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A new region for creative roleplayers!

Northern Sushi
03-09-2007, 21:04
I would like to announce the region The Nations of Eutopia. The Nations of Eutopia will be a region that will pride itself in quality RP, mostly regarding internal affairs and international diplomacy. It will differ from other highly focused RP regions, like Europe, which while I highly admire is too structured on war. Now, do not get me wrong, I do still expect there to be many conflicts in Eutopia, just not really wars.

If you enjoy RP, and wish to be a part of the creative environment I call, The Nations of Eutopia, I encourage you to join my region. I plan on creating a wiki and an offsite forum to facilitate the roleplay in the region.

In addition, I am also looking for people with various skills like photoshop, wikicode understanding, general computer skills, an insight to economics, ect. ect. Please PM me if you feel you have a special skill like this.
Northern Sushi
03-09-2007, 21:04
If you know photoshop, or are quite skilled with something else similar, The Nations of Eutopia is looking for you. We are a new RP region stressing friendship and cooperation between nations, yet that is not without hardships.

If you want to design flags, banners, and other logos, feel free to apply also. Multiple people will be needed to allow us to keep up with a realistic demand.
Deseret State
04-09-2007, 00:34
I sent this to Northern Sushi, but I reckon the other members of your region will want to read this as well:

To the Delegation from the Nations of Eutopia,
The Deseret State has received your appeal for entry into your region with great interest. As the moral leader of the world, we are eager to forge alliances with other respectable nations. The Deseret State congress has passed an official query into this matter, but is unwilling to go any further until more information has been given on the nations of Eutopia. If your region truly wishes the Free Lands of Deseret State to uproot its civilization and immigrate to your lands, we shall require a delegation to inform us of the following:

• The economic implications of joining your region
• The military requirements of joining your region
• The social and political atmosphere of your region
Once this information has been presented, the Free Lands of Deseret will take your appeal into consideration.

With all gratefulness,

-Orville Reed, Chairman of the Deseret State Department of Foreign Affairs