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Job Available: Cartographer

Northern Sushi
29-01-2006, 19:29

Hello, I am Northern Sushi, founder of multiple regions in the past. My newest region is A New Europe, and I intend for it to have a superb RP system. When it comes to RP though, a map is needed. I am in need of a cartographer, and ask that anyone interested in becoming a charter member of my region, with at least mod powers (possibly admin if I like you) on my forum, which is good at maps to submit work. I am welcome to any sort of map work, and I will select the best. You will also be responsible for upkeep of the map. I ask that:

-You are willing to move to my region upon job confirmation
-You are willing to accept mod powers on the off-site forum
-You are dedicated to your best work, and nothing less
-You immediately design the region map upon acceptance

Please submit links to sample work at (please). A New Europe: Truly the best!

Northern Sushi
Northern Sushi
29-01-2006, 22:03
Some info about the setting:

The year is 2020. Space is once again recognized as the final frontier, until an explorer from Europe finds an island chain in the mid-atlantic.
29-01-2006, 23:10
Here is something I threw together, could be better
Northern Sushi
30-01-2006, 01:18
Here is something I threw together, could be better
Job in negotiation. Other nations are still encouraged to submit work links, should Luchamos decline the job.