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Viva Fascismo? Running a fascist nation.

02-08-2007, 10:22
I noticed that in the NS wiki there was a lack of a section about fascism in the wiki, I'm not talking about the pejorative of fascism, but the political ideology, which is very close to the pejorative but still different. Now I understand the fairness of roleplaying that your country is worse off than it is, but when one seeks to roleplay a fascist nation, where does the issue of fairness come into play?

Some of the problems I'm worried bout is the rate of military service for example, I understand it's 5% or less, and that 5% is an extreme, however, when one introduces compulsory military service and a controlled economy mobilized for war, would it be fair to have a higher rate of service, possibly 7-8%? There is the issue of allocating funds for military over say other things, but in a fascist state which holds individual and societal concerns beneath that of the state things like social welfare, and indeed the caring of mentally ill and physically handicapped can be solved with a much cheaper bullet to the head. With cases like these, it would be conceivable to have an omnipresent military force wouldn't it? Or am I just being unfair?

What would be something nice to know, and to have help with, is how to demonstrate and show that my state is Fascist and how that influences the mechanics of the state, for better and worse.
02-08-2007, 11:21
hmm... neither is communism represented but your decisions on the issues transform your nation; nothing else

you can view NSwikipedia to fine out about the types; because there is a good explanation scale in there
02-08-2007, 11:28
I understand that your decisions on the issues shape your nation, so your post sadly does not help much, what I'm talking about is how a nation is roleplayed on these forums and how one works it as such. for example, if a nation has a coup going on within it, it could be an extremely liberal nation as far as its issues are concerned, yet it could be subjugated by a brutal oppressive regime. This isn't really portrayed and shown yet still happens.
08-08-2007, 10:52
just a bump
10-08-2007, 11:54
I'm not quite sure I've understood your question, but if it relates to fitting the nation descriptions that show up on your nation's page into the way you roleplay your nation, it's basically up to you. You can stick faithfully to the changes the game forces on you, or you can merrily ignore them and go your own way.

If you want to RP detailed military or economic events with others, you'll eventually have to pay statistics at least some attention; this sticky ( really, really does have all the basics, including economy calculators, how to write a factbook, storefronts, etc.

The one thing all players agree on after a while is this: if you're RPing with others, check with them so that you all understand what's going on. Use MSN or IRC or just TG each other or have an Out Of Character thread. It saves a lot of annoyance all round.
10-08-2007, 16:10
...or you can merrily ignore (your stats) and go your own way.I've come to consider that tactic Godmoding myself. It's just so unrealistic (as we commonly see on II or NSwiki) to disregard your stats and claim that your Corrupt Dictatorship with obscenely low Civil Rights/Political Freedoms ratings is a lovely liberal democratic dolphin-loving commune with full protection for all sapient beings. A few minor alterations never hurt anyone, but for such a dramatic national restructuring you should at least make token attempts to change your NS stats. Or start over with another nation. Disregarding UN status also annoys me, as we've also seen on II and NSwiki: people claiming they are in the UN but simply ignore any resolutions they see as a violation of their national prerogative. The game says you have to comply with all resolutions, and they all change your stats anyway, each time they're passed. I'm big on finding loopholes, of course, but claiming you can routinely ignore anything handed down by the General Assembly you don't like is pretty obnoxious.
11-08-2007, 01:36
I've come to consider that tactic Godmoding myself. It's just so unrealistic (as we commonly see on II or NSwiki) to disregard your stats ...

Oh, I agree (dammit, agreeing with the Kennyites ... this has got to stop). That's why, when I'm RPing with realistic nations, my characters are always wimpy diplomats, underage kids, aged (apparent) nonentities and the like who duck and run the minute the military appears on the scene (or have a go at seducing somebody powerful). They get around by hitch-hiking, stowing away, fudging tickets and similar trickery.

My point was that you can have fun without concentrating on your stats at all, provided you consider the other players. It's possible to be a character RPer and still play in II; it's possible to run totally by the book and still have believable, ongoing characters. It's even possible to run a magical nation without resorting to my Utterly-Godmoded, Everything-Resistant, Totally Impenetrable Magical Shield. The people in The White Tower ( have been doing that for ages. (Balrogga's post here ( shows how it's done.)

I'm big on finding loopholes, of course, but claiming you can routinely ignore anything handed down by the General Assembly you don't like is pretty obnoxious.

I agree with that, too. Of course, you can try ignoring them until somebody calls you ( on it ...;)

I guess I'd considered this the everybody-knows, no need to say it, stuff. I keep forgetting how it feels to start. For what it's worth, then, in II you ignore your stats at your peril; in the Wiki you should be honest; in NS you can be more ... flexible; in the UN, you'd better have a loophole; but it all depends on courtesy to other players.
South Romanar
11-08-2007, 03:02
I treat my stats with a grain of salt. If I went strictly by the book, my military would be funded by bake sales, and my economy would be run by 14 year-olds selling lemonade. Which is great for humor (and I might go that way BECAUSE of the humor) but I also reserve the right to be more (ugh) serious. OTOH, my nation DOES have a poor economy & military. I made it that way in the offsite RP that created this nation, and I answered the issues accordingly, and got the typical NS exaggerations. I don't ignore my stats, but I don't let them spoil my fun either.