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Petition to Ban ASCII Art

01-08-2007, 05:08
Greetings Fellow NSers,

I am trying to gather as much support as I can for the following petition. I feel strongly about minimizing the annoyances we must deal with on the RMBs in the feeders. If you support the following petition and would like your name affixed to it please reply to this thread. ^_^

Salutations NS Moderators,

We the undersigned recognize that the NS moderators provide valuable services to the players of NationStates, and we also recognize that they work extremely hard.

We humbly ask that the moderators of NationStates would consider banning any ASCII graphic from advertisements that are used in our beloved feeder regions (The North Pacific, The Pacific, The South Pacific, The West Pacific, The East Pacific, Lazarus and The Rejected Realms).

While we can never stop advertisements from gracing our RMB's, we can help to minimize their annoyance to the many inhabitants of the feeders who have to read these ads day and night. We strongly feel that while ASCII graphics are a fun novelty item, they serve no purpose in the long turn. We firmly believe that they are an annoyance and a nuisance.

We the undersigned of this petition ask that the NS moderators ban ASCII graphic art from RMB advertisements.

Respectfully Yours,
Monte Ozarka (TNP)
Joshua (TNP/Lazarus)
Papercuts & Skittles (TWP)
Mavenu (TSP)
Winter Vacationers (TNP)
Isimud (TNP)
The culturally inept (The Pub)
Anaked (TNP)
Kandarin (TRR)
Pope Lexus X (Lazarus)
Biyah (TWP)
Misunderstood Blonds (TRR)
TAO (TWP, TNP, Lazarus, The Pacific)

- Bhagavan
Deputy MoCE of TNP
01-08-2007, 06:59
I'd probably have this in Moderation, or Technical... not general.

As for Banning ASCII Art... I don't really care either way
02-08-2007, 05:11
I also posted this topic in the Technical section. I would think NS gameplay is also appropriate.

The signature now has 27 names, and hopefully many more to come. I would have to say that the petition is gaining widespread support in the feeders and even in some non-feeder regions as well. ^_^
Chodean Kal
11-08-2007, 04:50
Please add in Chodean Kal, Delegate of The North Pacific, onto your list.

As a note, perhaps you should update the list of signatories?
11-08-2007, 06:13
I also posted this topic in the Technical section.

He did, indeed; right here ( And got quite a few answers, including one from Fris ( which seems to me to point out a fairly solid practical objection.

If anyone has anything further to add on the subject, please follow the link to the Tech thread; this one is closed.