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starting a region(plz read this)

Celtic liger
12-08-2007, 17:43
Hey im a big fan of nationstates and i would realy like to make my very own region but my problem is that i dont know if any one will join so i have decided to make this post to see if i can turn any heads to the fact soooooooo if you want to see a new region out there then post on this.
12-08-2007, 18:22
You can come join Podchuka, you can be regional delegate.
Italiano San Marino
13-08-2007, 01:38
I made my own region but it is exclusive and some conditions apply.
13-08-2007, 04:29
If you want people to join, I would reccomend becoming a bit more professional in representatio. The topic title and the plea for us to join int he original post were a bit below average in intelligence level, so clean yourself up a bit and add an incentive for folks to join and I'm sure you can start a fun-filled region.