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Corporatia- Alliance of the Corporations

Raven corps
30-01-2006, 02:42

This is the URL for people who wish to join our great Alliance.
We are currently looking for Mods and atleast one more admin.


Hello and welcome to the Ad thread for Corporatia- Aliiance of the Corporations. Our alliance was established to be a gathering place for the world of Corporation who feel that they want more in the large world, who feel that they have been getting nothing but the wrong end of the stick. But fear not you are not alone. In a world of Communist and other governments that wish to strip us of our wealth, and feed thier own greed. and we stood by and let them. Well my brother and sisters. Rise with Me- Kraven- and others together we will Rise and take this world casue everyoe knows that we are the true hiers to it anyways

I will get to our bylaws soon.
Taskforce XVI
30-01-2006, 09:31
What are the requirements to be a mod or admin? I'm quite interested and have administrated quite a few boards.
Raven corps
30-01-2006, 18:17
you have to join and also be a corporation or a nation that supports corporation world rule.
Taskforce XVI
30-01-2006, 19:24
Done and done.