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Do you have a custom flag? If so does it have any meaning?

19-08-2007, 04:24
Coinsetta is a paronym of "poinsettia" hence the flower in the upper left corner, and our national animal ,the Velociraptor, adorns the center of the flag in all it's majesty. So I ask you, fellow NSers with custom flags, do they actually have anything to do with your nation? If so, what?
The Most Glorious Hack
19-08-2007, 06:38

The cross is because of the Hack's protectorate status with GMC, which used the St. George's cross for the longest time. The colors have heraldric importance that I don't remember right now (I didn't design it, meh), but I believe one of them deals with commerce. The Yellow Sign has various IC importance to the nation, and its placement is likewise of heraldric importance that I don't remember.
20-08-2007, 06:23

This is the 2nd redesign of the national flag. The red represents the socialist/capitalist hybrid economic system, and the white represents peace and prosperity among the many ethnic and religious groups within the country. The star represents the 66 provinces united as one, and the stripes represent the two original inhabitants of the lands who made peace and created the nation.
20-08-2007, 12:20

Godwinnia was originally founded by Anglo-Saxon refugees from England, in the years immediately following the Norman Conquest, and its first lands were a group of islands (that don't exist on the RL Earth) in the Atlantic Ocean. A majority of those original settlers came from refuges came from 'Wessex', i.e. southern England: this had been the kingdom that was ruled by Alfred the Great, and was the lands that were King Harold's main power-base in 1066.
The traditional emblem of Wessex was the "Golden Dragon", which was one of the two banners under which the English fought at Hastings: In those days the flag took the form of a metal dragon's-head mounted on top of a staff, with its mouth open, with a tubular 'body' of cloth behind that which inflated like a windsock. The current form of the flag, with the dragon either embroidered or sewn onto a rectangle of cloth, was officially adopted shortly after undisguised contact with other nations was re-opened during the 16th century AD: The green in its upper half stands for the islands, and the blue in its lower half for the ocean above which they rise. The name "Golden Dragon" is often applied to this flag as a whole.

(This is the actual 'national' flag, but there are also a number of other designs -- derived from this one -- that are officially used for various purposes...)


(I worked out what the basic design of this flag should be, but the artwork that you see here was actually drawn for me by 'Sober Thought' who used to be a mainstay of the IDU's Cartographic Service.)
20-08-2007, 15:29

Go figure.
20-08-2007, 15:42

It's the flag of Afghanistan superimposed with a sleeping house cat, the national animal.
Minilla Island
20-08-2007, 18:48

The White is for Peace, the Teal is for the People, and the Green is for the Land. The 20 stars that form the arch are in honor of the 20 Children of Richmond, who witnessed the vision of the Blessed Virgin on the rock near the ocean and received the message that a new nation would be born. The Gold borders on the stars signify the Hand of God on those children.
20-08-2007, 19:16

Like the RL UK's flag, it's three flags in one, each flag denoting a particular regional patron saint:

Blue cross on white field for St George of Tortshill (Isselmere),
Yellow saltire on red field for St Sebastian (Detmere),
Yellow Nordic cross on red field (similar to the Flag of Scania)
The Darkstalkers
20-08-2007, 19:34 (

The Darkstalker Empire flag carries a lot of symbolism.

The Blue color means Union ( also it is the Imperial Colour ) but some historians think that it may represent the water bodies that were quite important to the first cultures of the Darkstalker Empire, great sailors and traders.

White means Hope and Peace.

Red stands for the blood and glory of the national heroes that built the empire.

The Black lines remember the strength and sacrifices that are found in life meanwhile other thinks its just the representation of the dragon that's been removed from the flag.

Even the dragon is the national animal for excellence, the eagle was the standard of the army that Kaiser Kurt portrayed when he founded the Old Empire after the fall of the Republic.
This is because the Eagle stands for the Republic and he intended to link the old traditions with the magnificent future.
The Eagle was reinstalled in the flag as a reminder of the past that formed our nation.

There is a flame that represents the will and fire that is part of the spirit of our nation.
20-08-2007, 19:41
Pezalia's flag is unique because it realls sucks.

Red, white and black are the colours.

White: because it was easier that way, when I was making it in MS paint
Red: the blood of those I have to slaughter to get to a computer to use NS
Black: It's a bold colour
Saint Benjamin Isles
21-08-2007, 04:27

The crimson represents the blood spilled of the martyr St. Benjamin.

The blue circle represents the ocean.

The eight stars represent the eight islands of the country.
Hart Island
21-08-2007, 11:01
Hart Islands flag is the flag of Yorkshire which will be seen at the Olympics when we get independence and Rugby league becomes an Olympic sport.
21-08-2007, 11:25
the cameroi flag, which was also the carlemnarian flag and the that of the planetary government of lananara, (which doesn't exist on here as a region because i lack the confidence of being able to keep up with it, for a wide variety of reasons), stands for what i truely believe in: the limitless diversity of an infinite universe, with freedom from both stress and mundaneness for all.

the details of its several specific symbolisms i've enlarged upon in previous threads on this subject.

Brutland and Norden
21-08-2007, 16:16

The flag of the United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden is essentially a combination of the flag of Brutland, which is a yellow Nordic cross on a dark blue background; and the flag of Norden, which features a white Nordic cross on a yellow background.
21-08-2007, 22:35
Our flag is our credo, our life. Black, because we need nothing. In the centre, red. Red is attention, red is focusing, red is danger, red is power. And the fist. In the midst of red resolve, the raised fist symbolizes the very thing that is printed below: Thou shalt!
22-08-2007, 08:11
Our flag she 'as the red border for the blood we shed in our wars of independence from Iberian rule; the yellow for our beautiful tourists all welcome beaches and the green for our cannibal infested rainforests were our national animal the condor still flies. It shouda bin the condor in the middle of our flag but its creator Maria Consuels Dolores Maddona Vegas fell out wiv 'er husband over a visiting bird-seed salesman an 'e cut it nows we 'ave a big white jagged star in the centre which followers of Foucalt say symbolises the ' vacous immorality of the population', but then theys would think that wouldn't they !:gundge:
22-08-2007, 10:51

The flag is the flag since Aerion had the monarchy restored within the past 10 years. The White Wolf is the symbol of Aerion's national animal, the flag symbolizes the Monarchy, and the Eye symbolizes the Great Spirit or God in general.
22-08-2007, 17:55

The Two headed Eagle is the Imperial coat of arms. The blue cross is the cross of Boico`s paintron saint, ST. Agrilta. The green cross is the flag of the former nation of Kradilia. It was added in 1702 after the Principality of Kradilia joined the empire.
22-08-2007, 18:01
My flag says "TSB," it's the name of a band I'm in.

The Sexy Bananas.

It's a metal band. And we don't suck or cover other bands' songs.
24-08-2007, 02:09
Flag of the Federated Democratic States of Xanthal
The crest of the Federation consists of a starscape surrounded by olive branches to symbolize peace and cooperation between the Federated States and with the universe as a whole. The three large stars have no official meaning, but to many they represent the three nations that founded the modern Xanthalian state; Mirfak, Than, and Trasnia. The background color is meaningful only in its meaninglessness, selected because it did not appear on any major political party's crest or banner at the time of its creation.

Flag of the Xanthalian Socialist Republic of Mirfak
Modeled after traditional communist flags, the red background color represents both the bloodshed Mirfak has experienced at many points in its checkered history and the communist/socialist system maintained by the current government. The hammer and sickle, an old communist symbol, is printed in gold to draw the eye and inspire the viewer to work for the established order. It is surrounded by black that represents the many evils committed by other governments in the name of equality, and is isolated from the rest of the flag by more gold to express the promise that such evils will not corrupt Mirfak.

Flag of the Grand Xanthalian Protectorate of Shinra
The open field and livestock reflect that Shinra is primarily an agrarian planet whilst also conveying a respect for the natural environment. The sky, lit by the brown dwarf Kanell star, glows red with daylight against an exaggerated blue mountain range. The small silver pillars of urbanization pay homage to the cities and the planet's connection to the rest of Xanthal without disrupting the serenity of the image.

Flag of the Xanthalian Concord of Than
Simple in design, the five colors of the Thanic flag are the five breeds of the thanic species that dominates the State. There is no correct orientation of the flag, but as displayed it is "read" counterclockwise from the right quadrant: sapphire is education and research, ruby is development and implementation, amber is labor and maintenance, and green is the defense of the than and thier accomplishments. This order is maintained under the direction of silver, the color that identifies than bred for leadership, which directs the groups from its central position and keeps them distinct with thin lines radiating to each of the four corners.

Flag of the Free Xanthalian Territory of Trasnia
The green of the homeworld, the blue of the sky, and the black of outer space make up the tri-colored Trasnian standard. A skull and crossbones conveys many meanings, but primarily represents Trasnia's origins as a pirate group and the fierce spirit of liberty its people retain from those early days. The seal of Silmeria pays homage to the nation's patron diety, while the center stripe declares in Norwegian "the Fate of Midgard In the Hands of Man," proclaiming that no god shall decide the destiny of Trasnia.
St Edmundan Antarctic
11-09-2007, 13:43
I've just started a related thread ( that asks how many different flags your nation uses...
11-09-2007, 22:36

My flag is called 'Fiend in the Eclipse', and it represents the bright new future of Disposablepuppetland.
The Fiend is our national animal, and a full description is available here (
The flag was created by our President General Vershner, as detailed in our history (
11-09-2007, 22:54

The Flag of Cookesland is three horizontal lines, Top is Azure for the sea and sky, Next is Yellow for the sandy beaches and commerce, and white is for hope and belief
12-09-2007, 00:48
The Fordockian flag represents our national attitude. Above the dead matter, the drought is the shining example of Fordockian socialism.
12-09-2007, 01:05

The Mandalorian symbol represents the heritage of the Mandalorian Empire.

Green, Black, and White are the national colors.

The arabic writing means Allāhu Akbar which means, 'God is great' or 'God is [the] greatest." Basically like the US phrase, "In God we trust."
Ordo Drakul
12-09-2007, 05:20
The flag of Ordo Drakul is the family crest of the Voivode. Given that my people are ruled by local councils, the Voivodate is all that unites us as an Empire.
Patagonian Territories
12-09-2007, 21:04
The Flag of Patagonian Territories is in real world terms the regional flag of this area of Argentina. For our national purposes the form of the bird in the middle represents the great albatros, our national animal. The blue half of the flag is representitive of the South Atlantic and the island regions within our borders, whilst the orange half represents our mainland.