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DNW Declaration of freedom.

17-07-2007, 07:20
Greetings everyone. I come before you all to announce the forming of a new organization. We are the DNW: Developing Nations of the World. We are announcing our freedom from the oppression of the UN. We do not believe in the UN's policies. We do not believe in policing the world. You promote freedom but yet you make laws for the rest of the world to follow. What kind of freedom is that? Well we say no to your oppression. We will not follow your laws, we will follow our own laws that we create. We will remain neutral in all conflicts unless our national interests are threatened. As Developing Nations, we do not believe in your oppression of newborn nations. With that being said as The Armed Republic of Mucro I pose the question to any and all Nations out there will you join us?

Nations that make up the DNW:
The Armed Republic of Mucro
The Empire of Nex manus manus

If you wish to join: