antarctic
27-09-2007, 12:27
Your nation looks as though it might find Conservative Paradise ( a suitable home.
We do have some RP on our forum, and would be willing to expand on this if enough people (such as yourself) were interested...
Kiru Tao
27-09-2007, 22:54
Might I suggest the Asian Continent ( We have a pretty active RPing forum, including a map. Go ahead and give us a try.
28-09-2007, 00:09
Come to Halo 3... we ned someone to lead us.