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My region! join today!

18-07-2007, 15:11
Hey ,do you want become part of one of the fastest growing regions. If so then Derbaun is the place for you, if that isn't the only thing your looking for in a region don't worry, there is plenty of more that Durbaun has to offer. Durbaun is an exciting place, with a forum that covers pretty much any thing you can think of. Do you feel like a snow flake in a blizzard, does it seem as if your opinion isn't heard in your current region? Well here in Durbaun every nation is heard, We also have plenty of government spots available.

I could go on all day trying to tell you how great Derbaun is, but ill just give you a small list of some of the reasons why you should relocate from your region to ours.

-All of our nations are friendly and are willing to help you with what ever you need.
-as noted above, we have government positions that need filling.
-we have a full and working constitution.
-we have a democratic government.
-Every nation is treated as equals.
-we are gaining power at a blinding speed.
-our forum is very active.

There is plenty more to offer you here at Derbaun, so if you wish to join us just relocate and join our forum.

Thanks for your time;
Herals (Founder and Prime Emperor Of Derbaun)
18-07-2007, 15:12
Sorry guys! it's spelled "Derbaun" !!!!!
St Edmundan Antarctic
18-07-2007, 17:07
You could have just edited your original post here, instead of publicly announcing the correction... ;)
Teh SupremEz0r
19-07-2007, 07:42
You could have just edited your original post here, instead of publicly announcing the correction... ;)


It's not too late; you could edit both before anyone else sees them. That does still leave the double post, but you could probably delete it.
19-07-2007, 07:47
Or you could join my region instead, which is called No UN Intended
19-07-2007, 13:38
Or lets all hijack this tread and direct the attention (away from him and all the other recruiters) To the region of Rineu where we once had 150+ Proud nations. Due to immence CTE'D, we now have 97!
Worldwide Ministries
19-07-2007, 14:32
Ahh, recruiters....both annoying and mysterious.....
Nice region though. :eek: I mean the topic starter

By the way, i am a recruiter too...:p
Worldwide Ministries
19-07-2007, 14:44
I have contacted my UN Delegate(...), and he agreed to telegram you about a serious matter(i am referring to Herals).
I believe you already have received his telegram.
[He does everything...i mean everything in perfection...:headbang:]