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New Europe

27-07-2007, 17:42
New Europe

World Factbook Entry: A proud colony of the Land of Kings and Emperors! We are rebuilding this region, and welcome all who wish to help!

Governor-General: Vladimir Moldorov

UN Delegate: The Democratic Republic of Datium (elected 21 days ago).

Founder: The Free Land of A Liberated New Europe

Regional Power: Low

New Europe contains 10 nations.

1. The Dictatorship of Mugga State Union Father Knows Best State "From the people to the people"

2. The Federation of Solenial Inoffensive Centrist Democracy "Va Policiá í Terrepérsons Jou"

3. The Free Land of Dushdor Left-Leaning College State "Master of my own domain"

4. The Theocracy of Weke Land Authoritarian Democracy "It is pronounced... we-ch-ay land"

5. The Dictatorship of Batmans Lair Corrupt Dictatorship "Once you go bat, you never go back."

6. The Community of BellaUna Left-Leaning College State "Meow!"

7. The Democratic Republic of Datium Democratic Socialists "Der í non eurcúr du peáse"

8. The Free Land of A Liberated New Europe Scandinavian Liberal Paradise "For Freedom!"

9. The Republic of Ulberny Corrupt Dictatorship " for the glory of ulberny"

10. The New European Recruiter of Kozlovnia Iron Fist Consumerists "There's nothing a superweapon can't fix"

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28-07-2007, 00:47
Having some trouble recruiting? If you ever give up, just contact me or my collegues.