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And so it begins(plz read this)

Celtic liger
01-09-2007, 21:09
This is a formal anouncement that the region PANDA LAND has begun and i as the creater off this land formally invite u to jion the revealution. Panda land is a small socailist land and has just begun so we want new people sure u r abill to join a large land like asia but if u do then u will not make any new friends and u mite as well stay where u r. but at panda land we see that all off our people are lucked after as if they r ur own fammily. so what do u say?
02-09-2007, 01:03
My papa tells me that if you want people to join your region, you might want to put your advertisement through a spell-checker first (and spelling out the words properly help a great deal as well) to help aid in comprehension.

Like, what is lucked? Lurked? Looked? Luck? Duck?