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Why is green so dear?

Munter world
03-09-2007, 22:16
Why does green have to be so dear.. I mean in some places, where you are from, it might not be, or you just may have to much money to smoke. I heard from a mates - mates cousin that anyone is allowed upto 2 plants per household before being prosocuted for growing the stuff..:rolleyes: of course..
Now as a smoker I could do with not having to spend so much (at least I save on not drinking so much) so what could be done in nation states to solve this... I can understand that most nations here frown upon green for thier own reasons, one maybe that they just havnt tried it or maybe because their rulers of thier nation state have banned it, any reason could be as simple.
So here in munter world, in the region of The drug and weopons Emporium, herby allow all growth of green plants. Any person who wishes to make munter world, or the region, a green haven of lush plants is welcome. Please do not join if you are a catterpillar, slug or lady bird..

Thank you..
I V Stalin
03-09-2007, 22:30
And I thought this was going to be an intelligently written post about the difficulties of having a good economy while still promoting environmental policies...:D
Munter world
03-09-2007, 23:03
Not if you green as much as i green in the green fields of munter world..

You do have a nice web site..
03-09-2007, 23:04
What the hell?:confused::confused:
Munter world
03-09-2007, 23:09
Hey Szartopia.. I see you export cheese too