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Does your country have a Patron Saint?

19-08-2007, 03:24
Well the though popped into my head today when i though about how countries have patron saints like Ireland = St. Patrick, England = St George etc.

so i wondered if any countries in the NS World have one

Cookesland's is St. Rita by the way
19-08-2007, 03:27
St. Patrick.
Greater Ctesiphon
19-08-2007, 03:29
I don't think Greater Ctesiphon does but you never know what people are calling themselfs these days.
The Most Glorious Hack
19-08-2007, 06:35
The Hack was never especially Catholic, and has never had a patron saint of any kind. There's a pretty substantal portion of the population that believes it has a patron deity, though.
19-08-2007, 06:48
Cookesland's is St. Rita by the way

Ah, the Patroness of Impossible Causes -- she must have seen your Strangers' Bar bill.

Ardchoille's patron saint is St Aneurin Bevan ( But lots of other people who aren't saints patronise us, too.
The Most Glorious Hack
19-08-2007, 07:15
Impossible Causes is neat, but I've always been fond of Padre Pio: the patron saint of bilocation (
19-08-2007, 13:13
The Hack was never especially Catholic, and has never had a patron saint of any kind. There's a pretty substantal portion of the population that believes it has a patron deity, though.

So kinda like Athena is the patron goddess of Athens?

Ah, the Patroness of Impossible Causes -- she must have seen your Strangers' Bar bill.

'fraid so :p [/QUOTE]
The Most Glorious Hack
19-08-2007, 13:42
So kinda like Athena is the patron goddess of Athens?Kinda, yeah. But more sinister and less public.
19-08-2007, 16:50
Our Lady of Perpetual Belligerence: 1 (, 2 (
19-08-2007, 17:56
The Patron Saint is St. Denis. Although there is no day off on his feast day (October ninth) people often have a moment of silence for him.
The Eternal Kawaii
19-08-2007, 21:12
The Diaspora Church of the Eternal Kawaii doesn't have a formal "cult of sainthood," although our peoples' departed ancestors are venerated in that manner. They're considered personal/family "intercessionaries," however, and none really rise to national status.
19-08-2007, 23:57
St. Thomas More is the patron saint of Trinitaglia. The people have a day off every June 22 to memorialize him...the mail doesn't even run that day.
Sanctus Fanum
20-08-2007, 00:51
Saint Charles Borromeo is the patron saint of the Republic of Sanctus Fanum. The Republic's military forces, the Armed Forces of Sanctus Fanum, are needed to assist in the post-event clean-up of St. Charles Borromeo Day every year in the capital, Judge.
20-08-2007, 01:04
Does Chuthulu count as a patron saint? Just kidding, that dude creeps me out. No, I don't heave a patron saint because.... Well, I've never really needed, nor wanted one!
20-08-2007, 01:57
Maraque does not.
British Londinium
20-08-2007, 02:18
Despite being only five percent Christian, BL has a patron saint, St Sir Thomas More. As for patron deities, BL's would be Aequitas, the goddess of equality.
St Edmundan Antarctic
20-08-2007, 11:53
The patron saint of the Kingdom of Godwinnia ( is St Alphege of Canterbury (
The patron saint of the Kingdom of St Edmund (http://www.st_edmund) is, of course, St Edmund the Martyr (

However the patron saint of the most important Christian sect in both of those nations, the Godwinnian Catholic Church (, is St Pelagius ( This church originally split off from Roman Catholicism for a combination of practical reasons (i.e. its isolated location, and wish to remain unknown to the Normans, would have made keeping in contact with Rome very difficult anyway) and political reasons (over papal support for William the Bastard's invasion of England), but quite soon diverged from Rome on theological grounds -- by adopting a form of 'Pelagianism' --as well.
Some cynical individuals in recent decades have suggested that the theological divergence was originally motivated more by politics than by genuine faith in the doctrines involved, but those doctrines are very important in Godwinnian and St Edmundan society today: For example, their emphasis on 'Salvation through Works' rather than 'Salvation through Faith' has led to the development of such extensive charity-funded networks for providing medical, educational and 'welfare' services that the creation of tax-funded systems for those purposes has never seemed necessary...
Minilla Island
20-08-2007, 18:35
Our Patroness is Our Lady of the Island. Her Basilica, Minilla Island's National Treasure, is in Richmond. On our country's Northwest Coast.
20-08-2007, 18:45
Pezalia's patron saint is Saint Cliff Burton

Feast day is September 27

RIP Cliff
20-08-2007, 18:50
Zamony`s Patron is St. Philip.

The Origin of this Patrony is so secret, only the eldest remember.

It has something to do with a former Chief of the Tribe, who was a wise and holy man ...

... HE worked his miracles in Switzerland ...
20-08-2007, 18:56
Officially (i.e., legally), Isselmere-Nieland is a secular state and so has no patron saint, but unofficially it's Saint Silvester of Lucca.
20-08-2007, 22:43
We Are Socialists!!
Lenin Is Our Patron!
Teikoku Agar
21-08-2007, 02:12
No, for all that matters is The Teikoku Agar
Alexandrian Ptolemais
21-08-2007, 02:23
The Empire does not have a patron saint per se, however, the person that would be the closest that we have to a patron saint is Martin Luther
21-08-2007, 02:32
Well, ot officially. But since our totem...uhmm, errrrr, ahhhh, national animal is the Black Wolf, it would probably be St. Christophoros Cynocephale. He was purported to be a werewolf from Libya which would explain why some icons depict him with a grey canine head.

And since the Mother Church de-canonized him, he's not really a saint. But tell that to the thousands of churches that carry his name.
21-08-2007, 11:36
what is a saint? we have a living goddess.

we call her elxtia. (pronounced more or less like alicia)

she's a bit like both the celtic and hindu tara's, and gaia, earth mother,
but also the naturalness of life and love. also perhapse a bit like kitsuni and a furry aphrodite, all rolled into one.

she takes many forms but is generally depicted as being a young adolescent female (of more then one species, dieties DO shape shift you know), often wearing a diaphinious 'granny dress' of generaly greenish hue, with subtly worked representations of leaves and vines, somewhat as flora was illustrated on midevil earth.

21-08-2007, 11:47
Araraukar has no need for saints, but if you are asking for "some religious figure that is believed to look after us", that would be the Great Sky Dragon Raukar. ;)
South Lorenya
21-08-2007, 11:58
Nope, sorry -- South Lorenya is about 95% atheist, with most of the rest agnostic.

...although I was tempted to say "St. Laharl"...
Brutland and Norden
21-08-2007, 16:14
The United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden does not have a patron saint, despite the population being >95% Catholic. Many individual grants and localities do have their own patron saints, and many towns are named after saints too (Nord-Brutlandese names: Santa Cristina, Santa Caterina, San Bruno, Santa Podenzana, San Trinitario, San Pierro, Sant'Angelo, Santa Maddalena, etc.)
The Darkstalkers
21-08-2007, 21:55
The Darkstalker Empire does not have a Patron Saint.
Even more than 70 % of population is catholic, we are a very tolerant nation.
As an Empire, the saints and Gods of our citizens are accepted even some are predominant at certaint regions.
Emperor Matthuis
22-08-2007, 12:32
Despite being mainly Anglican and Methodist, there is a sizeable Catholic community with their Patron Saint being Saint David.
22-08-2007, 17:43
ST. Agrilta . Around 60-70AD he spread Christianity through Boico.