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How to Endorsement Self for UN Delegate

Democracy Republican
30-01-2006, 20:20
I just started a new region, and I am currently the only one in it. How can I endorse myself as my region's UN delegate?
30-01-2006, 20:26
I just started a new region, and I am currently the only one in it. How can I endorse myself as my region's UN delegate?
You can't. You need to get another UN member to come in and endorse you.
Democracy Republican
31-01-2006, 07:21
ok thanks for your help
Inquisitive Idiots
31-01-2006, 07:46
I'd like to add to Gruenberg's message that the way you'll try to get a UN nation to join your region should be legal.

This is from The One-Stop Rules Shop (
AdSpam: Spamming other people's regional messageboards (RMB) with adverts for your region. The only places where you are allowed to put advertisements are:

* the Gameplay Forum (they will be deleted if posted elsewhere, as being polite hasn't worked),
* The regional messageboards of the game-created regions
o Feeder regions, defined as The Pacific, The North Pacific, The East Pacific, The South Pacific, and The West Pacific. Note that it is not legal to advertise in copycat regions like "West Pacific",
o The Rejected Realms and Lazarus,
o Official Warzones.
And even then, don't over-do it. One ad per advertised region (NOT per posting nation) in any 24-hour period is the rule. Don't post if an ad for your region is still visible, even if it's been more than 24 hours.
* Recruitment telegrams may be sent to residents of game-created regions. No 24-hour rule here - one per nation, period.
* Sending unsolicited recruitment telegrams to nations outside of game-created regions is not permitted.
* RMB Ads are allowed in player-created regions if and only if the World Factbook Entry says they're allowed. Whomever controls the WFE may set regional policy towards ads.
31-01-2006, 13:03
Another addendum:

UN Multiing: Primarily someone who has more than one UN nation.
Note that is legal for a player to control more than one nation, but only one may be a UN nation.
Multiple players who use the same computer to play their UN nations are likely to be considered Multiing, and therefore risk ejection or deletion.
Suspected UN multies should be reported using the Getting Help Page, never the Moderation forum.

Originally Posted by [violet] in Ejected from the UN? Here's why
The United Nations is getting much tougher on people who break the "one player, one UN member nation" rule. If you have been ejected from the UN, warned, or deleted, this explains why.

Q: I didn't know it was against the rules to have multiple UN member nations.
A: It is mentioned in the FAQ (see: "United Nations"). Also, when you receive your invitation e-mail from the UN, it clearly spells out the penalties for breaching this rule. Not paying attention to this is not an excuse.

Q: I wasn't cheating! I only have one UN member nation. Your game got it wrong.
A: This is possible, but unlikely. The game uses four different methods to detect if the same person is operating multiple UN members. These methods include IP address tracking and login pattern detection. If your nation was deleted, the game gathered very strong evidence that it was being operated from the same location as other UN members on multiple occasions.

Q: My friends operate those other UN member nations. We all share the same computer.
A: I'm sorry if that's the case. There is no way for the game to tell how many people are on the other end of a computer. For this reason, breaches of UN rules involving only two members are usually punished with expulsion, not deletion.

However, please note this important point: we cannot take your word on how many people are really behind your computer. This is not because you are untrustworthy, it's simply that otherwise there is no way to enforce the UN rules.

Q: But that's not fair!
A: True, and again, I'm sorry if you and your friends have been punished unjustly. However, this is the closest we can come to fair. If we accepted people's explanations that they were using a public computer with their friends, we would have to let people create as many UN nations as they like. This would destroy the whole point of the UN.

The line has to be drawn somewhere, and thus, fair or not, the rule must stand.