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DNW Declaration of freedom.

18-07-2007, 19:50
Greetings everyone. I come before you all to announce the forming of a new organization. We are the DNW: Developing Nations of the World. We are announcing our freedom from the oppression of the UN. We do not believe in the UN's policies. We do not believe in policing the world. You promote freedom but yet you make laws for the rest of the world to follow. What kind of freedom is that? Well we say no to your oppression. We will not follow your laws, we will follow our own laws that we create. We will remain neutral in all conflicts unless our national interests are threatened. As Developing Nations, we do not believe in your oppression of newborn nations. With that being said as The Armed Republic of Mucro I pose the question to any and all Nations out there will you join us?

Nations that make up the DNW:
The Armed Republic of Mucro
The Empire of Nex manus manus

If you wish to join:
Nex manus manus
19-07-2007, 05:12
I, the Emperor of Nex manus manus, as my nation being on of the Big Three in this new system, fully support this and I want all developing nations and newborn nations to join us. As stated by the original nation, The (then) Armed Republic of Mucro, we are choosing this and choosing to live free of the UN. Again, I give my full support to this and I will never leave this system.
Worldwide Ministries
19-07-2007, 14:50
I have to object here. Although you are talking about freedom(repeatedly), you fail to show us that you really support it. A Corrupt Dictatorship follows its own rules but on the other side, the UN is a governing body with specific laws that protect all kinds of governments. It is an individual's choice to enter the UN. A union of anti UN nations will result into nothing, with no purpose.

After all, even if you are in the UN, you are not forced to do anything you don't want.
19-07-2007, 18:47
We have simply yet to reveal our true intentions. I speak of the freedom of a Nation to do as they please, not freedom for its citizens. We simply don't agree with the UN's intentions, thinking they know what is best for the world. Thinking they can just march into a country and fix their problems, if I want to kill all the women who have mustache's than let me do it. But I do respect your objection.
Worldwide Ministries
20-07-2007, 09:39
Yes, thank you.
It is also an individual's choice to choose his path, whatever that is.

I have a question though. Why are you still in one of the Pacifics?
Form or find a region. Perhaps form a region that will serve your opinion about the UN. ;)
20-07-2007, 22:17
Care to visit Northern Jupiter?
21-07-2007, 13:35
I just started, and I'm still figuring out how this game works. I have been contemplating creating my own region though.
21-07-2007, 18:11
I believe you have met Worldwide Ministries; well we are in the same region.
I also respect your choices.
Any help you need, just ask us.
By the way, if you actually form a region, please contact me via telegram. We need to discuss some diplomatic matters.

Yours Sincerely,
UN Delegate of
The Alexandrian Union