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World Destruction Region needs you!

25-08-2007, 15:35
World Destruction Region

Brief History:
This region was an allied region of The Realm of Mattandia. We fighted together in many fronts, and in many ways, we were blood brothers. But it came a time where inactiveness started to menace our allies. The founder, Kevorkians, dissapeared into the dust of oblivion. Other nations fled. The rest were abandoned by their rulers. Roaming nations started to threat the region, so we, The Realm of Mattandia, decided to act. We occupied the region on July 19, 2007. Me, ruler of Autoctonia, as General of Doom of The Realm of Mattandia, took the leadership of the army, in order to re-establish a government, and to finally re-found the region so we can restore its former glory.

We need:
Nations willing to join a region seeking to become a powerful invader region, allied to The Realm of Mattandia. Clever strategists, wise diplomats and cunning spies. All are wellcome.

UN activity:
Not decided yet, but not discarded. For supporting war efforts, we need as much UN members as possible.

Roleplay, thematic nations, etc:
Roleplay or temathic nations aren't required, but neither disencouraged (my main nation, The Alpha Complex of Autoctonia (, it's a example of a temathic nation, and you can see where I have reached). What we want depends more on the ruler behind the nation, than the way he/she shows it.
Form of government:
We keep the Mattandian Code of Law ( In war times, military ranks are expected to be respected.

More about us:
The Realm of Mattandia web page. (
Visit our Factbook at NS!