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Join the Avanakosian Legion!

17-08-2007, 05:39
Our numbers have drastically decreased in recent days and we really need stout, peacealble, moral, and especially active nations to come to the region of Avanakos and help us rebuild our former strength. We're in the process of working on a regional government and we would encourage any new nations to step into positions of leadership and help us achieve our goal. So move to Avanakos!

Contact our regional founder (Milistone), or our Recruiter (Wilhelmar - if you want more information about the benefits of joining, the rights and privaliges you will be afforded, etc.

Please join the Avanakosian Legion and help us build a better Avanakos!

President Tacoma Williams,
The United States of Wilhelmar
Second in Command, Recruiter - AVANAKOS