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Soviet Union of Gabrio
24-08-2007, 08:43
1. How do I raise my country's economy?
2. How do I kill my own people =D:mp5::gundge::sniper:

I'd really appreciate if you could telgram me the answers. <3
24-08-2007, 10:47
Economy: Choose your issues solely by their effect on your economy. Check out the "Got Issues" forum for speculation on what issue has what effects (but it's all speculation, m'kay?). And decide whether to be a UN nation or not.

(Also, note who's giving you this advice -- someone whose economy's been flatlined for three years.)

Killing your own people: Roleplay it. If you go to International Incidents, you'll find plenty of evil dictators, etc, who'll happily give you a hand and weapons manufacturers who'll supply you. If you go to NationStates, there's probably some misunderstood genius who'll suffer agonies of conscience while doing it.

Smilies: The fatal mark. They annoy a lot of people. Too many of them and it's spam. Cut back.