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Ama Xhosa
16-09-2007, 21:23
Hi! Completely new to NS, I have the basics of name, political structure, et cetera, does anyone have any advice on what is the best way to develop one's nation as a concept? Should I try to draw a map, join a popular region, make a thread outlining our entire political structure and economy?
16-09-2007, 21:31
create an Nswiki page about your nation, try not to make yourself appear foolish/tyranicle many nations like to conquer smaller nations and thats a good excuse to do it.
draw a map, create a history for your nation etc
17-09-2007, 05:20
Hello Ama Xhosa, and welcome to nationstates. As to your question, you can really do whatever you would like. I'd join a region that you find interesting. Some regions have shared maps and you can develop a connected history. I'd recommend drawing a map, or having one drawn. AUTOrealm is a free downloadable program that could help you draw a map if you don't have a drawing program. You might also want to think of a gimmick. What makes your nation unique among all the others? It doesn't have to be huge, maybe an obsession with a certain pastime, but something that gives you a brand. Reading some of the stickies throughout the forum is a good idea too. Good Luck!
17-09-2007, 06:50
Hi, welcome to Nation States or NS!( i really need to work on my intro :D)
A good place to start.......well, is what you have already stated! Once you get into the Rollplaying experience, that is when things get a bit more fun, you get to interact with other nations and almost anything can happen. For a good start into RPing (roll playing or posting as they call it) you can check out the stickies in the International Incidents.

As of right now, your a noob, don't worry about the title im giving you right now, once you get a higher post lvl. and you gain status in the community then you get rid of that title. A good way to make your country known, is to reveal yourself to other nations on international incidents, where most countries post their threads, so that is a hotspot. A good way to be made known is through a point of embassy swaping, trade relations, or alliances. Once you get about to ohh say 75 million pop. then that would be a good time to engage in a war, or a rebelion in your nation.

Heads up on don'ts in ns if your a noob:

Don't immediatly get involved in a war, your too young, and some nations explot nations like you to gain a vassal or territory.

Don't say you have a valuable resource at this size. Some corporations like the Corporate Alliance, invade small countries to get their oil.

Don't involve your self with anyone you don't trust, they can bs you at any second, several alliances end that way.

NEVER EVER EVER Godmode, this is wrong, and foolish considered by others.

Godmoding can be explained in the International incidents sticky made by Euroslavia

Besides that welcome! and I can help you along a bit in NS (sorry if I sound suspicious or anything to you)
17-09-2007, 06:55
Really it depends on what you want to do here on NS. Some "nations" only exist here to talk in the open forums for free chat and talk about the latest news or Paris Hilton sex tape, others like doing fantasy sports stuff in the 'NS' forums, and those who are here to role play the functions of a real nations and create characters within that context go to 'II' (International Relations). So it basically depends on what you want to do and get out of it that determines where you want to be on the forums.

On a personal note, I prefer II.
The Most Glorious Hack
17-09-2007, 07:15
others like doing fantasy sports stuff in the 'NS' forumsThere's plenty more to the NS subforum than just sports RPs.
Ama Xhosa
17-09-2007, 13:02
Thanks, all! I appreciate the advice.

Hope to interact with you all soon.
18-09-2007, 00:25
Guess this is better late than never. Some links:

Pacitalia's Factbook ( template. This is best done in II.

NS Wiki. (

NS is a good forum for developing the characters who make up your nation. Just read every sticky Euroslavia has ever written and follow up the links he gives. Euro is The Guru.

You can also develop your nation's international image in the UN forum, and its characters in the Strangers' Bar (see my sig).
18-09-2007, 03:01
Thanks, all! I appreciate the advice.

Hope to interact with you all soon.

Your welcome, and I wanted to know when Ill see you in the fourms, cause im excited that a new person isn't going to do what most noobs do and cause a disaster to come out of their nations
18-09-2007, 03:02
Welcome to NS. If you're looking for a factbook example, mine's pretty good(although it's FT, rather than MT). Hope to see you soon in the II forums!
21-09-2007, 05:35
Welcome, my friend! I would recruit you, but that would be impolite. Here, have a lobster

Enjoy NationStates!
21-09-2007, 23:42
hi welcome how are you to gain rep just remember to post alot and try to rp. if you want you can join my region the capitalist pacific island. if you want any other information telgram me. good luck bye
22-09-2007, 09:50
Welcome, my friend! I would recruit you, but that would be impolite. Here, have a lobster

Enjoy NationStates!

Hahaha, Most Random Quote of the Day! :D