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Looking for a Region

Titania Alexandria
16-08-2007, 20:14
I am looking at A new region to join. Does an;)yone need another nation?
16-08-2007, 22:27
You can come to the capitalist pacific island.
Nordland II
17-08-2007, 00:46
If you are a RP nation, you are welcome to join the region of Midgarde. I am currently drawing up a regional map and we will have our own private forums. I'm also setting up an event that will create a 5 billion + pop nation, which could serve to help assist you and defend from over-aggressive imperialists.
17-08-2007, 00:55
..\> <> <> /
....\ <> <>/
....| @ @ |
....|+ < + |
.....\ \__/ / "Hello!"

You are invited to a region that I have enjoyed greatly with my previous and current nations over the past year, a wonderful place that I like to call KINGDOM.
At Kingdom whatever goal you wish to achieve is up to you. I should know, as I have taken on many of my own ambitious projects, including regional maps and some really cool postcards, as well as an NSWiki for Kingdom which I have recently updated. All of these which my fellow Kingdomites have greatly enjoyed.

So if you have a creative idea that you wish to enjoy and share with a group of friendly nations, or are just looking for someplace to hang out, Kingdom is the place to go.

If you are interested, here's how you get there:

1) Click on “The World” in the left-hand sidebar.
2) Type “Kingdom” into the “Find Region” box.
3) Click on “Like What You See? Move [Your Nation] to Kingdom today!”
4) You should then be located in Kingdom, welcome!

Yours sincerely,

Kiru Tao
17-08-2007, 00:58
You can come to the Asian Continent ( if you want.
Dalmatia Cisalpina
17-08-2007, 16:13
If you haven't yet chosen a region, you're welcome to join the region of Hesperia. We're a small, quiet region, but a nice place to hang out for a while. Good luck finding a region!
17-08-2007, 17:22
We know you're getting a load of invitations but I think my offer for your nation to join the great alliance territories should take precedence due to a guarantee that your nation will not be attacked or invaded in our peaceful region. Small regions like ours also guarantee that you won't be surrounded by the usual Messer nations who exist in every other region. Only good serious politics and peace are what you’re going to find in the great alliance territories
South Romanar
18-08-2007, 12:36
You will be welcome in Suffragist League. It's a year-old region that fell on hard times. Currently we're rebuilding, and we have a very wide range of positions for incoming nations.