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Global Region for Free Trade

Grand Plutocracy
29-01-2006, 01:21
The GRFT welcomes governments committed to the establishment of global and regional security as a basis for free trade between member states.

Membership of the GRFT is not dependent upon internal political structures; however you must be committed to free enterprise and civil and/or political rights within your nation.

We're a small region, so if you join you'll have more say than in a large community on how we do things.

You can see my Foreign Ministry page at:

Telegram Grand Plutocracy if you want more details, or just leave a post.
Grand Plutocracy
29-01-2006, 21:10
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Benjamin Disraeli
Foreign Ministry of the Commonwealth of Grand Plutocracy
FMCGP Offices
Ilium Percote 1A 0AA

To: The Brown Guardians
CC: Regional Board (see below)

The CGP note with satisfaction the reformist agenda recently adopted by the Rogue Nation of Big Brown Things, and welcomes the RNBBT as a regional Partner for Peace. Although the CGP maintains reservations, particularly over the status of free enterprise within the RNBBT, the President is willing to re-establish diplomatic relations to facilitate stability and trade.

With these goals in mind, the Foreign Ministry is willing to establish a Consulate within the RNBBT and offer Mr. Charles Graft as Head of Mission. The FMCGP seeks to send thirty personnel to aid Mr. Graft, the number we are willing to accept from your nation. For your use, the FMCGP can offer No. 10 Darlington Square, which is situated at the heart of our capital, Ilium Percote. This address provides ample, and comfortable, offices and a number of apartments for a diplomatic mission of the number indicated. Darlington Square is located in the prestigious area of Tregovia, a short walk from the government district. The building itself is of Georgian style, within the main diplomatic area and includes enclosed parking to the rear. While the CGP regards diplomatic properties as foreign soil, the Government asks that embassy staff do not carry arms outside the embassy grounds. Please provide details of any CGP Mission accommodation within your own capital, which can be posted at the FMCGP page.

We here at the FMCGP hope this will mark the beginning of a fruitful relationship, and thank you for your endorsement of our nation for the UN. Our position on this matter can be read at the FMCGP page. Failure to promote free economies may result in bannishment from the region!

Yours Faithfully

Regional Board:

Ministry Page:
Grand Plutocracy
30-01-2006, 19:33
Foreign Ministry of the Commonwealth of Grand Plutocracy
Communications Directorate
FMCGP Offices, Room 200
Ilium Percote 1A 0AA

The CGP welcomes the appointment of KPA to represent the region at the UN.

However, it is the policy of the CGP to rotate this role between all members, a new rep. being appointed every month (so at the end of Feb). This way, we can all enjoy the UN. In addition, all matters of UN policy should be considered by all members before a UN vote is taken or our region endorses a proposition by any GRFT member to be put to the UN. This is in line with the founding principles of the GRFT.

Foreign Minister Disraeli
Grand Plutocracy
30-01-2006, 23:15