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I have a roleplaying region, trying to get on its feet.

09-07-2007, 01:55
The region of Serpentine is a growing region that's based around national roleplaying. It's small, and will probably remain that way but what I'm looking for are players that can put something forward in the region, and ultimately create a realistic political landscape that has some form of staying power.

The region does have a bit of back story, but people can roleplay their nation how ever they want. So far, a few of us have figured out a war system, a small government structure that doesn't interfere with roleplay, and so far its managed to remain very unique.

Only issue is, membership is rather low, and recruiting in the Pacifics is rather temperamental... so, I offer you this: join Serpentine. It's an RP region, isolated from other regions. If you have a small population, you won't have to worry too much about huge nations stomping on you, but if you do have a huge population, you still have the edge over smaller nations. Serpentine is rather isolated from other regions, so being invaded by an invader region won't be an issue. That and the UN won't mess things up around Serpentine.