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In The Soviet Alliance, NationStates plays you!

31-07-2007, 07:31
Okay, I couldn't resist the thread title ;)

If you are reading this, you might well be curious about looking at a region to join for your newly formed nation, or for your existing one that's getting restless in its old region (or is a victim of regional conflict). So... why would The Soviet Alliance be right for you?

We are a small friendly region of casual players looking for a few new faces. Just because the name on the door says "Soviet" doesn't mean you have to be a borscht-chowing, bourgeoisie-hating, card-carrying Party member. We do tend to lean toward more leftist-style governments but we are welcome to any type of nation that is tolerant of others' governments. The name on the door is as much a remainder of the bygone era of our founder as anything -- heck, check out the national flag of Dolfor! ;)

If you're looking to join, we do ask that you join the UN. Having you sign up and endorse Dolfor means that our region gets a little more clout in international issues, even if you aren't interested in being active in the UN yourself.

Beyond that, though, The Soviet Alliance is just a small friendly region where you can get to know your neighbors and not worry about high-maintenance forum-intensive power plays of a more aggressive region or just being lost in the crowd of a feeder region.

Drop on by and say hi... hope to see you soon!

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