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how to get endorsements?

North of the USA
05-08-2007, 14:35
I want to make a proposal to the UN but i need 2 endorsements how do i go about getting these?
Johnny B Goode
05-08-2007, 14:47
Wrong forum. You want Gameplay. ;)
Surly the Repealinator
05-08-2007, 16:43
Telegram the other UN nations in your region, offering to endorse them if they endorse you. Or post on your Regional Messageboard, asking for endorsements. You can only be endorsed by UN nations in your own region.

Oh, and as a UN Forum regular, I suppose I'm obliged to tell you that it's usually a good idea to post your proposal there ( before you submit, to see if it's any good or could stand some improvement.
05-08-2007, 16:48
Hi there. Welcome to NS. (I looked at your population size :))

First, may I suggest that you post your draft in the UN forum (, so it could be peer reviewed first?

Second, probably TG your fellow regionmates to ask for endorsements. You have 5 UN members in your region (including yourself). If you're not willing to wait, just drop into one of the birthing pacifics (one of them is in my signature or go back to the west pacific from where you came from), and pick up two endorsements from there.