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Question about an issue

Diluted Principles
01-08-2007, 11:43
Hi! I'm new, and I want to be a Nation. Just for the fun of it and as an interesting experiment. I'll see how far I'll eventually take it.

So, now I am a nation and enjoying the daily issues I get, understanding that there is no right or wrong and that the solutions often have some detrimental effect.
But today I got this one:

The Issue

Big business, fed up with over-regulation in Diluted Principles, are heading offshore in ever-increasing numbers.

The Debate

1. "Good riddance!" says noted environmentalist Beth Mistletoe. "Sniff that air! It's never been so clean! At last, our society is freeing itself from the consumer death-trap! I say it's time to take the final step and outlaw capitalism once and for all!"

2. "This is a catastrophe waiting to happen," says the Chamber of Commerce. "Think of the consequences! Without big business, where do the jobs come from? Where do we get our medicine? Our cars? Our latest fashions? There are dozens of useless regulations the government could abolish today to make life easier for commerce, and it's high time they did."

Now, my first inclination is to go with option 1, seeing as how how I dislike capitalism and generally tend to view big corporations as soulless moneymaking factories.
Am I reading this right? "Outlaw capitalism"? I don't want to outlaw anything. My people should think for themselves, without government interference and they are free to pursue any dream they wish, as long as it doesn't interfere with someone else's dream.
I realize my nation isn't nearly there yet, and I don't even know if it's possible within the confines of this game, but I sure want to try.

My question is this. Does 'outlaw' mean 'make illegal'?

Thanks for any answer provided! Now where is that coffee..?
New Vandalia
01-08-2007, 17:13
Always pay close attention to the last line of any issue option.
01-08-2007, 17:57
-> "Got Issues? ("My question is this. Does 'outlaw' mean 'make illegal'?Of course. What else do you think it could mean? The choice outlaws private industry and institutes a socialist system, and I would guess, decreases economic freedoms in your nation exponentially.
Diluted Principles
02-08-2007, 00:30
Yeah. I guess I could have said my native tongue isn't English and the idea I get when I think of 'outlaw' is something that isn't illegal but merely frowned upon.
Maybe I should have watched more westerns.
Anyway, I opted for the second choice. Thanks, though.