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23-07-2007, 20:11
How does my nation get bigger? Cause if you can't do this...:sniper:
Or this...:mp5:
Or this...:gundge:
Then How????
23-07-2007, 20:17
You simply wait, each nation gets a little bit bigger everyday
23-07-2007, 20:44
Ok. Still, I think it sucks that you can't declare war...
23-07-2007, 20:50
if you're interested in stuff like that i would suggest taking a look at International Incidents
23-07-2007, 21:08
War is done in a "Freeform Rollplay" sort of situation. Like what Cookesland said, i'd check out International Incidents if I were you and read up on the sticky's. Especially Euroslavia's Series of Helpful Hints (, II Seperate Rulings Thread ( and the International Incidents Consolidation Sticky ( You will find a wealth of information there about Rollplaying in the NationStates world.