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New Liberalian Voluntary Incorporation Program

24-07-2007, 05:18
As Deputy Prime Minister of New Liberalia, we are pleased to announce that we are looking for small, yet active regions that have had a hard time recruiting and wish to open their horizons. The Voluntary Incorporation Program of New Liberalia grants citizenship in a quite and efficient manner allowing posts throughout the government and RP sections of our private offsite forum.

For more information contact Fernetti, the New Liberalian MoFA or visit today.
28-07-2007, 00:53
As of yesterday, 1 successful voluntary incorporation has been made. The Coalition for Free Lands has ceased to exist as they have merged into New Liberalia. The members have all been granted citizenship and so far, one has already made several forum posts.

Founders, Presidents, UN delegates, ect., if you are losing members and can't recruit, voluntary incorporation with New Liberalia is the answer YOU have been looking for.